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Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 10, 2014, 05:08:03 pm
Yeah... I don't know how to start... I just try to fill this thing here... because we don't have that much to offer here yet. o_o

*starts to set the table with gummi bears, strawberries, baked noodles in tabasco tomato soup and some cheese muffins made by Karan*

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 11, 2014, 04:30:53 am
Hmm ok well you've asked me to start talking but I don't know what to say lol^^

Hmm... so.. what is everyone doing today? Given the rain I'll probably stay inside and work on wedding stuff.

That was so lame, sorry XD but I suck at starting conversations XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 11, 2014, 07:17:11 am
Sorry to disappoint, but it will be a July wedding^^

And it's actually my wedding... although I'm already married... (we had to advance the official one when we were in Japan otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stay, now we have the big reception with all the family and friends!)

It's pretty time-consuming, somehow I'm glad that I haven't found a job yet and I can take care of things. Even though I'm a zen person, there's just so many details!!! But it's fun to do^^ Especially since we want a Japanese theme, there's cherry blossoms everywhere on my computer!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 11, 2014, 02:08:40 pm
Hmm ok well you've asked me to start talking but I don't know what to say lol^^

Yes, sorry XD But people won't start talking to us when always I'm the one who's writing here.... XDDDD They'll be annoyed and going to flee. lol

Hmmm... I think a Japanese style wedding sounds really great. ^^ I've never been to a wedding before... when my cousin had her wedding my mom was already ill, so I wasn't able to go there.
But my grandma said it wasn't that good.

btw. I've read what you've written about the menue...and god I'm so hungry now XD The potato salad I wanted to eat after work was rotten... but this time I noticed it beforehand. ^^°°°° Why are there just expired things in my frigde. Q_Q Need to go shopping tomorrow after work and I have a short shift change tonight. >,< Naw.

(btw. we had bright blue sky today... but the wind was horrible. XD)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 11, 2014, 09:20:33 pm
So... hi?
Sorry it took me a while to get this done. My internet has been bad enough to want to pluck my own hair out with frustration.
I have no idea how I am supposed to even get work done when it's like this OTL

Yuneyn, I had no idea that you were getting married (or had and were planning a ceremony again)! That's so amazing! You should take.. no, actually not you since you are the bride, you should get someone to take millions of pictures and share some of them with us so we can see how beautiful it will be! A themed wedding honestly sounds so amazing... I have only been to two wedding and they were both loud and crazy Turkish weddings that made me want to become a hermit afterwards  "^_^

Also, Ahiku, don't think I didn't see the tomato soup you ruined by adding Tabasco in it. How could you...
Weather report from Turkey: Warm with mild breeze that smells like the sea ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 12, 2014, 12:43:23 am
Hi^^ Can't believe I'm up so early XD My husband headbutted me in bed when he woke up (ok, he really didn't mean to lol) and it woke me up really good ^^;

Sorry your internet is so bad Elanra! Bad internet also drives me crazy... I guess we get used to everything going fast pretty quickly and it's hard to adjust when it doesn't want to work anymore. I hope it gets better!

Themed weddings are pretty common here I guess... At least that's the impression I have when I look at forums. It's nothing big, but people just incorporate a few elements... like a color code, or artstyle for the invitation, place cards, table numbers.. etc. Since we want to give a Japanese touch, the invitations and place cards have images of cherry blossom and Mt Fuji on them, the centerpieces will be made from orchids and small rocks (like a zen garden... with flowers lol), the table numbers will be kanji instead of numbers (I really want to see people look for their table haha!)... things like that. I saw some beautiful Japan-themed wedding dresses online, but they're crazy expensive so... mine will be the regular white dress^^ Though I did buy a kimono hair accessory with pink/white cherry blossom in Japan, so I'll have this.
But yeah, I'll show you pictures^^ It's in exactly 2 months now!

Can't give a weather report though, I haven't opened the blinds yet... But first I want to watch Game of Thrones, I just can't go on Tumblr or Twitter or other websites until I do!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 03:04:24 am
Weddings this year!! It's kind of crazy! My high school friend is getting married in July, my sister's previous roommate is getting married in June (and I get to be a guest for one of the greatest receptions I can imagine. CAMPING!) AND I have my first wedding as an ordained minister! Pretty nervous, to be honest!

Weather here: storms all week. YAY!

Also... I don't know anyone else here, so I feel a little awkward. I just really, really love No.6. I should probably add another "really" to that. Or maybe ten.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 12, 2014, 05:50:25 am
I wish you the best of luck with your wedding! Can't say if I'll ever have one to be quite honest, but gosh you must be so excited. July is usually a great time weather-wise where I live, and that's if we're lucky ahah, we usually have constant cold and rain but sometimes the sun likes to show itself around July time. I hope it all goes well. And Weisel.. I can definitely agree with you on that.

And sorry for just.. casually coming into here as well. It's good to meet you all anyway.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 12, 2014, 07:57:14 am
Ahh, Yuneyn, that wedding already sounds beautiful...
I always wanted to do something involving design.. to be honest. Like interior design or event planning and such, so things like this with involving planning and sticking with themes really get my blood rushing. It's so exciting and meaningful to me.
I really wish you the most amazing and unforgettable day. I hope you'll feel like it's all as beautiful as a dream.

And omg Weisel, that sounds like such an experience you've got coming! Enjoy every second of it, that's truly a story to tell ^^
You and Sshion but should not feel awkward at all. The whole purpose of this forum is to interact with each other, bond over our love for No.6 and get to know one another. Please feel free to be yourselves and say whatever you might have in your mind. 
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 12, 2014, 12:14:29 pm
Thanks for the nice messages :) It's true there are many weddings in the summer! In my case I've seen most of my high school and college friends get married during the last two years, and this year also (we had 2 weddings on 2 week ends in a row last month XD). And the ones who got married in 2012 are now having babies - which is traumatizing me a little.

But wow, Weisel, it seems like such a nice experience to be the minister! Do you know the people you will be marrying? I can imagine it must be pretty emotional when you do this for people close to you.

Cherry blossom give me kind of a peaceful feeling... Maybe because I have such fond memories of last spring. In Japan, flats are pretty poorly isolated, so basically you're freezing the whole winter... But then spring comes, and it felt so good to see those flowers everywhere. The cold times were over :) But it's funny, if anyone had told me 4 years ago that my wedding would have a lot of pink in it I would have laughed... I didn't like pink so much... But I guess I got used to it. Also I'm like you Elanra, I do love planning and party planning, defining a theme... I guess back at my old boring job I was mostly proud of my pretty Excel files for project management lol!

And yes, please don't hesitate to talk about whatever you want! It's ok if you don't know the people, that's why this forum is for :)
By the way, I love the discussion about Shion and Safu's relationship, I don't really have time to get back into the novels and add my thoughts, but I definitely enjoy reading everyone's analysis.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 12, 2014, 01:49:01 pm
@Yuneyn *patpat* Don’t be traumatized… you don’t need to drop a baby right now XD
But I have to say I was really traumatized when you told me your friend’s baby is already two months old… It didn’t feel that it was that long ago. Ok I mean… it’s not that long… just two months. One of my colleagues visited us a couple of days ago, her little daughter is also two months now. Sometimes I’m scared because time flies so fast… >,< And you’re wedding is suddenly so soon…
Where has all that time gone?
Ah, I don’t like pink that much as well, but cherry blossoms are just beautiful. Hope you’ll find some nice sakura accessories for your wedding dress soon. ^^

@Weisel: Wow, that sounds really cool. Good luck then…! I can understand that you’re very nervous.
And yeah, like the others said… just relax. ^^ We can get to know each other here. That’s why we started this board.

@Sshion:  Please join our conversations. It’s nice to meet you, too. ^_^

 @Elanra: Awww, man… XD You found it out… Shoot! *cooks new, extremely delicious tomato with real tomatoes soup for her child* Here you go~!

Today I accidentally drank rotten ice tea at work… urghs... Q_Q  Eww, I ate/drank rotten food 3 days in a row, and I managed not to puke yet. But I finally managed to go groceries shopping today. God, I’m so glad when May is finally over. My April - May schedule was like hell… Someday I’ll find those stupid schedulers and then… I’ll do really horrible things with them. They are somewhere underground and I guess they know why they have to hide. (<_<)

Btw:  :) ;) :D ;D >:(  The smileys here are pretty ugly... I'll try to insert better ones soon.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 12, 2014, 03:09:52 pm
Thank you for the new soup, Ahiku-mama *__*
Ohgod you need to take care of yourself! I am so glad you went grocery shopping. Eating rotten food is so bad for you you might think you are alright but it might take you down when you least expect it.
Please be careful ;A;

And yes, new smileys pls.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 04:05:50 pm
Quick story of how I ended up in this situation... I met the bride when I was twelve and she was sixteen, and we performed together through three years of marching band and musicals. I actually had no idea she wasn't married (since she got pregnant during her last year of high school and I'd assumed she married the father as it usually goes in our community) until a mutual friend told her that I was a minister when she was looking for one. So I got a text from my friend asking me if I'd marry her in June and I said I'd do it for her at no cost. I just became an ordained minister this past February with the thought "this will come in handy sometime, so why not?" (And fun fact, my father is a minister as well for the same reason.) So now I'm going to perform my first marriage in a month! ...AAAHHHHHH!!!

