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Title: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on October 20, 2014, 10:41:44 pm
Hey, everyone! I've been talking about the forum with a few people today, so I thought I'd start up a little conversation again. I'd hate to be all talk and no action... Anyway, I know a lot of us are busy with school now, so why not share what's been going on with classes and such? I'm starting massage school next month, but otherwise I haven't been doing school stuff yet.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 21, 2014, 02:10:27 am
Hi :)

Thanks for having this idea! I think I'll wait a few days for things to calm down (and me to get some sleep because omg this wrecked me) and then probably start spreading the forum again. Who knows, maybe this time it'll hold up!

Well on my side I haven't been too busy, still unemployed and not really knowing what I want to do. Thank God I have a patient husband, but well, I'm going to have to figure things out soon.

Massage school sounds nice! I hope you'll have a great time there!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 21, 2014, 01:15:09 pm
*crawls in here and snuggles up against Yuneyn* :3
God I'm so tired and it's so cold. ;_; Also slept just 2 hours or so...

I hope we can revive the forum, and maybe to some things... just like the No. 6 day idea you had, Weisel... (I thought it would be great to have a No. 6 day each month, but without topics... it's just a day dedicated to No. 6.... when people don't feel like creating new stuff they can still reblog a whle bunch of old postings... and maybe they'll feel more motivated to do some things without being too pressured. So it's just like a normal day, but maybe a little bit more special...

(And maybe we should open another post and discuss how to deal with unsourced art now...)

But well, just my thoughts concerning things we could do...

It would be nice to talk a bit... even if we are just a few people here, it would be nice to have at least nice contact to some people in the fandom.

Massage school sounds really nice. *-* I have vacation at the moment, and I still try to find a better job. But it's not that easy. I just don't want to go there again when my vacation is over. ;___; Especially since I have a horrible shift schedule... 2x 6 days in a row and just one day off... I'm already done when I just think about it.

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: lawlya on October 21, 2014, 04:46:44 pm
Oh god, Ahiku and Yuneyn, I'm sorry for your lack of sleep ... I only got into bed an hour late yesterday and was already nearly sleeping in lecture today in university >.> Coffee in the break saved me ...

Yeah, that would be nice though I'm not particularly good at replying in forums, really xD I just never know what to speak of ^^" But yeah, getting in touch with people in the fandom sounds nice - that's why I decided to write back a fast reply before going to bed (late again ...)

I would totally be in for massage school if it'd be just for fun. Really there's just so much you could learn about that sounds so interesting but you barely have the time (or money) to really indulge in everything that interests you.
How's your vacation doing, Ahiku? Just don't think about it - you're going to find a new job, I have faith in you! Oh, and of course Yuneyn too! A bit of 'not being busy' would be good for me but I know it gets on one's nerves if it's too long ...

Well, I burdened myself with a lot of work for university. Everyday except Monday at least from 10 to 17 o'clock x.x This has gone a week and I was sleeping like a log on Saturday ... Three more weeks to go then everything's calming down a bit ^^"
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 22, 2014, 03:58:56 am
Yay sleeping!!! Ah I'm starting to feel a little better^^ Thanks for your kind words :)

I'm also not too great with forums... but I guess that usually it's because everyone already knows each other. If we're doing this "from scratch" again I guess it'll be different. I'll do my best in any case, we're still a bunch of motivated people, so there's no reason that this fandom will die :-)

Good luck with university Lawlya, and the job searching Ahiku. *cuddles everyone in this forum*
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 22, 2014, 04:20:26 am
Thaaanks Lawl. I was able to sleep 6 hours last night, so I'm feeling a bit better now. :3
I'm glad you feel better too, Yuneyn.

I'm used to forums... I'm in a amateur voice acting group and we also have a forum... it's mainly to plan our stuff together, because it's the easiest way to plan something... since you can start topics and masterposts to have a nice overview... That's something you just can't do on Tumblr. of course you can do a guidline post, but it will drunk in the flood of new posts very quickly.

Apart from that we also don't talk that much in our forum... but we also have a chat threat. But it works as long as people come check it out once in a while and really want to work together. We planned so many things together... that's why I know that things like that can work!
And it's always better when there are not tooooo many people... But I hope that some other people will join us, until we have a nice little, motivated group. I mean there are also a lot of people who don't want to do something and just enjoy everything, because they are just on a short journey through the fandom, but it would be nice when they think that we, even if we are a small fandom, we really do care for it. So if you know people, friends of you, please also ask them personally if they want to help... ^^

How's your vacation doing, Ahiku? Just don't think about it - you're going to find a new job, I have faith in you!
Ah, it's raining... XD Yesterday I visited my grandma, but I'll just use the rest of my days off to rest a bit, I'm really exhausted. I'll do some stuff for No. 6, draw some fanarts and think about some stuff we could do in the future. And I'll try to find a better job....So well... XD

Don't overdo it Lawl... o.o *gives you power motivation NezuShi snack bars that will give you lots of energy so that you'll survive this semester easily*
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 22, 2014, 04:28:00 am
Yes, it's like I saw someone's post about having a very small but tight community... it can be better than a large community where everyone is anonymous. To be honest I'm just happy if I can exchange with a group of nice people, I'm not so good in large groups! (which is why I barely posted anything in the KH forum I joined)

As for friends um... I have one friends who read the first 8 volumes, but to be honest I'm not sure she'll join if I ask. I'll still ask, but my IRL friends are not as passionate as I am about these things^^
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 22, 2014, 05:35:14 am
Maybe that was me... I guess I told you once about the Meitantei Conan forum I was a part of... I was just 16 back then, and it was the time when I discovered the internet.
It was a very small forum (ok, bigger than this one...)... just like our voice dubbing forum...
There were about 20 people who posted regularly and some others who dropped by once in a while... but I really made some good friends back then, I still have contact to some of them. I met a lot of them personally. We weren't that many, but we had found really good friends who liked the same stuff and whenever we had the possibility we had litte reunions. ^^ (But ok, we didn't live that far away... they all were from Germany...) There's even one of the guys I still meet every now and then, (rarley, but we still have contact) he's just living in the next city.
The same with the voice dubbing group.

Of course it's impossible that we know the complete fandom... but whenever someone wants to join our little group we'll welcome this person. ^^

Ah, god, you don't have to ask her... I thought...about followers you've never talked to or something like that. When I see some very passionate people in my tags who reblogged my art I think I'll invite them, since I'd love to talk to them. ^^ And maybe they also want to meet other people.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 22, 2014, 07:05:30 am
Ah no, I've seen this post like 2 days ago when everything was hectic. It was from a user I didn't know before. But yes, I guess it's pretty much the same thing. In any case, as long as we're motivated things should not die... at least not yet. (I mean anything could happen, people's lives change, so I wouldn't bet anything that we'd all still be here in a few years, but for now it's nice).

On another subject, my copy of No.6 volume 9 has still not been sent, and Amazon's expected delivery date is November 6th what the hell? (They did this for every volume but usually one week before the release date they said that the delivery would be earlier, so I was expecting this for this one too lol) (hopefully it'll still come before the end of the month...)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on October 22, 2014, 07:10:56 am
I'm not always super talkative or helpful, but I'm hoping we get a good group of people here, too, since we all like meeting new people in the fandom and hearing what they have to say. I'm glad you all are creative, passionate people because I wouldn't really know what I could do on my own.

Also, glad to hear from you all again!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 22, 2014, 07:31:08 am
@Weisel Thank you. We can do things together... that's why we are here. And thanks for visiting the forum always...even though nobody was here. You're really loyal. *hugs you* I'm glad we'll try to revive the forum. And you are helpful, I mean you're still here. Even if everyone just does a's better than nothing.

@Yuneyn. Ah, but yeah, that person's definitely right. XD
Hm, that's really weird. Are they striking or something? Amazon says that my copy should arrive tomorrow, but I'm not sure about it, since it's that stupid PIN AG again. (._.) I really don't want to order stuff there anymore. (It's not good that it's the last volume, but I'm glad when I don't need that stupid PIN AG anymore.)
I hope your copy will arrive soon. oo° That sucks a lot.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 22, 2014, 07:38:22 am
@Weisel Thanks a lot! I'm glad we're trying to revive this forum... I admit I deserted it in the summer - though to be honest I deserted pretty much everything as I was in a pretty bad place - and then when I came back it wasn't really active anymore. Let's do better this time^^

@Ahiku Yeah I don't know... I have to order via the French Amazon since there's no Amazon Luxembourg (funny as their office is here haha), so maybe this is just a typical case of French laziness. Though I've just checked and last time I got it around August 30th, so well, I'm still hoping for October^^ I hope yours won't get lost again this time!!!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: lawlya on October 22, 2014, 11:08:35 am
Ah, thanks! *takes the power motivation NezuShi snack bars* I can really use those xD
Worst thing about this is that I volunteered to stay so late in university for the first two weeks ^^" So I'm always whining to the others that I want to go home already >.> Well, it's interesting at least :)

Well, the 8th Volume came later than announced, right? Wouldn't be surprised if the sales have gone up and therefore they can't send them out earlier ^^ At least I haven't gotten an E-Mail yet either.
Wait, you already got an E-Mail, Ahiku? Huh, that's really strange (I hope it's delivered this time - like really, if it's not then I would consider calling them xD)
Uhm ... I ordered with the German Amazon and didn't get one so maybe we'll just have to wait a few more days? I don't know xD I have faith in Amazon to get my copy to me >.>
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 22, 2014, 04:26:23 pm
@yuneyn... god Luxembourg is just so horribly small. ^^° And it's weird that they have an office there but that you have to order via Frensh Amazon. o_o I hope they'll send it soon.

@Lawl... so you didn't receive a mail yet? oo Weird. I got one, they started to send it yesterday and it should arrive tomorrow. But since it's that stupid PIN AG again, I'm not so sure about that. ^^°

Yeah, we all should have faith! We'll get our copies! (sooner or later x_x) Just listenforthelove is lucky to have it already, right?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 22, 2014, 04:44:44 pm
*arrives late with Starbucks again but it's okay because Pumpkin Spice Latte! Whiiich I still have to try but it sounds delicious so THERE*

Oops yeah I already have my copy of No. 6 volume 9, sorry XD; one advantage of living in Ireland is that book stores sell books in English! And also manga! In normal book stores!! GASP! (I was so happily surprised to see No. 6 there though) But I'm leaving in December and not coming back, so time to do some job hunting. I still learnt a lot here though, and maybe I can pursue a further career in translating now that I have some experience~

Anyway, good to see everyone again! @Ahiku, I wish you much luck with job hunting and that you may find something really soon. Have some more hugs for strength!! *hugs* And good luck to @yuneyn as well, of course.

I hope you'll all get your copies of volume 9 really soon! Come on, Amazon!!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 22, 2014, 05:19:19 pm
Oh, I'd also rather buy it in a bookstore. XD I mean I love bookstores. I guess next time I just order it in one of them here. But normally Amazon should be faster, especially when you preorder something like months in advance. X'D

I'm glad I can buy the German version in a bookstore now.

Thank you *hugs you back* (*_*) I also wish you good luck when you have to hunt for jobs. Will you stay in the Netherlands then?

(Ah btw German version... @lawl, I'm sorry, but I couldn't manage to get another NezuShi paper bag. At least not in the train station where I got my bag. I'll try it in the bookstore in the city when I have to go there the next time, but I dunno if they have NezuShi bags there as well...(._.))
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 22, 2014, 06:52:46 pm
That's one thing I'll miss - the bookstores. There's this big one in the city center that has like four floors and a whole section of the most lovely editions of classics, and ahh. (Nezumi would have a field day ;))
But yeah, Amazon should usually be fast with pre-orders, shouldn't it? I hope they'll hurry up!

*hugs back!* Thanks~ yeah, I'm going back to the Netherlands in December and stay there for the foreseeable future. I miss it too much after all.

Ahh, I'm very curious to hear more about the German release once they get further into the series! Keep us up to date?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 23, 2014, 03:59:42 am
Luxembourg is soooooo stupid ohmygod. Anyway. I guess they compensate their lack of THINGS with an administrative system which actually WORKS very well.

(I'm so unmotivated this week it's absolutely horrible, I think I'll stay home today again and maybe finally start playing FFX HD. Tomorrow I'll have no 1person-lunch left so I'll be forced to go out lol)

Yay @listenforthelove for going back home! You need it :) I hope you'll find something good over there!

And same, I'll be very interested to learn more about the German translation as it comes out, @lawlya and @Ahiku!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 23, 2014, 06:22:54 am
That's one thing I'll miss - the bookstores. There's this big one in the city center that has like four floors and a whole section of the most lovely editions of classics, and ahh. (Nezumi would have a field day ;))
But yeah, Amazon should usually be fast with pre-orders, shouldn't it? I hope they'll hurry up!

Woah, amazing! *_* But the bookstores here aren't that bad either. The city I live in is a big city, but not that big. A few years ago we had 3 big book stores in the city center (+ several little shops + another few bookshops in the big shopping centers in the new town part and other parts outside of the city. Those in the city center all had 3 floors. Now there's just one of them left. A friend of mine worked in one of them who are closed now, but she already lived somewhere else when they shut it down to open a horribly expensive fashion shop instead.
(She was also funny... worked there and bought mangas in the other, competing book shop. ^^°) But well, it's fine as long as there's at least one of them. We also have a little comic shop. Totally nerdy. XD One time in the past one of my classmates wanted to buy copics there. (I used them a lot in the past and bought them in this shop... my classmate wasn't into manga or anime, she just wanted copics.) Then she told me she couldn't go in there because she was scared and wanted me to escort her, lol XD Because the owner looks like heavy metal...hard rock something... with black clothes, beard, sometimes sunglasses, wrispbands with spikes and so one. ^^° But he's not scary at all, just horrible. One time I went there together with my mom when I was 16-17 or so and bought a boy's love manga. And he was like: "Oh, why do so many girls like you want to read that ass **** stuff?" X'D God thing, my mom didn't hear it. That was horrible. Really... horrible guy!

Ah, I got my copy today. PIN AG managed it to put it in my mail box (and I wasn't able to get it out properly <_<). So this time it worked just well...

Did they at least sent your copies today, lawl and yuneyn? oo° When did you order them? Mabye that's one of the reasons...?

@Yuneyn and @listenforthelove
Yeah, of course we'll do. ^^ It's interesting to compare everything. Ohhh, I'm so curious what they'll do concerning Inukashi's gender. (>,<)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 23, 2014, 06:28:11 am
Oh I'm glad you got it this time!!!!

They didn't even send mine, it's scheduled to arrive November 6th... Well last time they changed the date around August 26th so I've still hope. I've ordered it October 7th... don't know why it's so stupid (>_<)
Well for people who'd order now they're out of stock.. but I don't think this should affect the preorders too?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: lawlya on October 23, 2014, 11:04:44 am
@Ahiku: So, I have looked it up on Amazon and it says the manga is being delivered on Friday - so, tomorrow ^^ Apparently it wasn't send out yet and that's why I didn't receive a mail :)

Yeah, it's great to see No.6 in our bookstores too. I squealed a bit but it was too empty for many people to notice xD
Oh, thank you for asking though OTL It's really mean that we in Berlin don't get those D:

Actually, most Heavy Metal fans are really nice and cool people ^^ At least those I got introduced to xD Though they liked to think that I don't like their music even if I never lost a word about that. Oh, well ...
Okay, how the hell did you get your copy before me? Is everything against me now? (I really hope it's in the mail tomorrow ... Saturday is AniMaCo so I don't have time to read it then >.> Or to cry ... Whatever might happen xD) I ordered the 9th Volume along with the 8th at least - maybe even when I preordered the 7th ...

I'm actually very very anxious over the German translation xD There's so much that could go horribly wrong >.>"

@listenforthelove: Okay, I definitely have to go to Starbucks and look if that Pumpkin Spice Latte is available in Germany too *w* That sounds really delicious <3

... Now I want to live in an English country too - buying No.6 in a bookstore sounds heavenly OTL
That bookstore really sounds amazing! I mean, we have a few like that in Berlin too but ... our bookstores usually don't hold such a big collection of classics ever.

And good luck finding a job :D
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 24, 2014, 11:49:03 am
Did you get your volume today? o.o

Hehe, yeah, I also wanted to scream, but I did it just internally. Too many people. XD And I bought it in our very small main station book store (It was bigger back then, it even had 2 floors... but now it's really small ^^° Too bad.) But at least they have two bookshelves full of the latest manga volumes.

