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Title: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on May 10, 2014, 05:32:45 pm
Hello! :)

Well, I guess I’ll start this stuff here and tell you a little bit about me.
Hm... But what?

Let’s see! I like creativity and I love drawing, singing, voice acting, writing and I'd do stuff like that all day long, but unfortunately I have to work most of my time.

Actually I'm a graphic designer, but it's really difficult to find a job in this métier, so I'm working in an open space office at the moment. Most of the time I deal with pissed customers, because I’m doing stuff like complaint management for a car-rental company. Well, it’s not my dream job, but at least I have nice colleagues.

When I was younger I also went to university – Japan studies, ethnology and work-orientated linguistics in an intercultural context… But unfortunately a lot of… not so nice and horrible things happened and somehow I managed it to exmatriculate myself. ^^°

But I still love Japan and the Japanese society, history and language. And I’d like to go back there one day.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Yuneyn on May 11, 2014, 04:14:43 am
Hi there :)

Ok so what can I tell you... I'm much closer to being 30 than 20 but I still have the mind of a 20 year old^^. I don't know that many manga, anime, games, etc, but I'm always very passionate about the ones I love. I also waste spend a lot of my time watching American TV shows, although many of those I used to love have ended now (making me feel even older XD) And I'm a sucker for original versions, no matter which language. I'd rather not watch something than watch it in horrible French dub.

I absolutely love to travel. I've been lucky enough to travel to many countries already... Germany, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, New Zealand... Whatever's making me leave my home country (France) is fine with me I guess^^.

I've also had the amazing opportunity to live in Japan for almost 2 years... And I don't know if I'll ever recover from leaving. I'll never forget the amazing people I met and all the crazy experiences I've had there. I guess this is where my heart is :) Now... I'll be living in Luxembourg very soon, I'll see how it is.

Other than that... I'm an IT engineer, which I absolutely hate (I guess a big part of why I loved Japan was that I was NOT doing that but teaching French and English to wonderful people), so I like to escape the real world in the things I love. Like... No.6 made me start writing a lot, and I loved it :)

Ok, I guess that's enough about me! Let's hear about the other members now^^

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Elanra on May 11, 2014, 10:27:02 pm
Alright, let's see.
I am Elmira, as many of you probably already know. There isn't much mystery about me really since I'll openly say my full name and whereabouts without reservation, though that's probably because of how many times I've moved from one place to another in my life, I just don't have a sense of truly belonging anywhere to worry about my security :'D

I love reading beyond measure. I can't imagine a life without books, without the smell of ground-wood paper and the languid descent of another reality replacing my own. My most precious belongings are the books I own and I am on my way of building my library and dream of one day having one of those library / study rooms in my house that you see pictures of on hipster Tumblr blogs :/

I also love writing and I believe the latter was reinforced by my fascination with the former and they both eventually led me to realize that I am profoundly in love with the English language and will forever be so.

I am 24 years old, will be 25 in June and I love summers because I love the warmth of sunlight and that near.. listless, overwhelming beauty of things that gleam under the sun. I will forever be drawn to and mesmerized by the sea and storms and the moon. My name means 'moonlight' and although pale and not comparable to the brilliance of the sun and to those carrying the sun in their hearts, I try to draw inspiration from the moon's humility and stubborn persistence to shine against the inky black of all-encompassing darkness. I can be happy with the smallest of things and am generally a very hopeful, dreamy person but not at the expense of reality. I let dreams motivate me and inspire me but I don't count on them to put food on the table and because of a lot of things that happened in the past that made me the kind of person I am today, I am constantly in dire need of control and stability in my life.

I work freelance for an advertisement agency as a writer / editor / columnist. I am painfully underpaid and thus looking for a second job right about now. I am also fixing to get my driver's license and somehow become a more useful member to society, to my family and someone I can be proud of myself. I have a lot of insecurities and I hate that I do and it's a battle everyday to fight them but I haven't given up yet, nor have I made an irreparable blunder because of them (let's not jinx it "OTL). I am a hopeless romantic, like the kind you see in stupid love stories with bad endings; it takes a lot for me to fall in love but if I do, I am really, devastatingly stupid about it :/

So, yeah.. sorry it was unnecessarily long and reasonlessly wordy OTL
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: sshion on May 11, 2014, 10:59:52 pm
Figured I should say something here too  ;)

Hello guys! I'm Lauren, a 19 year old role player and games design student who's going to soon attend a creative writing studies course in university! I love drawing and writing mostly, I spend a lot of my time doing as such on the internet, heh. I tend to ramble on a lot when it comes to things I love most and almost never sleep to be quite honest due to friends and timezones and whatnot, it's a shame I don't like coffee because that could probably be a big help for me. ; n;

But yes! I spend a lot of my time on tumblr and also I edit fanvids on for youtube too  :D when I have the inspiration too of course. I play the piano as well though I haven't been practicing in ages. I want to hopefully become a concept artist and/or author of any kind when I grow up. I took two years of art and design before changing my mind to a media course and then changing my mind again to games design. I'm a really forgetful and indecisive person and it can take its toll on me but I manage! I should probably mention that I'm a huge fan of video games and anime and of course No. 6 has always been a favourite of mine above others, though I do like many others.

I also write fanfiction a lot alongside my role playing, though when I gain enough courage I'll probably end up posting it online, I usually tend to keep my fanfiction private.. the same goes for my art too, ahah.

I'm also working on an RPG game in the summer to hopefully release! I don't often type/talk about myself so this probably sounded a little weird. But hello guys!
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Vox on May 11, 2014, 11:37:57 pm
Oh this is so exciting. Hi guys.
Okay, I'm Vox (evidently). My only claims to fame are my abilities to write things and embarrass myself. Ask me about my Nezushi larping. (Actually don't. Haha.)

I'm a college student in a cold part of the world. I discovered No. 6 over the long winter. It kept me warm. (I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Can you tell? Oh, and I like parentheticals.)
Like Yuneyn, I'm also a world traveler. Been to France, England, the States, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Morocco. Never been to Japan, sadly, but hoping to go someday, especially because I know a thing or two about the history of Japanese art. (Should be writing an essay about that right now, actually.)