Also I'll try not to be too nervous about meeting people here. I've just always been really afraid of annoying people, so I usually keep to myself. But then when i start talking, I go on and on and on...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 12, 2014, 04:12:19 pm
Aha thanks guys!

Ah same as Elanra said, hope you're feeling better and please be careful. I wish I have something exciting to say here but alas I'm just crammed with college work for the next two months sigh, though then is a whole 10 weeks of summer for me.

And as for the Shion and Safu thing, I agree with that too! I'm reading the novels over again at the moment actually, I hope to get them on paper soon.. when I can ahah, but it's great to see everyone's opinions and points of views in a place much quieter, tumblr can be.. overwhelming at times xD. I hope to contribute in other places here too soon, once I have time to produce things for here, so I should say thank you for making this ahah.

@Weisel I'm sure you're not annoying at all! I'm nervous too, but here is to openly express your thoughts and opinions right?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 05:19:19 pm
@sshion: I just worry since I feel like a lot of times I get comfortable with people way too fast and get carried away and everyone else is like "god, what have we done...?"

So someone please tell me if I start crossing any lines. I've already ruined a few potential friendships by being too forward or open and I really don't want to do that anymore.

Okay, I'll try to stop with the awkwardness and insecurity over here.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hannaadi88 on May 12, 2014, 06:07:53 pm
Well I guess I'll make an awkward reply as well and butt in on the conversation :') You guys all sound so cool, I can't wait to get to know you!

All of this wedding planning sounds dreamy. I'm in no rush to marry, myself, but in my society the common marriage age is getting lower and lower since you're not allowed to touch until you're married. Not everyone observes that, of course, but I do know people who married at 19/20...and yet, never been to a wedding before. This cherry blossom theme sounds so beautiful <3

Bringing up a whole new topic, but I feel like I've got to get this off my chest. I have my first ever job interview tomorrow and I'm super nervous. It's a temporary position as a sales person for a major publisher's stand at our annual book week fair. I'm curious- what was your first job like? How did your first interview go, if you had one?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 12, 2014, 06:39:42 pm
I figure this is a good time for me to throw in some of my own experiences since I've had quite a few jobs considering my age. Only two of them had a formal interview before I was hired, which was a bit stressful... I'm actually pretty good at interviews since I've done a lot of academic competitions in high school that required that skill, plus I smile a lot when I'm nervous, so it's hard for anyone else to tell that I'm internally freaking out. But what I've found for really stressful situations that make me sick with nerves, doing something right before that is easy and fun for you helps! Right before my jury in December (where I had to play my euphonium in front of four music professors who know more about my instrument than I ever will and they decide if I get to stay in the music program at the university), I hula hooped outside the room for the ten minutes before I had to go inside. Usually playing in front of anyone makes me panic enough that I can't breathe and sometimes start crying, but I totally nailed it that time. All the professors scoring me were surprised by how well I did and my teacher was super happy with me. I don't know what would make you mentally chill out like hula hooping does for me, but it's the general concept that matters. Also the breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, exhale for eight seconds trick works really well, too, if you're getting really anxious.

My very first job was at a bakery my English teacher's family ran and I happened to get that job when he asked my friend if she'd be interested in working for them. My very first day of work was my interview itself and involved selling baked goods at a farmers' market. I had to pick up on doing fast mental math which scared me a lot at first, but I got the hang of it! That was one of my favorite jobs, but my first job with a larger company that required a formal interview was at Target. It was a reliable way to get income, but I personally got tired of it pretty fast. My fourth job was my favorite, which was baking treats for a coffee shop. I got to schedule my own hours just as long as it was when the place was closed and I got everything done. Since I was working two other jobs with set hours then, there were a lot of 2AM baking sessions. That's the only job I was really sad to quit.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 13, 2014, 02:32:00 am
@Weisel Oh that's nice, I'm sure the wedding will be amazing^^ Don't be nervous :)
And just like Sshion said, I'm sure you're not annoying. Besides not many people really know each other here, so I feel like it's always interesting to read about everyone. And you've had so many experiences, feel free to talk^^

@Hannaadi88 Good luck for your interview!! I hope you get the job!
My first job was an internship I did during my first year of college (not counting the baby sitting I did throughout high school)... There was just a short phone interview, because it did not require any skills. It was a one-month internship "to discover life in a company", so they had me do some inventory work... basically counting screws the whole day. But the colleagues were a lot of fun, so it was not too boring.

After that I had other internships in my field of work (IT), but I guess I was never too stressed about that. Since I don't really like what I'm doing I guess I'm just like "meh... whatever, let's get it over with", because I don't really care about the job itself, I just want a random job. If I had to interview for something I really want I'd totally be nervous XDXD. (It's actually a wonder, because I totally suck at lying but somehow I always come up as very motivated and interested during interviews - people say it to me afterwards - I have no idea how it's possible)

Anyway, I have to get going, have a great day everyone!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 13, 2014, 08:50:54 am
My first job was as an intern at a hotel since at that time, I was in a vocational school for Hotel Management and Tourism. It was obligatory as part of the education program so there weren't any interviews. Despite having scored very high on my end-of-year average grade and securing a position at one of the best 5 star hotels in the area, my mother wanted me to pick the school's practice hotel for its proximity to my house. That was a mistake though because that job was (and still is) the worst working experience of my life, so it's a really bad memory for me.
Then I worked for two separate companies as an assistant manager / secretary; answering phones, booking flights and making reservations, greeting clients, making sure my bosses' schedules ran smoothly and such. My ability to speak, understand and write in English to a degree not common where I live, has been kind of an edge in helping me get jobs I really needed. I had interviews for both jobs and although I was nervous both times, I tried to remain calm and collected and not fidget around too much when the bosses were talking to me. The anxiety hits its highest right before you are called in to the office for the interview and I usually try to focus on the things that motivated me to look for a job. I usually promise myself a small treat before interviews on the condition that it goes well, like buying a book I've really wanted to get, or buying myself a piece of clothing or just.. taking my family out for a dinner.
I am working for an advertising agency as a writer right now and my interview for that job was pretty mild and unintimidating. Maybe it's because it was the kind of job I really wanted since it involves writing, so I tried my hardest to be honest without being too humble and insecure about my skills and abilities and I was told to start right away, like, the very next day. I haven't disappointed anyone yet.

It's been over two years since then and now I am working freelance for the agency after a move and am currently looking for a second job. I have actually been getting in and out of several interviews for the past month. You need to be respectful, alert and appear confident. You need to make them feel they need you as much as you need the job. The last two interviews I've been to didn't work out for me because I found out things about the companies that I could not work with so one of my suggestions would be to prepare your questions before you go. Because as they ask you questions, you also should ask them your own. You never know what you might learn regarding what's expected of you, what're the conditions they might not mention on their on volition. You should also read up on the company you are interviewing. Go through their website if they have one or try to get some information through people you know who might have knowledge about them. Because they will ask you things like 'why us?' or 'what about our company attracts you for your pursuit of success?' or 'how did you find out about us?'. And about taming your anxiety, the breathing exercise honestly helps but if it doesn't, maybe take a book with you to the interview and read on your way to the place or while waiting instead of constantly thinking about the interview itself and fueling your anxiety. Be prepared as much as possible but don't obsess over it. That's pretty much it ^^ 
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 13, 2014, 12:07:00 pm
My ability to speak, understand and write in English to a degree not common where I live, has been kind of an edge in helping me get jobs I really needed.

The first time I’ve read one of your fanfictions I had the feeling you’re a native English speaker.  How did you learn English so well? Did you learn it autodidactically? You’ve written that you love reading a lot, so I guess that helped a lot, since it affords insight into foreign languages and cultures. Or have you ever lived in the States expect for the time you stayed with thesexymaid? ^^

@Hannaadi88 I also wish you good luck. ^^ I can understand that you’re probably really nervous.

