Author Topic: Welcome new members!!  (Read 1565 times)


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Re: Welcome new members!!
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2014, 09:06:57 pm »
Between Enokizu and Ahiku we could start a band XD
Actually, I already wrote some song parodies for No. 6... I mean re-writing the lyrics of existing songs to make them fit the story. But I can't sing or I would've done that already.

Weisel wat r u talkin about bruh
ur cosplays r gr8 & also u r rlly cute

you can tell i'm 100% serious because i'm using text lingo
(actually i am 100% serious, please don't think i'm making fun of you. oh gog ^^;)

Seriously you guys, you only have one life. You have to fit as many cosplays into it as possible. People who don't like you or your body can go pound sand.
(Besides f*ck social beauty norms)

Ame, you had amnesia? Wow. I don't want to say that's cool, because it's probably really not. but it is certainly interesting.

Lol I'm an ENFP so I'm like all you people but you can't leave me on my own for as long XD