Ah, I don't know heavy metal people, but I'm normally not prejudiced like that girl who was afraif of going in there because he looked a little bit dangerous. X'D
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: lawlya on October 24, 2014, 05:34:39 pm
@Ahiku: Yeah, I actually got it and read it and let's see how well I'm going to sleep tonight xD I tend to be overwhelmed by my feelings when I'm about to fall asleep ^^". But Amazon still didn't send me an email that it was send or anything. It's really odd but what do I care? It was in the mail so I'm happy :)

I bought it before an exam ... It was around 8:30 or something so there really weren't many people. The bookstore just opened too.

Yeah, they look really intimidating. I can totally feel with that friend of yours xD But as I said: Most of them seem to be really nice ^^ Softies.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on October 24, 2014, 06:12:59 pm
You guys are so lucky that the German translation a) exists and b) the names aren't messed up. Every time I look at the English manga and see "Rat" I just cry a little inside. Doesn't stop me from wanting the entire manga anyway ;A;
Maybe I'll buy the French novels... (In which Shion is referred to as "Aster" *gag*)

Oh goodness, every time I think about all the No. 6 merch I could have but don't, I just....
All I have is an 8.5 x 11 poster which I printed off on my family's colour printer and put on my bookshelf... at least it's official art... coloured by a fan... I'm cry.

Actually, does official No. 6 merch even exist? The only stuff I've heard about are various (often incomplete) translations of things and the No. 6 guides in Japanese. When I was at Otakon I saw some posters, though.

What is this talk of No. 6 bags? Are they, like, giving them out or something? What now? The fact that they exist just isn't even fair xD

Also why are we talking about heavy metal because I have some on my Nezushi playlist bye I mean what
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 24, 2014, 06:32:15 pm
@Lawlya: Good you have it now. :3 Oh...and your book stores open up early. The main station book store opens up at 6 am or so, but the big one in the city center not until 9.30am. It really sucks when you're so early in the city (e.g. because of an appointment).

@Vox: Ah, yeah, Yuneyn said that Shion is called Aster in the French novel translation. Just... why. ^^° Shion is a **** personal name, just leave it be. And Nezumi, too.
Ah, she also told me she found nearly no merch in Tokyo. Not even there. Nothing but a cute little keychain.

The bag looked like that:

Sorry, it's pretty ugly... XD I don't have a camera (ok I have one but it's broken...), so I can't take a photo. The real paper bag one looks way better. But it's just like that. I got it when I bought the first volume, but Lawl didn't and she's living in a way bigger city than me and didn't get one. I don't really get it. ^^° They promoted it a little bit, too. There was a little flag, saying it's a new series... which was strange, because they don't normally do this.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on October 24, 2014, 06:35:53 pm
Interesting. I smell a market.
Elanra said that the number of fans is increasing, not decreasing, and given that a new translation just came out, I'm inclined to believe that's true. What I'm wondering is, will there eventually be any merch? I'm just curious to see how this fandom is going to evolve!
Saying it's a new series is a lie, haha. New to Germany is more like it!

What's up with that empty bubble thing over the text on the picture? (Also, thanks for showing me! :)

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 24, 2014, 06:46:59 pm
Yeah, I think so, too. I don't think Germany is the only country where they'll start to publish the manga. A lot of people will read the manga first. That's a good thing. :3 I hope that we'll be able to find a lot of nice fanarts on Animexx (it's a German, pretty big anime and manga website). I've already checked the No. 6 fanart section. It's pretty small, mostly Lancha's art. And most of it is from the time the anime aired. But maybe we'll find some nice new fanart there, soon.

Haha, yes, more new to Germany. Uhhhm, that white bubble is a hole where you can grab the bag to carry it, something like a handle. I'll take a photo as soon as I've a new camera. (But that might take a while...)

I don't think they'll start to produce merchandise now... at least not in Japan. ^^°

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 25, 2014, 02:29:12 am
OMG how are there so many new posts everywhere when I just woke up!! (I'll answer later today because I have to leave soon - weekends are not the best time for me somehow... less free time)

About the merch, yeah, there was barely anything in Tokyo. Seeing how they do things there though, I guess there might have been some around the time the anime came out. But usually they tend to sell whatever's new and popular at the moment , or things that are really classic, such as One Piece. I found a keychain in a doujin store, but that was only one time and not official merch. The only official thing I got was I guess the postcard that came with the Volume 9 manga/drama CD then.

And yes, Shion as 'Aster' *punches a wall* I will forever be boycotting such translation. Not that I would have any inclination to read it in French though, it's kind of like how I can't read fanfiction in French... I don't know, it just makes me fee extremely awkward.

Anyway... I'll go... try not to die at the gym... Talk to you later :-)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: secretagentfan on October 27, 2014, 07:10:03 pm
Oh oh-- oh! Oh!
Oh hi.

I see the forum's back, oh this is exciting!

Sorry about my inactivity, I'm in several shows now and my life consists of rehearsals and sometimes food-- sometimes. Ahiku mentioned the forum might be active and I was like oh really but I didn't check but then I saw that post and well now here I am.
(How 'bout that run-on sentence? Truly magnificent.)

BUT YES. I am totally around, lurking in the shadows watching everyone with all this pent up affection in my heart even though I don't really talk to you guys that often


How 'bout that parasite city?

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 27, 2014, 07:40:06 pm
@secretagentfan: hi!! Haha, yeah, the forum kind of - sprang back to life last week, haha. Great to see you here!

And wow, you sound so busy o_o do take care of yourself and I hope you get enough time to eat and rest in between!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 28, 2014, 07:15:00 am
@secretagentfan, yay, you're here! *throws flowers and gummi bears* I'm really happy to see you! (*__*)

(Rehersals? Shows? o.o Tell us, please! Just when you've a tiny bit of time left!)
But yes, please take care of yourself.

And if you wanna join the blog and commitee, just let us know. ^^

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 30, 2014, 02:41:37 pm
Found a picture... reminds me of Shion who's still waiting for Nezumi's return. ^^° (
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on October 30, 2014, 02:54:47 pm
oh nooooooooooooooooooo XD

well, at least he can find a job in the skeleton army...

speaking of which, it's halloween tomorrow! anyone cosplaying? o3o
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on October 30, 2014, 03:54:37 pm
I'm being Nezumi! party at a bar. I'm going to get hit on so much I'll regret it, no doubt. But my sister wants to take me out, so...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on October 30, 2014, 04:24:52 pm
I hate bars... I don't even drink... I'm such a social reject XD (no regrets though!)
(still regretting that I can't be Shion with you ;A;)

I gonna be fem!France instead though, so at least it's something... and I get to wear a tiara. bonus. :3
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on October 30, 2014, 04:47:45 pm
Fem!France is seriously the cutest of all Hetalia character designs. The tiara is just too precious.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 30, 2014, 07:08:46 pm
@Ahiku omigosh XD you are terrible (nooooo you're not of course, you're awesome, but that picture though)

Ahhh, everyone have a Happy Halloween! Have fun dressing up, those sound like great get-ups~

(It's past midnight now so technically it's Halloween~ wow, this entire neighborhood is decorated in spooky things, that's nice. Aside from the spider webs with the giant (fake) spiders on my way to work that I walked into the other day. And didn't immediately notice was fake. That was less nice.)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on October 30, 2014, 07:11:41 pm
Oh wow! I just found this thread, actually! I think it's really cool to get to know everyone a little more ^^
I'm going to be cosplaying White-haired Kaneki Ken tomorrow and looking super creepy. (At least by my tiny mountain school's standards)

@Vox: I don't go to bars or drink either.. but my friends do, sometimes. Ah, well. I'm happier here on my laptop for now. And Fem!France sounds seriously adorable!

also, Shion nooooooo! Poor baby! XD

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on October 31, 2014, 04:10:09 am
Happy Halloween everyone^^ I hope you'll have a lot of fun!!

As for me, well... I don't do Halloween, grew up in France where it was never really big... Even now, I think it's mostly an excuse to dress up and party - which I would probably enjoy if said parties wouldn't mean ALCOHOL - yeah I don't drink either. And um, maybe if I had friends in Lux, which I don't. So today will be playing Final Fantasy X for me, and I guess for tonight hmm... watching the KH Days movie with the husband? (Not sure that's very Halloweeny though^^)

It was pretty big in Japan though... I'm not sure whether they do trick or treating or not - definitely no one came to our door. But OMG there are decorations everywhere, Halloween-themed food, people dress up a lot and party... And the funny thing is that when you wake up on November 1st everything has magically been replaced by Christmas decorations.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on October 31, 2014, 06:51:43 am
XDDDDD I just found this picture again... I've showed it to Yuneyn like...several month ago in a mail like: "Oh look, I've found a cute nezushi pic."
And it's kinda Halloween themed. lol

We don't celebrate Halloween here, at least not to a large extend. But Oktober 31th is a holiday in my federal state... Reformation Day, in remembrance of the Reformation, particularly by Lutheran and some Reformed church communities. It is a civic holiday in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt (my state) and Thuringia as well as in Slovenia. Well, I don't care too much about it, but I guess some younger people like it because they can have a halloween motto party and sometimes some kids show up and want sweets. I guess it's more common in little villages or smaller towns, when you at least know the kids in your neighborhood.
And since it's Reformatory Day, sometimes weird people ring and want to tell you something about Luther and stuff... o_O° That's why I usually don't open the door, because they'll never leave you alone then. (But mostly I have to work... ^^° We also work on holidays. I'm just at home because they changed my vacation... and I'm pissed because today is a day of my vacation but also a holiday and I have a feeling as if I was screwed over, because I lose 4 hours of holiday time bonus like that.) >_<

Well... I also don't drink and nearly all my friends have moved somewhere else in the last few years. There's just one of them left, but since my working times and schedules are like hell I can barely meet other people... ^^° Because when I have free time they have to work and when they have free time, it's my turn. And I'm always glad when I'm finally alone. There are like 50 people just in my department... and you have to talk and write to hundreds of customers daily. I'm just glad when I have my peace. x_X The last two weeks I just saw my grandma and a former coworker I've met in the supermarket and spent the rest of my days in isolation.

I also don't like alcohol... and I don't like parties (just very tiny ones with very good friends...) or when there are too many people I don't even know.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: secretagentfan on October 31, 2014, 08:29:05 pm
Ahhh I keep logging on but having to run off!

Happy Halloween!!!

@listenforthelove: Ahhhhh, great to see you here too! I always love reading your blog, brightens my mornings something fierce.

@ahiku: Haha, thank you muchly! I'd love, love, love to be a part of things in any way I can!
Yeah, I'm currently in a couple of shows at my college, one of which is a biggie, the other two have smaller parts. I also have a couple of scenes up in class and with rehearsal-- it's kind of hard to find time to breathe and eat and stuff; it's worth it in the end though.
I'm sorry you're having a rough go with your work. People-oriented jobs are always really really hard! It's so easy to get burnt out!

Ahh parties. Stuff gets pretty crazy here-- I go to parties because it's kind of a required social thing but I don't really like them. I don't drink, but it's certainly interesting to see everyone else get wasted-- informative! The halloween party here is pretty infamous though, there's been police intervention in years past so I'm just gonna go ahead and sit this one out. Hahaha...ha. So I will spend Halloween writing fic.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 01, 2014, 12:17:59 am
"I'm dreaamiiing of a whiiiiteeee.... Halloween???"

Guys! We're getting a blizzard here where I live on Halloween!! This is so weird!!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on November 01, 2014, 06:19:14 am
Happy (belated? Yay time zones) Halloween, all!

@secretagentfan: wow, you're so busy! All the luck with rehearsals and stuff, I do hope you're enjoying yourself (though 'it's worth it' makes it sound like you are).
And whoa, that sounds like some pretty intense halloween-ing going on there O_o I hope you got to spend it nicely in the end. Fic writing sounds like a good plan to me, but then again, I'm selfish there because it means we might get to read more awesome fic from you, so ;)

@this-is-our-truth: whoa, a blizzard? In October?! O_o yikes, be safe! (Dang, then it must be really cold too... take care!)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 01, 2014, 07:47:22 am
@this-is-our-truth o.o° Oh... I hope you're ok. *wraps you in a warm blanket*

And here it's way too warm... we have 20°C (68 °F), which is nice, but way to warm for November. O_o° Normally, the average temperature is more like 5°C. (41°F). ^^° The world is crazy. But well, the climatic change is our own fault.

Wow, that sounds really hard but also very interesting. ^^But please don't forget to breathe and to eat! *gives you an emergency air kit and a  bentobox filled with NezuShi powerbars*.
Yeah, that's right, it's easy to burn out when you have to do people-orientated jobs (or jobs you don't like to do, but you have to, because you need money and there's nothing else you can do...) (x_X) Oh god, I don't want to go back on Monday. I don't even know if I have late or early shift, because they changed my vacation and they changed my shift group. OTL Please no 3weeks late shift in a row...not again ;_;!

You got an invitation to our blog and you're a RC member now, so you can see our secret planning bunker now. But don't force yourself... when you don't have time. But maybe you'll find something you can do every once in a while. ^^
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 01, 2014, 12:40:54 pm
@this-is-our-truth just out of curiosity, what region do you live in? because almost as far north as you can go in the 'states, and it's bloody raining. then again, it was 45oF (8oC) this morning, so we're getting there. But we did have light snow last year on Halloween, so it could be better...
Climate change sucks, moving on.

btw in case anyone wants to see, halloween cosplay selfie!
I know the quality's terrible. I asked my roommate to take it but she really wanted to sleep so we had to just take it quickly...
Also you can't see but there's a flower in my hair o3o

@listenforthelove by the way i saw your closet cosplay post, and i'm totes jealous that you have a jacket that can pass for Nezumi's. Also, Terry Pratchet is the bomb. (Have you read Nation? And The Wee Free Men? Those are my favourites! Followed by The Lost Continent and Hogfather omg)

@secretagentfan we've got that kinda party climate around here too... but that didn't stop the nerdherd from holding a Super Smash Bros tournament yesterday. It's nice to go to a school that's both big on partying and really nerdy, because there's something for everyone...

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on November 01, 2014, 01:17:01 pm
@Vox: ahh, I saw that selfie, you look super cute! (new tumblr dashboard kind of ate it, looks much better on your own blog. Sigh, tumblr and your updates.)
Yeah it's no secret why I had to have that jacket, huhu. It's pretty great though, and nicely warm. (And yes I've read more Terry Pratchett! (And Neil Gaiman, too, since they wrote Good Omens together) Not all of his books (he has SO MANY idk where to start but one of my friends keeps giving me his books for my birthday, A+ awesome friend), but I really loved the Wee Free Men, and I have Mort and Reaper Man too. Speaking of, it's the time of the year I should probably get Hogfather, haha.)

@Ahiku: wow, 20 C? Seriously? O_o (Ok it's not super cold here either, I think the wind and rain make it feel colder than it is. Still, though. 20 C?! In November?!)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 01, 2014, 01:33:51 pm
@Vox: Aww, you look totally cute! :3

Yeah o_O And it was really chilly the last two weeks. When I visited my grandma she had a winter jacket for me and I really needed it when I was on my way home. 
(That was also strange. It was really warm when I left my apartment in the morning and in the evening it was horribly cold.^^° And it changed quite suddenly. What the heck is going on? XD)
Well, I didn't know it was so warm today and left the house wearing my winter jacket and ended up sweating like a pig. (._.°) But no wonder I felt so weird this morning. I'm sensitive to changes in the weather.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 01, 2014, 02:32:13 pm
You guys are so nice *blushu* uwu

(Tumblr theme change WHY)

Urban Outfitters actually did a jacket that looks EXACTLY like Nezumi's. If I didn't know better, I'd say the anime just borrowed it for their costume design XD
sadly, it costs like 80 bucks. So I can't afford it... sigh...

@listenforthelove I think I may watch the Hogfather movie again soon... it's been forever since I've seen it. I only remember bits and pieces of it, including but not limited to NOT THE POKER, and 'it's te-ah-tah-me' (yeah right!). That movie is so underrated...
(In case anyone else is interested, it's the story of the time where Death had to take over Santa Clause's job, only because it's set in Diskworld, Santa Claus's name is the Hogfather. Also, Death has an awesome, badass daughter named Susan, and an assassin named Teatime gets involved. Now that I think about it, it's basically live action Rise of the Guardians where the bad guy is mortal and the bogeyman/death is one of the good guys. Watch it!!)

