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Title: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: this-is-our-truth on December 12, 2014, 03:04:32 pm
Okay... So I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to have a thread where people could get advice when they are writing fanfictions. Like maybe fact check with people and stuff.

I wasn't sure where to put this, so I thought since it involves fanfiction, we could put it here? We can move it later if you guys think there is a better place for it.

Um, so I was hoping maybe someone would know which of the mice it is that likes Shion reading tragedies? I've tried looking through the books, but the place I found where it mentions the tragedies is before Shion names the mice.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on December 12, 2014, 04:11:03 pm
Oh, it's a good place to discuss something like that. :3

Hmm... I don't know for sure, but I guess it's Hamlet. The white one.
Ok, No. 6 Wiki also says that
he likes to listen to him reading Hamlet, he also appears to like other Shakespear's books as well.

Edit: Ahh... but I'm not so sure about that wiki. XD It also says:
Nezumi's mechanical Mice inhabit the city. They are devices that Nezumi created to monitor or watch what is happening in No.6 city. With their appearence they can easily send messages or do different tasks. In the original novel Nezumi's first letter tells Karan that "Sion is safe, worry not. Escaped to West Block. Any replies to this mouse. Brown (Cravat) brings news of safety, black (Moonlit) brings news of change or abnormal occurrence,"

Eh...they aren't devices, they are his real mice. <,< Why should they eat cheese muffins and the dry looking cake Nezumi is giving them. ^^°

But I guess the Hamlet theorie is correct, since his name is so fitting.

Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Weisel on December 12, 2014, 04:33:13 pm
I think there's the three mice we know of that are real, and then there are others he uses that are robotic, like the one that talked to Shion when Safu was like "ey Shion let's get freaky." And I do believe it's Hamlet who likes tragedies (hence his name).
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: this-is-our-truth on December 12, 2014, 04:35:02 pm
That is what I was thinking, but I wanted to make absolutely sure ^^; Thank you so much guys!
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Vox on December 13, 2014, 02:29:40 pm
Ooh, ooh, this is a bit off topic, but somewhere there's actually a reading list of all the books Shion read when he was with Nezumi!!
Hold on, I gotta give it to you, because I've been reading the books on it and they're actually pretty great XD

Oh, look, it's from listenforthelove. Listenforthelove, you're my hero. x3
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on December 13, 2014, 02:44:51 pm
Woah, great! O,O

Oh, look, it's from listenforthelove. Listenforthelove, you're my hero. x3

You're also my hero! (*_*)
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on December 13, 2014, 02:53:49 pm
@Ahiku: Ahh, I was wondering why I suddenly got a note on that post, haha. Glad to be of service~
Still surprised I couldn't find Hamlet on there, though. I'll take a look again next week, but those pages are super dark >_<

It was indeed Hamlet, by the way. From volume 3:

A brown mouse poked its head out from Nezumi's shoulder. It jumped down on the floor, and scurried up Shion's body.
"Hamlet, did you come along too?" Shion said to it.
"Hamlet? What're you talking about?"
"It's his name. Because he likes to be read Hamlet out loud."

I keep forgetting, but Hamlet is brown in the novels. From the guide:

One of Nezumi’s mice. It was named Hamlet as it loved tragedies and would often pester Shion to read him Shakespeare’s work. Its fur is light brown leaning towards grey.
▽volume 3, page 46.

@Weisel: I laughed out loud at your retelling of the robotic mice, hahaaa oh my gosh XD
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on December 13, 2014, 04:49:15 pm
Oh, this thread is really a great idea :D I'll might have to come back to his for discussing a character design for my crossover fanfic since I can't decide whether my idea of the current design is actually good or not ... Do you think this thread could be used for this too?

And I distantly remember discussing with Ahiku once whether Hamlet or Cravat was the brown mouse and coming to the conclusion (based on listenforthelove's translation of the guide book) that there have to be two brown mice xD I was right ^^" That really confused me because Hamlet is white in the manga and anime >.>
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Weisel on December 13, 2014, 04:50:16 pm
DUUUUDE I never knew Hamlet was brown in the novels! How did I miss that??
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on December 13, 2014, 05:05:23 pm
@lawlya: crossover fic?! I'm all ears~ This definitely seems like the topic for these kinds of discussions! Sounds like @this-is-our-truth's idea for originally creating this thread, after all.

