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Title: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: AoYokai on March 15, 2015, 10:09:17 pm
*having a nosebleed* well I think the title is kinda self-explanatory but, we just talk so much about 12, 16, and 20 years-old Nezumi/Shion, I want to talk about them when they're more into their adulthood ^^ Also, 5 years after the reunion, anyone?

(I just realized I probably put this in the wrong thread and I have absolutely no idea how to change it or even if I can change it so...)
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Weisel on March 15, 2015, 10:38:08 pm
I have terribly depressing headcanons I could write here... But maybe I shouldn't. That would be an unfortunate thing to find while catching up on posts.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Meopat on March 16, 2015, 05:21:54 am
I have terribly depressing headcanons I could write here...

you say that and now I'm really curious LOL

I've always, always wanted to draw them older. Most fanart is based on the times when they're 16 and in West Block, but I want to imagine them together in the future, growing old and still loving each other as much as they did in the past. ;__;

SO if they reunited at around 20, and now they're 25...
I would imagine Shion's either still working in the Restructural Committee or he's quit and started working as a teacher. (CAN YOU IMAGINE SHION WITH KINDERGARTENERS) and Shion would probably be godfather to Shionn and watch him grow up? ;__; and Shionn has his first love and Shion is just like "WHO IS IT (✿ʘ‿ʘ)" and maybe Lili develops a crush on Shion and Nezumi has to fight off a love rival half his age. how old is Lili anyway

and Nezumi... might be working at the theater? I get the feeling he can do anything really. but also that he has PTSD

also, where did you guys discuss about Nezumi + Shion being 20? :d I would like to read and catch up on all the years I've been ignorant and not loving the dynamics between these two.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: listenforthelove on March 16, 2015, 07:12:10 am
@Meopat: hm, I'm not sure if we ever explicitly discussed the two as 20y-olds here, but a lot of people seem to assume that they reunite at around age 20 (because it'd leave 4 years between their meeting again and we know from the novels Nezumi isn't back after 2-3 years). So basically any reunion discussion would revolve around them being around 20? If that's what you meant?

@Weisel: now you've made me curious too though XD Do you think they'd grow apart or that Nezumi would just never return, or do you have way worse things in store and are we going to regret asking?

@AoYokai, thanks for starting this thread! You're right, people usually focus on the canon events and straight after reunion. It's fun to explore the time after that.

By Jove though, I hope Shion will have quit the committee by then, at least the full time part of it. I just don't think it's really his thing and he might possibly collapse from stress after almost a decade... He could still be involved, just not full time. I don't think he could ever fully let it go, if only because of his promises to those who are gone, but if he saw the city was in the right hands, it'd help him relax I bet. And yeah, Karan did mention a couple of times how he'd like to work with kids, so I can definitely see that.

Nezumi - hm, tough one. He could do a lot of things, but what would he want is another question. Then again, I do feel that acting is something he loves doing, considering how disappointed he seems by the not quite amazing West Block settings and how he has Shakespeare memorized. (And pretty much every single reunion fic I've read that goes beyond the actual reunion has Shion build him a theater, so I might have gotten influenced there, haha.)
I do always wonder, though. They're 16 in canon, tastes can change...

Which also relates to whether they'd be together or not after being apart again, but the optimist in me (gasp there is one! Apparently!) likes to think they'll have a lot of conversations, A LOT, where they figure out how they both felt at the time, how they both needed that time apart, and how they can start getting to know each other again under normal circumstances and fall back into sync. But there will still be times even long after reunion when it becomes very obvious that they're different, and they need to work with that. I for one don't think either of them is ever going to get rid of the nightmares completely, but at least they know what the other is going through, or at least better than anyone else does. But this is dangerous territory and I don't feel remotely adequate to talk about trauma or PTSD or related topics, so I'm just gonna... not...

Ahh fun things! I wonder what Inukashi would end up doing? Still run the hotel or branch out? In a more recovered No. 6 where there's less need for the dog hotel, maybe a dog cafť or something else wild like that, idk. Dogs are involved at any rate XD And little Shion seemed to be growing up nicely, so he can help. I do really think he likes his big namesake a lot, even if he can't see him all that often (since Inukashi's letter suggests that Shion doesn't have time to come over all that much some years after the events). And he'd grow up with lots of different wisdom around him at least, in between all the main characters. I wonder how Nezumi would like the kid - I mean, he is being raised by Inukashi, haha.