@Ahiku do you get migraines when the weather changes? A friend of mine does, and I always feel really bad for her because we live in an area where the weather just changes rapidly all the time. I tell her she's going to have to move to Seattle when she's older, because at least the weather's predictable. (It rains constantly!)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 01, 2014, 03:16:57 pm

No, it's not that bad, fortunately. Just circulation problems. I feel pretty done and sometimes also dizzy, little bit of rotatory vertigo. I think it's because it's stress for the body and I'm absolutely not stress-resistant, no matter what kind of stress. I'm always reacting physically when it's too much. But I've never had a real migraine attack... just ocular migraine when you have a little visual disorder for like 20-30 minutes (Flashing lights, blind spots in your field of vision...  Afterwards you'll get a little headache, but then it's normally gone. ^^° Annoying...always get it when I'm hyper last week on Tuesday.)

God, your poor friend. >,< I don't even wanna know how a real migraine feels like. I hope she can move away soon.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 02, 2014, 01:26:14 am
@Ahiku and @listenforthelove: I'm okay! The weather is really strange though! It's usually around 50°F (10°C), so everyone kind of laughed when we had a Winter Weather Advisory. No one expected the snow at all. I've been hanging out with my roommates and a friend that got snowed in. We've had hot chocolate, coffee, and soup, so it has been pretty nice. We've mostly watched anime and worked on homework all day ^^' The snow was pretty much gone by this afternoon though..

@Vox: I live in the Southern region of the United States (I absolutely hate it here -_-), but I live in the mountains during the school year.

I don't have much time right now, so I can't completely read the rest of this thread, but I hope everyone is doing okay!! 
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 02, 2014, 06:09:53 am
Hot chocolate, soup and coffee reminds me so much of No. 6 X'D
Sounds really nice. At least it seemed to be pretty cozy. ^^

Eww, I'm eating weird corn soup right now... doesn't taste like corn at all and more like liquid gingerbread. D:
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Curiousscarletteyes on November 02, 2014, 08:58:14 am
@This-is-our-truth: That sounds like a pretty good Halloween though. I spent mine watching my friend do other people's makeup for about eight hours. XD Then we went to visit my boyfriend since he was stuck at work. Afterwards we ended up getting Chinese food, watched an episode of Spongebob and then I went home. It wasn't really all that eventful but then again, we were invited to a party we just didn't go.

Like all of you, I'm not really a party person either though. :/ Crowded rooms full of people I don't know with blaring music and alcoholic drinks just doesn't do it for me. I have horrible social anxiety.

@Ahiku: O_O What in the world? Corn soup that tastes like liquid gingerbread? That sounds. . .very odd. e.e I can't even-

@Vox: *Whispers* I got a coat that looks similar to Nezumi's yesterday AND IT WAS ON SALE ;w;
Sorry for the awful quality xD My phone's camera is awful

@Secretagentfan: Ahhhh hello there!

@Yuneyn: Playing Final Fantasy on Halloween sounds great XD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 03, 2014, 01:49:39 am
Urgh; I have to go to work in two hours. Meh, I hate late shift... x.x But it's really hard to find a job without shifts. (Just can try to find one with moderate shifts. ^^°)

I'm so totally unmotivated. X'D And I augur ill...
They wanted to split our department, because they have a new task or something like that. But even with those people who have to go back to their former task, we're not enough. They can't extend the opening hours and improve service and offers, reduce the number of employees but then complain when they can't fulfil their current quota allocations. That's why they changed my vacation, and that's why we all have so many overtime hours. (I'm not sure, but I think I have 53...)
And we don't even get minimum wages. No wonder nearly everyone is searching for another job and leaving. ^^°

I wanna go to school again. x_X Sorry for ranting... I think it's just the post-vacation depression. X'D It will be better in a few days. And I just have to work for 3 weeks... then is my last week of vacation this year. XD Ganbarimasu!

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 03, 2014, 11:17:07 am
@this-is-our-truth are you me because I live in the semi-south (on the east coast) and go north for school XD
gotta escape those summer doldrums, am I right?

@curiousscarleteyes I live for the day I find a Nezumi coat in a second hand store. Seriously. you're so lucky ;A;

@Ahiku You don't even get minimum wage??? D: that's terrible! I get more than minimum wage for doing basic tech support! that's so unfair!
I'm sorry about your post vacation depression :c

In other news, it's now getting below freezing in the morning (read: when I have to get up) so this morning I wore two sweaters and a coat to class XD gotta love winter fashion...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 03, 2014, 01:51:23 pm
@Vox: Ah... I've never seen something like a Shion coat or Nezumi jacket here. ^^° It's just... sometimes when I want to buy new clothes all I can think is: "Ohh...that would be perfect for Nezumi/Shion/Safu..." X'D But I can't find clothes for myself. LOL. And last week I bought a red check shirt because it reminded me of Shion and Nezumi. ^^° (And I want another one XD)

No... but they have to give us minimum wages starting next year. At the moment they "conduct negotiations" and the new employes get minimum wages, because nobody wanted the job anymore, so they had to... ^^° It's really stupid. The only nice thing are the coworkers... and the fact that I just need 5 minutes by foot and I'm there. (It's nice when you don't have a long way home, especially when you have late shift or extremely late shift ending at 1.30am ^^°)

It was pretty hard to focus on that stuff today, I was always thinking about Shion and Nezumi having **** sex. o____O° (I didn't even want to, I mean I have to fulfill a quota each day... XD It just happened.)

*gives you a warm blanket* It's still way to warm here. Today I even got a mosquito bite. ^^° I thought they are aleady dead in November. X'D
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 03, 2014, 02:02:29 pm
@Ahiku I'M LAUGHING SO MUCH though I have to tell you when I worked at Target and ended up working alone in the grocery department checking expiration dates, once I was in the groove of doing the task, that's AAAALLLLLL I'd think about. Just NezuShi... stuff.

I just remembered once a guy approached me in the pharmacy section and asked me a question really quietly and I have bad hearing so I repeated it back to make sure I heard right, so I said "the condoms?" and he quickly shook his head and was like "no, the condiments!" I took him over to the food section and showed him (it was the very first aisle) but I'm sort of convinced he was actually asking where the condoms were and freaked out when I said it louder. You can't fool me, random customer... What was he doing in the health department if he was looking for ketchup, anyway?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 03, 2014, 02:40:46 pm
@Weisel: XDDDDD Yeah, it's horrible. But well, when the tasks are kinda boring and monotonously, it happens quickly. ^^° But really I also have to think about them having sex with each other, I saw Nezumi dancing in a weird pink silk scarf and Shion who unwrapped him like a present. LOL XD But always when you think it's going further reality strikes back and you notice that you've read the same sentence like 20 times without understanding it. ^^°

XDDDD Ahhh... omg. But he managed to find a similar sounding word pretty quickly. X'D And you just said condoms, lol XD You didn't ask him thing slike: "Condoms?  o.o Ahhh... you wanna f*ck, eh?! Wait a second." XD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 03, 2014, 02:51:07 pm
@Ahiku I nearly choked on my mint when I read "Condoms?  o.o Ahhh... you wanna f*ck, eh?! Wait a second." I might've lost my job if I did that... BUUUUT that reminds me of ANOTHER story about working at Target! A situation where I REALLY could have said that! There was supposed to be a big storm in the area where I lived and supplies like water bottles and flashlights and candles were being sold to the point that we were OUT. It was CRAZY. Anyway, I was on register a lot those days since we were so busy and three or four times I got college age boys at my register with candles and condoms. My favorite was one that got "Titanic" on DVD as well (gotta use the last of that computer battery wisely, right?). I could just imagine what they were thinking... "hey baby, the power's out... we'd better have sex to stay warm..."
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 03, 2014, 03:20:24 pm
XDDDD LOL... I hope you cashed up with a big knowing grin on your face.
Or giving them extra service: "Wanna morning-after pills, too? Just in case... o.o"
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 03, 2014, 03:45:35 pm
@Ahiku STOP THIS MADNESS I JUST LET OUT THE UGLIEST SNORT WHEN I LAUGHED!!! I just tried not to grin too wide... but failed miserably. I was grinning like an idiot and doing my best not to laugh by the time the last few customers like that came to my register.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 03, 2014, 04:12:09 pm
Hehehe XDDD It's always hard when you really want to crack up, but you can't. ^^° But it's even worse when you crack up. XD Happened to me once. It's not even funny when I tell it someone, it was just funny at that moment.
There's a coworker of mine who's a little bit like Nezumi. He can be very sarcastically and he loves it to tease other people. Especially me, because he likes it that I give sassy answers.
One time we sat next to each other, taking one call after the other... and sometimes, when the customers where in the wrong line we had to pass them through to other colleages. There was a man calling and it was welcome desk, so I just had to put him through to another colleague. And I was so glad, because he was screaming like hell. I don't know why, he wasn't mad, he was just screming like. "I NEED A TRANSPORTER! BUT NOT TOO EXPENSIVE! CAN YOU HELP ME? PLEEEEASEEEE  ò_ó"  God, it was so weird. XD I was glad that I was allowed to put him through, and said colleague got him... XD So I smiled at him and told him: "Hey, I have a nice man for you. He wants a transporter."
He was like:"Ah, thanks.^^" I put him through... I'll never forget his  (Ö_Ö) "WTF, YOU RUNT. i'm gonna kill you" face, so full of hatred, disappointment, betrayel and more. XD You could even hear that man yell when you sat 1m apart from him. XD Another colleage and I **** up, I wasn't able to work for minutes.  Ok, it's not so funny now... but it was. It really was, because his face was so priceless. ^^° Pure horror and so. But he deserved it, because he's horrible.

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 03, 2014, 05:54:01 pm
@Vox: Haha, I live on the east coast too! Unfortunately, I don't get to avoid the doldrums at all :/ I go home for the summer when it is really hot, and then to the mountains for the frigid winters. Yay, all of the extremes!

@Everyone: You guys are all cracking me up, and my friends are starting to think I'm crazy! (Well, more so than they already did, anyway).
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: secretagentfan on November 04, 2014, 02:47:08 pm
I-- I-- the thing it's moved 2 pages and I've still only made one post oh gee oh gee. I LIVE IN AN OCEAN THAT SUCKS TIME I APOLOGIZE

It's so neat how bustling this forum is, wow! I feel like a tourist, just sitting in the background awkwardly holding my camera to take stupid photos of...the foliage or something.
They will be damn good photos though. Damn good.
What am I talking about.

It's been a day. I'm typing this from the dining hall at my college as I am stranded without a raincoat or umbrella due to a sudden thunderstorm. Jesustakethewheel.

@listen-for-the-love: Yup, yup. Crazy busy-- I kind of hate and love it at the same time. Today the dial is set more along the lines of "OH WHY DO I HAVE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS"-- but I'll get over it. How's life? I hope everything is well and wonderful on your end. c: The halloween party apparently got really crazy-- a bunch of high school students showed up and they ran out of alcohol and ohhh man I'm glad I wasn't there.
I didn't get a ton of writing done though-- decided to watch bad movies instead. I reallygottagetthatchapterfinishedargugh!

@ahiku: NEZUSHI POWER BARS? HELL YES. I bet they taste like disillusionment and love and TAKING DOWN THE MAN. just a treasure of a human wow. Wow. I feel you on the thinking of Nezushi when you shouldn't be thinking of Nezushi. I was attempting to study a script today and I was like "huh, I wonder if dirt ever gets locked in Nezumi's boots and he trecks mud around the underground room-- I wonder if Shion does the same thing-- oh shoot it's probably super muddy there. It is underground. The books! Oh doesn't Shion sleep on the floor once? He probably had all this dirt in his hair what a dweeb. I can't imagine Shion getting out carpet cleaner, oh **** they don't have carpet cleaner in West Block. I wonder if they have it in No. 6-- I wonder if Shion misses carpet cleaner. Wait maybe Shion--"
and then suddenly it was my line and I was like, damn.

@Curiousscarleteyes: AHHH YOU'RE HERE TOO!? OH MAN LOOK AT THIS PARTY IT'S LIKE A WHOLE RPG POSSE IS READY. I don't know what each of you would be though.

@Vox: A SUPER SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER? I want to go to your school. Mine's pretty snobby, but the theatre department is pretty famous and absolutely excellent.

Annnnd now I have to get to class.

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on November 04, 2014, 04:18:46 pm
It's okay, @secretagentfan! It's great to see you here no matter how much or little you post~

But yikes O_O thunder storms are no fun, no fun at all. I hope you can get out soon and dry!
And as long as you enjoyed the movies despite being bad? Haha. No pressure on writing~


But yeah, the forum's super lively, it's great! Sorry for not being very active at the moment, I'm very tired these days and can't focus enough to type coherent replies most of the time... I do try to keep up, though! But uhm, yeah. Sorry.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on November 05, 2014, 04:23:14 am
@secretagentfan: I'm not sure I welcomed you... so welcome!!! (Better late than never^^)

@everyone: sorry for the lack of presence on this topic (and on the forum as a whole I guess), I'm in a "low" phase + I'm half sick... well let's just say I'm not at my best right now. But I do read everything you say^^ I'll just be more active once whatever I'm going through is over.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 06, 2014, 06:16:34 am
They taste like your favorite flavor and whatever your tongue desires when you eat them and a little bit like cheesy feet. Just eating one of them will give you enough energy for 3 days and nights. ^^They'll give you Nezumi's bouncebackability and stamina and also contain some natural essences that will help you to feel happy and carefree and give you Shion's airheadedness... :3

Ah, I think Nezumi is wearing ugly slippers in his underground room, but Shion is always wearing his shoes. But he seems to be very tidy, so I think he makes sure that they don't get the room too dirty. X3

But yeah, thinking about NezuShi is very distracting. o.o You're lucky that you think about this kind of stuff... I really can't stop thinking about them having h*ardcore sex. o_o  and all you have in mind is something like. I don't want to think about it all the time.
"Oh...yeah! Nezumi! NEZUMI! AHH!"  - "Ok...what the heck? Shut up, Shion! I try to focus on my work...." - "HAAH!" - "AHHH >_>" - "Harder!" - "OMG!" - "UHH, SHION!" - "Oh no, Nezumi too?"
Coworker: "Hey, what are you doing? o.o You typed: "Dear Sir or Madam" three times!" - "Oh o.o"
^^° This is a true story.

But it's really hard to focus on things at the moment. ^^°

XD (Lol forum, why are you censoring **** but not sex? o.o)

@listenforthelove and @yuneyn
It's ok, don't force yourself... o.o It doesn't help anybody when you can't focus or when you're not feeling well. *gives you nezushi hugpillows*
@Yuneyn I've already told you, but...Get well soon! *hug* I hope you're feeling at least a little bit better. *also leaves a NezuShi anti cold powerbar for you*
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 06, 2014, 11:56:43 am
So I've got a story for you all...

My Japanese professor likes to ask us what we did yesterday every morning, to force us to use the past tense and whatnot. Well, when she asked me what I did today all I could think of to say was "I drew yesterday." Unfortunately, she then decided to have the rest of the class interrogate me as to exactly what I was drawing and where. I ended up coming out with this: わたし が かいた アニメ カラクタ は No. 6 の ねずみ と しおんです。
This means something along the lines of "I WAS DRAWING NEZUMI AND SHION BECAUSE I'M A F*CKING WEEABOO."
Then I had to explain to the teacher that Nezumi is not, in fact, a mouse, but a human, who decided to name himself after a mouse.
So much embarrassment XD

@secretagentfan you live in an ocean?? really????? i'm so curious!
Also, the super smash bros club happens every friday, and usually there's pizza. Last time I went, me and my roommate started telling impromptu fanfics about the characters on screen. Something along the lines of 'marth and link are fighting over sheik and zero-suit samus, but secretly sheik x samus is a thing.' also, yu gi oh got involved somehow. Then four kirbies fought to the death. Yellow kirby won xD

@Yuneyn I hope everything is okay... *hugs*

What Ahiku said. Inactive people don't be sad. We love you and we miss you, but we'll surely wait for your return. With the window open. ;)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 07, 2014, 12:47:04 pm
Lol XD Next time just say you drew flowers and rodents, then you don't need to explain so much.