@Weisel: it's only mentioned once or twice that Hamlet is brown, and all official art has depicted him as white, so it's super easy to miss. I doubt I would have caught it if it wasn't for the translations. I think Hamlet is still quite a bit lighter than Cravat, though. The mice have three different shades of grey (ahem) in their mission records (self plugging XD but it comes with scans here ( and Hamlet is definitely the lightest, at any rate. The art just upped it by making him white and presumably easier to tell apart.
Oh well. Pretty much all character designs are at least slightly different from how they're described in the novels, so Hamlet as well I guess ;)
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on December 13, 2014, 06:01:15 pm
DUUUUDE I never knew Hamlet was brown in the novels! How did I miss that??

Me too (;_;)
The first thing I saw was the anime. And I don't remember it anymore, but I guess I was confused while reading it. XD To me, Hamlet will always be white.

I don't remember that we discussed about the colors of the mice back then.... I'm getting old. OTL

Ah, good to know. o.o

Ah, btw. I always wonder why Hamlet stayed with Shion in the anime. I mean, okay, they didn't use the last book. But they knew that one mouse is staying with Shion. Why not Tsukiyo...?
Is black paint too expensive? It's an absolutely unnecessary change. ^^°

Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on December 13, 2014, 06:07:50 pm
Okay, so some of you might already know this (I don't know how clearly I spoke of this in the blog administration section ...) but: I'm writing a Madoka Magica x No.6 crossover fanfiction. Which means: No.6 characters in the world of Madoka Magica (so, if you don't know that anime, watch it! It's great and depressing ^^")

I more or less already gave each character a 'character role' from the Madoka universe and everything's set up. But I'm having problems with designing the assigned role for Elyurias to be honest.

So, Elyurias is, as we all know, this big wasp:

Yes, that's very clear. So, her assigned role is that of Kyubey or the Incubator:
Here's a link if you want to read a bit about Kyubey but it contains spoilers! (

The role of this character is basically giving the Magical Girls in the original anime their powers by making a contract with them (not gonna tell you too much in case you haven't seen the anime). That's why it's basically the perfect role for Elyurias but you see ... if some big ass wasp came up to me and asked me to make a contract with them - I would cry bloody murder and run away as fast as I can.
I first thought about turning Elyurias into a bumblebee (since ironically, I'm a bit wary of wasps but am totally in love with bumblebees, okay?) but I'm not sure if that's any good. I'd like to keep the rather neutral face that can easily be interpreted as creepy and I think the face of an insect is kinda similar to that. But I'm entirely not sure if it would be a good idea to really make Elyurias an insect in this fanfiction and not rather a more ... cuddly thing.
(Of course you could always give her a sort of loan body that hides her true form which is an idea I'm rather fond of to solve this problem but I'm just kinda ... not good designing anything and usually need someone telling me if that's even a good idea ...)

Well, it would already help if you'd just tell me what you think of the whole matter. Or if you have any suggestions - pictures of Elyurias as Kyubey that popped up in your mind or something. Anything, really. Everything's helpful and who knows what I'm going to be able to work with ^^ (It's too late here; is that even a sentence??)

@Ahiku: It was over a year ago or so ... I just now remembered and that we never actually solved that problem (until now) xD
And yeah, I wonder ... why did they keep Hamlet? Because he had a better name? Because he had more screentime in the anime? Who knows ...
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on December 13, 2014, 07:14:59 pm
@lawlya: ahhh! I think I did see you mention it once or twice, actually, but I had no idea you were going to write a full fic. That's awesome! I have not (yet) watched Madoka, but I've been pretty thoroughly spoiled and read a running commentary blog on the series, so I kind of know what it is about. (This is gonna hurt a lot isn't it ;;; )
Hm, a bumblebee is a good alternative for Elyurias, though it highly depends on whoever is gonna see her how they'd respond to her (I think they're cute but I always freak out a little whenever I see one because 'OMG IS THAT A WASP oh no wait it's fluffy, phew'). Super fluffy and cuddly though. And less sting-prone than wasps <<
There are some moths that are pretty cute (in my opinion, anyway - I saw quite some people freaking out over them regardless), so maybe that's also an option if you want to stick to insects?
... Let me google that... Ah, 'pink fluffy moth', thank you google. XD This is the one ( I was thinking of.