I am super fond of the idea that Lili ends up helping out Karan in the bakery a lot. I have no idea how old she's supposed to be either... 7-8ish in canon, maybe? That would make her old enough to work there in the weekends or something when Shion is 25. That'd be nice. And maybe Renka and Lili's little sister can help, too. I'm not sure if it was mentioned what Renka was doing in the first place (since she lives in Lost Town, I'm gonna assume she had to make her own money for a while before she ended up together with Getsuyaku), but I like her being friends with Karan.
(And maybe said little sister can run after little Shion while Lili perhaps-not-so-silently crushes on the bigger one XD ahem.)
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: AoYokai on March 16, 2015, 08:29:21 am
@Weisel I wouldn't be in the no. 6 fandom for so long if I didn't have a masochistic thing for super depressing headcanons ^^

@Meopat (yes draw them I actually started this thread because I saw a fanart where Nezumi seemed older and realized how ****ing hot he was) I LOVE THE IDEA OF SHION TEACHING it's so cute :D Also, Lili does have a crush on Shion. She said so in the novels, that she planned to marry him ^^ 

@listenforthelove I can't see Shion letting go of the RC either... maybe when he becomes way older?
My headcanon for Nezumi is that Shion puts him in charge of the new library of no. 6, where he needs to copy books into the data base so people can read them rather than take thefrom the library (books would be way too rare) and occasionally go to other cities to make deal to get new books for the library. Luckily, he would use an airplane this time ^^ Also, in attempt the preserve the art, Nezumi would write analysis for some of the books, and maybe even teach literature.

I imagine Inukashi would also be helping with the bakery, but also, now that no. 6 is open for everybody, her hotel would be the best place to stay in ^^ That would probably keep her busy...

Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Weisel on March 16, 2015, 12:11:10 pm
Well, my headcanon I immediately thought of is about their deaths... Assuming Nezumi came back (he made a PROMISE, OKAY) and they stay together, one wouldn't last long without the other. I think Shion would die first, considering he's gone through some hell and doesn't know how to take care of himself. In that time alone, Nezumi would struggle to accept that Shion was gone and probably hate himself for not coming back sooner so he could have a few more precious years with Shion (even though he KNOWS he needed that time away). He'd still sleep on his side of the bed as if he needed to leave room for Shion, and he'd make enough dinner for the both of them. When it finally settles in that Shion was really dead and gone forever, Nezumi decides to sleep on Shion's side of the bed... and he never wakes up.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Ahiku on March 16, 2015, 12:34:31 pm
Awww ;_; That's soo sad.... (I hope they can grow old together... it would be so cute when they are little grandpas and they sit in their garden, enjoying a cup of tea and fresh vegetables... I just want them to be happy. ;_;)

Ohhh, I agree a lot with you.
(Tbh a lot of this will appear in my revolution fic... X'D OK I'll spoiler my fanfiction now... Renka is working together with Karan, the girls are helping whenever they can... Lili's little sister is little Shionn's best friend and she's spending a lot of time at Inukashi's, since Inukashi feels a bit guilty because of Getsuyaku's death... Shion will quit his leadership in the Committee, but he'll go to weekly meetings. Nezumi will accompany him, because he accidentally told them that he's the last Mao, so he has to be the representative of them... and mostly because they go and visit Karan afterwards. :D) Shion will have an elementary school... just a little one in a nice old ivy-clad building surrounded by meadows and little woods and a lot of green. Nezumi and SHion will live in the attic of the school building... Most of his students are orphans and he likes to give a lot of his lessons outside. Sometimes, Nezumi comes along when they go hiking together. I imagine them in a very green and cozy environment and a small apartment with lots of books and knick-knacks... with potted flowers and herbs on their window sills... And Inukashi does still own a dog hotel, but the dogs are not there to keep people warm...stressed citizens can rent dogs and go for a walk with them, since everything is very green now.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: listenforthelove on March 16, 2015, 01:05:57 pm
I'm a bit in a rush for now so I'll reply to the rest later, but @Ahiku can I just say I love your idea for Inukashi's hotel and I'd live there for the rest of my life okay bye. XD
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: kare_reiko on March 16, 2015, 01:46:30 pm
Wow, that's cute, now knowing how your new fanfic will turn out it's fun to wait to see all this happens.