I have too many interests for my own good. I write, draw, cosplay, rp, run a lame tumblr blog, watch too much anime, play video games, photography, and probably some other stuff too. I like nature. I like food. IDK. Talk to me about anything, I'm friendly. =)
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 02:43:15 am
I'm Weisel! I live in the United States and move fairly often between the NE and SW. Even though I use German sometimes, I assure you I am far from fluent; it's a language that comforts me but I don't use it outside of my mom's household so if I embarrass myself with my poor abilities, that's why. I'm trying to get better, though.

I've attended four semesters at two different universities to study art, environmental science, music technology, and I plan to attend massage school in the fall. I've worked several jobs in the past, though I am currently unemployed in preparation for my next move to New York. I've worked as a salesperson for a bakery, a helper on a small wildlife conservation, a sales floor worker at Target, a baker at a coffee shop, a manager at a not-for-profit thrift store, a teacher's assistant at a private academy, a cashier at an electronics store, a writer for a visual novel company, and a cashier at a Käthe Wohlfahrt store. I'm also a certified Reiki master and an ordained minister. I'd love to learn beekeeping soon, too.

I enjoy creating things, mainly writing, sewing, knitting, and baking. I really love cosplay, not only for making and wearing costumes, but also meeting people through the hobby and having some great experiences I wouldn't have otherwise.

I enjoy traveling for any reason, even if it ends up being a trip involving driving for days on end or sleeping at a cafe table to wait for a flight. There's always something to gain from even the worst experiences. My favorite places have been colder places like Maine and Alaska. I've been to the Netherlands, Ghana, France, Norway, and nearly all the states in the US.

I come from a very musical family and have been heavily involved in music throughout my education. I've played piano, trumpet, mellophone, euphonium, french horn, and concertina. My sister and I are both very passionate about music and have recently started creating works together; she's getting her master's degree in music performance and has started working on her own compositions that I in turn help edit, perform, and record. Just this past winter, I got her addicted to No.6. (And her reaction to the end was silently crying and telling me "Nezumi's being annoying.")

I myself wasn't aware of No.6's existence until a little over two years ago when my ex-girlfriend introduced me to it and I have been completely in love with the series ever since. (In complete honesty, not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of Nezumi and Shion.) The series has inspired me in a seemingly infinite amount of ways. It's given me the drive to improve my writing and cosplay skills, better myself as a person in physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, and it's gotten me through some very difficult times. (I know it sounds overdramatic, but No.6 has been a lifeline for me countless times.) It's kept me from giving up through some nasty things like surgery complications, physical health issues, and some really awful mental issues. (Which by the way, I'm absolutely always willing to talk about those kinds of things if anyone wants or needs. I'll never ignore a request to discuss those things. It's important!)

Being able to help others makes me happier than anything else. I'll always offer all the help I can to anyone who asks. That's a very important part of who I am! Honestly, there are a lot of bad things that have happened in my life that have really affected me, though I'd like to stick with the positive here. Basically, my family life is like a terrible soap opera and it's a miracle I'm still alive today. On the bright side, I've always managed to learn something from those experiences, and I feel that with the ridiculous range of life issues I've experienced, I'll be able to understand and help a lot more people than I would otherwise. Once I've settled down and have some stability in my life, I'd really like to foster kids, mainly "problematic" teenagers, and all these lessons I've learned in life will help me be the parent they need.

That's most of what I can think of at the moment. A few other details are that I'm 21, very short, and have a very, very cute pet cat.

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: listenforthelove on May 12, 2014, 03:10:30 am
Wow, lots of new people since last night! Guess I'll join in and introduce myself then, too~

I'm listenforthelove, though I mostly go by Mizumi or Miz online. I'm 23 and from the Netherlands, but I'm am currently staying in Japan, returning here for the first time in four years. (I'm staying here until the end of May, so if I'm a little slow at first with responding to any topics, that's why.)

I have a BA in Japanese language and culture, though it's been a while since I graduated and I haven't been able to get a job in the field, so my Japanese skills aren't as good as I wish they were. No. 6 has helped me in many things, but also in keeping my language up to date, since I almost immediately ordered the novels after reading them online, haha. That's about a year and a half ago now, after my friend introduced me to the manga at the end of 2012.

I love to write stories, and I like drawing as well, though I'm less invested in the latter. But to be honest, No. 6 is very inspiring to me in both fields, so I've been drawing quite a lot again lately. Next I love to translate, if only to polish up my language skills. I've also been taking a liking to gaming the last couple of years, now that I can actually afford the consoles, though I'm mostly stuck on JRPGs. And last but not least, I love reading!

As said, a dear friend of mine introduced me to No. 6 a year and a half ago, then only the manga, but she directed me to the novels once I got too frustrated about it still running and it's becoming a slight obsession since.

Ehm, hi to you all! -waves-
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on May 12, 2014, 12:09:47 pm
Hello everybody! :D It's nice you're here!

(Also, I'm kind of foul-mouthed, but I'll try to rein it in for Ahiku, who seems pretty hard on my cussing).

@thesexymaid: Oh god, I don't have a problem with it. Be my guest. XD There's no need to rein it. Just be yourself, please. (But don't make other people cry, please...or insult them... or... I don't know.)
Btw thanks for posting, even though it's not your thing. I'm sorry to hear that you've health issues. (.__.) That sucks. Hope this will get better. Get well soon. (>_<)

@Weisel: Oh... your mom's household? Is your mom German, then? :3 Willkommen im Forum, Weisel. Ich freu mich, dich kennenzulernen.