Ahh, I miss my Japanese lessons and the funny guys in my Japanese course. Ok, exept one of them... A pretty weird guy. He was really good in Japanese, because he always translated doujinshi. And a lot of hentai doujins. He always showed them to us... and sometimes he asked the teacher. o_o We all hated it, because you could tell that the teacher felt really embarrassed. He even scared away all Japanese exchange students. They didn't want to come to our faculty anymore because he asked them questions about their sex lifes.
(Not only them... he also asked the rest of us, but we were able to give it to him straight. The Japanese girls were barely able to speak German... we always tried to protect them.)
God, he was so horrible. ^^° He asked a friend of mine of often she's masturbating... and he asked my (ex)boyfriend how often we have sex. (He didn't even know him... oO He saw him the very first time...and I didn't notice it, but my ex told me: Uh...this weird guy asked a pretty weird question, wtf is wrong with him. oO°)
<_____<° God, this guy was horrible... and it wasn't even a joke. ^^° And one of my friends fell in love with him and they were together for a while... XDDD I'm still vomiting when I think about it. I guess he's one of the most horrible persons I've ever met. XD

What about you guys. What are the most horrible persons you've met? o.o

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 16, 2014, 05:49:44 pm
OMG, I should sleep, but I can't o_o
A mosquito bit me right in the neck... (I'm glad it wasn't a bee XD)
This stupid thing is in my sleeping room and I'm not able to catch it. X'D When are they finally going to die? It's November and it's pretty cold now.
Last year we had monster mosquitos here... everyone got huge itchy and inflamed mosquito bites, because they lived in dirty water... (Half of the city was flooded...)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on November 17, 2014, 04:02:20 pm
@Ahiku: yikes, didn't see your previous post before, but that sounds like one... eh... 'special' guy. That's creepy though come on. Common decency much?

But yikes, still mosquitoes at this time of the year? It's super cold, what are they even doing here. Hope you still caught some sleep last night and that the mosquito left you alone!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 17, 2014, 04:13:25 pm
Creepy questions thing reminded me of a couple things... Once in high school a guy I didn't know asked me and my boyfriend if we were having sex and I told him we were too busy building robots to take over the world to have sex.

ANOTHER weird creepy sort of thing was at Anime Expo in 2013 I had a guy trying to convince me to go back to his hotel room to have sex with him and I was like "No thanks." "No." "I'm a lesbian." "I'm engaged." "I'm married." I just kept laughing so much and eventually left. And then that night my roommates tried to get me involved in a... foursome and I was like "uh....... no thanks."

I have no idea how I attract this sort of attention... Like, I'm not even pretty or hot or anything, people just... *SHRUGS*

And if any of you have read my party adventure story ( (, you'll know what happens when I cosplay Nezumi...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 18, 2014, 11:26:40 am
@Weisel holy ****, we need to start a weisel protection squad to keep all these creepy-ass people away from you, jegus!
this is why I hate parties
(Nezumi's power can't be contained! His hotness breaks the fourth wall!)

The story about the foursome reminds me of this one time when this girl in my writing class was bragging about how many people were "lining up" to have threesomes with her and her boyfriend. And then she was like, "yeah, me and him we f*ck every day between classes." and then I was like, wow, 1. tmi, 2. how many STDs do you have, and 3. where do you find these weirdos??? (I mean, if you like threesomes, good for you, I guess...? but uh, "lining up???")

Then this other time this guy at my church basically tried to arm-twist me into making out in a closet with him. And when I called him out on it, he pretended that was not his intention at all, even though we were literally sitting in a closet at the time. (questionable life choices, I know. the closet was walk-in sized, so it's not as bad as it sounds...) I really dodged a bullet with that one though

Me and my friends have a pact that if one of us ever gets hit on by a creepy dude, the other will automatically pretend to be their lesbian lover. So far, it's worked great...

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 12:26:07 pm
@Vox I don't have a preset agreement with any of my friends about saving each other from creepy people hitting on us, but I have suddenly interjected with "so I've got competition?" or "I don't know how I feel about you talking to my girlfriend/sister like that" anything along those lines to save my friends multiple times. At least it gets a hilarious reaction from everyone involved. Also let's be real I probably need a protection squad myself.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 18, 2014, 12:37:56 pm
OMG O_O *gives you a protection bubble*
Thsi is horrible! >,<
(Ah, btw, I think you're very cute. X3 Maybe that's why they all try to hit on you.)
I've read your story about cosplaying Nezumi... ^^° OMG, that must have been a really horrible evening. Sometimes I'm glad that I live all alone.

@Vox: Ewww oO° OMG. What's wrong with that girl.

I'm also just get hit on by old dudes... really old dudes, grandpas... x_X°
A couple of years ago I had injured my foot, so I could barely walk and had to see a doctor. But the doc wasn't there... and somehow I was all alone in a little back alley, except for an old man who started to query me, just like. "Oh, are you hurt? What's wrong... The doctor's not there?" Later he wanted me to kiss him and grabbed my arms and pursed his lips. In the end I had to push him away and hobble away as fast as possible. It wasn't even dark, it was broad daylight.
Or last week, when that old fat geezer looking like Santa Clause told me that he always rapes women in elevators... (And I was in an elevator all alone with him...)
Or one time when I traveled very early a Turk or Greek (I'm not sure... ^^°) sat right next to me, even though the entire train was empty and followed me when I had to change trains, and when he finally had to get another train he kissed my cheek and went away.

This city is a bit dangerous... last year a girl was raped in front of the main train station and another man who wanted to help her got killed.
My mom was nearly attacked one time... (several years ago...) She wanted to walk to the market place after work. It was already dark... and she was alone. After a while she noticed that a man with an iron rod was following her. She walked faster and when she could see the market place and other people, she started to run, to reach them as fast as possible.
That was really scary. o_o

Me and my friends have a pact that if one of us ever gets hit on by a creepy dude, the other will automatically pretend to be their lesbian lover. So far, it's worked great...

That's a good idea. XD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 12:44:57 pm
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 12:56:42 pm
Okay, I calmed down a little bit... But really, I'd carry around a huge weapon after even just one experience like that... Holy ****... Sometimes I do bring this meter long metal rod if I'm going on a long road trip and feel worried about my safety so I can hit anyone who gets near me... My experiences are thankfully just stupid. Like when I was at a wedding reception I was bar-tending and this drunk guy was hitting on my sister and sat on her lap... I was like "uh, I don't like that you're sitting on my sister's lap" so he just sat on MY lap and started feeling me up a little and I was just like "WELP, better me than my sister, I guess..." (sometimes I think I was supposed to be her older brother instead of her younger sister.) My situations are more like eye-rolls and exasperated sighs rather than, like, calling the cops. Holy ****.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 18, 2014, 01:19:06 pm
@Ahiku agreed, Weisel is freakin' adorable. (Sorry, Weisel...)

I'm soooooooo glad I don't have to interact with assholes like this on a regular basis... it's probably because I never go out and party. Like, I don't think I've even been to a party in my life. Thankfully, my friends and I are a huge nerdsquad, so the creepy **** that happens to me is mostly isolated incidents.
Like, if someone kissed my neck or felt me up without permission, I would probably kick them in the crotch. I really would.
(I mean to say, if it was a party situation. If it was an alone-in-alleyway situation, I'd probably just run the **** away tbh XD)

I live near a big city (or, I do when I'm not at school) which is actually one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in America, but I haven't had any of those creepy experiences you've had... I mean, I tended not to go into the dangerous parts...
This is why I can't live in a city. *shudders*

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 18, 2014, 02:14:10 pm
@Weisel: Oh god, I didn't want to scare you or something... I thought your situations were also horrible. >,< I guess I would also hit them when they'd start to sit on my lap or kiss my neck or something.

@Vox: I'm also not going to parties or something like that.
All those things happened during the day... for example that Santa Clause rapist. I met this guy last week (or the week before that... not sure XD) in my first break. I always go outside to strech my legs. There are some medical practices in the building. (I'm just glad he's not one of my coworkers. ^^° There are hundreds of people working in my company, but I'm always so lucky, I bet I would meet him when I've night shift. And when you've night shift you're nearly alone. I'd die. >,<) One time during night shift someone broke into the break room and destroyed the snack vending machine. Fortunately nobody was in the break room when it happened.

Ah, and one time I nearly died because I was really scared. I had my theoretical driving test and my driving teacher was an ****. He took me there, but he didn't pick me up afterwards. It was outside of the city. o_o It was dark and I had no clue how to go back and there was even a little forest I had to go through. Of course I met a man there. And that man came closer and talked to me and scared the **** out of me. (But he just wanted to know the time. ^^°) Anyway, it was really scary.

one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in America,

OMG o_O Please be careful! >___<

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 02:55:12 pm
Once my sister and I were in Pittsburgh at night together after work and this guy came up to us to ask us for help claiming he'd run out of gas and he'd just moved here and blah blah blah this whole long story... My sister was feeling more generous than usual (she later said she only offered to help because when she's around me she's inspired to be kinder to people) so we let him take us to where the nearest gas station was to help... But on the bus, we just kept getting further away from the main part of the city and into this shady neighborhood. So my sister fought the dude to get back the money he'd taken from us and we ran off and I still have no idea what would have happened had things gone a little differently... Then we went home and shared a huge pot of macaroni and cheese and swore never to tell our mother.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 18, 2014, 03:11:41 pm
@Ahiku wherever you're living, I don't want to live there.

My family is very adventurous and we hike a lot, so we've taken quite a few jaunts through the inner city. This one time we were in the worst part of town I ever remember us being in. It was totally deserted. It wasn't back alleys or anything, it was like a normal city block. There were just no signs of life, tonnes of boarded-up windows, etc. Anyway, this guy comes up to us while we're waiting at a stop light (even though there were no cars) and goes, "don't stop. just keep moving. it's dangerous. don't stop." and then shuffles off across the street... It was totally surreal.
We didn't run into anyone else though. Didn't even hear a sound...

In less dangerous parts of town I've seen drugs being exchanged right in front of me XD IDK if that's happened to other people... this one guy just pulled up on a bicycle, handed another dude some drugs, took his money, and rode off again.
Other stuff like that happens...

My most current run-in with creepy men: I had this lab partner for computer science this semester. I really needed him because I am not very good at computer science, and he is. However, he kept calling me by the wrong name and putting his hands on my back and shoulders. And, like, hugging me from behind when I didn't even know he was there. The one time I called him out on it (he ran his hands down my back like a spider and I was like HOLY SH*T DO NOT DO THAT) he was like "why" and when I said "it's weird" he was like "w/e" and did it again... The creepiest part is that every time he touched my shoulders he'd let his hands stay there a little longer, like he was testing my tolerance... during the last lab he actually started massaging my shoulders. Ugh. It was gross.
Anyway, computer science is now OVER so this b*stard is out of my life... He works at my job but my boss is this super cool woman who totally understood the situation, so I never have to have a shift with him yay
He also asked me for my skype repeatedly, and I was like F*CK THAT NOISE

Ugh =.=
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 06:52:34 pm
@Vox just... if you have to, use me as your pretend gf and say I'm 'way better at "massage" (ICK HANDS OFF DUDE) than he is so don't even try' if you have another problem with him like the creepy shoulder rub and don't have it in you to literally punch him in the face that day.

Actually everyone has permission to use me as a believable fake girlfriend. Go for it if needed. My real name's Amanda and I'm learning massage therapy in New York and I'm better than any creep. (no really, no one can say they're a better option than a massage therapist, trust me...)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 18, 2014, 07:29:57 pm
@Weisel You are the bomb. (Aww, I'd be honored to claim you as my fake girlfriend XD)
I actually had the opportunity to tell him I'm slightly gay and didn't take it... that was really stupid of me... but at the time I didn't realise how creepy he was. It only set in later...

The worst kind of creep is a creep you have sympathy for. At least with strangers, you feel no guilt about defending yourself properly...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 18, 2014, 07:44:44 pm
My only other tip on the matter is to channel your inner Nezumi. It works. Let the sass out. Kick them in the stomach if necessary. Make them paaaaaaay.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 19, 2014, 12:59:59 am
I have to say I am more than slightly horrified reading through all the stuff you guys have gone through! I mean, I've had my fair share of icky country guys getting in my face and trying to get my number (half of them chew tobacco - gross!), but I usually shrug them off pretty easily. I did have one guy at school that liked to come up behind me and put his hands on my waist all the time. That was creepy. 
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 06:13:11 am
@Vox: God, that science partner of yours... disgusting. >_< Good thing it's over now.

@Weisel: Amanda... that's a really nice name! X3 You're getting cuter and cuter! *hugs you extremely* Massage therapist sounds really great, indeed.

OMG I guess I could need one... or I'll lose all my teeth soon. XD I'm so tense and stressed my tongue is trying to get rid of my front teeth each night when I sleep. Every morning when I wake up I have a feeling as if someone hit me right in the face. Even my jaw is cracking. XD I really have to go to the dentist's next week. x_X I'mgettingoldhelp!WhyamIsoold...

Urgh, chewin tabacco sounds horrible. o_O° The guy in your school isn't there anymore? That's good. ^^°

Really, why are there so many creepy dudes. x_X They should leave other people alone.

I'm glad that I don't have coworkers like that. Even though there are some who really love to tease me, it's more funny. Some of them tease me because of my voice. ^^°
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 09:50:55 am
@Ahiku Jeez... If I'm ever in the same country as you for whatever reason, I'm just giving you a free 90 minute massage... That is if you haven't fallen apart completely by the time that even happens...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 19, 2014, 10:23:22 am
Instead of a Weisel Protection Society we should just have a Weisel fanclub XD
Also omg, please take care of yourself! D:
also why do people tease you for your voice? you have a nice singing voice... i've heard your covers...

@this-is-our-truth do you live in somewhere very rural/the south because that's the vibe i'm getting
(i'm assuming that chewing tobacco is an american thing but maybe no?)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 11:38:00 am
OMG thank you! ;_;
But yeah, I guess I'll fall apart soon. On Monday I visited the doctor and had to wait for 3 hours... everytime I raised my shoulders or arms or when I turned my head it ****. I didn't even dare to move anymore, because the other patients always looked at me kinda distracted. X'D That was really annoying.

Yeaaah, let's have a Weisel fanclub X3
Thanks, I'll take care. I'm staying at home this week. ^^

Oh, they have several reasons. The main one is, that I sound kinda young... at least in their opinion. There's no one in my department who has such a voice, even those who are younger than me sound older than me. ^^° (I don't even think I sound that young... it was worse when I was younger. XD)
Then, ok and this is my own fault... I hoaxed one of my coworkers one time. We were in the same group in the beginning and they made us practise breakdown calls. She didn't knew that I was her telephone partner and I called her and disguised my voice, sounding like a child and screamed: "HELP ME! We had an accident! I think daddy is dead! My daddy *cries*"  (Hey, they wanted us to do overdramatic stuff  for practise^^°)
I mean she knew it was just a practise, but she got really nervous and even all the other people who listened and wanted to learn were like in trance and totally flashed. ^^° The coworker was great, she did a great job.  But she was really flustered and a bit mad afterwards. XD Even now she's still holding it against me and aping me, but I guess she also thinks that my voice is kinda cute, because she's always like: "Ha, I know why you sell them so much... it's your voice. When they hear it, they all think: Awwww, that poor child has to work there... I'll buy it!"
But there are also other people aping me when I accidentally let out a high "Yes?" or "Hmmmm..."
Even the coaches. x.x 
But the worst is the Nezumi-like coworker. One time I let out a long: "Hmmmm..." because he talked the whole time and I didn't know what to answer and he was like: "WTF is wrong with you, you sound like a dinosaur!" and then he repeaded the sound like 20 times, until I had enough and rammed his chair with my own. ^^° Meh. <_<

@this-is-our-truth do you live in somewhere very rural/the south because that's the vibe i'm getting
(i'm assuming that chewing tobacco is an american thing but maybe no?)

I've just seen tabacco chewing in animation movies... and it was always some kind of wild west cowboy style, when they chew it and spit it in a bucket. >,<
But you can als buy it here and chewing tabacco is "Kautabak" in German, so it's not just an American thing, but I guess it started there. o.o It's not very common here. I've never met a person before who's chewing this stuff.