Communication Breakdown is fanfic I always think as something that happens few years after their reunion, normal life, sometimes fight but love each other like no one in world.
Or in "To the simple Two".   
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: AoYokai on March 16, 2015, 08:44:27 pm

@Ahiku first thanks for fixing my stupid mistake (it took me exactly a millisecond to realize I was on the wrong thread) and second: wow that is adorable Nezumi and Shion would be like the parents of so many people i bet Nezumi never thought his life would turn out that way ^^
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Meopat on March 16, 2015, 09:34:09 pm
@listenforthelove Ooo I see. Thanks!! I thought it had been previously discussed, haha. I definitely support the headcanon of them reuniting at twenty. (Sob)

@Weisel, omg that is sad. It reminds me of a fic I read where they reunite but Shion was distant from Nezumi because he was in the terminal stages of an incurable cancer.... And everything is painful. This ship needs more fluff. T_T

@Ahiku, I'm excited for the rest of your fic!! I love the idea of Inukashi using dog therapy for people at his hotel. it sounds like such a peaceful life for the cast. orz

Can you imagine Nezumi as a music teacher? Or a drama teacher? XD
And also, Shion's students asking him if he has a girlfriend  HAHAHA
Do you think they'd get married? Or that they'd have a lot of pets? 

Then when they're older, would they travel the world together?
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: kare_reiko on March 17, 2015, 03:47:27 am

Oh, cancer fic "the point of no return", very, very sad one and when I got to end of it I was mess. Still after I thought about it Nezumi wouldn't give up so easy, they had few years before Shion died, he agreed to help Shion with even helping NO.6 (making serum etc). It's not like they couldn't leave West Block. I bet Nezumi would take Shion to other city to search for help, even if he had to carry him on his backs... He's not person who would let Shion die just like that I think.

Nezumi as teacher, I don't see that image, teachers should be patient and open, maybe Nezumi as teacher of grown ups like collage would work but not to children XD.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: listenforthelove on March 17, 2015, 04:45:25 am
Okay now I have time to read and reply, sorry for the wall of text in advance XD;

@AoYokai: oh, library would work too! In my mind Nezumi is a bit possessive over his books, but in a library you have to take good care of the books you take out and bring them back, so that could definitely work, haha.

@Weisel: well that was fun to read XD; I'm with @Ahiku in the hopes they can grow old together, and actually I kind of want to see that, because the majority of literature (not just fanfic) focuses on the young and dashing period, but the two of them as old little grandpas kind-of-bickering and knowing each other through and through and everything is just so sweet and I kind of really want that for them after everything?
But I do agree that Shion would die first actually (only preferably like at least half a century than what I got from your message XD; ahem)... He's had less physical exercise and has had periods where he hasn't been able to take care of himself properly (I really don't doubt him getting overly worked up for the committee job and forgetting meals and staying up entire nights sometimes). Might just make enough difference in the long run. And Nezumi would have to deal with losing Shion for good and no wait why.

@Ahiku: ohhhh spoilers!! -noms them up because I can't wait for the rest of the fic since I love where you're going with it so far- YOU'RE INCLUDING RENKA? I love you wow. Aww, Lili's little sister hanging out with Inukashi is sweet!
And I love the idea of Shion and Nezumi having this little warm and cozy apartment like you described. Shion has probably grown up and now continues to live in a pretty sterile environment, white walls and everything if they continue to use the Moon Drop for the committee work (which I don't doubt they will for a good while, if only because it's conveniently there already and there's enough to rebuild without building an entirely new place just to have meetings and stuff). He seems to really love the underground room, so what you describe sounds perfect.
Still 100% living in Inukashi's new hotel by the way. <<

@kare_reiko: ohhh, Communication Breakdown! I think that was actually the first No. 6 fic I read and I still love it, it's definitely part of my headcanon for the post-series.
I'm noting down 'the point of no return' as 'titles I NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR' though XD; wow. But yeah Nezumi and just letting Shion die? No way. Not after everything he did to keep him alive in canon.