My first job interview was after finishing my graphic design job training. Although I should rather say it wasn’t a real job, it was an internship. We had to intern with a graphic design related company to graduate, after finishing our complementary work. Mine was illustrating some of Christian Morgenstern’s poems and then I had to print the book. 2 weeks of internship were obligatory, but I stayed 3 month in an animation studio. The interview was not that bad… the only thing was that they didn’t want me for just 3, but 6 month. There was no way to stay that long, because they didn’t pay their threshold workers and I just had 3 month left until my orphan’s pension expired. I had to find a “real” job afterwards for a living. 

The internship was not that cool. I really loved animation films, especially Ghibli movies… so it was like a dream to work there… But it was just an illusion. In the end I was their general servant and replaced some of their workers when they had their summer vacation. I rendered scenes, wrote reports, assisted the cutter guy… I was the director’s assistant’s assistant… And I learned nearly nothing about animations. ^^° The best thing was, that they started to have shootings with kids for a show (an animated and real kids show)… So I was set-runner, babysitter, prop master…and a dummy for the cameraman when he prepared his shots, because he couldn’t use the kids, they were just 4-5 years old. So they always told me what I had to do and I crawled on my knees across the greenbox and when one of the kids started to cry I had to do the hand shot… ( they just filmed my hand while I held a brush… ^^° The producers said it was ok since I have small hands… <_<) But the best thing were the two weeks I had to take care of a frog because they needed him (his name was Olaf) for another shoot. First they refused to give me money to buy flies for him, so I had to catch flies outdoors with a Tupperware container. God that was so awkward. <_<° After three days the other producer feared that the frog might die, because I didn’t catch enough flies, so I was allowed to go and buy some. The best thing happened when I called the pet store beforehand…

Me: Do you sell flies?
Shop: Uh, yeah. For what kind of animal do you need them?
Me: For a pretty hungry frog.
Shop: Ah, yeah, we have some day flies.
Me: No, I need huge flies. Pretty huge flies!
Animation guys: O__O Frog? Flies? HUGE? WTF?
Me: o.o Yeah. I have to go now. But I’ll come back together with them.

Well, those are things you expect when you gonna work for an animation studio. ^^°

Okay… that was quite off topic…XDDD Sorry. But when I think about it…everything sounds really funny. But back then it wasn’t funny at all. It was nothing but annoying.

So my first real job was a call center job. Horrible, horrible… I worked for Vodafone and it was the biggest **** ever. I’ll never work for a telecommunication company again. People yelled at me all day long. I could understand them, I would also be pissed when my internet’s gone all day long, but they want pretty cheap stuff, so they get a pretty cheap connection.
Ah and I had to work for the elderly people phone tariff hotline then. That was really stupid. ^^° Try to explain a 75 year old grandma that she should take the SIM card out of her modem to test it in her mobile phone… There were even younger people who called and asked: “My modem doesn’t work. Why?” and I tried to help them at least ten minutes until I desperately asked if it was plugged in the wall. ^^° It wasn’t.
Ah, btw… The interview for this job was pretty easy, just a little bit EDP stuff, and then they tested if I’m able to talk to other people on the phone. That was it.
But the job was horrible, so I searched another one after half a year.

And that’s my current job… the job interview was horrifying. XD Because it was a two-day test marathon: Common knowledge, make of cars, geography, routes of German highways, several interviews, one of those interviews in English, Math, German, English, computer tests, logical reasoning… Luckily I could skip some of the tests, because I was somehow able to convince them of my abilities. ^^°

BTW: Something else… I dreamed of Elanra and thesexymaid last night… A strange guy put some boxes in a transporter and you were hiding in some of them to escape the government for whatever reason. (I just knew you were in some of the boxes, I didn’t see you…) and after a complete change of scene some random people and I searched for Elanra who was lost in labyrinth of bathroom stalls…  ^^° Weird.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 13, 2014, 03:34:37 pm
Awww... another btw!
It's not possible to change those...extremly ugly smileys. It's just possible when you upgrade the forum and pay for it monthly. X'D This is torture, forum guys! It's not even possible to disable or hide them. *hits every of those stinky yellow things in the face*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 13, 2014, 08:50:23 pm
The first time I’ve read one of your fanfictions I had the feeling you’re a native English speaker.  How did you learn English so well? Did you learn it autodidactically? You’ve written that you love reading a lot, so I guess that helped a lot, since it affords insight into foreign languages and cultures. Or have you ever lived in the States expect for the time you stayed with thesexymaid? ^^

Most of it was autodidactical admittedly. I've always been fascinated in the language ever since I realized what it truly meant to learn a second language in 7th grade (we started learning English in the 6th grade back then, now students start as early as first grade) when I was listening to a song on the radio in my mother's car and I understood the lyrics. I was so blown away by the realization that learning English wasn't just something to help me get a better job in the future, it opened up the entire world to me. I could travel, I could immerse myself in other cultures, I could appreciate the beauty of songs, movies, books in their original language when their intended spirit and meaning was not lost in translation. I started borrowing English short stories and intermediate level novels from the school libraries and tried to read them with a dictionary beside me. I have maybe half a dozen dictionaries nearly falling apart in boxes because I never allowed myself to be too lazy to skip a word I didn't know when reading. I looked up every single one of them and it made me feel so proud if I could remember them later on while writing or speaking to someone. I started watching shows and movies in their original language with Turkish subtitles until I didn't need them anymore. By highschool, I was way ahead of the class in English and my heart was already stolen by creative writing. I had a teacher when I was 18 who was.. almost like a father to me... He was the first person to ever read some of my poems and short stories and he encouraged me so much, I probably wouldn't have been the person I am today if it wasn't for him. He also pushed me to take the British Language and Literature exam for the Cambridge University that my school at the time co-executed with Cambridge and even though I scored high enough to earn a scholarship, I wasn't able to go because of family reasons ;A;

My love for the language only grew in time. It still grows everyday. Every new book I read, every new word I learn, puns, jokes, phrases, slang terms.. they all fascinate me and excite me so much. I was never the kind of person to feel ashamed to ask what something meant nor was I embarrassed at making mistakes. I wanted to be corrected and to be taught new stuff. Forgetting a word really upsets me though and I literally can't sleep at night unless I remember the exact word I am thinking of. That's also why is one of my most used bookmarks xD

Delving in No.6 fanned the feeble flames of my shy attempts at creative writing into an all-out wildfire. I have never written so much in my life nor have I ever been as happy in my writing as I am now. I am still nowhere near half as good as I want to be but the kind of inspiration and nagging need to write; to continue the story No.6 makes me feel was something I've never felt in my life before and it truly changed my life. It's because I got confidence in my writing I dared to apply for a job at an advertisement agency for a position in writing alone; something I'd have never done pre-No.6, and I got the job. ^^

And again, it's thanks to No.6 I found my favorite written piece in the world. I have read so much... so many books ever since I was as young as six... Nearly two years after the anime ended, thesexymaid wrote a fanfiction named The Fall ( and I've honestly.. never.. read anything as beautiful in my life before. I've probably read it twenty times since it was posted and can recite some lines from it by heart now and even just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. I am absolutely in love with the astonishing mystic and that.. near poetic excellence of her piece and I will likely never get over it. It was perfect... just simply.. perfect. She reminded me one more time just why the English language is so beautiful, why No.6 with its characters is nothing like we have seen before, why I am the kind of person that lives for love and why it's the one thing worth living.. and dying for. Since it was such a personal piece for me...  it'll always be unequally special to me.

So, yes, thesexymaid has a huge part in improving my English because even though I have always been ridiculously passionate about it, I was never using it THIS actively in the past before. I think, write, even dream in English now and after spending six months with her in the states without speaking a word of Turkish, I feel she has given me a priceless experience that I'll always be grateful for for the rest of my life. I've been to the states before but it was only for two weeks on 2012, it was nothing like what she did for me. She changed my life just as much as No.6 did by making it possible for me to meet her ^^

BTW: Something else… I dreamed of Elanra and thesexymaid last night… A strange guy put some boxes in a transporter and you were hiding in some of them to escape the government for whatever reason. (I just knew you were in some of the boxes, I didn’t see you…) and after a complete change of scene some random people and I searched for Elanra who was lost in labyrinth of bathroom stalls…  ^^° Weird.