@Ahiku: Guess Hamlet was singled out more in the anime? I think? I mean, Tsukiyo got quite some solo tasks in the novels and was quite different from the other two in that respect, but I don't really recall that happening in the anime...
Maybe they just thought he'd go well with Shion's hair or something.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on December 14, 2014, 04:17:01 am
(Depends on how easily you're hurt ... It's Madoka, what do you expect xD?)

Yeah, that was one thing I was unsure about - not everyone deems bumblebees less threatening than wasps xD But okay, good to see that it makes a difference to you ^^
Oh yeah, that moth is absolutely stunning! Thinking of Elyurias as a moth, I instantly thought of the colour gold ... Something like this maybe:

What do you think of giving Elyurias a sort of host body that they, as an alien species in the Madoka universe, created to protect their true bodies? Kyubey is still a rather mysterious character; you don't even know whether their bodies are their real ones or just puppets ... Each time one gets killed, another pops up - could be the same with Elyurias; everytime one of the host bodies is destroyed, you see a little black wasps escape before another appears nearby ...
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on April 07, 2015, 05:58:51 pm
I just had such a hard time finding this thread because who's gonna search it in this board, really? Though it seems to make a bit more sense considering it's about fanfiction and yeah ... oh well.

So, this isn't anything really necessary and I'm definitely just fishing for ideas here but ...
I'd like you people to tell me how you would imagine to feel the presence of the No.6 characters - mainly Nezumi, Shion, Safu and Inukashi. What I basically mean are associated attributes. Sort of an aura.
I'd like to have three descriptions, if possible.

1. Brightness (you know: light, dark, grey, dawn, dusk; play with lighting.)

2. Taste (here, you could tell me something rather specific but I would be okay with simple directions such as sweet or spicy too.)

3. Sensation (something for the touch. Smooth, prickly, cold, warm. Something along these lines.)

Of course only if you like to do this at all :) But I would be really interested in your thoughts ^^
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on April 08, 2015, 05:00:50 am
@lawlya: oh wow I even forgot this thread was floating around too! Whelp. Sorry about that.

Wow, that is one very interesting question (or well, 3) you have there... Hm. Hmhmhmmm. Let's see.

Shion: for brightness, I'm going with light; more specifically, dawn, as a bright sun is rising. (I have a lot of feelings about light/darkness in No. 6, but I'll keep it simple to avoid writing entire essays.) Nezumi canonically compares him to light, and Shion has been giving hope to those around him. I'm - I need to stop here before I end up writing that essay.
Taste- whoa, that's a difficult one. A soft kind of sweet? Not overwhelmingly cotton-candy sugar sweet, but still sweet. Rather milk chocolate than white. Dango?
Sensation: hmm, smooth I think. Definitely warm. I'd imagine he's also a warm presence as in a warm kind of person. Cuddly. I'm actually tempted to say 'dango' again, only less sticky XD Poke him with a stick and he bounces right back into shape, that feeling.

Nezumi: going with dusk for brightness. If only because I'm never going to be able to shake off my initial thought that 'Eve' referred to the time of day and not the biblical figure. -facepalms- and lots of other reasons, but yeah. Essay.
For taste, a little bitterness that you learn to appreciate. Really, really dark chocolate. Matcha/green tea. Something like that. (... apparently I have cravings for Japanese foods today, hohum.)
Sensation: colder than Shion, but still surprisingly warm if you get close enough. Hard around the edges, increasingly so when agitated to the point of being impenetrable; poke him with a stick and the stick breaks. Marble-like?

Safu: a partly clouded midday with open spots in the clouds the sun keeps peeking through. Just cloudy enough to make you feel a bit melancholic, but still bright as the sun will show its face from time to time.
Taste: something inoffensive, but still with body. Plain white rice, salmon. Milder tastes, at any rate. Nothing overly spicy of sweet.
Sensation: I always want to hug her so I'm not objective when I say soft and smooth, ahem. I still think so. Colder than Shion, but way softer than you'd think based on that.

Inukashi: the light filtering through the leaves in a forest on a sunny day. Splotches of sunlight and shadow. (Actually that fits Nezumi too, but then under the late afternoon sun, making the shadows darker and the sunlight less overwhelmingly bright.)
Taste: something with a bite. I'm torn between calling Inukashi the sweet one or going with more bitter tastes. Something outspoken, though. Ah sorry I can't be more specific here for the moment.
Sensation: very warm, but hard - not as hard as Nezumi, but still. Less marble and more - well, whatever is one of the softest kinds of rock. More mouldable, closer to wax.