@Meopat: oh gosh everyone being after Shion XD yesss. And unless they bluntly ask, he'd hardly ever notice, even when Nezumi is pointing it out.
Got to say I'm with @kare_reiko on Nezumi as a teacher - Shion is more the teacher type than Nezumi, at any rate. But if he's ever asked to demonstrate, I think he'd be good at that.
As for marriage... I have no idea. I don't really think they need the certificate at that point anymore, but maybe for practicalities. And maybe Shion would like the certainty that Nezumi will stay by his side and has made the promise black on white... on the other hand, having Nezumi come back might be enough of a certainty already. I'm still in doubt.
Travelling the world though, yes!!! Nezumi could take Shion to see the scenery he's been through on his journey, and together they can find new places, and get to know different cultures and everything (Shion's defining characteristic is 'curiosity' after all, he'd love to find out about other people and their customs I'm sure).
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Weisel on March 17, 2015, 09:24:22 am
I bet they first have their conversation about marriage when Shion's introducing Nezumi to someone and he accidentally calls him his husband and Nezumi's like "...Is there something you want to talk about...?"
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: AoYokai on March 17, 2015, 09:33:24 pm
@Meopat and @kare-reiko I'm not sure you're talking about the same fic... because I read the fic kare-reiko is talking about (and it was, just like you said, devastating) and I don't think that's what Meopat's talking about? idk. If it's not the same I'd really like to read that one ^^ Maybe you weren't even saying it was the same fic well I'm typing this half asleep anyways so no time for me to doubt everything now.

@listenforthelove that's why he would put them in the data base, so people download the filed and don't touch his precious books ^^

60-70 year-old NezuShi wow that's gotta be great ^^ Nezumi would yell at kids to get off his lawn and Shion would come later yelling at Nezumi to stop yelling ^^ Or them growing so old they can't hear each other properly and have these hilarious conversations like 'would you pass me this towel?' 'what? I don't howl!' idek

BUT THIS IS SO SAD no they'll die together I'm just gonna believe it to have my inner peace TT^TT

I also think Shion would be too busy at first to go travel about with Nezumi, and Nezumi would fear all of the dangers out there (especially the one called 'accidentally running into Shion's dad again) but when Shion gets some time off he manages to convince Nezumi that as long as they take proper transportation to other cities they should be fine ^^

@Weisel wow that is exactly how I want them to get married :D I read this really funny headcanon that Shion planned a way to propose for months and when he finally comes up with something, Nezumi just goes 'hey wanna get married' one day out of nowhere (he's not really sure where it came from, either) and Shion is just furious.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Meopat on March 18, 2015, 05:13:39 am
@AoYokai: OH, you're right!! Sorry!! I had to dig through heaps just to find it: but what I read was a post ( by no6headcanon. it turns out it's not a fanfic, but it's potent enough to break hearts.

annnd at least I know now to steel my heart for "the point of no return" XD


To be honest, I can't see them having a ceremony / exchanging wedding vows either. I can only envision them exchanging rings in private. *_* and other people will ask and Shion would just blussssh like one day, Inukashi would comment on why Shion wearing a ring and that it'd get in the way of dog washing and Shion would just turn red and run away, leaving Inukashi being like, "omg, you didn't."

(also, Inukashi and Shion washing dogs for life? Y/Y?)

Here's the important thing though: at 25, is Nezumi's hair still long?!
I feel like he'd cut it short (and it'd look like his novel appearance) but I'm also really attached to Nezumi's pony-tail trademark... (sob)
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: listenforthelove on March 18, 2015, 05:19:36 am
@Weisel: oh no that's actually brilliant XD I can definitely see it.

@AoYokai: ahem I should not reply to topics half asleep either, apparently I missed the downloading part. Yes x 10000 at any rate, ahem. Your forgiveness is appreciated. oTL

I really want these two to grow old together and ahhhhh. They can just die peacefully in their sleep in each other's arms how about that. Nezumi can sing them to sleep and -
Yeah no it still hurts

Oh dang I forgot Shion's father was still out there, that would not be good XD; (unless he returned to No. 6 before and was properly dealt with *cough* kept 928298 miles away from Shion and Karan *cough*) Yeah proper transportation sounds like a good plan. Though Shion might also want to enjoy the journey, not just the destination... on the other hand, I wonder if he can handle wandering the wilderness. Since I guess that's kind of what it comes down to, even if the world is recovering. In the West Block, there were still stores to buy food and a roof and a bed, but yeah, I don't think Nezumi has had many of those during his travels...