Ohmygod! I do want to escape my government but in boxes in a transporter?!? AND GDI THESEXYMAID YOU LEFT ME BEHIND AND I GOT LOST. I hope you found me Ahiku because I am sure she was too busy shooting down or slitting the throats of whoever was chasing us while I was wandering in a bathroom trying to find my way out :/
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: nezushi on May 14, 2014, 04:23:47 am
i hope i'm not intruding by joining in on this chat hahah i just joined the forum today. you all seem like such interesting people! and the fact that you all like no.6 just makes me happy.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 14, 2014, 06:22:39 am
Thanks for your detailed answer, Elanra. It was really, really interesting. I totally like the image of those old used dictionaries – it’s like a witness of your hard work, fascination and curiosity. Admittedly I have to say that I always hated it to look up words and I didn’t understand the importance of the English language when I was still a young student. I started to learn the language when I was 10 years old, but it never awakened my interest completely during my school career, although I chose English to be one of my intensive courses and started to like it a bit more then. When I started to study I needed it, because a lot of specialist literature is in English and it always came in handy when I wanted to read scanlations or subtitled animes…

But yes, it’s not only useful, it is beautiful as well. Although, the same applies to other languages. :3

Sometimes I regret my laziness when I was younger, especially when it comes to talking. I always die a thousand deaths when I have to take English calls at work. Writing is way easier and it gives you more time to think about everything you want to say. But now I also want to learn it better. ^^

Thanks to No. 6.

This series is so special. I guess it helped so many people… Thanks to it I found my creativity again which was lost in a monotonous rut of work and nothing but regret concerning bygone times.

By the way, “The Fall” is really beautiful. (Q_Q) Thanks for your recommendation. I totally understand why you like it so much. Even if thesexymaid is pissed now.

@nezushi: Welcome! X3 I hope you’ll like it here.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 14, 2014, 07:11:07 am
Somehow I have the feeling that a lot of people who speak correct English had to learn it by themselves. In France the education is horrible when it comes to foreign languages, we start late and some teachers are just not good at all. I had one in college who regularly made mistakes while writing on the board and we had to correct him... XD

As for me, I remember wanting to understand the lyrics of the English songs I was listening to when I was younger. And with the beginning of the internet a little later, everything was in English, so if I wanted to find information about my passions I had to become better. I started watching movies and TV shows in English with English subs as soon as I got a DVD player, and it helped a lot. By the time I was in college, you could definitely see the difference between people who, like me, had practiced by themselves; and the ones who only stuck to the school lessons. Those could form sentences... with difficulty.

Now I know that I'm far from being bilingual, but I can't imagine my life without English. Internet, books, TV shows, music... it's all in English for me, and the animes I watch have to have English subs. French translations have pissed me off more than I can tell XD (like how Shion became Aster in the No.6 novel...) I talk to myself in English when I'm alone too^^ I was such a bad student, but English was the only subject I've always been good at, so it's important to me to keep getting better.

Anyway, sorry for rambling! I need to read "The Fall" too, I'll keep it in my tabs and read it when I'm back home tonight ;)

@nezushi Welcome!!! Feel free to join the conversations everywhere :)

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 14, 2014, 09:28:04 am
@Yuneyn (;u=1), oh god I talk to myself in English when I am alone too! It's so embarrassing to admit that for me! I am so happy I am not the only one xD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 14, 2014, 09:46:45 am
It's always great to be able to discuss and read how No. 6 has changed and/or affected everyone in different ways. I always try and encourage new friends and old to read No. 6, the novels were beyond beautiful and quite honestly unlike anything I've ever read before which is probably saying something because I like to read a lot too, it's great to hear that Elanra. It's a shame about the Cambridge thing, I've been there seeing as though I live in Wales and practically live in England too because of my family splitting, but the fact that you got a high enough score for a scholarship is amazing enough.

English was my favourite subject too, as well as Art ahah, I preferred English Language as a course to English Literature, though I blame the material that we had to work with in contrast to other classes. I took a break from English when attending college and studied more on art and game programming, but now hopefully when I go to university, I'll be able to take Creative Writing studies and it includes a bit of theatre too.. sighs because I'm so nervous, and that depends if I even make it to university or not. xD; the results and deadlines aren't long away now.

So.. I'm guessing not everyone here is English or American? Sorry I'm trying to scan through the forum before I'm hurried off to do chores. It's interesting to see just how much No. 6 has influenced others this much! Whisks away to do homework...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 14, 2014, 11:17:36 am
@Elanra, Do you also use English words when you're talking in your mother language? Sometimes the English words seem to fit much more to what I want to say so I use it in the middle of a sentence... But I don't really realize it... And then my friends and family usually make fun of me^^

@sshion, you're right, there's a lot of different nationalities here! Which I personally love, as I love learning about other countries. I'm from France btw, if you didn't get that, but I'm moving to Luxembourg at the end of the week.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 14, 2014, 03:51:09 pm
Oh? I loved France when I went! I remember loving the scenery and the food was great too. I've been to Paris twice, but it'd be nice to visit France again, I really enjoyed it last time. And I had to google Luxembourg but wow *n* it looks gorgeous, lots of beautiful buildings and greenery, I hope the move goes okay for you.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 15, 2014, 12:10:28 pm
@Elanra, Do you also use English words when you're talking in your mother language? Sometimes the English words seem to fit much more to what I want to say so I use it in the middle of a sentence... But I don't really realize it... And then my friends and family usually make fun of me^^

Yes, yes, yes I do. I am guilty. It's either because I legit can't remember the corresponding Turkish word to the English one I am remembering or, like you said, the English word is ten times more fitting than its Turkish translation. Either way, I too get teased by my family a lot about it xD
I don't mind though. Like I said, I've never felt embarrassment about using English whether I make a mistake or not. ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 15, 2014, 12:27:47 pm
I also talk in English to myself from time to time… XD Do you know the phenomena when you know a perfect fitting English word for something, but there’s no word like that in your native language?

Ah, btw. I need another job until August. (<_<) They’ll change our shift system and want to give us shifts from 17pm till 2am, more night shifts and more late shifts in general. At the moment it’s luckily rare that I have to work until 23pm or midnight, but it happens from time to time… and it’s annoying. Totally hate it. I also got an offer today… a friend works for some kind of agency and they want to publish e-books and audio books. And my friend asked me if I could write the script for an audio book for young teens and children. So I wrote 40 pages in like...3 weeks after my full-time job. XD God I was so dead afterwards… but they like it and asked me if I want to start writing regularly now. I guess I’ll do this… although I’m not sure how I will be able to manage it. Even if I like those stories, it’s more work after my regular work. XD And it’s exhausting. And it’s not that I can make a living when I write children’s stories for them. So I need another job. Ahh…difficult… >,< But I always wanted a creative job. And I can write whatever I want to write… they just give you the number of pages and their target audience. (Q_Q) Ahh... I don't know what to do! *stressed*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 15, 2014, 02:47:51 pm
@sshion Thanks a lot^^ Hopefully moving will be alright... I am quite used to it, ever since I was a child my family has been changing apartment quite a lot. Plus after moving to Japan and back... I'd like to think I'm ready for everything lol. (Well, at least they speak French... or will be able to speak English good enough that we won't have so many issues as in Japan)
I guess everyone enjoys France more than I do^^ But objectively it's a nice place to visit, Paris has some beautiful buildings (and if you look up at them you won't see the dirt on the floor, perfect^^), and yeah our food is pretty awesome. I'm excited to see what Luxembourg has in store for me though... I haven't been there yet, but my husband went for his job interview and just like you said, it seems to be a very green and beautiful place.

@Elanra I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to do that too^^ But I don't mind either... maybe I'm even a little proud that English comes to my mind so naturally sometimes.

@Ahiku Omg you really need to change jobs... They've never been really nice to you and their latest idea is terrible XD Do they want everyone to get sick? I really hope you can find something with better hours and a better shift system... *crosses fingers*

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 17, 2014, 03:23:30 pm
Hi all^^
Just stopping by to let you know that I might be a little silent in the next few days since I'm moving to Luxembourg tomorrow and I'm not really sure about whether or not I'll have decent wifi at the hotel we'll be staying at for a while. But I'll start thinking about Nezushi-week in the meantime^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 17, 2014, 03:35:19 pm
I hope the Wifi will be fine when you have to pay 6 Euro just for one day! >,<
Those hotel owners are cutthroads, nothing more. oO Have a safe trip to Luxembourg tomorrow! *gives you a NezuShi bento box and a lot of muffins* Take care!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 17, 2014, 07:11:55 pm
@Yuneyn (http://@Yuneyn) Ahah, yeah I really enjoyed Paris. Ah right? I've honestly never moved house before.. ever. Omg x__x but I can imagine it's tiring! I hope the move goes okay gosh :') one thing I'd look forward to if/when I have to move is rearranging my bedroom and all that, idk, I find doing that fun haha. But yes! Best of luck for it and I hope you settle down well, a beautiful place you're moving to so I hope you like it there <3!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 19, 2014, 02:16:00 pm

OMG just watching some Yt Videos...and found this. XD OMG... he's cute, lol. Japanese people are scary, he looks soooo young.

