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Title: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: Vox on May 13, 2014, 04:11:00 pm
Long story short: I'm attempting to write a fanfic. Dear sweet kittens. What have I gotten myself into.

Anyway, it's a Nezumi POV fic, and I talk about his sister a lot. Therefore, she needs a name. If anyone who knows more Japanese than me could help me out with that, I'd seriously appreciate it. Even if you don't know Japanese but you're good at naming stuff, I'd appreciate some input.

Also, if you've got any headcanon names for Nezumi, those would be cool to hear. I probably won't use them in the fic. But I'm curious!

Thanks, guys. =)
Title: Re: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: Ahiku on May 13, 2014, 04:55:23 pm
Hehe, in my AU "The Forest of Tranquility" Nezumi used to have his little sister as well. But she died when she was seven (and he was 9)
Her name is Risu (squirrel). (Come to think of it... I always wanted to draw her... XD *notes it down for later* *can't resist* ) Here's a rough sketch (, if someone wants to see her XD

Hm... when it comes to Japanese names I just can recommend you this page here:
Behind the names... (

I found a pretty nice name there back then when I needed to name NezuShi's baby ( XD (Her name is Mao... and her Kanji's are 舞 (ma) "dance" combined with 桜 (ou) "cherry blossom", because it fitted both Shion and Nezumi so well.

Maybe you'll be able to find a nice name there. ^^
Title: Re: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: listenforthelove on May 14, 2014, 02:08:17 am
Wow, Ahiku, Risu looks super cute! I really hope you share if you end up drawing her again!

As for naming, that's a good website you recommended, so Vox, I'd check that one out for sure and see if you can find something. If I may suggest - it seems like almost every character from No. 6 is named after plants or flowers (the ones we know the names of, anyway), so maybe you can work with that? Sorry if this wasn't very helpful ^^;
Title: Re: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: Vox on May 14, 2014, 12:21:55 pm
@Ahiku aww Risu is such a cutie. And it's super clever that you named her after another kind of rodent, haha. That makes it tempting to name Nezumi's sister Usagi... but of course that's a Sailor Moon reference, and mixing anime like that is just a horrible, horrible idea. No one would take it seriously xD

Ah, thanks for the link though!

@listenforthelove Yeah, I've seen name analyses of the No. 6 characters... it would be nice to know what kind of trees grew in the forest where Nezumi's people lived, instead of just naming her after a random plant, though...

I found an interesting website about Japanese mythology, and this couple called Izangi (female) and Izanami (male) who are kinda like the Adam and Eve + Orpheus and Eurydice. (For anyone who doesn't know the story of Orpheus: Unfortunately, the names Izangi and Izanami don't really mean anything to do with plants. But I kinda like the way they sound. Here's the myth: . What do you guys think of those names for Nezumi and his sister? Should I try harder to find something to do with plants?
Title: Re: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: lawlya on May 17, 2014, 03:28:07 pm
I like the idea of naming them both after a Japanese myth. Browsing through the website Ahiku recommended to you, I just found a name that stood out to me: Momoka - as in peach tree flower ^^ More plants hardly possible in one name x
Title: Re: Help me name Nezumi's little sister!
Post by: Vox on May 22, 2014, 04:01:40 pm
@Lawlya Ahh, that is a great name!

I think I'm definitely going to go for either Momoka or Izangi. Thank you all for your help! Y'all are the best. =)

If anyone else sees this thread and feels like putting in their two cents, you should go for it, because even if I don't use your suggestion in this fic, I may use it in a future one. Besides, naming things is super fun.