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 12:03:37 pm
I have no idea what my voice sounds like in comparison to others... The only time it really stood out was the first time I tried out for drum major when I was 14. We were yelling commands and I was told not to sound like a man when I did it. But that's my loud voice, not my normal voice... (though it's funny to imagine myself sounding like a man when I'm this really short little lady pffff)

I just listened to a recording of myself and I really don't sound like a man, I guess. If any of you really feel the need to know what I sound like, here you go. ( It's mostly me struggling to speak because I'm laughing so much over the idea of Shion/Safu in the bedroom.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 12:45:37 pm
What? Shion doesn't want to waste gas while driving around because he's too stupid too understand what Safu means when she's saying "Take me!"? And he wants to take her to a Chinsese place or watching a movie? LOL XD Sorry, my listening comprehension sucks.
I just say pure prism gleaming crystal wisdom gem of hope... right, vox? XD

Ahh... you don't sound like a man, it's not even a very deep voice, it's not very high either. It's somewhat in the middle. :) You could voice females teenagers and maybe also little boys when it comes to voice acting. X'D  But dunno what happens when you scream. XDDD My voice is usually higher when I scream. ^^°

Here... I've tried to talk in English. I guess it sucks a lot, lol X'D

AHHH, I nearly forgot that I tried to voice Safu once.... LOL XD Even in English. I always wanted to try and lend Safu my voice. I think I don't fit at all... and I tried to let her sound a bit more mature orz (and I guess she has a weird accent when I voice her, but I also did it in German afterwards.)  I guess Lili would be the better choice.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 19, 2014, 01:14:55 pm
@Weisel your voice reminds me of someone else's... but I don't know who... and that audio clip was hilarious XD
Both of them are so awkward, gog XD

@Ahiku Actually I think you did a good job of voicing Safu. Your voice kinda fits in with Shion's? IDK, but it sounds good to me o3o
You're right... your voice is pretty high... I can see how you could scare your coworker with your voice-acting talents XD

My voice is... unpleasant, to say the least. It's really loud, for one thing. Like, my normal speaking voice is what others would consider yelling ^^;
Plus, I learned to speak French and English concurrently, so it's also rather nasally. To make matters worse, I've lost my British accent from living in the states for too long... I really dislike my voice. I love to sing but I know I'm really bad at it. It's so sad XD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 01:18:36 pm
@Ahiku you got it all right, don't worry! That was the whole conversation I had with my friend Maddie... Safu would be all for gettin' it on and Shion would just be oblivious. "'Take you?' Take you where? You mean like on a date? Why didn't you ask sooner?"

I should just voice little Nezumi for the English dub. It would make more sense, I think. Because twelve year old boys don't sound like 30 year old men FOR SOME REASON... My friend Maddie sent me this recording of herself reenacting my audio edit a while back and I matched it to clips because why not... Just to warn you if you have headphones, she kinda yells "DUDE" at the end. Anyway, she does a better job than the actual dub in my opinion (which isn't hard). (

(Also I snorted really hard when you started talking about how Shion and Nezumi need to be punished and then RIKIGA shows up... GOD...)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 01:59:57 pm
Thank you ;_;
Ah, this isn't even my high voice. XD
It's more like that:
(sorry, it's just German... ^^° I'm an annoying marshmallow...)

Oh, but I think I'm a good Pikachu. X'D I've recorded it for listenforthelove several weeks ago.

Hm... do you really think your voice is unpleasant? o.o I guess most people aren't very fond of their own voices... Last week when I had to take a lot of calls (and one guy made me repeat everything like 30 times, I just talked and talked and talked... x.x) my voice really annoyed me.
Or when you hear yourself in the phone, it sounds horrible... I sound like a child. ^^°
When I have to call my workplace they always know it's me, I don't even need to tell them my name. X'D

Ah, good o.o Then I got it right.
Ahh, I know this, I have seen this video before. XD Lol.
Oh yeah, Nezumi and Shion's voices didn't fit at all, especially when they were kids. ^^° I mean, come on...give them woman's voices... (Please don't give them child ones... they ususally suck even more XD) But there are a lot of women with boyish voices...
Even 16-year old Nezumi should have a woman's voice. ^^° One that can sound boyish and kinda male but als very feminine. I guess it's hard to find, but not totally impossible.

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 19, 2014, 02:20:39 pm
@Weisel you are so right, them as children is sooo unnatural XD (The entire... English dub... it just... no...)

i think the reason they picked such a low voice for Nezumi is because they want him to fit their precious "seme" image or whatever (is that even right? i always get the seme/uke thing mixed up). Because apparently having a high voice is a threat to your masculinity. Oh no! D:
Anyway, I agree with @Ahiku, I think they should've casted him with a much more feminine voice. Or at least one with a much greater range.

@Ahiku Like I said, I try to sing. But you won't find it anywhere on the internet, that's for sure.
I like my voice in French much better, actually...
I've gotten comments like "your voice is boring" or "it makes me want to go to sleep" and other stuff usually along the lines of "shh! lower your voice!" and such...

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 02:32:40 pm
They also should have given him another look, he looks way too beefy and manly, lol. >,< Really, why didn't they use the manga look.

Ah, yes, you got it right... seme = top, uke = bottom.

He, it's very mean when they tell you something like that. o_o But why does it make people sleepy when it's too loud for them? ^^°
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 03:27:11 pm
@Vox my first thought about the "precious seme image" and seme/uke voices having set standards it reminded me of this post I did ages ago ( (sorry for making you guys listen to all of the stupid stuff I do BUT IT MAKES ME LAUGH).

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 03:41:12 pm
XDDD Babe, no! >,<
That high voice of yours is really cute and funny. XD
(Lol have you ever tried pitching your voice deeper? When I do this I sound like a pervert. ^^° It's really horrible.)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 03:49:00 pm
I have no idea how to... Is there, like, a special technique for doing that? Or weird youtube videos on how to do that because I definitely want to be able to do that...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on November 19, 2014, 04:07:13 pm
Aaaaah so many messages^^

Ok so first of all, you guys all have horrifying stories about weird guys. I feel so lucky that I have never been harassed like that by anyone although I'm always super scared when I'm alone outside (except in Japan, Japan was amazing for that seriously... I could go back home at midnight wearing a little skirt and I wouldn't be scared. I would NEVER do that in France Oo)

I love the voices topic^^ @Weisel you really don't sound like a man... I have no idea why people would say that!
@Ahiku your voice is beautiful but I already told you that...
I guess I'm mostly like you @Vox, I don't really like my voice at all either, but I still love to sing. I just do it when I'm alone (God do I miss karaoke rooms... *cries*) It's just... neither ugly nor beautiful, like.. is it even possible to qualify a voice as "useless"? That would be how I feel^^

But singing is cool. Btw, do you know this Youtube channel? (
For those of you learning Japanese, karaoke is always good practice for reading hiragana and katakana^^ And it's, well, super fun.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 19, 2014, 04:11:52 pm
@yuneyn yay a japanese ref :D
my (four part!) test is almost over, yokatta...
(karaoke is the bomb ok, me and my roommate host two-man karaoke sessions every so often XD)

@ahiku now that I think about it... you're right, that makes no sense XD i'm very loudly boring??? i don't know... maybe they were wrong...
is my whole life a lie
(i'm pretty sure my voice manages to simultaneously be both things at once... I should get a medal for that.)

@weisel why are you so hilarious, that was great XD

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 19, 2014, 04:29:30 pm

You can do it in an audio program like audacity. It's freeware.

Ah, I've prepared something. XD Here... you can hear the normal voice, then two pitched versions... and then what you can do with it. XD (For example when you used a low pitch and your normal voice. You'll sound like a demon...) There's an example in the end... I'm a demon teddy bear.
(The teddy bear is saying something like: "You know the truth, Yume. You'll kill your brother!")

You can do cool effects like that. ^^ And even a cuter voice can sound scary like that lol. XD

Oh, cool o.o Karake!!! Ah, I like your voice a lot. :3

Then you must have a super voice when you can be loud and boring at the same time. *gives you a medal* o.o° (I still  don't want to believe that your voice is "bad".)

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 04:38:44 pm
@Ahiku OH MY GOD THAT WAS TERRIFYING. (also I already have audacity and LOVE it, I just had no idea you could do that... I should have expected that, though... I used to be a music tech major so I just used it for editing music, and only a few times did I make clips with voices... THE POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS NOW...)
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Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 19, 2014, 08:57:05 pm
@Vox: Yeah, I live in a rural area in the Southern United States... where there are a lot of farms. And guys are like "Hey, lil' lady! Can I git yer number?" *spits tobacco* Eeeeeeww :P They definitely don't get my number.

Oh my gosh! I really like all of your voices! You guys have been making me want to laugh so much!! (The only reason I haven't is that I'm in the library, haha)
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Post by: Weisel on November 19, 2014, 10:13:05 pm
I seriously just want to make a recording of myself saying random stuff... like, just tell me what to say and I'll do my best... DO IT COME AT ME Y'ALL
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Post by: Ahiku on November 20, 2014, 06:10:00 am
Ok then... say: "Shion, there's one thing I want you to remember. Whenever you're in trouble, use the pure prism gleaming crystal wisdom gem of hope."


OMG that's... horrible! O_O *gives you anti-farm-guy-spray*

Hmm, somehow I feel like searching higher voices for young Nezumi and Shion... Maybe later. XD
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Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 20, 2014, 12:41:22 pm
@Weisel: Hmm.... I can't think of anything as creative as Ahiku, but maybe read your favorite piece of dialogue from No.6?

@Ahiku: Ahaha, thanks! XD A pesticide for the farmers would be lovely!
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Post by: Vox on November 20, 2014, 01:44:14 pm
@Weisel you should just tell really bad knock-knock jokes for ten minutes XD
Or do tongue twisters... that'd be great. Yes. Good. Do that. S'il te plait. o3o

Audacity is the bomb!
You can use it to get music off the internet without illegally downloading

anti... farmer... pesticide... XD
The irony. It's so great XD

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Post by: Weisel on November 20, 2014, 02:30:40 pm There it is... Terrible quality and ramble-y but there it is.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on November 20, 2014, 02:52:13 pm
@Weisel it's great XD
I have no idea how you managed to dig up those tongue twisters. I haven't heard of half of them before XD

My two favourite tongue twisters are... in French and Japanese, actually XD

The French one:
Si ton ton-ton tonds ton ton-ton, ton ton-ton sera tondu. (All those 'ton's are pronounced the same, including the one spelled 'tonds'.)
It means: If your uncle shaves your head, your head will be shaved. (Basically.)

The Japanese one:
Sumo mo momo, momo mo momo, sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi.
It means: A plum is a peach, a peach is a peach, and a plum and a peach are both in the plum family. (Basically.)
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Post by: Ahiku on November 20, 2014, 03:00:02 pm
XDDD OMG. You really did it.
Omg, so many tongue twisters. o.o And you're really good at reciting them.

Next level is... German tongue twisters. XD

"Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid und Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut."  (A wedding dress stays/is a wedding dress, red cabbage stays/is red cabbage.)

or "Fischers Fritze fisch frishe Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritze."
(Fisherman Fritz fishes for fresh fish, for fresh fish fishes Fischerman Fritz.)

The Japanese togue twister reminds me of this one:
"Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach."
(When flies fly behind flies, flies are flying after flies (to follow them.))
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Post by: Weisel on November 20, 2014, 03:11:18 pm
...Am I supposed to try all of these now? *sweats nervously*
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Post by: Ahiku on November 20, 2014, 03:32:44 pm
No, of course not. XD
Just when you feel like doing this stuff.
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Post by: Vox on November 20, 2014, 04:16:36 pm
I did my two... oh gog...
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Post by: Weisel on November 20, 2014, 05:14:02 pm
@Vox your voice seems pretty normal to me... I wouldn't say it's bad.
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Post by: Vox on November 20, 2014, 05:24:10 pm
You think? ^^;;;

Well, thank you. Maybe I'm just overly critical of myself... Probably that's it XD
(IDK, every time I start to sing my sister immediately tells me to be quiet, no matter what. Even if she's in the basement and I'm in my room on the second floor. That isn't very good for my self esteem XD)
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Post by: Ahiku on November 21, 2014, 05:37:05 am
I also think your voice is normal. o.o
(And like I said... when I have to talk a lot and repeat myself again and again...for example when I have to talk to annoying customers I also can't hear my voice anymore and I just want to hit my own mouth. X'D It's annoying...)
Don't listen to your sister. >,<
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Post by: Ahiku on November 23, 2014, 03:20:22 pm
OMG, I had a horrible dream last night. X'D
I was in a cinema and the friend sitting next to me said she's just going to the toilet. But when she was gone a man took her seat, even though our jackets were still there. I told the man that he shoudl sit somewhere else. He stood up and left, but his girlfriend was kinda angry and suddenly cut my hand with a knife. In the end, I hit her and took the knife and walked away to search a security man. X'D But I never found one, in the end I annoyed the director, but he didn't give a ****.
And then I woke up. ^^° My dreams are always so weird. o_o
I'd like to dream about NezuShi again. >,<
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Post by: Vox on November 23, 2014, 03:31:26 pm
Oh noooooo D:
That doesn't sound pleasant at all...

You're lucky you ever had a Nezushi dream. I get fandom dreams sooooo rarely. Usually they're... not even about people I know in real life. ^^;;
I've had Maximum Ride and Homestuck dreams. That's pretty much all I can remember in terms of fandom dreams... I'm jealous XD

Ugh, I just finished my French essay and now I can't type XD
I had the French keyboard turned on so I could use the accent keys without having to use the bloody number pad for every single accent, but now I keep switching q and a and using m when I mean comma and ; when I mean m. It's so frustrating. If I wasn't correcting myself right now, ;y typing would look so;ething like this hot qss ;ess>

Oh lookm <--****, not even the period is where I think it is. -.-
I was gonna do the quote mark emoji, but now I can't find the quote mark. And it's dark in here because my roommate's napping, so I can't hunt for it either XD

I can't wait until my typing goes back to normal XD
(You should've seen me when I was trying to switch from the American keyboard to the British one. I actually uninstalled the American one from my computer, but when Windows updated it just put it right back again =.= oh look, found the quote marks!)
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Post by: Ahiku on November 23, 2014, 03:43:39 pm

I had quite a few NezuShi dreams. I even posted some of them. XD
Especially when I remember my dreams clearly when I wake up, I take a notebook and write it down.
Sometimes it's pretty interesting. And sometimes even good enough to give me ideas for stories I could write in the future. ^^

Omg, that doesn't sound that cool. I'm glad I can write in English without switching my computer to use an English keyboard, but I still remember it when I wanted to write Japanese stuff. X'D That was so annoying.

Oh lookm <--****, not even the period is where I think it is. -.-
OMg, you got me with this sentence. o_O° Somehow the first thing I thought when I read the work period wasn't the period you meant, but the other one and I was really confused. X'D If you know what I mean.
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Post by: Yuneyn on November 24, 2014, 03:02:03 am
@Vox omg I feel you with the keyboard issues! whenever I have to write in Japanese the letters switch to American keyboard and I can't figure out what I'm doing^^
Like when I switched to mac too, some keys weren't in the same place and I was confused for a while (and for some things, like ~ , I had to search online because it's not on the keyboard anymore^^)
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Post by: Vox on November 24, 2014, 08:51:42 am
@Ahiku I like the drawings you did to accompany that post. They're the best XD

@Yuneyn Between the British and the American keyboard, only a couple keys are switched, but they're all punctuation. With QWERTY/AZERTY? Ugh, it's a nightmare XD But if I don't switch to Azerty when I'm typing in French, making the accents is just as awful. So I have to gross choices XD
I think I'm getting better with Azerty, though... I just have to get faster at remembering I've switched back to Qwerty after XD
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Post by: Ahiku on November 24, 2014, 10:23:31 am
@Vox: Ah, they were really quickly made. ^^°°°

Ahh, I dreamed about NezuSHi last night, but I can't remember it properly. I just know that they were in a tear-down and that Nezumi pushed Shion through a hole in the floor. D: Not very nice. **** Nezumi. >.<
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Post by: Yuneyn on November 25, 2014, 07:22:08 am
Ok so I had this pretty weird/scary dream last night and since we were on the subject I thought I'd share^^ Plus it's kind of sort of related to No.6...

It's funny because I almost never remember my dreams, but when I do they're often pretty detailed. This one felt so real I made sure I took notes as soon as I realized I was home and safe^^

It was about a facility like the Correctional Facility in No.6... I think it was a pretend boarding school or something, because kids had their own rooms, not prison cells, but they were constantly under surveillance and undergoing many behavioral manipulation experiments. At some point a little guy escaped and then they'd tighten security and would shoot anyone who tried to escape. I managed to get out anyway, and as I was escaping I could hear screaming behind the facility's wall, they were actually branding homosexuals... they'd brand a train image on their cheek to punish them.
Time passed a little, and one night I took the train and saw two branded guys waiting for the same train. I guess kids from the facility could go out to do some research or something. I smiled at them, and they smiled back, but then I went to sit with friends on the train (incidentally all real friends that I may or not have lost contact with). We spoke of feminism and things like that, and then the guys climbed down and as they passed in front of me they called me by my name while saying goodbye.
I got super scared that he knew my name. Apparently my memories of my time at the facility were hazy, like it felt like a bad dream, and then I started to question whether it had been real or not, and whether these facilities would really exist and you could be forced into a behavior you can't control, be captured and never know what's real or not.
Somehow I ended up in my old room again, but no one knew I was back. During the night, I realized there were people outside the window... all the kids from the facility were wearing scrubs and acting like zombies. They were standing in 3 rows, arms outstretched and slowly turning around themselves. I was scared they'd see me so I hid under the window but caught a glimpse of some kid's eyes... it's like he was staring at me but his eyes were empty. Once the... thing was over, they would all go back inside and I knew someone was coming to check the rooms, so I tried to hide under the bed.
A woman entered and started looking around...