Did that help a bit or even make any sense at all? It's hard to put these things in words - as it turns out now that I start thinking about it, I do have some ideas about this, but it's hard to put them into words, especially sensation.

I am very curious what you're planning to do with these now, haha ;)
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on April 08, 2015, 07:06:53 am
Ah, I agree a lot with listenforthelove… I think she’s describing them very well. O.o

Shion is definitely bright, most of the time at least, but he also has his shady sides. So I’d also go with dawn. I think he’s the brightest and it’s a refreshing brightness. He reminds me of a warm spring day.
So yeah, he’s warm and sweet. But like listenforthelove said, not overly sweet. Warm and sweet and soft, maybe like a fruit with a pit inside. When you bite that pit, he gets a little bit bitter…

Nezumi is grey… so yeah, dawn. He’s more dark than light, but not completely dark and if he can also play with light…  Eve is brighter than Nezumi. I’d also say he’s bitter, just like listenforthelove said. Like dark chocolate or tea – bitterness you can learn to appreciate. When Shion is a warm spring day, I’d say Nezumi is more like an autumn day with changeable weather. He could be cold or pretty warm, not as warm as Shion, but he can be very gentle. Maybe like a rubber ball, it’s hard, but also slightly soft… and not totally solid when you try to squeeze it… if you throw it, it can get really hard and you can hurt someone with it, but you can also destroy it easily, for example with a knife.

Ah, I also think Safu is like a cloudy summer day… She can be very straightforward and also a bit embarrassing, so I could imagine it’s the air of that summer day is heavy, but then a fresh breeze arises… since she can also be very understanding. I’d say she’s umami. XD Not sweet, not sour, not salty, not spicy… but umami. Savory and tasty. Hm, I’d also say she’s colder than Shion, but still warm and also soft.

Inukashi reminds me of a warm summer day. Bright, but there are also shadows. I think Inukashi gives off a pretty warm atmosphere… And I’d say slightly spicey, sweet – spicey… maybe like a Chili with sweet corn and beans but with a subtle spiciness. Hmm…but maybe also bitter… I don’t really know. XD @listenforthelove
Hm, something like clay? You can form it easily… if you burn it, it can be pretty hard but also fragile. As long as it is soft, it’s pretty moldable. It can be soft, but also hard. Depends… I think that’s fitting.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Meopat on April 08, 2015, 09:25:17 am
Whoops, I wrote my interpretation "essay" while I was at work with too much free time. ;~; sorry it's long.

1. (Brightness) To me, his aura is darkness, it's shrouded in mystery. He doesn't give much air about himself, except a hint of elegance (with his posture and the way he moves himself) and forwardness about him. When Nezumi is being threatening, I imagine his presence would be akin to a wild beast. It's very red and black mixed together and very muddled and menacing. I see Nezumi as dark and very solid colors (black, purple, grey, red), though there are times when I see him as lavender (when he is being soft to Shion).

2. (Taste) I imagine he'd taste salty for some reason. He also reminds me a bit of a bitter tea that's healthy for you. (Or unhealthy, I dunno!) (off-topic: I imagine he'd smell nice though - maybe he'd smell a bit like the rain or a very, very small hint of flowers/nature.)

3. (Sensation) I think Shion always said that Nezumi's fingers were cold, but I imagine his chest being very warm. Nezumi's face is probably cold too. I think some parts of him would be rough and callused too. He'd feel very fierce and strong.

1. (Brightness) Shion makes me think of pastel colors. At least, before he goes all Yandere (in which case, I imagine he'd adopt similar colors to Nezumi.) I always imagine Shion in bright lighting, with orange and yellow. (Maybe those colors just complement his red scar and white hair well... Mm...) I think it's also because of this contrast that I love Nezushi so much.

2. (Taste) if I say he would taste soft, would that make sense? maybe a little sweet too. Like softly baked bread fresh from the oven; warm, soft, sweet, melts in your mouth, and very satisfying. Shion tastes like a dinner roll.

3. (Sensation) Shion's warm, his fingers and hands are delicate and soft. He's scrawny and wouldn't be very comfy to hug since I imagine he's all skin and bones.