Aww...everyone is still so young. I feel pretty old. Q___Q *goes into a corner and cries*
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Yuneyn on May 12, 2014, 12:18:43 pm

Aww...everyone is still so young. I feel pretty old. Q___Q *goes into a corner and cries*

Don't worry, I'm still one year older than you... I'll be the forum's grandma :P
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 03:45:09 pm
@Ahiku: My mom isn't German herself and my family hasn't been German in terms of living in the country for a couple generations, but her father was raised speaking Pennsylvania Dutch (which, if anyone else is wondering, has nothing to do with the Dutch and is actually a dialect of German). He tried dropping that language from his family since at the time it was only "lower class" families that used it, but he'd slip up a lot when I grew up living with him. My mom wasn't raised speaking German, but she's pretty intent on keeping that part of our family history alive, so she tries making it a part of our daily lives as much as she can, though she's focused on the German part, not the Pennsylvania Dutch part. It is actually useful in the area I grew up since it's still used in some parts of the community, mainly in Amish and Mennonite families. Pennsylvania Dutch is used more for everyday conversation while high German is used more formally, mainly in church. It's kind of fun to be working at a farmers' market with the Amish farmers there because they think I can't understand what they're saying at all, but little do they know... But I'm still learning myself since I really struggle with languages in general (I mean, I only passed Spanish II in high school because I was dating an illegal immigrant from Mexico that semester). While it's a miracle if I can keep up with a conversation, I still really love the language and it feels a lot more "right" to me. The sound is comforting to me, I prefer how the language looks written out over English, and even if my vocabulary is super limited, speaking it feels really comfortable in terms of saying the actual words, as if the sounds fit in my mouth better than any other language, if that makes any sense at all... My dad thinks it's more important to know more widely used languages like Spanish (even though he actually forgot Spanish when he used to be fluent as a kid), but my parents are separated so he can't really control that from across the country. My sister speaks Spanish, though. I can understand a little of that, but speaking it is even more embarrassing than trying to speak German since my mouth refuses to say anything without a horrible American accent (Bwen-ahs man-yawn-as!). But hey, that works for her since she's seeing a Panamanian guy. Anyway, maybe I can practice my German a lot more now that I'm not trying to keep up with work or school! But at this point I'm still way too self conscious to try speaking it outside of my home. I get super embarrassed with even the smallest mistakes.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Hannaadi88 on May 12, 2014, 04:59:35 pm
Oh wow, I'm so excited for this!

Hi there, my name is Hanna and I'm eighteen :) I live in Israel and I only very recently discovered No.6. I gobbled up the anime and novels in a worryingly amount of time and I'm currently up to the 5th volume of the manga. I hope to order more once I have the funds! Either way, I was rather sad about getting into a fandom which was so much smaller and (at least so I thought) less active than my other fandoms, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see that there were still people posting art and fanfiction!

As for me, I haven't done much yet uwu I edited a short video (which I'll share on the appropriate thread later) after years of not opening Sony Vegas, but that's about it for the moment. I don't feel secure enough to write any fanfiction on my own because I don't feel like I have a good grip on their character enough for me to weave into a storyline. However, if I gain experience by roleplaying, I'm sure that will change, so if anyone is willing to take on a newbie...  ;)

Other than that...well, I adore reading (historical fiction and fantasy are my guilty pleasures) and writing, but my main hobby is snail mail! There's nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mailbox :) I also enjoy debating (participated for a few years in the Model UN) and baking. Next year I'll be in a joint nine month program with Israelis and Americans in Jerusalem, after which I'll enlist in the army.

I hope to make new friends in this wonderful and talented fandom <3
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 05:09:04 pm
@Hannaadi88: Snatching up this opportunity!! I'd love to have someone to write letters to since I've never tried doing that before but you're right, there's nothing quite like getting a letter delivered to your door that you can physically hold in your hands. Please give me an excuse to make cute papers and envelopes!! Also we can totally talk about baking. And I can't say I'm great at RPing, but I'd be willing to try it out with you if you want. I know that feeling of "I want to RP but no one else wants to..."
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Hannaadi88 on May 12, 2014, 05:25:31 pm
@Weisel: I wasn't expecting a reply so quickly! It's lovely to meet you <3

Aaah, snail mail is what makes my world go round, personally. It's always a thrill to open a package or a letter and get a taste of another country, imagine how the other person put the time and effort in writing and sending you what you now hold in your hands.

So yes, having someone to write to who loves No.6 and baking would be absolutely wonderful <3 Karan would be proud, being an avid penpal herself xD I'd be very happy to take you up on your roleplaying offer as well!!

I'll send you a message with my contact info so that we don't clog up the thread :)
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: lalonde-ish on May 12, 2014, 05:29:00 pm
Looks like its time for me to introduce myself as well, sorry if this becomes super long and confusing, I don't think I've ever been good at this sort of thing.

My name is Lydia and I'm 18! I'm starting my first year of college this fall (eep!) and I hope to become a illustrator/concept artist someday in the future. Besides sitting on the internet all day, I used to be a competitive swimmer but my last season ended in the fall ;( now my only real hobby is drawing and attempting the occasional cosplay. 

I really love anime, and I've simultaneously watched too much and not enough, as my list of series I still need to see is over 20 shows long...I only got into the No.6 anime a few months ago, but I loved it so much that I now own all of the manga that's published so far and I'm slowly working through the novels. I've posted some fanart for No.6 a few times and I have two wips in my art folder that I might finish maybe someday. (Does anyone remember that dadzumi joke comic that went around a while ago? Yeah that's my legacy in the no.6 fandom so far.) Anyways feel free to request/suggest art from me! It just might take a few days/weeks hehe.

I'm super happy to meet all of you and I hope we can be friends! c:
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Elanra on May 12, 2014, 07:46:01 pm
/casually whispers from a corner

this might actually be my favorite thread on this board so far...
i love reading about all of you guys... you have such diverse, amazing, fascinating stories. Ughitmakesmesohappy.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: secretagentfan on May 12, 2014, 07:51:35 pm
Oh. Um. Hi.
I guess I'll just slink in here. I'm secretagentfan and lookwrittenthings.
I'm a college student working on my BFA in Theatre (basically acting + playwriting + english major stuff). I draw too, but I'm kind of eh at that but I love to do it so I do it anyway. I'm am a generally nervous, stupendously awkward, person. I love theatre and I love acting and performing in general. So I'm kind of a weird mix of outgoing and completely terrified by human connections. I don't understand it either.

I love theatre because I love words, and I love hearing people say them. My favorite thing in the world is hearing someone read something they've written out loud and with confidence. There's this additional layer between the words themselves and the writer that kind of gets busted open when people read aloud. I love that. Plays are like concentrating the words to be how you think they should be said but leaving them open enough for someone else to take them in 50 different but still interesting directions, and I think it's just a really cool way of looking at anything.
But also supremely frustrating.
Plays are weird. Life is hard.
I like books too. Again-- the word thing.
I hope I didn't sound pretentious as all get out there. fldsfa;

Uh, what else? I'm Texan. I don't live on a farm or have a horse or anything. City Texan. Keepin' it classy.