Well, pack up and go home Nezumi. Shion can sing as well. XD

@sshion: Wow, never? Yeah, moving is pretty tiring. I moved a couple of times, but not pretty often, I think. Last year I moved in one of the crossroads, so it was really close to my old apartment. But even that was tiring enough. The only great thing is, that you have to tidy out radically. XD Ah, I also think there's a difference when you lived in a big house for several years or if you're moving a lot like Yuneyn and most of your stuff and furniture is stocked somewhere else... and you're more used to it then. ^^ (But it's definitely always exhausting...)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 19, 2014, 04:30:24 pm
I've moved more than 20 times. Idon'tevenremembertheexactnumberanymore. (;゙°´ω°´)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 19, 2014, 09:48:11 pm
I move at least once a year so all of my stuff fits in my car. If something doesn't fit, I don't need it! My dresser is actually plastic boxes that snap together and I use those for packing most of my things. Aside from the big things like my sewing machine, tool box, instruments, and blankets, most of my stuff fits in those six boxes. I really love the feeling of being able to just pick up and move in one go with just my car. ...Which I've done quite a few times.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 20, 2014, 11:14:14 am
Haha I've also moved more than 20 times... I've lost count but it could be interesting to list all the places I've lived in. So moving isn't really a big deal for me anymore. Finding a place in Luxembourg however, seems crazy hard. We'll see.

Anyway, it's quiet here but pretty, and I never have any idea which language I'm supposed to speak in so sometimes I just end up speaking English. I even spoke Japanese today, with the chef of a great Japanese restaurant^^

If anyone wants to see what it looks like, here are two great views I captured today: ( (

Oook, need to go buy food now! See you soon^^

PS: Kaji Yuki's video was awesome!!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 20, 2014, 03:30:44 pm
Ahhh those are such beautiful pictures! Do you have them up on your blog? I would love to reblog them on my personal blog. I am a sucker for travel and scenery photography.
Ahh I always admire people that can speak more than one language. It's such an eye-opening skill. I hope you are having fun!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 20, 2014, 03:48:13 pm
Sorry I don't put those on my blog... Ah but maybe I should open a travel blog and post all my other Instagram pics from Japan, New Zealand and such. If I have time I might do it, I'll let you know! (First I need to find an apartment XD)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 21, 2014, 06:06:34 am
Yeah, that would be cool. :3 The NZ pictures were always so amazing... light blue water! *-* So beautiful. And Japan is also always interesting.

Good luck! >,< I hope you'll be able find something soon. Or better to say a landlord who'll accept you even with training period... (._.)

Aww, it's suddenly so hot here. (@.@)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 21, 2014, 10:52:40 am
Yeah, I was pissed at the world so I tried to make a secondary blog, only to realize that I can only link my primary blog to my Instagram account.. so I'll think about it, because no way I'll use "Yuneyn", no one I know can learn about the existence of my smutty fanfictions :P

God finding a place is so annoying here, somehow it was much easier in Japan lol (ok, we had a letter from the Japanese company to help us, that's why, but still). I just want to lie in bed and binge-eat chocolate until I explode. @Ahiku I'll write you tomorrow, I can't write when I'm like this or I'll just send you 3 pages of me complaining the whole time.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 21, 2014, 11:25:26 am
Oh, it's stupid that instagramm won't accept a secondary blog. D:

Ah that's okay. Just take your time. ^^
But it's also ok when you feel like complaining. o.o I also complain a lot about work from time to time...or...always ^^°
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 21, 2014, 12:16:35 pm
@yuneyn (;u=1), I hope it all works out soon. Take it easy! o(^w^)o
But yeah.. I blog where I could see your fantastic travel photos would be amazing. It's really annoying that you can't pick which account to connect with third party websites. The same happens with ExFm. It links with my Elanra account when I want it linked to my personal. It'sreallyannoying. >.<
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 22, 2014, 10:54:30 am
@Ahiku (http://@Ahiku) Yes never! Although we're having to sell our house because my parents split up.. so it's like @__@;; never done it before wow. Gonna miss this house terribly considering the fact that I've lived in it for 19 years! Hahah. I'm not good at tidying up sadly, but I guess it'll be fun to rearrange things and all that. Like a fresh new start and whatnot! I hope I get to move somewhere close to my old house too then xD. It sounds pretty confusing, I'm pretty sure I'll have to move to a smaller house so gotta pick and choose what to take and leave behind. And ah yes I hope the move did go okay for Yuneyn! And 20 times is so many times whoa...

Also those pictures are really beautiful goodness.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 22, 2014, 11:30:12 am
Oook I am very stubborn, so I managed to find a way to link Instagram to a secondary Tumblr account :D I did not waste precious time doing so, I don't even care, so any new photo I post on it will be on the secondary blog I created:
I'll mostly repost my old instagram photos for a while, because I have tons of these, but I have also tons of other pics from all my travels... so I'll randomly post these. So if anyone is interested by travel pictures, there you go. And because it's linked to my Instagram now, there might also be some random stuff and pretty food, but mostly it's going to be lanscapes and such.

By the way, the site I used to link Instagram to a secondary Tumblr account is It's really convenient, they have tons of special rules to link different apps together... @Elanra, maybe you can find a solution to your issue

@sshion I'm sorry to hear this about your parents. But like you said, moving can be a fresh start. It's nice to start again in a new place, when there's nothing at first you can arrange it the way you really want it to be. And it's also a good opportunity to sort through things and get rid of stuff you realize you never use. Good luck!!

Although, piece of advice: if you can avoid moving one month before your wedding, then AVOID IT. I'm going crazy here^^ The No.6 AMV thread is actually very nice for my brain-breaks though^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on May 22, 2014, 03:24:16 pm
@yuneyn (;u=1) Ahh, that's a useful little website! Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't able to find anything on ExFm but there are other stuff I'm definitely willing to try!
I immediately hit 'follow' on your blog because, god, those pictures are so gorgeous! They look professional! Are you possibly interested in photography? They just look really beautiful. I queued everything on there ;A;

@sshion (;u=15), I am also sorry to hear about your parents. I went through the same thing when I was 13 and had to move out from the house I grew up in. After that I honestly never felt like we had a house which felt like a 'home' as much as that one. It can be exciting, especially if you are happy about the place you are going. A fresh start is always a good feeling too. Kind of makes you feel anew. About picking what to take with you and what to leave behind, it isn't usually the main furniture and such that takes the most space. It's the clutter that fills them that'll likely you give you trouble if you take too much. So you may want to eliminate all the old stuff that you don't need and make sure you find a place with a lot of storage areas. Cupboards, in-built wardrobes, pantries, attics etc. I hope it all works out for you and you'll love your new house.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 23, 2014, 08:53:08 am
@Elanra Wow thank you so much^^ I'm glad you liked them! I am in no way a professional photographer, I only like to take tons of photos when I'm in a beautiful place... And all the photos I posted yesterday have a nice Instagram filter to make them look prettier, so I'm cheating a little^^. I have also queued a few that are not from Instagram... I'll try to queue a lot of pics so that it'll last a few days, with about 5 photos/day.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on May 23, 2014, 12:55:55 pm
@yuneyn (http://@yuneyn). Thank you for the advice! It's not too much of a big deal now, just gotta found a house and all. I'm usually a really messy person.. I hope I can take this opportunity to start keeping tidy a bit more. And gosh that really does sound hectic, I can only imagine.. I hope everything is okay regardless! That thread is, it's great to go to and spend your time watching amazing videos, really good for the mind and inspiration.