Shion getting furious over Nezumi proposing first tho'. 'No!' 'Wait, what?' 'Not if you ask me like that, and I was the one who was going to ask you!' 'Are we seriously fighting about this.' 'Y-yes? ;;; '

@Meopat: oh no I remember that headcanon post. Mostly because I suppressed it. Why did I click it. Ahh. T^T
Oh man Inukashi finding out like that is super precious though! Too many scenarios ahh. But yeah, if they'd get married, they'd keep it private I think. Maybe tell Karan (I have a feeling she'd notice almost immediately anyway), but that's it.

Inukashi and Shion washing dogs for life is a GO yes!

... Ahhh Nezumi's hair. Eh. He can always grow it back out? ^^;;; I feel you though... ugh maybe Nezumi can't pick either and sometimes lets it grow out and sometimes crops it. Maybe depending on roles he plays. THERE happy middle?
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Ahiku on March 18, 2015, 07:05:12 am
Ouch, that headcanon hurts....... and that cancer story. Why did I read it? I know that I can't deal with something like that, and yet I read it... Please, someone has to tell me that I'm not allowed to read stories like that. I just cried for 3 hours. And I teared up in the supermarket today, because I remembered it...

Nezumi and Shion won't die. They'll never die okay! ;_;
They'll just fall asleep when they are like 100 years old... hand in hand and when they wake up they'll be on a warm summer meadow and they can meet their 16-year old selves again and they can love each other forever and a day... >,< They'll be happy together. LET THEM BE HAPPY! I CAN'T BEAR IT ANYMORE!

*coughs* Sorry... XD I calmed myself.
@Ahiku: ohhhh spoilers!! -noms them up because I can't wait for the rest of the fic since I love where you're going with it so far- YOU'RE INCLUDING RENKA?

She does not say anything, but she gets mentioned... o.o In the first chapter. X'D She's working together with Karan, because her bakery expanded. People come many miles just to taste her bread and she needed a helping hand... I thought that would be so nice when they work together.... I could imagine that Lili  wants to take over the bakery one day. I don't think Shion wants to do that... or one of Shion's children... XD (I don't think he'll ever have biological children, unless he and Nezumi decide to have a host mother... for their two children XD, but since he's a teacher for orhans, they are like his own children and even if they don't go to his school anymore, I think they'll always stay in contact with him.)

Or Shion is freaking out and he'll create a child just like in my AU Douji NezuShi's Baby... X'DDDD  For those who don't know it yet:

Aww... I think they'd be great parents. X'D Especially Nezumi... I mean even though he's mentally totally **** up when he's 16, I think he could change until he's older, when he had enough time to deal with his traumata. And he has so much love to give. And he was such a nice boy when he was younger... He really loved Gran and cared for her. I think he'd be a great father, he'd love his child so much. (Especially when it's also Shion's.... ;___;) And when it's a girl...he'd probably kill every boyfriend of his daughter when she's older... LOL Overprotective Nezupapa.

... Ahhh Nezumi's hair. Eh. He can always grow it back out? ^^;;; I feel you though... ugh maybe Nezumi can't pick either and sometimes lets it grow out and sometimes crops it. Maybe depending on roles he plays. THERE happy middle?

Accepted. XD I like both versions...even though I have to say I like long-haired Nezumi. (And normally I don't like long haired guys in anime/manga... but he looks sooo good with long hair. XD And his little ponytail is so cute.
 (Ah...I remember I made a sheet to explain why I like Nezumi's ponytail...)


I could imagine that he'll cut his hair when he's traveling... I think that's just more convenient.
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Post by: listenforthelove on March 18, 2015, 09:17:56 am
@Ahiku: Oh no! I hereby forbid you from ever clicking those links again. *sends hugs*


Ahhh I thought maybe she'd get more screen time in later chapters, but yes, them working together is lovely! I can't see Shion in the bakery either, but Lili seems to like it so~

I do think they'd think very long about children before ever deciding on having them, especially Nezumi... I mean, Shion loves children and he's good with them from what we see, but it'd take some convincing Nezumi to let him see he'd be a good parent. (I think he would, but he'd be afraid of himself maybe. He does have a history of resorting to violence as a coping mechanism of sorts, so... but hey, I don't doubt he's trying to change that. 16 year old Nezumi as a dad, no dice, but hello, I doubt he'd get back and be all 'hey Shion let's get a kid', there's probably quite some time in between. People can change their behaviour and it's not like Nezumi is 100% corrupted and bad, even if he likes to think so himself. Because Nezumi is a huge dweeb who needs to stop thinking in black and white and follow Shion more with his third road and greeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Excuse I'll show myself out.)