OH, No. 6. Duh.
I first discovered No. 6…to be honest I don’t remember how long ago it was. I’d say 3 years but that feels too far. Maybe 2? I watched the anime, was extremely befuddled by the ending but enjoyed the characters. When I found out it was a light novel I was super excited because I figured the ending was just filler. I read the chapters as they were translated—I started when the 4th book was just coming up (I think?)  I binge-read the first 2 one day I remember that much. Of course, back then I wasn’t involved in the fandom, I read and enjoyed the novels but that was basically it.

But the more I go through the more my thoughts drift back to this series and I creep on the fics all the time and basically I have a problem. Have had a problem. For a while. Yeah I just really like No. 6. Rather a lot a lot.

So um. It’s really nice to officially meet all of you instead of creeping the shadows. Cool.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 07:56:56 pm
@secretagentfan: A TEXAN! I know that's a huge state, but I have to ask, are you by chance going to A-Kon next month?

...I'm going to be Eve there. Probably the smallest and sassiest Eve in all of Texas.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: secretagentfan on May 12, 2014, 08:10:54 pm
@Weisel: !!! I was going to try to go to A-kon if I can scrounge up the money. You're going as Eve!? That's so great! Oh wow I wanna see!
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: r-e-g-e on May 13, 2014, 07:00:13 am
introduction time. \(OvO)/

i have many names and recently, people have begun calling me 'rege'. i'm 18 and apparently i'm a pomeranian turning chihuahua.
i draw a lot and i love to eat read books. i sing very off-key too, sometimes and other times i write stuff. i don't dance. i like to sleep and i listen to a lot of music. i collect plastic spoons! (O▿O) i like monologues and i swim but i'm very scared of the ocean. i've never gone to a different country and i'm jealous of you guys listing off all the places you've visited TTvTT. my family has lots of pets and i have an older brother and a younger sister.

i'm in my first year in college. actually, i've been in college since i was 15 and i should have graduated by now. OTL. i dropped out of my previous schools due to some =w= things. not bullies though! just =w= things. i'm the quiet kid who always sits at the back and stares at teachers until they look away. i don't like being called in front.

i am pretty easy to upset ahahaha and i aplogize. i don't like being around a lot of people because i get agitated very easily. also i don't really know how to make friends. i'm scared of people. a lot of things make me nervous. also i can be quite pessimistic щ(;;w;;щ). i always get sick during summer. and only idiots get sick in summer so what does that tell you?

i'm not a manga type of person. *hyperventilates*

mostly i just lurk at forums so i might not seem very active. i apologize again.
and i don't use proper capitalization mostly because i'm lazy. i hope i don't offend anybody.

also hello! (=▿=)
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Curiousscarletteyes on May 13, 2014, 11:05:59 am
Oh man, I'm terrible at these things /)w(\

My name is Millena (You can call me Lena since that's easier, but I have a myriad of nicknames. Whatever you'd like to call me is fine.) I'm 19 at the moment and I'll be 20 in August. I don't want to grow older but unfortunately I can't change the passing of time so here I am. Uhm. I'm incredibly shy so doing this kind of thing isn't really easy and I'm just sitting here like: aslkdwnfkengksrelge what do I say, how do I introduce myself, help. I'm currently an English major and I just finished my second year in college. I'd love to be a writer or work for a publishing company, however I am minoring in education. So I could also be a teacher. I think at this point teaching is what I'm going to end up doing and learning about teaching has been very interesting and has helped a whole lot not only with children, but with myself and other relationships. I think it fosters a better understanding of people as a whole and gives you skills to use not only in the classroom but in life as well. Annnndd I'm rambling.

Uhm. I love reading and writing as well and adore plays. Since New York is only a half an hour to 45 minute drive away, it's quite easy to find one to go see. And Broadway is absolutely amazing ;-; elkfnerkgsnerkslgnreb. Because I saw a personality type mentioned here, I am an INFJ. I also get tired easily being around a lot of people and often need a bit of time alone to recover. I think far too much about humanity and various problems about the world and am really sensitive. OTL

I forgot what I was going to say here. . . I'm the oldest of eight children. I experience deja vu a lot and it creeps me out. My favorite color is red. I really love vanilla ice cream. I don't like tea or coffee. Annnddddd I'm running out of things so-

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: lawlya on May 13, 2014, 01:29:38 pm
Okay, I'm trying hard because I'm always bad at writing anything about myself ...

I'm Sophie but mostly go by Mara or Lawl on the internet (Lawl's my tumblr nickname but anyway) ... I'm 21 (22 in September) and live in Berlin, Germany. I'm a biology student in my fourth semester.

Well, obviously I love No.6 and don't even ask me when I discovered it ... Somewhere past the 7th September since my dash was flooded by 'Reunion should come' post although I hadn't any idea what the manga was about ... I then decided to read the manga and when I got to know that it wasn't scanlated anymore I begrudgingly decided to watch the anime and bawled my eyes out.

Okay, what else? I'm a huge anime fan and like to read although I probably hasn't read a single book in a year or so due to fanfiction. I like to play video games or watch movies (like any normal person I guess). I also write since a couple of years but have a motivation issue and maybe post ... like one story/chapter half a year? I have a tendency to just write short stories and one-shots since I loose inspiration for a multi-chaptered fic quite fast.

I don't know what to write anymore ... Just ask if you want to know anything ^^
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: scorrando on May 14, 2014, 08:08:51 am
Wow, this is really awesome, to introduce everyone like this. i love this thread.

Welp, hi, I'm Scorrando and I'm 17 and as you can tell I'm still in high school. I still feel like I don't know myself that well and so in a phase what is life. But for now, I'm pretty damn shy, and I dont usually join groups like these cuz of my lack of confidence. But i think everything thats happened throughout the month of no.6 fandom downfall and my re-inspiration and passion for No.6 has led me to kinda lurk out of my comfort zone. I just really want to make friends

I'm planning to study engineering in university, and then do software engineering. But I'm not entirely sure what to do with my life. Everyone says to me that I need a path for my future but right now, I have nothing in mind.. Anyways, I love drawing and watching animations, anime and reading manga and fanfiction. It probably all started when my friend introduced me to Naruto in elementary and since then i've been jumping back and forth with drawing and restarted again probably this year. Though I don't take art in my school, I self teach myself.