I haven't looked in depth into Safu's character so I can't say I've got a good handle on her. But this is just my interpretation..
1. (Brightness) She's bold and maybe colorful. I don't know if I would call her warm or cold, just very neutral. I see her in white. I guess she's like Shion in that there are times when her colors become very strong. She has solid colors, but she's not the dark sort. I think in terms of lighting, she will always be in a brightly lit place.

2. (Taste) Safu tastes like something that would linger in your mouth for a very long time. Her presence is strong and it's something that not everyone would like. I want to say she'd taste like coffee... Maybe a cappuccino? There's a lot of foam and milk to make it sweet, but it's not entirely sweet persay. It's still strong enough and has a good kick.

3. (Sensation) I imagine she's soft and very nice to hug. I really want to hug her now. *_*

1. (Brightness) His colors remind me of brown and green a bit. I see him shrouded in a bit of dusky lighting, kind of dark yet kind of light. It's that kind of time around sunset just before you turn the lights on.

2. (Taste) I think if you kiss a dog, that's what Inukashi would taste like. Maybe a little bitter and a little salty. A lot of hair.

3. (Sensation) Inukashi would be very soft too! Regardless of whatever gender he is.

 XD I love how we all managed to associate Nezumi with tea and confirm that Safu is super huggable.

I also like the idea of Inukashi being clay! It suits him very well. owo I think I started thinking in terms of huggability after Nezumi for sensation. >_>;;

I hope this helps. owo
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on April 08, 2015, 10:03:49 am
You're all great >w< Thank you all so much! I can work with that - I can totally work with all of that <3
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on April 08, 2015, 11:50:07 am
@lawlya: I am realllly curious to what you're planning with these, so be sure to share!!! I'd love to find out~
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on April 08, 2015, 12:24:53 pm
That could actually take an eternity while ... You want me to just tell here? I wouldn't have anything against that xD Just not sure if that's what you'd want ^^
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: kare_reiko on April 08, 2015, 02:03:56 pm
I just wonder about your all opinion here,

What you think typical NO.6 people would think about homosexual relation ship, I'm not talking about west block people because in that place is feel like no one care who sleep with who.
But as for Shion as head of RC, what you think people would act?

Soon in my ff, when boys will talk about their relationship, they'll decide to not show it too much to public, to not bother Shion's work. Still Shion will say that if it comes out to public (accidentally or something)  he won't be mind because he loves Nezumi and he don't care if it would hurt his image/position. 

Not everyone would choose major or chief of different sexuality, in NO.6 where relationships were mostly viewed as "they will make good, healthy and intelligent kids", I assume from Safu talk at beginning of novel.

I wonder what you think? We know that some countries are less tolerances then others, mine is more less then more. I'm asking because I wonder if not build this topic more after 9th act of my story and I wonder in with way to go...       
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on April 08, 2015, 02:18:54 pm
I actually once had that talk with Aoyokai. I think we came to the conclusion that No.6 wouldn't mind homosexual couples that much.
Though, starting that discussion, I came from a very similar point like yours.

It's shown that sex in No.6 is mainly reproductive and it seem to be frowned upon to sleep with somebody just because it's fun and feels good. Considering that, it would be highly unproductive to have homosexual couples or even allowing homosexual marriage.

Aoyokai however, pointed out that the percentage of the citizens that would actually engage in homosexual relationships isn't gonna outweight the onces who'll engage in hetero- or bisexual ones and are gonna give birth to children. So, all in all, it would probably be the case that non-heterosexual relationships wouldn't be minded that much since No.6 wants to keep its citizens happy and productive.

I think that's all highly speculative though. And I understand both points of view. I rather like the idea of a city or state that doesn't care what kind of relationships you chose to have. Though I'd think that maybe No.6 wouldn't be quite as lax as West Block. I could see some people frowning over homosexual relationships but not really discrimination or something like that. Just that some people would think it's a waste.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on April 08, 2015, 02:27:19 pm
Hm, I think they tolerate it. Safu also asked Shion if he's not interested in women and didn't seem to have a problem with it. So I don't think it's a taboo issue and Nezumi and Shion are both not very subtle about each other, right?

But well, No. 6 was also a place where emotions were not very common. A lot of people had bees inside and they suppressed their feelings. They don't seem to have sex that often... (Ok, I guess there are exceptions. XD) and it's more for reproduction...

