Author Topic: Welcome new members!!  (Read 1565 times)


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Re: Welcome new members!!
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2014, 07:21:38 pm »

Hey you don't seem to look chubby at all! Σ(゜ロ゜;) Oh and I find you super cute by the way!! You have a nice smile! (●□`)♡


Outdoor theater wow get out of here that's so great! I'm super jealous, I would never be able to act in front of people! I'm a theatrical person, but only with my friends! I'm too shy otherwise. It sounds really fun, this mythical creature stuff! Reminds me of a short story collection book I did with my friend last year! All the stories revolved around unknown mythical creatures, it was fun! Your troup sounds so nice and dreamy... (✖╭╮✖)
Oh gee, It sucks you forgot how to play these instruments (;*△*;) I play the clarinet in my band! But I also know how to play the piano, the violin and a bunch of wind and percussion instruments! And I compose music! But it's silly stuff, nothing too serious, it's still fun though!
No.6, this is who we are. No matter how many times you step on us, we'll raise our heads again. We'll never be destroyed. We'll crawl across the ground, we'll set our roots down, and we'll live. We're a lot tougher than you think.