CAN I JUST SAY BLESS YOU FOR POSTING THAT DRAWING AGAIN because now I don't even remember the context, but I know I needed to find Shion painting the fence with Nezumi's hair as a brush for someone and I lost it XD (I did find another one by you where he glued on his ponytail. Let's go with that as the happy middle I love it XD)

... but yeah you'd think Nezumi would like his hair short in general, also in the West Block. The longer you hair, the more a possible opponent has to grab, right?
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Weisel on March 18, 2015, 11:21:57 am
@listenforthelove Nezumi's illustrated design is just impractical all around. I was thinking about the ponytail basically being the perfect thing to grab in a fight the other day... And then there's his stupid khaki pants. Who would wear khaki pants in the West Block??

I'm actually seeing more and more of myself in Nezumi as the years go on and I really do think he'd change and be a really good parent. I mean, you guys know I'm pretty darn nice in general and a nonviolent person, but jesus, 16 year old me had about as many violent thoughts as Nezumi did... And I was angry most of the time... I was scary... Anyway, yeah, I can see Nezumi growing out of that in time for sure.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Meopat on March 19, 2015, 01:16:28 am

Maybe there was a shortage of pants in West Block XD
and. Inukashi has long hair too... :/ I guess the barber was expensive. Not much care for personal hygiene?

I hope Shion buys Nezumi new clothes in the future.
(I also see Shion wearing a lot of suits in No.6 while he's part of the restructural committee, then once he retires, he'd loosen up. But I feel like he would always try to wear long sleeves and stuff to hide his scars.)

I think Nezumi would be a good parent too. ;_; not when he's 16, but when he's older and ready to settle down.
Who will be the soft dad or who would be the strict dad? x3 I always wondered how Nezumi would interact with Shionn.

I'm 100% in support of Lili taking over Karan's bakery. ;n;

I think the thing I love most about this ship is that anything can happen in their future - be it tragedy or insane fluff.

Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Ahiku on March 19, 2015, 05:53:50 am
@Ahiku: Oh no! I hereby forbid you from ever clicking those links again. *sends hugs*

Thank you ;_; I donít know why I always read stuff although I know I canít deal with it. Iím still tearing up when I think of Shionís death. ^^į I should use itÖ when they call me today (since I have on-call dutyÖ<,<). Iíll go there and Iíll start crying. Maybe I can go home earlier then and donít need to stay until 23.45 or so.... XD

Ah, sorryÖ Renka doesnít have a big role... I wanted her to talk to Shion about Getsuyaku, but in the end I decided to leave it out. I thought one horrible conversation is enough for Shion. XíD He suffered enough.

Oh yeah, 16-year old Nezumi would be a horrible father, but Shion shouldnít have kids with 16 either. They are just too young and have to wait at least 10 years until they can think about something like that, a couple of years after their reunion, when they figured out everything. When everything is settled and clarified and when they have a solid and stable relationship.

HmÖI think he would be bothÖ strict and also soft. No is noÖ and he accepts no talk back. In the end it wouldnít differ that much from his relationship to Shion. Heís sometimes harsh, but also honest and tells him his opinion, even if itís hurtful, and then heís soft and gentle and strokes his hair.
Iíd say thatís not just because he lived in the West Block, itís also his own character trait.

I always wondered how Nezumi would interact with Shionn.

HmmmÖ somehow I think that they wonít interact that much. I donít think Nezumi would like to hold the baby when heís 16, I can imagine it would be scary for him. And then heís gone and when he comes back Shion is already a young child or even an elementary student. Nezumi is a total stranger to Shionn and I donít think they have a lot in common. I donít think Nezumi is someone who wants to get the attention of a child, or who would make an effort to play with Shionn. Itís not that he doesnít like him, but unless the kid starts to read Shakespeare, they donít have that much in common. XíD Maybe Nezumiís mice, I could imagine that Shionn would like to play with them and Nezumi would let him and they would maybe talk a little about them, but I think heís just not the children type. (But itís probably something else when heís the father of a child and he can get used to it slowly. XD)
Buuuut maybe, when Shionn is older, maybe they would get along well then. Nezumi could show him survival stuff or teach him about literature. He could be some kind of mentor then.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: listenforthelove on March 19, 2015, 05:58:46 am
@Weisel: Nezumi just wants to look cool and tough and didn't think about practicalities? I have no idea. THE FREAKING PANTS THOUGH. At least tuck BOTH legs in your boots, sheesh.