@Elanra (http://@Elanra). I feel as though I'm going to have a hard time leaving certain things behind, but I know I'll feel a lot better once I do. Having a tidier house and room in general makes me feel less stressed and all that. I guess it's gonna feel weird but I'm sure I'll grow to love my new house better, I hope. I'll use this opportunity as well to get a new bed since the one I have now is god awful. xD. Thank you <3.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 23, 2014, 01:50:24 pm
I’m sorry to hear about your parents. O.o I hope it’s not too hard for you.
Ohh, I'm also pretty messy! XD When I moved in my recent apartment I left a lot of stuff behind. I guess it was at least 60% of my old household. I just had so many unnecessary things and I was totally glad that I had so much space in my new apartment then and I also planned to be tidier. Ok, I'm a little bit tidier now. But it's still messy. x,x

I guess the biggest problem is my grandma. She buys a lot of stuff and when she doesn’t want it anymore or notice that she doesn’t really need it she’s sending it to me. I have various lampshades (and I never wanted them XD), at least 3 old school mobiles, because she bought them and had no clue how to use them properly, her cordless telephone because she didn’t like it that the keys are on her face while phoning and other stuff I don't really need. Fortunately I managed it to convince her to bring that stuff back to where she got it from when she doesn’t need it. In the end she means well, and she’s really generous, especially with me, even though she has two other grand-children and one great-grandchild. But well, she raised me. So we were always close.^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 29, 2014, 12:48:31 pm
Hellooo? ello...ello...llo...lo....o.....o..... *echo*

Where are you guys? (;_;)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 29, 2014, 02:26:39 pm
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hamlet on May 29, 2014, 04:11:55 pm
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 29, 2014, 04:15:31 pm
Yay, there are still people left! XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 29, 2014, 04:27:37 pm
Just thought of this... I can't remember if I said anything about it before, but I'll be going to A-Kon next week if anyone else might by chance be going! I'd love to say hi if anyone is.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Vox on May 31, 2014, 09:35:41 am
@Weisel, ahhh, I wish I could go! Are you going to cosplay?
Anyone else going to conventions?

I'm doing Otakon this summer, tho I probably won't be in No. 6 cosplay for reasons of funds.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 31, 2014, 12:01:29 pm
@Vox: Yes, I'll be cosplaying there! Friday I'll be Flynn from Tales of Vesperia and on Saturday I'll be Eve! I'll definitely post pictures of myself and my Shion that day. We're gonna be so cuuute! Wish I could've had the chance to see you, though. Well, Otakon should be super fun for you at least!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on May 31, 2014, 04:30:07 pm
Hellooooo I'm still alive, I just don't have a moment to myself lately^^ (And when I do I want to stop staring at my laptop's screen XD)
But I'm still reading new threads from time to time, so you can find me lurking around. It'll be better around mid-July!!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on May 31, 2014, 04:54:30 pm
@Yuneyn: *gives you super power NezuShi threads. They'll give you lots of energy for moving and your wedding preparations* ^^

@Vox and Weisel:
Have a lot of fun. I liked it to go on conventions when I was younger. ^^ But now I don't go there anymore... XD I can't stand it when it's so crowded. ~_~ The only one I visit from time to time is a book fair in Leipzig... they have a whole hall just for manga fans and three for normal books. Although the manga fans act really horrible from time to time, they even scare the "normal" people. ^^° And think it's like any other con... but it isn't.
But well... it was better when I was younger. They had a big Japan themed area where a friend of mine used to work every year... but now they don't want it anymore. And there was a really big manga drawing contest each year... I participated each year XD

But now... I guess I'm too old now. lol XD orz
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Elanra on June 01, 2014, 01:44:40 pm
I am sorry for the lack of activity on my part too. I am really busy with agency work these days and can't find much time to do anything else. I still plan on writing a fic for the relationship day (it could be post reunion day too since it fits both) but please excuse the inactivity now. Thread games are a lot of fun! You should definitely have more of those ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: sshion on June 04, 2014, 06:50:41 pm
I am super sorry for not being here ;__; as of late too. My college course ends in 2 weeks and I have to cram in a lot of work and everything is just all over the place. Just a quick message here before I'm off to do more work! I'll reply properly soon. I want to have something ready for the week too if I can. I hope everyone is all and well. <3
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on June 27, 2014, 12:58:15 pm
*revives forum* Hey guys XD What are you doing at the moment? ^^
Do you enjoy summer? Do you have vacations? Do you plan on going on a journey?

I'll just stay here and work...try to find another job... ^^° We've summer season and that's pretty annoying and stressful. (.___.)°
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on June 27, 2014, 07:27:12 pm
I just got back from performing my first marriage! And in a couple days I'll be moving to New York. That's what's going on in my little part of the world!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on June 29, 2014, 11:24:22 am was it? o.o
Wow, moving to New York sounds cool. Did you find a job there?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hamlet on July 01, 2014, 02:04:02 pm
@Weisel good luck with moving! :D
I love summer.. I am mostly enjoying the nice weather and trying to get into a school for next year(so far it's not going so well but I'm not giving up!!)and looking for a summer job. It's pretty hard to find something here though ^^'
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 01, 2014, 02:32:50 pm
Good luck, Hamlet :3 I hope you'll find a nice summer job.

I don't like summer that much. Can't stand heat and I've a slight sun allergy... but even though I can't stay outside for too long since i've a pretty pale skin type. I don't get tanned skin, but I turn red like a cooked lobster. ^^°
But at the moment we don't have summer weather here in Germany. At least not in my city. I rather have the feeling we have monsoon (we don't!) but it rains nearly everyday. It rains horribly intensely and always then when I'm outside without an umbrella. Or when I did my laundry. (>_<)

I prefer fall. Or the change between summer and fall...when it's a bit more chilly but sunny and the trees are beautifully colored... ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hamlet on July 01, 2014, 03:36:11 pm
Autumn is really nice too! :D I get cold really easy, that's why I prefer summer. (I hope to move to a warmer country one day.) I don't really tan either, I have freckles ^^' My family tans really easy though, it's unfair! ;u;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 01, 2014, 05:22:09 pm
Where do you live? o.o And where woud you like to live?
Freckles? Aw, that's cute. ^^ Do you have red hair?
Aww...'s not cool when you're the only one who doesn't tan easily, especially when you want to tan. *huggle*
I prefer staying pale... my skin looks so weird when it's reddish brown. And I'll always end up getting an itchy rash and sunburn. That's just annoying. ^^° (But when I'm tanned I don't get that stupid allergy anymore... when I was a kid I had to take beta-carotene pills to tan without going outside... another reason to dislike summer XD I just can't swallow pills...)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hamlet on July 02, 2014, 03:38:47 am
I live in the Netherlands(so we're sort of neighbours ;u; ).. I am thinking about Spain, I really like the people/atmosphere there :D
naww thank you! I have brown hair, it has some copper glow though. n_n
Brrr sunburns.. That's the only disadvantage to summer for me ^^' Staying pale would be better than medication and sunburns D:
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 02, 2014, 01:16:41 pm
Ahhhh o.o Were you the one who asked me on Tumblr if I was from Germany or somehwere around there? Because I posted a time in the tags or something like that? I vaguely remember something like that. Sorry if it wasn't you, Hamlet. ^^ But I think the one who asked was from the Netherlands.
Yaaay, we're neighbors! *-* *hug*
Oh...I never was in Spain before... (because of the heat... so I'd prefer northern countries or better Japan XD But ok it's pretty hot there in summer in Tokyo... x.x When I was there it was February and March, so it was just perfect.)
Good luck! I hope you'll be able to live in Spain one day. ^^ I think once you're tanned you won't get sunburns that easily anymore.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 02, 2014, 03:48:01 pm
I am really not enjoying summer weather. I melt. I get just a little too hot and I'm done for the day. Headaches and exhaustion. Yuck. I'm pale and the sun shows no mercy.

Anyway, the wedding went well! I was nervous and rushed a bit, but it ended up to be perfect timing because a child started fussing just as I was ending the ceremony. The couple was happy with it all, too, so I guess my first wedding as a minister was a success! The wedding I attended the week prior I was a bartender, and I'll be just a guest at the wedding I'm going to in a couple weeks. It's the summer of weddings!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on July 12, 2014, 04:50:01 pm
-arrives late with Starbucks again-

Wow, everyone is so busy with exciting things! Great to hear the wedding went well, @Weisel. It's been a while since your comment, so I hope your move to New York went just fine, assuming you're there by now!
@Hamlet: hey, a fellow Dutchie here! That's nice~ Did you manage to find a summer job? Or barring that, did you at least enjoy yourself a bit since your last message? (Though the weather hasn't been the greatest lately I believe, but at least less sun to harm you in that case?)

As for me, I am so sorry for not showing my face around here lately! I'll try to better my ways. Life's been a little busy for me as well, actually ever since this forum started - first my month-long stay in Japan, and then I was barely getting settled back in the Netherlands again when I got a job offer in Dublin (heard the news six days before my flight would depart), so, that's where I've been for the last week and a half. Finally managed to sort things out a bit and I will move to a new room next week, so then it should all calm down~
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 23, 2014, 01:23:56 pm
Woa, your life seems to be pretty busy o_o So you're living in Dubling now? What are you working there?