Listenforthelove and I talked about Karan and Shion's father recently and if she loved him and why she was even together with him... (Maybe he was nicer when they were younger.) I don't think she could love him the way he's acting in Beyond... would be very weird then... and she seems to be reasonable.) I thought that both of them have good genes... Shion is a genius after all. ^^° I could imagine that the city is supporting reproduction of people with good genes, no matter if they love each other or not. XD Maybe they get money. Ah...and then the wellfare program... get a genius child and you will live in wealth without lifting a finger. Could be tempting for some people. (I don't think Karan did it because of that, but that could be a reason... I think true love was rare in No. 6, since the city was even controlling the feelings of a lot of people.)
But especially after the fall of the wall, people from the West Block are also going to live inside. And I think most people in No. 6 know that being gay is just as normal as being straight. So I don't think there's a problem. But somehow I don't see Shion broadcasting that he has a boyfriend. X'D Unless he's together with Nezumi, he's rather introverted. Hm...
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: listenforthelove on April 08, 2015, 02:36:51 pm
@lawlya: ahhhh tempting. I guess I can be patient, I'm just very curious now, haha XD

@kare_reiko: hm, I think they would be rather indifferent about same-sex couples in No. 6, actually, at least during the span of the story. No-one seems to mind in the West Block at least, especially since they have a more 'live your own life' mentality and are just happy enough if they can make it from one day to the next. Inside the city, it's a little more difficult to say since we don't know much to go on, but I don't think they care all that much as long as people contribute to the city. Safu was pretty blase about artificial insemination, saying it was encouraged by the city. I got the feeling that it implies quite some people decide to have children without a relationship that makes reproduction possible. I mean, Shion didn't get that Safu meant sex at first; he just thought she wanted his sperm and that alone. Which was apparently not such a strange thought, so that makes me think that single parents, same-sex couples raising children etc. might be a bit more common in No. 6.
Lost Town, there I don't know. It's the most similar to 'our' world out of all portions of the city, being less under the direct influence of the city while also not in complete poverty as the West Block.
And you're speaking of the period after the wall has come down, so that means that all these people have started to mix....

Overall, I think that the general opinion on same-sex relationships is a bit 'meh, I don't care, has nothing to do with me',  though some people might be opposed for various reasons, as it is in our world. I don't think Shion would do any coming out in the broader sense (saying he's attracted to men), just that he's with Nezumi - it's always been Nezumi to him, after all.

(General disclaimer that I'm Dutch and haven't touched much upon Japanese sociology re: same-sex couples, so my interpretation is very Western.)

... oh the joys of internet dying on me, haha. Sorry, I only just saw there were 2 more replies, hopefully I'm not repeating them too much.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Weisel on April 08, 2015, 02:48:48 pm
With the artificial insemination option, I think it's probably more looked down upon to "waste good genetics." So if a person with "superior genetics" was homosexual in No.6 and still reproduced somehow, then that would be fine. But if they didn't... they're probably not "doing their duty" as a citizen. *scoffs at everything*
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: kare_reiko on April 09, 2015, 11:23:26 am
Thank you all for opinion. Well, I will think about it when time comes, for now it's still little far away from it. Thanks again ^^.
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Vox on April 09, 2015, 04:25:49 pm
Oh man, I wish I had seen this before, because I really like what Weisel said. Somehow the idea of the city just being like 'whatever' about it didn't sit right with me, and I love the spin Weisel put on it. I also thought that they might use someone's homosexuality against them to manipulate them, like, 'if you don't do this thing for the good of the city, we're going to stop allowing you to waste your sperm/eggs in this extravagant manner, so give us what we want." I mean, No. 6 tends to just kill off people who do stuff they don't want, but I imagine where a more subtle touch is needed, this is the kind of information they could use to guilt-trip people into doing what they want.

Shion, of course, is oblivious to all this. XD
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: Ahiku on April 09, 2015, 04:40:19 pm

Ah, we can still open a thread about it in the Latch Building department! :3
Title: Re: Fanfiction Advice
Post by: lawlya on April 09, 2015, 05:55:38 pm
Yes, that would probably be a good idea :)

I never saw it quite as extreme as Vox but also considered that No.6 may not be very pleased with homosexual relationships. They are - as was said - not productive. And you're not allowed to be unhappy anyway so how are you gonna show that you don't agree about homosexual relationships being a waste of potential?

And didn't you want to do something about Nezumi's family as well?