But you're definitely right, 16 year old is by no means your defining character for the rest of your life. (Isn't your brain still developing until your mid-20s? At least your frontal lobe? Wiki confirms wiki obviously is the source of all wisdom in the world, cough. (I had to drop out of biology, don't look at me))

@Meopat: pff, yeah, good point, Inukashi's hair is pretty darn long too. Though Inu gets a pass for mostly avoiding confrontations and just using dogs to settle arguments I suppose... STILL, that can't be handy. I don't think you can wash your hair all that often in the West Block, so chopping it off (even if you just do it by yourself) would at least be cleaner and easier to maintain. Maybe to keep warm? I have no idea.

Woops that derailed the topic a bit. But yes, Shion has to take Nezumi shopping! (Maybe get him in a suit too, or something super elaborate for on stage. Shion seemed to enjoy daydreaming about that in the manga at least...) Ah, yeah, Shion might indeed want to hide his scars as much as he can to avoid the questions... although most people will probably recognize him anyway. I wonder how much that would bug him? Or if he's taking Nezumi's comment to heart in that it's a sign he survived, just like his white hair? (He doesn't seem super inclined to dye it, but maybe that's because he knows Nezumi likes his white hair so much XD)

Oh, I really wonder how Nezumi would interact with little Shion too... Shoot, couldn't we have that as a scene in Beyond, Asano XD but yeah as a tiny baby, I kind of think Nezumi would have loudly expressed his sympathies to the kid for having to grow up with Inukashi, seems like something he'd do. Once he returns and the kid is a bit older, hmmm. Nezumi was pretty kind to Karan and Rico in the West Block, after all, or Karan wouldn't have come to his place for help. At the very least he knows their names and where they live. (And he gave the sweater to Karan in the anime, right?)

But yes, you can go lots of ways with these two. Considering canon though, I'd rather go with the fluff XD;

Oh yay I was about to post this and then I saw @Ahiku's reply XD;

@Ahiku: ah, good point. I do hope Nezumi softens up a little after returning since he could be pretty darn harsh to Shion, and if he does that to a kid, I really feel sorry for them. (E.g. Yes Nezumi, you're right in that words can't fix everything and that sometimes kind words that cut nothing are useless, but sometimes kind words can in fact do wonders.)

Nezumi as a mentor to little Shion is adorable though. It does kind of depend on how he's raised - if he hangs out with big Shion a lot, then Nezumi will see more of the kid whether he wants to or not.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: lawlya on March 19, 2015, 06:24:35 am
Fun story time: You know who always tells you to not use Wikipedia? Teachers. You know who uses Wikipedia quite frequently because it's conveniant and fast? Professors. Yep. When my Prof proofed something in my protocol wrong via Wikipedia I couldn't quite believe it xD
So: Don't feel bad using Wikipedia. Everyone does ;)
And I actually read the same once. Because the brain is completely remodelled in puberty, teenagers just aren't able to act like responisble adults. The part of the brain which task is responsibility is under reconstruction xD

@listenforthelove: As seen with Shion's kind words towards Fura. They did wonders xD

I can only imagine what Inukashi would have told Shionn about Nezumi when he asks them about him because he heard the name from Shion xD
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Post by: AoYokai on March 19, 2015, 08:34:21 pm
LOL I was so tired when I wrote that last reply that I don't even remember what I said... reading my own response again horray!

@listenforthelove forgivness? downloading? yes for what? even after reading my own response again I'm just so out of it sorry I've been walking all day every day this week and now my feet really hurt? This isn't even related I'm just exhausted...

Spoiler alert for my fic? Yes. Nezumi and Shion will have an argument about who will propose first. whooops. Im gonna finish it I promise

@Ahiku you just-- draw so many cool things... *takes it all and makes a shrine for your art*

About parenting, anyone read that headcanon where Nezumi and Shion have a kid and he asks how they met and they just stare at each other for a while and eventually say together (without exchanging a word before) 'online dating' ^^

Might be my opinion only, but nobody should have kids at 16? (teenagers can barely be in charge of their homework, so a baby?)

That was off topic and I'm also pretty late with everything whoohoo hotel internet sucks
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: kare_reiko on March 20, 2015, 03:51:16 am
^ Oh that remind me of "how I met your father" fic, very funny and I recommend that one (it's one from 3 fanfics I can read from this writer and don't end as emotional wreck, thought "Beautiful" always mess me up too.) 