And then I woke up, completely freaked out, and didn't dare move for a while lol^^ Like - what the hell was that???
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on November 25, 2014, 12:08:03 pm
Woah, scary! O.O And it reminds me a bit of "fateswap".
And somehow it's more like a nightmare. >,<
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Post by: Vox on November 25, 2014, 12:37:23 pm
@Yuneyn omg Ahiku is right, that really does remind me of Fateswap XD Are you Safu???

Maybe I'll write a Safu side story. Ohhhhh, I have so many projects to work on over break ;A;
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on November 25, 2014, 12:43:54 pm
Haha yeah, it did remind me of Fateswap too somehow. You story explores more the experiments done on people than the original novel... Maybe I'm Safu, at least she has a good ending in your story!!

It felt very weird anyway, you know when you wake up and don't know where you are or what's reality. This feeling creeps me out^^
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Post by: Ahiku on November 25, 2014, 12:57:33 pm
Oh yes, that's a really horrible feeling! >,<

Ah, at the moment I always fall asleep when I watch TV, and when I wake up I'm always like: ", this animation movie looks fantastic." XD And after a while I always realize that it's not an animation but a real series. ^^°
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Post by: this-is-our-truth on November 27, 2014, 09:07:55 am
@ Yuneyn - that sounds like a super creepy dream, but it's really interesting ^^
Um... also, what is Fateswap? I haven't heard of it before, and I'm really curious ^///^

So... I know a lot of our members live in Europe, but it's Thanksgiving here in the US.... and it's snowing. And it was snowing here on Halloween. Is it just going to snow on every holiday? XD 
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Post by: Vox on November 27, 2014, 11:13:58 am
@this-is-our-truth fateswap is a really long fic i wrote.
you can find it on AO3 if you like! (
the premise is that shion was taken to the correctional facility at a young age, while nezumi was raised by his family. instead of vice versa. that's why it's a fateswap!

Okay, so about that snow.
Yesterday I was going home on the train, yeah?
Well, it was snowing. That was nice. I love snow. Very pretty. Trains can usually get through snow no problem because they're 800 tonnes of steel with a snow plow attached to the front. fine, fine.
Well, a tree fell on the tracks, the train hit the tree, the snow plow popped off and we were stuck outside of Hartford for two hours ;A;
I finally got home at 1 in the morning after being on the train for 12 hours (instead of 9)!

The worst part was the train wifi was awful xD
(as you may have noticed from all my messages from yesterday XD)
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Post by: Yuneyn on November 27, 2014, 11:29:58 am
Yesss you should all read Fateswap because it is pretty damn awesome!!!

OMG that snow story... Sorry you had to go through this @Vox! (Now I understand all your anger towards the wifi^^)

But yeah, trains aren't happy in the snow anyway. Once I was going skiing, left home around 8am and was supposed to arrive around 4pm but there had been too much snow and the train connections were horrible... I was with my brother and we stayed stranded in a train station for 7 hours with many angry travelers... They promised us trains every hour, so we waited for nothing every time, once they actually made us sit in a train, but then told us that it wouldn't work as the brakes were frozen so we went back into the train station... At some point they suggested we could all sleep in that broken train (that was like super uncomfortable and freezing) and wait until the morning, but that's when people got really angry. In the end they miraculously found a bus for half the people, and a very nice comfortable, heated train that worked for the other half (mine!!) and we were able to finally arrive at the resort around 1-2am... don't remember. And of course we got no financial compensation because "it's not our fault it was snowing".
One shouldn't rely on French trains to get you anywhere. (Besides when there's no meteorological issue, they're on strike^^)

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members!! (and the ones who also celebrate Thanksgiving, don't know if anyone is concerned, but anyway^^)
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Post by: Vox on November 27, 2014, 11:41:22 am
@Yuneyn awww thank you >w< *blushu*

(Besides when there's no meteorological issue, they're on strike^^)

Omg XD I love France so much <3
I'm sorry you had to go through that, though. It sound pretty bad. i've never had such a bad issue with an Amtrak train... (yes, I totally promote them. because they get me to school every semester for only 80$ and except for the shoddy wifi I usually have no complaints with them XD)

I appreciate your well wishes! Thank you! But uh... I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving... ^^;; I mean, my mother always cooks a big meal. But seeing as she's British, it means nothing to her XD She mostly just does it for my Dad's benefit. We kinda go through the motions, I guess. I mean, it's always fun, and we get to see family. But it doesn't really inspire the sense of patriotism in me that I think it's supposed to. Plus it's so commercialized... I think the part of this whole thing that I'm most looking forward to is boycotting Black Friday tomorrow XD

(In case you don't know about that: 1. Black Friday is a day when all red-blooded Americans go to department stores and buy so many things that they'll trample other people to get to them. 2.We're having a little racial war in Ferguson, Missouri right now. Because of that and because we think that Black Friday is unfair to retail workers, since they have to work on a holiday and they're often underpaid, a lot of people are boycotting Black Friday. I plan to be one of them.)
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Post by: Ahiku on November 27, 2014, 11:44:32 am
Happy Thanksgiving @American friends!

Oh yes, read fateswap! It’s really, really great! *-*

@Vox and Yuneyn
OMG, your train stories sound really, really horrible. O_o° Trains! But German trains are also like that. And trams. Every year when we have the first snow, you can prepare for chaos and delays, because they just don’t learn by former experiences. Summer is also great. When it’s too hot, the aircons don’t work anymore. A couple of years ago, about 40 people got a heat stroke while traveling. ^^°
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on November 27, 2014, 12:23:20 pm
@Vox, oh ok I understand then^^ I'm also not a big fan of commercialized holidays... but unfortunately I guess every holiday is commercialized nowadays...
But yes, I had heard about Black Friday without really knowing what it meant. It's like a super sale, right? And I saw many posts about Ferguson on my dash, so I can understand the boycott...

@Ahiku... omg, 40 people got a heatstroke... what the hell are those trains O_o
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Post by: Vox on November 27, 2014, 12:39:45 pm
@Ahiku did you realise that the forum has officially promoted you to Hero Mode? Next it's gonna be God Tier And I should stop with the Homestuck jokes that nobody understands

Also I'll make a note not to ride the train in Germany in the summer XD
The one thing you can count on Amtrak for is not freezing you to death or boiling you up. Thank goodness!! ^^;;

@Yuneyn the whole Ferguson thing is such a disaster. Seriously. It's like real life No. 6 over here. There was a big protest in my city two days ago, but sadly I wasn't hope to participate. And some people don't believe that "it's a race issue." UGH IT MAKES ME SO MAD sorry I'll try and stop talking about it =.=

I still love Christmas, even though it's super commercialized. But Thanksgiving, though. One of the biggest events is the "Macy's day parade" which is named after a bloody department store and then the day after you're supposed to go on a shopping free for all "to celebrate." Yeah right. =.=
Yeah, Black Friday's a super sale. And I wasn't kidding about people being trampled.
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Post by: Ahiku on November 30, 2014, 05:51:01 am
Oh o.o No, I didn’t realize it yet. YAY, I’m a hero! Wuhahaha!

But I don’t feel like one. XD Somehow I managed to catch a cold last night and today is my last day of vacation. Q___Q Nooooo~  But I have early shift next week…at least. X_x° God, I don’t want to go there. Ahaha…I got a letter via courier two days ago… I thought they’re going to fire me, but it was an invitation to their annual Christmas celebration party. Really, wtf!? Do you really need to send something like that via courier? I can’t go there anyway, I have a late shift from 13.00-21.30 that day… <,< If they wanted to annoy me, they did it quite well.

Ahhh, actually, I wanna draw something for next week today, since it's the last day I have a lot of time.  (For my first blog anniversary. XD But in the end, there's nobody who knows that, so I guess I don’t really need to do something… I should stop feeling obligated to do something like that… XDDD But well, it’s on Tuesday… maybe I feel like doing something after work then…) I guess I’ll just rest today and enjoy my last day of vacation with a sore throat and headache X’D.  Yay!
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Post by: Vox on December 03, 2014, 03:01:12 pm
Wh- where is everyone...
It's so quiet around here...
Is this finals???
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 03, 2014, 03:11:25 pm
Yeah, that's right... o.o Also wondered why it's so quiet. Just hope the forum isn't going to die again, just like a couple of months ago! >_<

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on December 03, 2014, 03:14:57 pm
I'm guessing finals. Everyone is done for. All is lost.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on December 03, 2014, 03:21:16 pm
No finals here, but I still have almost three weeks in Dublin to go, so that's why I've been quiet XD; oh well. 17 more days! 16 really, today is mostly over. (Also busy writing, I want to finish something for No. 6 day and I have a holiday fic too... Aaaand Secret Santa.)

So how are you all doing?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on December 03, 2014, 03:32:15 pm
I don't have finals since I'm at a trade school, so lucky me! I do have my first test on Saturday, but I think I'll have an easy time with that. Spread out class days makes it so easy for me to absorb information. AAAAAND I finally restyled my Nezumi wig, though I think I'll end up trying again some other time. It looks good enough for now, but I'd want it to be better for a con or a photo shoot. I also bought a lamp and a good lightbulb for it so I have way better lighting for photos and videos... which made me consider actually doing the thing I've wanted to do for ages and start up a youtube channel other than my one for terrible No.6 videos. It could be fun! Maybe.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on December 03, 2014, 05:08:44 pm
See, I'm done with finals already. (I'm on the quarter system!) So I was like, maybe all my friends are just... still doing school... ^^;;
I think this is just a pretty busy time of year for everyone...

@listenforthelove ugh i have the urge to write but every time i sit down to do it nOtHiNg HaPpEnS >:[
It's so frustrating!
I hope you have better luck than me...

@Ahiku ;A; I hope not ;A;
*cry forever*

I'm so glad you were able to re-style your wig! Good job :D
Good luck with your non-finals XD
(A youtube channel? o3o ooh, i'll watch... :3)
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Post by: this-is-our-truth on December 03, 2014, 09:55:29 pm
Aaah, I'll be back and better than ever next week! It's finals for me at the beginning of next week, and this week I think my professors are intent on burying us all in last minute assignments ^^; I just finished another psychology essay, so I dropped in to say hello. I hope you are all doing well! (I don't have time to read through the thread, unfortunately)

I've missed being around the forum... can't wait to get back next week!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on December 04, 2014, 01:24:33 pm
@Weisel: ah, great job on the wig! Super curious to what your comment about youtube might entail, haha. Ah, good luck on your test this Saturday then!

@Vox: yeah, busy times in general I guess, end of the year and all... But yeah, I feel you re: writing. I get super inspired when I have no way to write things down, and then I sit down behind my laptop and just... nothing happens. I think I need to tell myself to do something serious so I end up procrastinating with fic writing or something, that usually does the trick <<

@this-is-our-truth: ahh, good luck on all your assignments and finals! Take care~ we'll be cheering you on!
And everyone else who is currently swamped in tests as well, of course.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 04, 2014, 02:09:05 pm
Good luck to everyone who has finals or other stressful things to do! >,< Ganbatte kudasai! *gives everyone power strawberries*

Oh, I also know that. Sometimes I feel motivated to draw or write, mostly when I'm at work. X'D But ok, when I have to work I always feel like doing other stuff, but then, when I'm back home, I just feel like sleeping forever.

It’s so cold here now. It even snowed yesterday. >,< I don’t like it when it’s too cold, but I don’t like it when it’s too hot, either.  I’m more the early spring or autumn type. ^^

Hmmm, I don’t have finals, but horrible shift schedules again… and we have a stupid Christmas party next week. But I guess I have to work until 21.30h, and I don’t feel like going there afterwards.
Tomorrow, I have a call-on duty. (;A;) *vomits*
They already told me that they will call me tomorrow, but they didn't know when. Waiting is just ****, especially when you wait for 3-4 hours just to “be allowed” to go to work and work your 8 and 1/2 hours. That sucks XD

And today, I had some kind of discussions with one of the team leaders in my department. Not my own team leader but the second one of the car rental department.
She took my break sign and put it on another time without telling me and that time was already after my shift. Wtf.
When I complained about it, she bitched about my habit to take my break pretty late and was like: "Uh, why are you doing this? I told you before you guys shouldn’t do that..."  (It happened a couple of months ago. I had a late shift and she didn’t allow me to take my break, even though I was just answering e-mails. They won't run away, when I'm not there.)  I told her that I still remember that time she didn’t allow me to take a break, implying that I might go to the work committee if she’s doing it again… and told her that she’s the only one who has a problem with it. There are 4 other team leaders, or the old ones… none of them had/has a problem with it. It’s just that silly cow… she’s unable to do control stuff. >,< I'm taking my breaks like that since...2 years and 8 months, and she's team leader since 4 months. Whatever.

Ahh, sorry for ranting. That really bugged me today. XD I just wanted to give her snarky remarks all the time, but I had to pull myself together.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on December 04, 2014, 06:15:34 pm
@this is our truth can't wait for you to be back!
we'll have to hold a l'il party to welcome everyone back XD

In case anyone's interested, i wrote a fic about finals (which Ahiku and this-is-our-truth have already read...)
If anyone else is on the forum long enough to notice it, maybe they would like to read it XD it's basically a bucketload of fluff...

@listenforthelove I'm trying to write my Secret Santa fic, but I've been a bit busy doing other things... you know, buying Christmas gifts, translating French poems, watching too much Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, that sort of thing xD
Besides, you just have to be in the right mood to write...
Well, the pen is willing but the mind is bored, so it's just a pain... XD
EDIT: I started it in the middle. Yatta!

@Ahiku aie aie aie, that sounds like another pain. Some people need to calm the frick down and get some manners =.= i'm sorry you have to deal with such a b*tch...

I like the cold, but mostly because it's an excuse not to go outside XD and I like snow and warm sweaters and hot chocolate... I don't know what my favourite time of year is. Everything but summer, probably xD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on December 05, 2014, 03:02:49 pm
@Vox: oh my gosh, that was super adorable! I loved it, thanks for sharing~~  brb I need to go reread IMMEDIATELY.
but wow, so busy!! is there really a thing as too much Nozaki though XD Good going!!

... shoot I still have to write one scene to connect the middle and the end and I haven't even come close to proofreading ahhh. And I only did a sketch for Secret Santa. I WILL DO THIS. I WILL DO IT ALLLLL.

@Ahiku: ah, I know the problem... I have a notebook that's technically for like, grocery lists and stuff, but it's full of Nezushi fic now, haha.
But aww, yikes! *sends you all the hugs* I hope today wasn't too bad in the end, but that does sound awful... Really hoping you can find a better situation soon.

It's cold here too but not as cold as mainland Europe, I think... just as well since I don't have many sweaters here in Dublin, haha. Oh well, two more weeks!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 05, 2014, 03:47:34 pm
Oh yeah, everyone should read Vox’s fanfiction(s)! (*_*) They are all great! Really great. And this one is so adorable… X3 I love “snugglish” Nezumi.

Yeah, that woman should calm down a bit. <,< Really don’t get her problem.

I don’t have time to write NezuShi stuff when I have to work, but sometimes when you have to take calls for 3-4 hours I draw little Nezumis and Shions on my scrap paper…and when people annoy me I draw them getting strangled. ^^°
Call-on duty was okay. They called me 8:15h… and I live pretty close to my workplace, so I started 30 minutes later and finished at 17:15h… could have been worse. But they called me because of complaint stuff. Normally they aren’t allowed to do so. They’re just allowed to call you when the call volume is too high. But they give a damn about it. <,< The last time they didn’t need me was 1 year ago. I remember it very well, because it was the day when I started my blog. XD

Fortunately, that horrible woman wasn’t there today, but my own team leader asked everybody if they can work extra shifts or longer on Saturday or Sunday. But when she was about to ask me, she just looked at me and asked: “Are you sick?” Maybe because I wore like 4 sweaters, a scarf and a hood and croaked: “Dunno…I guess a bit…” She just turned around and ran away without even asking me if I want to work extra hours. XD Yay! That was weird, but also a bit funny. ^^° (At least for me. XD)

She wasn’t the only one who made me feel like the spawn of hell. (._.) And nearly everyone has a cold at the moment… >,< You guys, too? Wouldn’t be a wonder, it’s so cold right now. *gives everyone hot tea and blankets*
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 23, 2014, 03:48:45 am
Heyho! o.o
What are you guys doing? ^^
Christmas/holiday stress? I hope everyone's finals are over now.