I live in New Zealand, the land of kiwis and where yo have sheeps as best friends. It's really quiet here. But I really want to go to Japan! I intend to go with my friends next year, but it's more said than done. I've been to Australia, Thailand, Fiji and Korea. and please mind my ignorance to the wide knowledge that the world tries to offer me...

and No.6! Ah, how much I love No.6! It started about one year ago, i think i was on tumblr and i saw an official art of Nezumi and immediately searched on the internet for this hunk. I read the novel first, and it was amazing. then the manga and then anime. Although the story was a bit different in the anime, I think it had its pro and cons. but I support Nezushi all the way and let us hope this obsession never fades.

Oh and other than No.6 and drawing, I really really love sleep. I think its top on my fav list, just above food. Ok thanks for hearing me out and hope to know you well. Good night~
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: sshion on May 15, 2014, 02:16:06 pm
@Curiousscarletteyes (http://Curiousscarletteyes) Hey Millena! You joined here! I knew you would (8

Also hello everyone ; w; so interesting to read about everyone and it's exciting to see more and more come fghjk; welcome!
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: inadequateammy on May 17, 2014, 02:11:52 am
Hello! I suppose I'll muster up the courage to finally introduce myself.

I'm inadequateammy, but you can all call me Annika. I live in the USA, but I am also a citizen of Canada. I haven't lived in Canada yet, but I hope to move up there in a few years. I'm currently living in a small religious community, which can be rather stressful at times.  I'm a high school student at my community's academy. I hope to become a historian, but I might end up leaning towards becoming an english major. We'll have to see how it all pans out. I want to settle down in Ontario after I attend graduate school, but my father tells me that I suffer from wanderlust. He's right. It may take me some time to settle down.

Personality-wise, I'm a pretty open person! I enjoy talking to new people, but I've been known to be "harsh" and "unempathetic!!". Please tell me if I come off coldly. I assure you, I don't intend to. As long as you don't overstep your boundaries, I'm sure we can be good friends. I look forward to interacting with all of you!

I don't do much, but I enjoy reading, cosplay, ect. Shakespeare has recently piqued my interest, so I hope to work my way through his plays. I'm going to be volunteering at my local museum this summer (hell yes sorting artifacts and cataloging the small details built into the museum). I enjoy anime, but the only one I've been following regularly as of late is Akuma No Riddle.

No.6 is incredibly important to me, so this forum makes me happy. I'm probably going to end up lurking, but I'll do my best to contribute. I can't wait to get to know all of you! 

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Post by: hopeandjoy on May 17, 2014, 02:34:50 pm
Hi there folks! I'm hopeandjoy. Sometimes hopeandjoy9 (that's both my tumblr and my YouTube). You probably haven't seen me around! This is because I cannot draw, use Photoshop, make AMVs, feel nervous about reposting art, and even more nervous about writing characters that I didn't create.


But I have loved No. 6 for about 1 to 2 years. I started by seeing the anime and then reading the novels. I cannot begin to describe how much I love this series. At first my old slash brain brought me to the series for a canon m/m pairing without most of the common BL tropes, but I've stayed for all the characters and the story of hope within this series.

I'm 17 going on 18, cis female, and live in the US. I'm about to enter college soon so there's that.

So I do write! I just don't write fanfiction due to fears of writing people OOC. I might give it a shot during No. 6 week, but I'm not sure.

My other interests include Pokémon, Megaman, and Vocaloid/UTAU. I also post UTAU covers to my YouTube account.

So, uh, I guess I'll see you all around. But my forum experience indicates that I'll mostly be lurking. But always feel free to talk to me via PMs/email/tumblr/whatever.
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Post by: Theliferuiners on May 17, 2014, 04:29:44 pm
Hello there! I'm not very good at these since there's like nothing interesting about me, but I'll try!

My name is Gen. I'm half-German, but I was born and raised in America. I currently live in Ontario, Canada though.

I recently got into the No.6 fandom and I believe my first post I ever tagged about it on tumblr was with singing scene in episode 9, and how it was super cheesy with all the background music, and that Nezumi wasn't trying out for Glee. XD as you can see, I have a rather interesting sense of humor, and it tends to put people off a lot. I'm also rather blunt and random and have a knack for losing followers because of it. My tumblr is waitformethistime, but it's a hot mess right of every fandom I've ever been a part of (keyword: a lot) and over the summer, I'll have to buy a new laptop and separate it into more blogs. However, feel free to follow at your own risk. I'm pretty sure I follow most, if not all, of you.

I've seen multiple anime, but I still have a long list. I also write fanfictions, but I update sporadically and it takes me forever to write something. Singing, acting, and voice-acting are things I would love to do at some point.

And I can't think of anything else. XD
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on May 17, 2014, 04:36:08 pm
Ah, I'm glad you joined us now, Gen :3

And of course all the other new "faces" as well. (At least new in this forum. :D) Welcome!
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Post by: Hamlet on May 18, 2014, 08:59:58 am
hello everyone!
I am Amber(or Millouska on tumblr)and not very good at introductions but I'll try. I am 19(turning 20 in July, aaaaah)and live in the Netherlands. I'll start studying art therapy this fall, hopefully. I've been a fan of no.6 since the anime came out and I still love it. I love to read and draw, although I don't share a lot of my art. I am trying to find the courage to change that though and then I'll contribute to the fandom too. c:
I am a bit shy and awkward, but I am trying to get over that.. My personality type is INFP.
I speak Dutch and English fluently and a bit of a few other languages. One day I hope to travel to more countries and see the world!
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Post by: Vox on May 31, 2014, 03:31:58 pm
Hey all you new people. If you're on the forum and feeling shy, don't be! We could use some new voices around here. Come comment on my threads. Start your own thread. Everybody be friends. I'm bored. Talk to me. XD

@Hamlet *psst* give us some art... I promise we'll like it... I can't even draw, so whatever you made is better than what I can make...