"Eden" fic anyone? in last part at first Nezumi is like "hell no" for a kid but at end of story it's shown that they are 40+, happy and rising two teenagers, boy and girl, anyway whole "Eden" is like emotional rollercoaster.     
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Ahiku on March 20, 2015, 04:17:39 am
Eden is actually AoYokai's fanfiction. :3 (Ah, at least I think you mean this one... because there's another fanfiction called eden by another author.)
I haven't read AoYokai's eden yet. o.o Just the other, shorter one... and there was a sentences which freaked me out a little when Shion gave birth to his daughter...

...a clear liquid escaped an opening in between his lenght and arse hole...

O,Oį *inner cinema* Was that hole always there?
Spoiler: And his baby was Safu! *_* Awww!
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: kare_reiko on March 20, 2015, 04:37:13 am
No, no, no to any Shion giving a birth X_X (run away with scream), yes I mean "Eden" by AoYokai, prepare tissues for that one. I still need to print that one into book. I love to have touchable copy of things I read so I printed many "the best" No.6 fancics into books. "Fateswap" and "The Forest of Tranquility" turned out into quite books XD. I'm sad that "In memory lock" is still unfinished... 
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Post by: listenforthelove on March 20, 2015, 04:54:28 am
@lawlya: haha, yeah, wiki can be a good source. I just got brainwashed with 'never use only one source to back up your facts!' over the years... but yeah, I read that too!

And oh wow. Yeah, Shion would probably mention Nezumi at some point XD or maybe a lot, I can't decide if he'd try not to talk about him too much because it hurts (like with Safu) or if he does want to talk about him a lot. I kind of doubt Inukashi has much nice to say about Nezumi, though. Unlike Shion. Poor baby Shion is going to get so confused when Nezumi gets back. 'Wait, you both meant this Nezumi?'

@AoYokai: aww oh dear, take care! But ahhh arguing about who will propose sounds great, they'd do that. They both probably have a lot of ~thoughts~ about how that should go that don't collide.

... they wouldn't actually lie if they say they met through Windows!! (okay sorry that was a terrible pun that doesn't even work, I'll show myself out.)

@kare_reiko: ah, Danielle's fic, right? That's a funny one indeed~ Ah, I really need to read up on @AoYokai's fic then! So many great fic I still have yet to read, boo. (But if I'll need tissues, help. XD; )

@Ahiku: Ehm. I'm... just... gonna pretend I didn't read that quote if you don't mind XD;
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Post by: lawlya on March 20, 2015, 06:48:15 am
I love this pun, oh my god! Don't look at me; I'm a sucker for bad jokes and the like ...

Yeah, don't do that to male anatomy please D: But I'm extremely biased so I'm probably no example for a normal fangirl reading mpreg. If I see this warning I'm most of the time not even clicking that fanfic ^^"
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Post by: AoYokai on March 20, 2015, 12:54:40 pm
@listenforthelove there's really no need in reading 'Eden' *snatches it away and puts it in a box that says "needs rework" then locks it* Although it makes me really happy that you liked it @kare_reiko :D It was a funny pun btw (now I'm back to @listenforthelove)

I had this conversation with a guy once, he was awfully surprised that girls have more than 2 holes... he was like 'girls poop babies' and I told him it wasn't like that so he asked if girls pee them it was a strange conversation and I'm going off topic.
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Weisel on March 20, 2015, 03:52:07 pm
To make this a full circle, imagine Nezumi having to have the talk with his future son, prompted by that idea... The boy runs up to Nezumi and is like "Daddy, do girls poop babies?" and Nezumi's just like "Oh god, are we really having this talk right now? Really?"
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Post by: AoYokai on March 20, 2015, 04:54:22 pm
I remember reading something that may have been written by Ahiku or yuneyn (maybe both, maybe none), about Shion and Nezumi freaking out when their girl gets her period...
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: Ahiku on March 20, 2015, 05:40:55 pm
@AoYokai XDDDDD Ah yes, that was my text... I want to draw more Mao stuff..... >,<
Title: Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
Post by: AoYokai on March 20, 2015, 06:48:35 pm
Woohoo I remember things!

Oh and @Ahiku *does the best tsundere face I can* it's not like I'm gonna stop you or anything... 0///0 (do it)