Eww... I've some kind of horror summer lol XD Just work, heat and... horrible things like...a gastroscopy yesterday. That wasn't that much fun... but at least we had free ice cream at work today.  ^^°
They said it was a little thank you because everyone had worked so hard the last weeks.
Well, I wasn't that thrilled because of the ice cream (I'm not 6 years old anymore lol), but the good thing was we had an additional 10-minutes break to go and eat it outside. I just went because I wanted the extra break. (In the end I ate some ice cream, too, and it was probably the best thing to do since they've scrached my throat yesterday and it really hurt... the coldness helped a lot. X'D The ice cream truck will come again tomorrow. But it doesn't help, even when they give us free treats I don't like it there anymore. ^^° I miss school. XD And summer vacation...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Hamlet on July 29, 2014, 02:59:36 am
*sips coffee* I love coffee
@Love I have trouble finding work... I am too ''old'' I guess. ^^' Dublin sounds so cool! I hope it works out! :D
I am enjoying the summer a lot, the weather has been really nice lately... And I haven't burned yet this season! *knocks on wood* Everyones lifes are so hectic at the moment huh... We got our stuff back from my exstepfather so this summer will be mostly cleaning and sorting stuff out I think ;u; With a few days off to go swimming, I hope. And a job(still searching!)
@Ahiku may your summer be filled with only nice things from now on, like icecream that's so good it makes you feel like a happy six year old!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on June 29, 2015, 12:02:44 pm
*drags up another old topic*

I just came back home from my first day of work at the university clinic. And I kind of... damn did I get many keys today, despite having an electronic badge. *lifts keychain*

And my flatmate's dog has taken an odd liking to my carpet... and got a new toy today a squeeky toy... guess what I'll be hearing a lot now.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on June 29, 2015, 04:35:52 pm
A new job sounds nice. :3
I hope that you'll like it there.

What is the dog of your flatmate doing? o.o I hope he doesn't rub his butt on your carpet? X'D
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on June 30, 2015, 11:25:00 am
I do like it, tons of stuff to get to know first. Since I switch between... ugh 6 or so wards? But that just means loads of experience. ^^

I think he has tried that once, but my nasty look stopped him. And he was just playing with his obnoxious squeeky toy. *laughs*

Edit: Have a little picture I took while taking my flatmate's dog out. XD I was too lazy to move past the railway building up front... and it's from the university terrace. Neat little place. Sadly the quality of the thing is atrocious (phone camera). But well... if you have more imagination than looking at the real thing, you almost have a little No. 6 feeling. (Except you're actually facing the south here not the north for a mountainy view. The one in the north is less 'impressive' as they're not very high. The green dome thingy actually is the federal parliament building though, XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on July 01, 2015, 09:33:10 am
Oh, congratulations on your new job!! :D ... and I think also welcome. I can't remember if I've said welcome or not. Man, I'm really growing old and senile. buuut anyway, working at a clinic sounds like a lot of fun. ^_^ !

and omg I can't believe there's a dome-shaped government building. (internal screaming) .. Is it in the middle of town? XD
... be sure to stay away from bees. XD;; and make sure your neck doesn't itch!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 01, 2015, 11:08:44 am
Thank you. ^^ Gee I had a wonderful patient today, they couldn't give me a single straight answer.
So, how's the chest pain right now?
Oh, no no, no pain, I don't have chest problems, it didn't hurt at all.
... yes, but right now, you asked for pain medication an hour ago, it's in the file.
Ah, yes, because the doctor said I should ask right away when I feel a little so I did.
That is right, good. Is the pain gone now, did the pill help?
No, I never had pain, I didn't have problems with my chest before.
... (you have a **** tube sticking out of your chest because you've had a pleural effusion it wouldn't be surprising if that felt uncomfortable AND you've asked for pain medication... I just want to know if it helped any, damn it.)

At least it doesn't get boring that way. *chuckles*

There is one and... well yes, it's pretty central. But I'm not sure anyone has to fear the Swiss government. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 01, 2015, 12:26:33 pm
OMG your patient... X'D But I know that... I work in a service center and have to talk to people all the time. x.x I can tell a lot of stories about (sometimes even very mean and horrible) customers. ^^°
And even strange things, but I totally know it when they don't answer your question at all and tell you something completely different and you start to ask them again and again until they finally answer you. X'D Goood.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 04, 2015, 06:34:08 am
I have to be. I can't tell patients to **** off. XD (Imagine you're in the hospital, loopy on medication and suddenly the staff starts yelling at you for being stupid or slow. That would be veeery awkward.) Generally I take it with humour when they're just confused. What I don't like is angry undiscerning patients. (Those that are just unhappy and diss you for not being able to cure them - why sorry you smoked for forty years, drank booze every night and have cancer now. I'm really surprised and I feel oh so very sorry. It's not like I make you suffer on purpose, I'm actually trying to help, but I don't have a magic wand to swing. (There are some that go outside smoking while hanging on an oxygen tank, too. The real smart ones.))

Although serving customers is probably worse, I only used to do weekend shifts and holidays at a petrol station and that already accounts for awkward stories. Now I have at least some position of power in my function... (unless they happen to be VIP)

How are you guys holding up with the heat? Since Europe is practically fried. XD How's it elsewhere?

*goes hoping for a thunderstorm tonight*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 04, 2015, 01:31:27 pm
IT'S AMERICA DAYYY!!!! *doesn't actually care about holidays*

It's supposed to thunderstorm here tonight and it's not that hot today. I don't have any family where I live, so I'm staying inside my air conditioned room aaaaall day. Ain't no heat gonna bother me!

Also those patient stories reminded me, when I was in the hospital after my surgery I was super out of it but tried to be straightforward and thanked my nurses every time they came in (except the one time that they didn't give me water when I was begging for it). I even told my doctor I was going to swear in his face when he pulled my drain tubes out and told my nurse I was going to pass out when she was walking me back the five feet from the bathroom to my bed.

I just remembered, my sister was there with me and she helped me get to the bathroom when I needed (she watched the nurses who helped me before so she'd unhook the right things, smart girl!) and one of the times my gown came open in the back (they never retied it after checking up on me and I couldn't reach behind myself to tie it... also I was totally naked underneath) and I was like "Allyson... my gown just came open." and without a moment of hesitation she just says "They like it." and I nearly peed myself laughing. (Thank god I didn't ACTUALLY pee myself laughing.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 04, 2015, 02:51:14 pm
I envy you, there's no storm coming here, at least not yet. I can still hope, it feels like it got even warmer during the last hour. And it's evening.
I even stooped as low as wearing a flimsy dress. *would usually rather be caught dead than wearing a dress*

Right... happy national day then!

Taking this stuff with humour is always good. You gotta watch out a bit for how people tick, but since I get to undress people for examination, I sometimes make jokes along that line. Tell them to show me their new scars, brag a little or something like that. XD It's far better than gingerly picking around on the gown and obviously/bashfully look away. I've seen that happening before and it makes situations very uncomfortable for all sides. - But honestly, while I work I don't look at anything I don't need looking at, no matter how young or potentially sexy my patients are.
(Though, you'd be surprised how willingly some people undress before me. I've had my fair share of turning around to get some material and then find my patients practically naked next to the examination table. While I thought I'd be fine working around the bra... And in those cases I really just asked them to take off their shirt.)

And I bet the nurses liked your sister. XD

I hope though your surgery went well and you're all good now. ^^

Ah man, and now I have to convince my flatmate's dog to go out to pee. Poor guy's been just lying around in that heat.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 04, 2015, 07:40:23 pm
Ha, one thing I've learned in massage school and being a patient is that it usually works in your favor to tell people what to leave ON... Less awkward, but still not foolproof. (At least I feel less nervous at appointments when I'm told what to leave on...) And my surgery was a couple years ago so I'm healed now, but damn, did I have a lot of complications with it! Still glad I got it, but man... I learned that my body won't make scar tissue right anymore! All my scars are even softer than my normal skin. That's not supposed to happen, skin! Do your job! I won't go on forever about it, though. Not everyone is keen to read about surgery and wound healing.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on July 05, 2015, 12:33:56 am
The heat is pretty bad where I am. I had volunteering today where I was outside the whole time, and it was 97 degrees! I didn't really feel it after a while. I'm constantly wearing jeans and a jacket (I wore a jacket to the beach yesterday, I always have one) so I feel like I made it worse on myself a bit.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 05, 2015, 06:15:02 am
What the hell is wrong with your body ;_; *gives you normal scar tissue*

Oh god... o.o Don't wear a jacket when it's so hot... but I feel you there. I don't like wearing t-shirts at all, I prefer wearing jackets, because I like to put my money and keys in my pockets. And I have a slight sun allergy, so it's better to wear long clothes. It's super hot. x.x Beeh...
We had 37-38° C yesterday and today 35-36° C ... But I don't really feel the difference. XD Ok, since I'm still sick, I'm inside and at home all the time and I have 29° C right now, so it's still better than outside, but I'm melting. x_X I took a shower not even 20 minutes ago and I could do it again right now. X'D