@hopeandjoy (and everyone else who is afraid of being ooc!) *psst* give us some fanfics... I promise we'll like them... a little ooc never hurt anybody... seriously though, I'll read anything. And I give nice critiques. Nice as in friendly and helpful. I hope. If you want. :3
(I bet you have good ideas. you should share them!!)
(no. 6 week is about fun. not being in character. those two things sometimes overlap but sometimes not.)

@inadequateammy (i think i spelled your username right?) what kind of museum is it? sounds like a cool job. i wish i had a summer job XD

@scorrando i think it's so cool that you want to be a software designer! i love computers, i spend most of my time on one... and i work at a computer help desk, so there's that. if i could actually code (i'm learning java next fall!!) i would totally make a no. 6 dating sim just for funsies. in which you make shion chose between nezumi, safu, and inukashi. it would be wonderful. *sighs*
yeah not that i have the spare time for that either XD
aaaaaaah where in new zealand do you live? north or south island?? i've got family on the south island!

@millena peter pan complex? I hear you. i'm there. I'm really there.
Dude. dude. your college path (minor in education, english major) sounds like exactly what I want to do. Do you mind me asking where you go to uni?
Ahhh, you're so lucky to be able to go to Broadway so often! I'm in the middle of freaking nowhere. Takes 2 hours by bus to get to Boston. I love plays and musicals (and live entertainment of any kind, really).
EIGHT. SIBBLINGS???? What is that like? Must be crazy! I've only got one, and that's bad enough. (My Dad was the youngest of five though. And I thought /he/ had it bad...)

@rege don't worry about the capitalization. I just sort of alternate between doing it right and doing it wrong. You use a lot of cute emoticons so that makes up for it. ;)
I can't sing either, but I do it anyway. Good idea? Yes, definitely. My little sister hates it. I'm thinking about rewriting some song lyrics to fit Nezushi better... again, not that I can actually sing them myself. But so what. It's good for the lungs. And the soul.

Whew, okay I've seen most of the rest of you posting around here at some point or another. If you feel neglected because I didn't reply to your post, I apologize. I'm a lazy butt. Say hi anyway!

I forgot in my original post to explain two things (which were sort of taken care of on other boards but w/e):
1. I'm not actually from France, but I used to live there, and I speak French.
2. I got into No. 6 thanks to an AMV which I have already posted about.

Last but not least, I discovered that this forum censors bad words. Try writing out "shits and giggles." You get a bunch of asterisks. I think that's hilarious.

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Curiousscarletteyes on June 03, 2014, 10:29:58 am
@sshion: Ah, hello Lauren! :D Did you? I was a bit unsure. lkermgskrlhrtkhtj. I'm too shy for this /)w(\

@Vox: You could call it that, I suppose. Lol.
Ah, does it really? If so I encourage you to pursue it! Working with students is wonderful and seeing them get things in the classroom is kjswaefjrsgrjkshnrjshtd. Also being able to read and write in class is fantastic because it's what I love to do ;w; Not at all. I got to the College of Saint Elizabeth. It's an all girl's school @.@. Ah, yes. But Broadway means the city and the city means lots of people and lots of sensory stimulation and kerngserksgnrkhlnrtdlkht. It must be rough to live where you do though. I couldn't imagine being so far from everything. O.O Yeah. . .eight. It can be a little crazy. Especially when parents go through every one of your sibling's names until they get to yours. Pft. Luckily I only live with one and the rest are with my dad. But when we're all together. . .e.e I have gained an amazing amount of patience from having to deal with a lot xD.

Also, hi everyone. ;-; You all seem really nice and I really like getting to read about all of you-
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Post by: this-is-our-truth on June 16, 2014, 02:03:52 pm
Well, everyone seems to be introducing themselves here, so I guess I should give it a hand. I'm not very good at this kind of thing though, so bear with me.

I guess I should start by saying that my name is Sommer, I will be 20 in less than a month, and I live in a painfully conservative town in the southern United States. I attend college as an English professional writing major, and I study Japanese language and culture in hopes to become a translator in the future.

I absolutely love books and reading. My family jokingly calls my room "The Library" on account of the fact that my bookshelves are crammed full and pretty much every other available space is covered in stacks of books. I have a love for pretty much every type of book, but I do love the classics and I have always had a slight obsession with Shakespeare.

I also love writing, which is a good thing considering my career path. I have not written any fanworks on my own yet, but I do run a few rp blogs on tumblr. My newest is a Nezumi/Shion ask blog that is having and extremely slow start and really needs a lot of love. If you want to come check it out, the url is this-is-our-truth. ^-^ Hopefully I will be posting some short one-shots and some AMVs pretty soon as well.

I am so glad that I found this forum of such amazing fans, and I can't wait to talk to some of you!
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Post by: Ahiku on June 19, 2014, 02:40:49 pm
Welcome everyone :)
Title: Re: About you and everyone
Post by: Meopat on March 27, 2015, 08:32:24 am
Hello everyone! :D

It's awesome that we're such an international community!  ;w; no.6 is global!! nezushi is global!

My name is Meo. I'm a Californian living in rural Japan as an assistant language teacher. I turned 24 this year. Uhm, I like cats and potatoes and no.6 very, very much. I also like anime and manga in general. (My favorite being Fullmetal Alchemist, but I try to watch a variety of shows.) I'm also a huge fan of video games: Phoenix Wright series, Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, Fire Emblem, etc.

I was INFJ the last time I checked. :d I'm also a slytherinnnn.

I heard about No.6 a long time ago, but I never found the time to check it out and eventually forgot about it till a friend reblogged a page from the manga on tumblr one day and it interested me. And I'm so glad she did because it essentially changed my life. X3

Normally, I don't write or draw or contribute anything besides headcanons to any fandoms, so I am terribly sloppy and rusty in all of the above. But I'm so incredibly drawn to No.6 that I just can't help myself. XD I'm sorry. I am receptive of constructive criticism, so please tell me what you think of anything and everything!

What's everyone's favorite quote and character from No.6?
I'll probably need to look for a quote, but my favorite character is most probably Shion (though I love them all!.. except for all the nameless characters.)
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ghosty on March 27, 2015, 12:17:31 pm
ooo are we reviving this board? I'm pretty excited to hear what's going on in people's lives.