Well, I wish everyone (who celebrates it) a merry Christmas. :D And I'm looking forward to Secret Santa Day and No. 6 Week (even though I have to work most of the time x,x) ...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ghosty on December 23, 2014, 11:14:05 am
hi! I'm new here so I'm not exactly sure how everything works but I love No. 6 with all my heart so I hope to become a part of this community. I uh hope this isn't weird that I'm just coming into this chat, I just figured it was the best way to introduce myself
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 23, 2014, 02:28:41 pm
Hello @Ghosty!
Nice to meet you and welcome in our little No. 6 community. :D
Feel free to join our conversation whenever you feel like it. ^^
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on December 23, 2014, 02:41:07 pm
@Ghosty your name is p cool XD
talk to anyone! we're all friendly! o3o

Also in reply to Ahiku's earlier question (of what we're doing): I'm finally not sick anymore, so I'm working like a maniac to finish things I should've done earlier! Like catching up with this forum and finishing my secret santa fic XD
Also watching dramatical murder....
and playing Twilight Princess!
(i just got to the temple of time, and it is my favourite so far... it's so cool ;w;)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 23, 2014, 03:08:58 pm
Good to hear you're feeling better now. ^^
Oh, Twilight Princess is wonderful. I love the whole Zelda universe so much and TP is pretty great. Love Midna. Yeahm, the temple of time is pretty cool. *-*
Ah, dunno if it's your first time playing this game...but the city in the sky is also very cool. XD (But you'll play it later.)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on December 23, 2014, 05:58:18 pm
@Ghosty: very nice to meet you and welcome to the community! As @Ahiku said, feel free to join any conversation you feel like~ I hope you'll enjoy your time here!

In reply to Ahiku: I moved back to the Netherlands this weekend, so eh, that happened. Throat ache of yesterday developed into an early flu, that's less nice XD; but Kingdom Hearts 2.5 was waiting for me, so now I can finally relive all the pain in HD! Whoo! (I swear I love these games.) I'm technically jobless now, but I'll start job hunting in the new year. First relax a bit (and get rid of this flu).

@Vox: glad to hear you're feeling better, and enjoy your game!!

@all: since tomorrow/today (it's 1 AM now so) is Christmas Eve, wishing you all very happy holidays, merry Christmas if you celebrate, and just very good days no matter what.
Ah, time for all the big events to start!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on December 23, 2014, 09:09:53 pm
@ Ghosty: Welcome to the forum! as the other's said, definitely feel free to jump in on any of the conversations you see! We always love hearing from people ^^

As for what I've been up to, I've been having to deal with my family home for the holidays is not a happy expression for me and that has been pretty difficult. I've been trying to work on a No. 6 fic and get the things I need to have for the event finished, but it's been a challenge to get time alone. I spend most of my time surprise babysitting my niece it barely qualifies as surprise these days.

@Vox: I'm glad to hear that you're not sick anymore ^^ Also, Twilight Princess is awesome!!

@listenforthelove: I hope you feel better! And enjoy the game!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday, even if they don't celebrate anything!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on December 24, 2014, 01:38:28 am
Hello everyone!

Sorry I'm a little absent at the moment, I just don't feel personally motivated... I do read every post though, but if I don't answer it's mostly that I don't think I have anything interesting to add (all your ideas are great though!!)

Well, I still wanted to pop by to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!
And to those who don't celebrate, well I can still wish you a great day, can't I? ^^/

Take care everyone :-)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 24, 2014, 11:09:27 am
Get well soon.. it always sucks to be sick. >,<
And I hope you can find a nice job next year. ^^ I also hope so... but first I have to wait until my wisdom teeth surgeries are finished. I wanted to find a new job ealier, but I guess it's better to wait. Wouldn't be so great to have the surgeries in my probation period. Maybe I can start something new in March. >,<

I'm sorry to hear that it's not easy for you to deal with your family... Nevertheless...I hope you'll have a nice time. o.o My family is pretty small... just my grandma is left. (Ok, I have an uncle and his family...but I haven't seen them for ages and I don't want to... we don't like each other very much. ^^°) I won't see my grandma, since I don't have a lot of freetime this week, but we always call each other.
I guess she had a horrible Christmas Day... Her toilet was clogged and they needed like 4 hours to unclog it. ^^°°

Don't force yourself. ^^ Have a great time... And I hope someone was able to fix your tooth. >_<

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ghosty on December 24, 2014, 03:23:27 pm
ooooh, I love Legend of Zelda! it's practically my life next to No. 6.

geez, I'm sorry you guys aren't having the best Christmas. Mine's not the best either, I'm Jewish so the only reason we celebrate is for my grandmother, but she has the flu so we aren't celebrating until Sunday. I hope you all have a better New Years!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ame on December 24, 2014, 09:16:50 pm
/hops into the most recent thread

Hi everyone! ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ”
I've been crawling my way through cosplay hell these past couple weeks (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ and I've been preparing for my girlfriend to visit in a few days (it's long distance) so I've only opened my computer to fill out job apps and respond to college emails((●´∧`●))I promise I'll be more active after I finish these costumes I've been working on (anyone here a fan of Code Geass? Let me tell you CLAMP knows how to make my life painful in more ways than one).

And oh! I had a question for you all. My best friend, his boyfriend, and I starting shooting around ideas for a no.6 abridged series at like 3am and we decided that this is certainly the best thing we've ever thought of (and since we all have an interest in voice acting, the capability to record and a means of editing video there are no reasons for us not to) and since I'm the biggest fan I'm in charge of writing the script. It's supposed to be kinda a low-key project but I wanted to ask if you had any suggestions for content? (*◕ᴗ◕*)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on December 25, 2014, 11:42:37 am
@Ame I've been thinking of doing exactly that for a long time, but I don't have the means of doing it. I don't know if I can really help, though.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on December 25, 2014, 02:14:53 pm
no. 6 abridged is a bloody great idea.
i think that the key to the best abridged series is that the characters' personalities are really distinctive, and sometimes clash with what they're really supposed to be like. (i'm thinking of that little blonde gangster kid in free 50% off.)
i think most of my ideas are too general... i haven't really got any specific one-liners or anything in mind.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on December 25, 2014, 03:36:39 pm
Oh, my idea for Nezumi's "character" in an abridged series is to use waaaay too many words like "dude" to poke fun at the English dub.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on December 25, 2014, 04:34:38 pm
Abridged Nezumi would also be a straight-up *sshole. And Shion would constantly get made fun of but he'd be the one saving everybody's bacon at the end of the day.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ghosty on December 25, 2014, 05:10:55 pm
an abridged No. 6 would be awesome! I think Safu would have to be a super straight typical white person who goes to church every Sunday
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Enokizu on December 26, 2014, 03:57:56 pm
@Ame (I feel your pain for Code Geass and Clamp buddy, stay strong) Also an abridged version of NO.6 would be awesome! I don't have any specific ideas right now for the content but I like Ghosty's idea of Safu a lot oh my god. 。゚(TヮT)゚。 Also maybe use bad pronunciation for the names? Like Nezoomi or something since the original dub didn't even bother with his name. Other than that I didn't even watched the anime so woops
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 26, 2014, 04:08:08 pm
If you need someone with a horrible accent I could record some takes for you...XD Or if you need someone for the opening or something. But unfortunately I don't have any ideas... Let me know if I can help you somehow. ^^ I'm in a fandubbing group since 2008 and I also had episode roles in the official German YugiOh and Dance in the Vampire Bund dubs, so I know a bit about this topic.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ame on December 27, 2014, 12:06:30 am
This is all great advice you guys are fantastic (⌒▽⌒)☆

@Weisel The people working on this with me wanted to go with a similar theme making fun of the dub (Nezumi's voice being as deep as the ocean when they're kids, him saying 'dude', pointing out that Inukashi and Nezumi's names were translated) I'm glad someone else thinks that's funny! (・∀・)

@Vox Great idea! This would be so easy to accomplish considering that most of Nezumis biggest douche moments are animated (*´ω`)o

@Ghosty THIS IS PERFECT I've been kind of at a loss what to do with Safu's character (I wanted to keep my parody of her respectful because I love her and I didn't want to make her character close to some fan interpretations) but I'm probably gonna take this way too far, stay tuned (。・ω・。)

@Enokizu The more we talk the more I like you ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

@Ahiku I'm a little nervous because I've never done voice acting with any hint of seriousness, but the people I'm recording with have a lot of experience! If you can think of any general voice acting advice you might have, it'd be very much appreciated! (*^ワ^*)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on December 31, 2014, 03:00:23 pm
Ah, you just need a little bit of practice, a nice/interesting voice and especially when you're a beginner... a good director! :D The first time I had a little role in an official dub, the director was the the German voice of Mickey Mouse. ^^° I was 17 or so and he always gave me instructions in his weird Mickey Mouse voice... X'D It was stupid, but also funny.

Ahhh... okay guys!
I wish all of you a Happy New Year! *hugs you all* >,<

Here's a little firework. And a NezuShi kiss.


Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: this-is-our-truth on December 31, 2014, 09:20:14 pm
Ah, I feel like I've disappeared off the face of the planet well, the internet, anyway lately! Sorry I haven't been around much. Unfortunately I'm stuck at home for a few more weeks, and my mother has decided to be super clingy she throws me a guilt trip every time I get on my computer.

I'm going to try to be around as much as I can, but I might be a little absent until I go back to school on the 12th. (I'm going to try to leave early, but who knows.) Until then, if anyone wants to talk or there is anything I can help with, shoot me a private message on here or message me on tumblr - I get phone notifications, and I can slip away for a little while.

@ everyone: All of the ideas for the No. 6 abridged sound really brilliant!!

@Ahiku: That looks amazing!

Have a Happy New Year everyone!! Stay safe and have fun if you're out celebrating!!
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ame on January 01, 2015, 09:53:49 pm

Happy new year everyone!! O(≧▽≦)O

@Ahiku The Shion/Inukashi for our abridged series was reading over my shoulder and now he's giving me voice acting tips in a a Mickey Mouse voice (he does an amazing impression)

Wah I love your art!! This is so cute \(*T▽T*)/
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 02, 2015, 06:39:01 am
@Ame: Haha! XD It's always a good thing to receive advices from someone with a Mickey Mouse voice.

Ah, when they voice several characters you could includes jokes about: "Hey, your voices sound pretty similar!" Or... for example Inukashi jerking Nezumi around, faking Shion's voice... Something like. "Nezumi, I love you!"  Nezumi: "Shion?"
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Yuneyn on January 02, 2015, 01:59:15 pm
Hi there^^

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year!!!

(We could wish that reunion comes but... I'm not very optimistic about that unfortunately *sigh*)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Enokizu on January 20, 2015, 10:58:21 pm

To be honest I thought that if Asano Atsuko was to do something, she would have done it on September 7 2013... which unfortunately was not the case. I want to believe but I highly doubt we'll ever get more material.... oh, we can still pray to Elyurias I guess... (。ノω\。)
(I find the NO.6 series perfect as it is, but the lack of closure between Shion and Nezumi hurts me a lot)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 21, 2015, 05:27:47 am

Yeah, I also think so. (;_;) I mean, we can still hope that she's going to write a post-reunion sequel when they have their first reunion in 2017, but I really doubt it. (Even though hope is the last thing to die.)

Shion's birthday 2013 would have been a perfect moment to publish something new, since it was the beginning of everything, and I think people were starving to read more about them; especially **** fans.

Or maybe also last year, since it was the year the manga came to an end and No. 6 was still "fresh". (Sorry. XD I don't know how to describe it better... )
But well, we still have new fans now, especially since the manga is being published in other countries now, but the zenith of No. 6's glory is over. I guess it was already over when I joined the Tumblr fandom in December 2013... because when I joined it, it was already very, very welcoming with old vs. new fandom discussions on Tumblr. ^^° 

But when they wait until 2017, a lot of "old" fans will have moved on. Especially in Japan, where you have new great novels, series and animes in abundance. It's easily forgotten.

Yeah, I also think that No. 6 is pretty perfect. But I also have to say that "Beyond" had contra-productive effects. Inukashi's chapter was quite nice, but especially Shion and Nezumi's chapters where depressing. Shion is changing, and I think he's already starting to get mentally exhausted... and Nezumi wants Shion to be a person of his past, even though he's thinking about him all the time. Beyond is very painful. Even more painful than the original ending and the epilogue, in which Shion seems to be fine. But I think he's not fine, when he's already a little wreck after just 1 year in the RC.
Beyond is promting new questions... but it doesn't help to put the story behind yourself with a good feeling. Because Nezumi is doubting... and Shion is done. The "real" end was probably better. ^^° It's sad, and it's a horrible open end... but it's also inviting people to write their own reunions. This effect is not to be underestimated, even though I'd also like to read an official reunion. (And I'd love to see a grown up Nezumi in Hinoki Kino's art style! >_<°)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 21, 2015, 09:06:54 am
But that chapter in Beyond with Nezumi meeting Shion's dad... Doesn't that just seem like a setup for the next part of a story? And the entire series ran from 2003 to 2011... Obviously Atsuko Asano isn't on a tight schedule here. I just... refuse to give up on the idea that there might be more in the future. Hope does die last!

Also I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is that we don't have "old fandom vs. new fandom" **** going on anymore...
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 21, 2015, 10:46:43 am
Yeah, it sounds like a setup to a new story - something like a power game between Shion and Shion's crazy father. ^^°

You're right, I also don't think she's on a tight schedule, but apart from 2010, there was a new book every year. And Beyond is not called "Beyond Volume 1". u_u
So this would be the longest break so far and there's still no sign that a new volume is coming out soon. (;_;)

But yeah, never stop to hope. They will reunite... and they will have a great time together in a waaay better new city. >,<

Yeah, me too. ^^ It's so peaceful. XD

Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ghosty on January 21, 2015, 10:57:05 am
hi, sorry this doesn't have to do a whole lot with the topic at hand, but I wasn't really sure where else to post this. Can anyone link me to somewhere I can read Beyond?
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 21, 2015, 11:44:31 am
Sure... It's here:
The same place where you can also read the other novels ;D
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 21, 2015, 01:45:26 pm
........DUUUUUDE. What if we got a story years later from baby Shionn's point of view growing up in the rebuilt city? And we get his side of the story and it's a total mindfuck when we find out all the details of things we cared about but as snippets of information that he doesn't realize is important??
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 23, 2015, 03:25:17 pm
Yeah, that's really interesting! X3 Or better to say, that would be really interesting. Someone should write a fanfiction about Shionn. Ah, btw. I loved it to read about teenager Shionn in @listenforthelove's Christmas Carol fanfiction. That was cool. Usually we just meet him in fanfictions when he's about 4-5 years old.

Ah, god, my jaw is killing me right now. o_o° (They removed two wisdom teeth on Monday.) If it's still like that tomorrow, I think I can't work properly... can't talk like that, not for 8 hours. x.x But I don't want to go to the emergency service. It's one of the hospitals which is so far away, I need an hour to get there. And my boss will be super pissed when I don't come back to work this weekend. ^^° I hope it's better tomorrow morning... But somehow I don't think so, I get the feeling there's something inflamed, the cheek is super hot. <_< Mah... that's so annoying.

Well, I just played with audacity and my version of Kaze no Requiem to distract myself a bit.
I pitched it higher and lower... god, I dunno, but I sound like a pervert when I pitch my voice lower. XD And yet, it reminds me a bit of a drunk, singing Shion. XD
(I hope you can see's in my drafts, but that should work unless I remove it. XD)

And the higher version is Tsukiyo. I thought about drawing a picture where Nezumi and SHion are sleeping, and Tsukiyo is singing Kaze no Requiem... and when they wake up, they're like. "WTF o_o"  XD Haha, maybe I'm doing something like that in the near future. Maybe.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on January 26, 2015, 05:12:54 pm
@Weisel: ahhh so many good fic ideas! But you're right, not a lot of fic with Shionn as any older than a toddler and being his own character.

ONE DAY REUNION WILL COME I WILL KEEP BELIEVING there. << (and actually, I can't even choose between the reunion scenarios, so I'm happy there's tons of fanfic and fanart to fulfill all of them, haha.)

@Ahiku: ah man you really got bad luck there >_< fingers crossed it won't bother you too long anymore!

