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Title: Welcome! :3
Post by: Ahiku on May 10, 2014, 05:08:50 pm
The basic idea of this forum is to have a place where people of the No. 6 fandom can return to when they’re tired of the tumblr hustle and bustle, where they can talk and have fun, but also plan things, where they can post their analyses, headcanons and other stuff, so that it also functions as some kind of an archive.
I mean… it’s not that we’re going to leave tumblr… I just think it would be nice to have concentrated No. 6 input! XD

So… if you write something for Tumblr, why don’t you post it here, too? I think a lot of nice things get lost and remain unseen… (oO Oh god, sorry if my English is strange… my mind is totally blank today… XD I spaced out mentally like 2000 times today…)

Ahhh, but I guess it’s also little bit nostalgia. X3 When I was young (orz) and discovered the internet, I really loved “Meitantei Conan” and found a cozy little forum where people really loved to discuss and have fun. It was such a nice time and I cherished it so much…

Geez, we even wrote “forum fanfictions”… they were totally weird and funny and included forum members… XD But when my friends wrote some…I was always the one who got shot… Q_Q Well…it makes you think, huh? LOL

I don’t know if it works… but it would be cool to have a place like that. ^^ And Yuneyn liked the idea as well, so she found this cute little board and I made some icons and stuff for it. XD
Of course… here’s nothing at all at the moment. We need to fill it a bit more.
I…just hope that some people will join… I’d love to meet new friends who love this precious series as much as Yuneyn and I do. :D

So well! Welcome everybody who has the guts to join us! ^_^/

Title: Re: Welcome! :3
Post by: Ahiku on May 11, 2014, 02:10:00 pm
Yaaay, we've 10 members now!!!

Welcome everybody! Please don't be shy! .... Q,Q