My birth name is Rebekah, but to my close friends and online I am Ghosty. I am asexual and agender. I have two sisters, a twin and one five years older than me. I am in High School right now, but hope to go to college and major in psychology and minor in gender studies, or vice versa, and become a psychiatrist for teens with gender issues.

I live in the U.S., specifically Florida, and have all my life. I kindof hate Florida a lot though...

I love anime/manga, drawing, and video games. My favorite anime is obviously No. 6, but some of my other favorites are Angel Beats, Death Parade, and Tokyo Ghoul. I'm also a sucker for sports animes like Free!, Haikyuu!!, and Oofuri. My favorite video games are, as a series, Legend of Zelda and Earthbound. Other ones I like are Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and FNaF. I'm a big Nintendo fan, not as much for Playstation and Xbox.

I got into No. 6 a year or two ago, after seeing it all over my tumblr dash. I've been in love with the series since.

hmmmm... for a favorite quote,  I don't know if it can exactly count as a quote since it's longer than what most people would think a quote is, but I would probably say the speech shion says to nezumi right before he kisses him. I can't really explain why, I'm bad with words if you can't tell, but I always just liked it. For my favorite character, I love Nezumi and Shion both very much, but I think I would have to say Nezumi.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Meopat on March 29, 2015, 08:25:39 am
Hi Ghosty!! :D

Can I ask a personal question? ;n; what gender pronoun would you prefer? (since English is a butt).

And way to go on career goals! I'm still trying to figure my life out. ~_~

Omg, I love Free! and Haikyuu too. There's just something about those dorks. I haven't tried Oofuri though, would you recommend it? :0 also, new LoZ game is getting delayed for a better cause ;-; *weeps*
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ghosty on March 30, 2015, 09:47:42 pm
I use any of them really, but mostly they/her, thanks for asking uwu

thanks! it took me a long time to think about what I want to do, the thought of deciding was scary, since it meant me growing up, but I feel relieved to finally have a plan now.

I would definitely recommend Oofuri if you like sports anime. It's about baseball, and not only are the characters great but it made me truly like baseball. wait, did they really delay the new Legend of Zelda? noooooo Nintendo seems like it's been having issues lately, but maybe that's just me.
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Post by: Weisel on March 30, 2015, 10:21:17 pm
Good to hear from more people!! I love knowing what's going on in everyone else's lives.

If any of you ever meet me in real life, you are totally allowed to ask for a massage.
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Post by: Ahiku on March 31, 2015, 06:28:32 am
Okay, I'm finally able to answer. X'D Somehow I forget everything at the moment. And not (just) because of my advanced age...

in rural Japan as an assistant language teacher.

Woaah, super cool! (OxO) May I ask where you live? When I was in Japan (just for a month), I was in Yokohama and Tokyo, but we also stayed in Tooi for a while. That was also pretty rural. And the bus trip scared me. X'D Really, I don't understand the bus system in Japan. I was glad some Japanese friends were traveling with us... or I'd probably still be there. a Japan. X'D (Well, would probably be better than being here in this....not very beautiful city. XD)
Assistant teacher sounds good... o.o A friend of mine is living in Japan, too... I started my studies together with her. She married her Japanese husbands and teaches German in a university. There were just two people in my Japanese course who managed to get a Japan related job in the end. Most of them had to drop out of college... I was also one of them, unfortunately.

So, you two are from the USA.

@Ghosty... Why do you hate Florida? o.o
A lot of people here want to take a vacation there. I don't want to go there... I guess it would be too hot. (Can't stand heat and I have a slight sun allergy... >,<) But for many people it's a pretty popular destination.

And you two like Zelda. *___* Yes!

I love tloz! What's your favorite game? I love Majora's Mask... but also Skyward Sword. (Ok, I don't like the motion controls...but the game is really nice. I know a lot of people hate the graphics, but I like them a lot. And I thought it was the first time you actually cared for Zelda, because she's Link's friend and not just a princess he has never met before in SS. ^^°)
(Okay, and now imagine SS-Zelda asking SS-Link for his sperm. X'D And when he doesn't want to give it to her, she'll push him off the next cliff.)

If any of you ever meet me in real life, you are totally allowed to ask for a massage.

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on March 31, 2015, 10:03:13 am
BROOOO I love Zelda! That's what started all my nerdiness, watching my dad play Zelda II on the NES in the basement when I was a toddler... I'll be cosplaying Wind Waker Link at the Kumoricon this year (Wind Waker is my FAVORITE game).

Also screw Florida, it's way too hot even in the winter. I can't stand any heat. Even the summer in New York kills me.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Vox on March 31, 2015, 10:46:55 am
Aww yessss Zelda! I'm like 3/4 of the way through Twilight Princess. I was also playing Phantom Hourglass, but the Temple of the Ocean King makes me want to throw the DS across the room so I kinda gave up on it, haha.

@Ghosty if those are the kinds of games you like, you should really really really try Ghost Trick:


Hahaha I can't stand the heat back home, which is why I went north for school. (I live in Maryland usually but  now im in NEw HAMPSHIRE baby!)

Title: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ghosty on March 31, 2015, 11:09:33 am
Florida always seems so popular to other people, but I live in an old people town in an old people state. Plus we have the worst governor ever, I weep just thinking about him. and a ton of conservatives. I never found it that hot, but I've lived here for a long time so it's probably just me.

yay! Legend of Zelda fans! hmmmmm I don't know which is my favorite. I like majoras mask a lot plot wise, but I think the three day mechanic threw me off too much. maybe Skyward Sword? or Twilight Princess? I think probably SS. I couldn't stand the motion controls either though. And I thought the graphics were beautiful. And I also loved how it was the first game that made you actually excited for seeing Zelda again.

omg, Zelda totally would. she probably pushes him off all the time XD

I got my Zelda nerdiness from my parents as well, especially my mom. I finally got around to finishing Wind Waker this summer, and though i found it was too long (I played the gamecube version so it was even longer) my favorite part of the game was that it was absolutely beautiful, the graphics were amazing.

ooo Ghost Trick sounds cool, I'll definitely check it out, thanks!
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on March 31, 2015, 11:24:20 am
I loved how long Wind Waker was, though that was kind of my "ignore the rest of the world" game in high school. Bad day? Time for Wind Waker. I don't have any consoles anymore, but if I did, I'd still be playing Wind Waker. Take out all my stress making little link chop up grass with his sword.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on March 31, 2015, 12:15:44 pm
Ohh o.o Too bad... Do you want to move away from there one day? Where would you like to live instead?