Ooooh my gosh though those versions of Kaze no Requiem. The first part really took me by surprise because yeah, that is easy to mistake for Shion XD  (not necessarily drunk though, you sing it too well for drunk Shion) Didn't sound like you anymore so that was kind of a 'wait, what' moment. Tsukiyo **** me up though, wooow. I mean it still sounds really good! But the pitch! Mouse voice indeed, haha.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 27, 2015, 02:32:54 pm
Thank you. It's a little bit better today. ^^

So you also think it sounds a bit like Shion. o_O It surprised me... I mean I always think it sounds very, very weird when I pitch my voice down. I should try saying something. o.o

Concerning the mouse voice... I've done something the last few days. :3
Because you guys here in the forum are special, you can watch it in advance:

I think I'll post it this week. :3
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 27, 2015, 02:39:21 pm
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Spyed on January 27, 2015, 07:02:53 pm
@the talk of a sequel:
Looking at Beyond, it really does seem like it's setting the stage for a sequel. Perhaps Asano originally planned to make one, when she was writing Beyond, but then changed her mind later on and dropped the idea. Much like Nezumi originally planned to return to Shion but then changed his mind

Pfft! that video is amazing.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 28, 2015, 03:47:25 am
Hehe, yeah! That's what I had in mind. :D

Thank you! ^^

Concering the sequel...OMG that's even more depressing. X'D That's torture.
Asano: "(^^) I'm going to write their reunion now..................... oh god, it's so exhausting, blaaaa, Shion, you're a person of the past, put up with it, a**hole and reign that city, you're already 17... and Nezumi... go jump in a lake. <,<"

I hope she didn't change her mind and is still writing. (;_;) (And she needs such a long time because it's gonna be amazing! BAM!)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 28, 2015, 09:36:18 am
@Ahiku you forgot to mention the naked part. "Go jump in a lake, Nezumi. But first take off all your clothes. Okay, NOW jump in the lake." It's like that chapter existed to remind us that Nezumi is attractive and broody.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: listenforthelove on January 28, 2015, 11:14:41 am
@Ahiku: I should have learnt by now to not drink tea while I check out your links XD; omgggg that was amazing! I am laughing so hard h-help. 'Shion, oi, Shion!'

@Spyed: wow that is really cruel, leeet's not go with that XD; Nezumi always keeps his promises yes?

@Weisel: yeahhh haha that chapter was just... well it gave us drunk!Shion and casual reminders of Nezumi being attractive. Swimming in a lake. Naked. Whiiile thinking of Shion hm-m person of the past I see how it is <<

(maybe I should get offline, I'm no longer coherent)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 28, 2015, 11:57:33 am
Lol yeah. XDD Ah, I wanted him to shake Shion awake, but well... too much work. X'D I'm too lazy.

Omg, yes. ^^°°° Right, he was naked and just thinking about Shion all the time. X'D

Oh yeah, Shion is a person of the past, but very present in his thoughts. XD

Nezumi: Shion is a person of the past. It was the most intense time in my life... but it's in the past. *swims in a lake, naked* Maybe I should have laid him....  Shion... Shion's dream... Shion, Shion, Shion.... hey, someone is trying to steal my clothes.... Hamlet, attack! Who are you? Why do you remind me of Shion? Why am I still naked while I'm talking to you?
Shion's dad: I'm Shion's daddy! :D I'm from No. 6. There's gooooold! YAY! I'm insane, hihi!
Nezumi: **** you. You're not like Shion.... ah right... Shion. Shion.... There was something... I can't remember it anymore... ah right, hmmm... Shion...Shion... I wonder if he can see the same stars right now.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 28, 2015, 12:08:24 pm
@Ahiku that reminds me of something my friend did...
The answer is yes, Nezumi. You guys are looking at the same stars. Also some advice to Nezumi... (
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 28, 2015, 12:47:24 pm
Awwwawa...that's not fair. XD I can't laugh properly yet. Ow X'D

Yeah, you're looking at the same stars, you two! <3

Oh god, that video. X'D
"Where's my ring?" - "*girly shriek*" <- I can't... this scene is killing me. X'DDD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 28, 2015, 01:03:53 pm
@Ahiku when I got my wisdom teeth out, I couldn't laugh so by the second day my body had switched its response to funny things from laughter to tears. So someone would say something funny and I'd just be there with a straight face and tears streaming from my eyes.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 28, 2015, 01:07:39 pm
o_o Sounds alarming.
I hope you can laugh again now.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on January 28, 2015, 01:12:54 pm
@ahiku it stopped once I could laugh again. I definitely laugh now. Cute giggles, ugly cackles, I do 'em all.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on January 28, 2015, 01:35:30 pm
Good to hear. :D
Well, I didn't laugh that much after my surgery, there wasn't that much funny stuff anyway. (Ok, sometimes I wanted to laugh while I made that stupid video, but well... I pulled myself together. XD)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 12:03:13 pm
Woah, when did our member stars turn into pawprints? XD
That's actually pretty adorable...

Also, my friend convinced me to rewatch No. 6 last night. This is gonna sound a little ridiculous to all of you, BUT OMG I FORGOT HOW GOOD THE ANIME IS! After I first watched it I sort of made fun of it because the animation is quite sloppy and the ending is so rushed, BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY AMAZING WHAT??
I'm so... why.... XD
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Ahiku on February 21, 2015, 12:14:29 pm
I changed the colors and stuff a bit :D I thought paws would be cute, because of Inukashi.
Too bad I can't upload own pictures...or else I would draw something... ^^

LOL X'D Well, it's No. 6. No. 6 is always good... X'D (Even though manga and anime are better!)
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on February 21, 2015, 12:52:27 pm
I think the english dub just tainted it for everyone, and that was, for a lot of us I think, the last taste we got of the anime and it kind of left us like "" Plus we're all spoiled rotten with a fantastic manga and novel series so we're like "jeez, the anime could be SO MUCH BETTER..." IDK, I'm really sick today and I don't know where I'm going with that exactly.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 01:26:24 pm
I think that the anime was good until the ending, when they realised that they were running out of time and money. It's a shame, really...
I also noticed this time that some of their music choices are very questionable XD
I really hope this gets a remake one day. I would be sooooooooooooo happy if that happened. It would be amazing.
if only I knew how to animate
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Weisel on February 21, 2015, 01:42:16 pm
Oh MAN I wanna do some covers of the soundtrack... Also a lot of it is just ambient sort of... synthesized ~dystopian sounds~. Not exactly anything to groove to.
Title: Re: Hello again!
Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 01:54:40 pm
I have noticed a couple of really nice tracks... like the one where they're dancing, for example. I think that's my favourite so far...
Something I thought was really clever was how all their ominous music has sounds like bees buzzing in it...
But when there are no reason for there to be bees, they really overdo the violins XD At the end of the 6th episode I thought for a moment that Shion was playing a violin or something before I realised that they were just being overly dramatic XD
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Post by: kare_reiko on February 21, 2015, 02:02:55 pm
Anime wasn't so bad, it was just too cut, it all happen too fast to enjoy it fully. StillI really like anime ending I know that Shion geting shot and coming back to life is idiotic but I like that they show that Nezumi really loved and cared for Shion so he stay behind with him. I novel I really feel most of time that Nezumi was ass to Shion and he only was 'destroy no.6, destroy' and at the end 'shion is man of past, goodbye I don't care and go away'.
Manga's Nezumi was between one of novel and anime I my view.

Second half of ep6 was my best  partwhen it comes to show story, second will be dancing scene.
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Post by: Weisel on February 21, 2015, 02:06:48 pm
It's also all synthesized, which makes sense in terms of both plot (everything is fabricated) and budget (one person on a synth is way cheaper than an orchestra). So yeah, synths can't do the "subtlety" thing so well. There are some pieces I want to hear on acoustic instruments just because of that.
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Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 02:35:15 pm
I think it would be so cool to hear the songs from No. 6 but Weisel-ified/better XD
We should just get Ahiku and her dubbing crew to redub the entire anime XD I'm sure they could do a better job than the actual English voice cast... sad to say =.=

Fun fact: Les Misérables was originally entirely synthesized. So if they can make their soundtrack better, so can we XD

Also, it would be cool to hear some remixes of the 2 theme songs and Kaze no Requiem...
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Post by: Weisel on February 21, 2015, 02:42:41 pm
I'm arranging Kaze no Requiem for a friend who plays electric guitar (who I met through Melodic Minor!), so SOMETIME I'll have that done and she'll learn it... I'm working on the harmony for it right now, but my friend can't read music so it's tricky. I don't play guitar so it's even slower for me to write it out. I basically write out the fret number on a string within a certain space to denote the rhythm... Anyway, it'll sound cool when it's done. And I want to arrange Hibi no Itonami to be like this happy rock song like you'd hear as an anime opening for a slice of life series. And that would be the opening for my West Block High cosplay series DAMMIT I NEVER STARTED THAT THREAD.
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Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 02:44:25 pm
If you ever need someone to play piano or keyboard, I got u. And I CAN read music, too. :3
(And tbh I really want an excuse to go play, because I haven't in a long time...)

I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with! It sounds really cool o3o
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Post by: Weisel on February 21, 2015, 02:51:31 pm
Cool! I used to play piano but I can't read music fast enough (or with more than one notes at once) anymore, so I just... can't. Sort of exactly like how I can't find my house sometimes or read words right the first time. I just have to work everything slowly and redo it all ten times.
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Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 03:05:07 pm
@Weisel Ah, I'm sorry, that sounds like such a pain :( I hope that in the future you're able to get your abilities back ^^;;
I can't play piano because I don't have a piano... XD but even so, that's nothing compared to what you're dealing with... :I
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Post by: Ahiku on February 21, 2015, 04:12:06 pm
Oh god, I also can't read music fast enough. X'D My mom forced me to play the piano when I was in elementary school, but I was too stupid to learn the bass clef and just played by ear. X'D LOL. Okay, my teacher always praised me because I was able to play by ear.... god, and now I'd like to play the piano... I did it when I was around your age, just for fun. ^^° Not very good, though.
I also played the flute, but hated it. X'D And also a harmonica, but also just for fun. Well, I need an instrument, I think it's pretty relaxing... as long as you don't need to force yourself.

We should just get Ahiku and her dubbing crew to redub the entire anime XD I'm sure they could do a better job than the actual English voice cast... sad to say =.=

Ah, I always wanted to dub a scene with my crew... but well... I dunno. X'D I wanted to give Safu my voice, but I think I sound... a bit too young. orz (Man, I'm like...12 years older, I should choose a scene with Lili... I'm sure could be a good Lili! X'D)  And even though I have a good choice for Nezumi... we don't have a proper Shion. x_x° The only one I could imagine doesn't want to dub anymore. But if I ever manage to direct a No. 6 clip, I'll show you guys... even though you won't understand a word. >_<
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Post by: Vox on February 21, 2015, 04:46:34 pm
@Ahiku your German dub of that one studio ghibli/anime video was actually really great... I couldn't understand what you were saying but it was really fun to listen to for whatever reason xD I guess if you can't understand the words, you really have to judge the quality of the voices instead... and you guys did a great job o3o

I'm a p. mediocre voice actress... I'm not sure who I could dub if I had to pick someone... probably Karan, IDK. My voice sucks anyway xD
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Post by: Ahiku on February 21, 2015, 05:21:04 pm
Thank you! :D (Btw. I was Mei... the little girl in the very first clip.)
Hm...I prefer higher roles... just like the little Japanese girl here:
(Haha XD go and watch minute 5:30... I'm saying crossing fingers in crappy French. X'D
Ah, and it's also a singing clip. o.o I think this song is really nice... I'm just singing the beginning of the song, then the friend who's lending her voice to the older character is singing... I love her singing voice, it's sooo beautiful. >,<
Well, I prefer speaking characters like Yune... very calm and with a high voice. ^^

When I speak with my low voice... it's like in this Sailor Moon clip. (I'm Ami ^^°°°)
Even though it's my normal voice, it's really hard to play properly with it...

And no, your voice doesn't suck ok! >,< Well, try to speak a little bit higher, it's easier to play with your voice then. :D

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Post by: Yuneyn on March 11, 2015, 03:56:22 am
Hello guys!

So I don't usually post this sort of thing, but I'm assuming a lot of us here love Japan dearly and were saddened by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami 4 years ago.

Yahoo Japan is holding a campaign to generate donations. All you have to do is go to this page: ( and type a search with "3.11" in it. That's all, Yahoo will then give 10yen for each search. (Which sounds small, but if many people participate it can grow into a lot more! Last year they got more than 25,000,000yen!)

The deadline is 14:59 UTC on March 11th. If you love Japan and have a few seconds to spare, don't hesitate to do it :) Thanks!
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Post by: Kinsdura on March 11, 2015, 12:35:57 pm
@Ahiku: Thats really cool!! I dont have much confidence to een do this type of stuff so it is really amazing to listen to this stuff!!

@Vox: Im sure your voice would fit really well with Karan!! :)
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Post by: Ahiku on March 11, 2015, 03:30:50 pm
@Yuneyn: I did it!

Hey, you guys, please do it, too! Takes not even a second. >,<

Thank you :3 Well...but it's really fun, you should try it out. Maybe it would even help you to feel more confident...? ^^
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Post by: Yuneyn on March 11, 2015, 03:33:36 pm
Ah thanks for doing it! I think it's over now though, they were only counting during March 11th Japan time. But hopefully they got a lot of hits!
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Post by: Ahiku on March 11, 2015, 03:44:24 pm
Ahh, too bad I didn't see it ealier! >,<
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Post by: Vox on March 11, 2015, 05:17:36 pm
@Kinsdura Ah, I'm flattered. I love Karan. o3o

@Yuneyn forgot to say - I did it. I looked up 3.11 kittens. Then I was like, wait. I know the word for cat. And looked up 3.11 neko. Because why not. (Idk what I was even looking for. 311 cats? Cats for 3 dollars and 11 cents? We will never know.)

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Post by: Ahiku on April 02, 2015, 04:58:55 am

Happy Easter! :3 Are you celebrating Easter in your country?
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Post by: listenforthelove on April 02, 2015, 05:15:21 am
I was gonna say 'that's early' but then I realized it's already Thursday, woops.

@Ahiku that is ADORABLE omigosh! Stop using that bee I might end up actually liking bees that one is so cute XD

Ah yes, we celebrate Easter. Mostly just by eating eggs and especially the chocolate kind, but sssh. How about you?
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Post by: Ahiku on April 02, 2015, 05:43:21 am
I was gonna say 'that's early' but then I realized it's already Thursday, woops.

Haha XD That's okay. It's still kinda early. But I reveived an Easter postcard from a friend today and thought I could also give some Easter greetings.
Ah, and yesterday, I thought the entire time that we have Sunday... I even wrote to someone "Have a great Sunday evening" and got a confused answer. orz I'm so done. X'D

Ah yes, we celebrate Easter. Mostly just by eating eggs and especially the chocolate kind, but sssh. How about you?

Same here... o.o I don't celebrate it... but when I was a kid, we decorated the apartment and painted eggs. And then my grandparents and my mom were hiding some eggs and chocolate in the garden or in front of the house. (There was a meadow with lots of flowers and trees...) And then we went for a long walk in the forest. (I lived in a small village surrounded by nature and woods... and my grandpa was forest ranger when he was younger.)
We took eggs along and whenever we found a small hill, we rolled eggs down said hill and when your egg ****, you lost.. (but you were allowed to eat it... ^^° Yum...egg with forest soil!)
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Post by: Weisel on April 05, 2015, 05:36:44 pm
Happy Easter, everyone who celebrates! I'm going to stay alone in my room and eat Reese's peanut butter eggs.
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Post by: Ghosty on April 05, 2015, 06:31:06 pm
and happy Passover if anyone is Jewish! I feel its only me though...
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Post by: Weisel on April 11, 2015, 09:56:46 pm
I remember there was a conversation about video games somewhere (and I'm too tired to remember), but do any of you like Tales of games? I feel like there are a few fans here...
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Post by: kare_reiko on April 12, 2015, 03:49:23 am
I played almost all Tales of games (ones in Japanese too). I mostly liked Tales of Hearts (DS ver) Destiny 2, Graces and Xillia. Didn't like Abyss to much. Rest parts ok, I played in most of Cross overs (Radiant Mythology) for psp as well those online games for android, but not too long.

I like that series, but my true love in games are Xeno games (Gears, Saga, Blade) I was in that fandom really active member until last year, now I'm only enjoying it then killing myself for it XD.