Oh yeah... it's hard when you play Majora's Mask blind...but I think it's pretty cool when you know that game well and when you know what you have to do when... ^^ It's just so dark and sad and cool... ;_; (Ok, usually I don't like sad stuff that much, but I really like all these different side stories... some of them are soo sad and some of them so beautiful... For example Anju's and Kafei's quest... )

But Wind Waker is also really beautiful. ^^ I've never played it; I've just watched Let's Play's, but I really like it. The design is beautiful...the music is great... and I totally love Medoly. ^^

I think most of the Zelda games are really great. Ok, there are exceptions, for example "Wand of Camelon..." Urgh!!! Those CDI games are not okay! XD (And that horrible Zelda cartoon either. OMFG!)

Ah, has one of you guys visited the "Symphony of Goddesses" concert? Since most performances were held in the United States... If you ever have to chance to visit one, I can totally recommend it! I went there...I think 2 years ago when it was held in Berlin and it was soooo great! IT WAS WONDERFUL! AFSFGDHRKDLDL!

Hm...I started to love Zelda when my mom borrowed a N64 console and Ocarina of Time from the video store for me. And I was like: "Look, mom! LOOK MOM! I can do a backflip! LOOK! LOOK MOM IT'S RAINING OMG!"  X'D
I wanted a N64 then, but I got a super nintendo and "A Link to the Past"... Ok, that's also a very cool Zelda game... (although I don't know why Link's hair is pink X'D rebellious phase or something? XD) But well, after a while my mom stole my Super Nintendo, because she wanted to play Kirby... ^^° And I got a secondhand N64 and Majora's Mask, yay! X'D
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Post by: Meopat on March 31, 2015, 06:48:33 pm
@Ahiku: I live in Shimane! It's known for having the most amount of old people in Japan XD (so if you have seen Totoro or Princess Mononoke, that is pretty much a good impression of where I live.)

@Vox: YES TO GHOST TRICK. Ghost trick also reminds me of Ace Attorney and Prof Layton. XD

I LOVE Skyward Sword. The graphics were simpler and not as detailed as Twilight Princess, but I thought the coloring made it friendlier for everyone. (And also all dat Zelink yaaaaaaas) I'm still your Zelda. I don't know if I could choose between SS or OoT, they're both so good. ;_; (have people read the Zelda Mangas? The art is amazing *_*)

I've never tried Majora's Mask, would you recommend it? I played Ocarina so I want to play MM too, but it's also so incredibly dark and seemingly scary at the same time. XD;;  I haven't played Wind Waker either.... ;___;

I have not even heard of Wand of Camelon LOL and I'm not sure if I want to.
and EXCUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS. If the cartoon didn't exist, we wouldn't have that amazing line.

Omg I highly recommend the Symphony of the Goddess too. I went a few year ago (around the time when Skyward Sword came out) and I almost cried when they played the SS medley. The atmosphere and everyone cheering and crying at the same time is a very sublime experience. 
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Post by: Ghosty on March 31, 2015, 08:49:58 pm
hmmmm I don't know where I would want to move to. The college I'm aiming at is in Florida as well, since its all I've ever known. I want to travel to other places someday, but the exact location to me never mattered quite as much.

I'm actually a really big fan of dark themes, especially in stuff that's not meant to be dark. I loved how Majoras Mask wasn't afraid to touch topics most kids games wouldn't touch. I would definitely recommend it.

Someday, I hope to play one of the CDI games just so I can truly experience the atrocity for myself. Man, they were so bad. And I actually did watch the Legend of Zelda cartoon. Link is soooooo out of character, and that's just scratching the surface of its problems...

I really want to visit one of the Syphony Concerts, but I can't figure out how to find out about locations or tickets. is it just on nintendo's website?

omg, I LOVE the Legend of Zelda mangas! I've cried over every one I've read. (ok I can get emotional pretty easily but that's not the point) I especially loved the Four Swords ones.
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on April 01, 2015, 05:38:10 am
Yeah, I can recommend it, too... o.o (But okay, it's my favorite... X'D Doesn't mean that you'll like it...) I agree with Ghosty. This game has sooo much meaning. And the game in it's entirety is dealing with death/loss (5 stages...) It's really good.

Ah, I haven't watched the Zelda cartoon. X'D I think it never made it to Germany... (I hope it never made it here...) So I didn't watch it when I was a child. And now... I could watch it, but I really don't want that. (I watched 1 epsiode and it was horrible... I'd love a really good Zelda anime and I wonder why they didn't make one. I mean it could be really, really cool. o.o)

You can find the schedule here:
You have two chances ->
05/03/2015 - Miami or 07/18/2015 - Orlando

O_O AHHH, they are in Düsseldorf on the 19th! OMG, WHY! X'D Why not the 18th?
I'm not from Düsseldorf, but I'm there exactly that weekend for voice recordings and my flight back home is on the 19th...So damn close...I'd love to visit it again, it's just so amazing. >_<
But okay...I'd probably not make it if it were the 18th... I'm in the studio for 10 hours or so. X'D
At least that's what they told me... I guess I just want to sleep afterwards.

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ghosty on April 01, 2015, 06:55:12 am
thanks so much! I think I might try for the Orlando one. Since my mom likes Zelda too, I can probably convince just her to go with me.

aw, that would've been such a good coincidence! Are they in Germany very often? It doesn't look like it by the list, but my geography isn't very good so I could be wrong
Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Ahiku on April 01, 2015, 07:10:06 am
Three times. o.o Düsseldorf, two days later in Munich, and in August in Hamburg... Everything is pretty far away. ^^° But if they ever come back to a city I can reach in 2 hours, like Berlin, I'll visit it again. ^^ (And if it's in Berlin, I'll force Lawl to come along lol)

Ah, I like listening to the concert in Toronto when I'm drawing. You can find it on Youtube:

Title: Re: About you and everyone!
Post by: Weisel on April 01, 2015, 02:24:06 pm
My girlfriend just went to one of those performances recently and I was just like "........dammit why am I 2000 miles away..." She LOVED it.