I don't even have an electric fan, I guess I should go and buy one tomorrow. x_X
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 05, 2015, 12:49:41 pm
@Ahiku *throws a fan at you* TAKE IT!!! Also I think what's wrong with my body is all my connective tissue. That's what everything is pointing to, which would explain why I can bend back a lot of my joints! I still have to get a diagnosis for it, though. Ugh I'm probably gonna get wrinkles really fast. I'll just have to steal my mom's wrinkle cream, or as she calls it, her "spackle."
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 06, 2015, 05:26:57 am
*catches fan* Thank you! >,< I bought one today... but it's much cooler since we had a storm yesterday evening. X'D One time, the thunder was so loud that the car alarms went off. o_o° Scary.
And the lightnings came sometimes 2-3 per second. I pulled all plugs out... especially of my cable modem... (usually I don't do that...otherwise no one can call me ^^°) But the TV picture froze (every channel)...apart from our super lame city channel, so I did it just in case... x.x

It's 3 degree cooler in my room now. Still 26,5 degree Celsius, but it's somehow really refreshing. ^^°

Why is it so hard for them to diagnose something then? >_< Ahh...  I hope you won't get wrinkles... o.o *pours a bottle of anti wrinkle lotion on top of your head* Spackle...? X'D
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 07, 2015, 05:41:45 pm
It was 90 degrees here (32 for you Celsius folks) and super humid and sunny... I did not go outside at all. I love my air conditioner, I love it so much... *weeps* At least it's going to storm later and cool down a little for the week.

@Ahiku doctors think I'm crazy and don't want to admit that they just don't know what's wrong with me. I'm screwed. And seriously, I probably need to look into getting something for wrinkles. I'm barely an adult and my eyes have wrinkles around them. It really brings out the purple under my eyes. (Also while I was looking at my eyes, I realized that my right eye muscles are always twitching... Every couple seconds something twitches out of my control. Lord, do I look unwell...) And yes, my mom calls her wrinkle cream her spackle because it literally fills in all of her wrinkles so she can put her foundation on. She is spackling her face. Cosmetic spackle. *smears it all over my face*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 08, 2015, 07:32:46 am
Uff, it’s finally a little cooler now. And we had another storm yesterday. Ahh o_o° I thought the tree in the inner yard is gonna fly away.

Urgh, sometimes I have a feeling that doctors don’t really want to help you. I have iron deficiency since 2 years (I’ll never donate blood again…) and I have to take iron pills ever since that day. My primary care physician gives me a referral to a specialist every three month and says that they should give me an infusion, but the specialist says that I don’t need it, because my iron value is “growing” even though it's suuuper super slow...(not really... the value is always varying...) and I can take more pills (btw. with a lot of unpleasant side effects like stomach cramps). This time, she told me: “Yeah, an infusion would help you faster… But pills are better. What if you react allergic to the infusion and you die? How am I supposed to explain it then? Take your pills and come back in 3 months.” o_O°
What the heck?
I don't even need to go back there, because she's telling me the same stuff every time I have an appointment. ^^°

Maybe I should visit another doctor and ask for a second opinion. I don't really trust that doctor and don't feel as if she's taking me seriously. I know it's not a pretty bad problem... there are worse things.
That's why I was always patient... but 2 years is a long time and it's not that I'm not feeling super great. I'm always tired and super exhausted. ^^°
My coworkers tell me very often that I look pale and sick, that's why I feel you with the purple under your eyes >.< Sometimes I look like a panda... ^^°)
Well, maybe that doctor is right, and it is too dangerous... and it's okay if I need a couple of years to refill my iron storage... but I don't really trust doctors anymore, because of various reasons.
The worst case example was my mom. She had cancer and there was a doctor who said she was just simulating. (But she said that he didn't even examined her properly...) Yes, thank you very much for absolutely nothing. She died and my grandma played with the thought of proceeding against that doctor. She didn't do it in the end, because well, we had other problems back then. .__.°

Ok... >.< something else...
You say your eye is twitching... did you try taking magnesium? o.o Or are you very stressed? My eyelids and a weird muscle in my left hand are twitching when I'm very stressed.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 08, 2015, 12:48:25 pm
Well, that sounds like you definitely are hypermobile and perhaps a candidate for the hypermobility syndrome, more severly it could be an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Those things are still rather unknown and not that well researched yet. There is quite a bit of research going on currently and it's slowly starting to spread as slightly more important topic. Might want to read into some stuff, see if you recognise any symptoms.
Though I am not aware of it causing (early) wrinkles, haven't heard that before. ^^

I gotta admit, I've never properly read into iron deficiency, but it surprises me that it would take you that long to build it back up if you get proper medication. A second opinion might not be a bad idea.

I'm very sorry for your loss and it really is sad that some doctors are just morons that (often) simply don't want to admit a mistake and just make it even worse...

And on a completely other note. SALVATION it is finally cooling down a little in Europe! Been at a nice little creek this afternoon and it was great. Though I was really pleased, thinking I got a little tan and then I looked at a friend and... still more than five shades lighter... yes... pale people 'problems'. I'm still convinced I have a little tan, though.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 08, 2015, 01:49:57 pm
@Kai That's exactly what I think it is! I'm seeing a rheumatologist at the end of the month so I'm REALLY hoping they think a 'rare' disease like that is actually plausible. Everything lines up with the symptoms. I can do just about everything on the hypermobility test (whatever it was called) and my scar tissue heals into what feels like thin paper, I've got all kinds of joint pain (my knee specifically has been giving me all kinds of problems in the past month and sometimes it's hard to walk even with a brace), my neck muscles are all tight as though my spine can't keep my head up properly... My fear with that is that my doctor won't consider EDS as an option and I'll be stuck looking for a diagnosis that was just missed. The only way I managed to get a rheumatologist appointment in the first place was by asking about fibromyalgia (even though I have symptoms that relate to autoimmune diseases already but NOPE probably not it! We know what's best for you!) which is just... I dunno, I think fibro is just the medical world missing other diagnoses and sticking a name onto it anyway. Bodies don't just HURT...

As for the wrinkles, I think I just inherited some wrinkly skin. My mom got wrinkles around her eyes in her 20s so it'd make sense in that context. I'm not going to age gracefully.

@Ahiku I'm sorry you had to have such an awful experience with doctors that ended like that. I feel like women are ignored more and seen as 'overreacting' a lot of times for whatever reasons (cough SEXISM cough). Last year half my body went numb so I went to the ER when it didn't stop and the doctor insisted that I was having a panic attack (which I am 1000% sure I wasn't) and I'm STILL numb today. Some doctors just refuse to be wrong, even when they totally are.

Anyway... as for your low iron count, I'm going to ask my girlfriend's mom about other ways to help besides just pills. She's a massage therapist plus several other things I can't remember, but she's got some good information about stuff like that. And hey, it can't hurt to try. Usually it's easy stuff like eat more cherries or take this vitamin supplement or whatever. If doctors aren't being helpful, might as well try the hippie solutions.

I haven't tried taking magnesium... but you are not the first person to suggest that, so maybe I should really try to do that. And heck, it could just be from stress. It's pretty stressful having my body quit for some reason and have no diagnosis for it. How am I gonna make a living when I can't walk or stay awake??
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on July 08, 2015, 03:10:24 pm
Thank you. Yes, some doctors are morons. But there are also very nice doctors. But well, especially when it's a specialist and you just go there once or twice, you never know if they are nice or not. Experience reports you can find online are also pretty subjective...

I hope the rheumatologist can help you and that he'll also consider a rare disease... I bet a diagnosis would help so much, even if it's rare or not rare... (>.<) Good luck.
But I always get the feeling that...when you're coming up with something, most doctors are like. "No, that's absolutely impossible."

Ah, I've already tried a lot, I also try to take my iron pills with vitamin C, I try to avoid stuff that could block the iron or something, I also tried vitamin B12, because a friend with a more severe iron deficiency recommended that stuff. But it didn't really help. Ah, I can't eat drupes...and apples and pears, grapes and some kind of berries are also bad. Most red fruits are bad for me. X'D And my doctor told me to eat them, but when they make me sick it doesn't help at all, haha. o.o°

Oh yes! It really is salvation! X'D And the weather homepage says it's getting even cooler tomorrow. Yes, finally! It's sooo much better when you're not covered in sweat and totally sticky. ^^°
My windows are open at the moment and there's fresh air coming in... it's so nice. X'D

But it was really disgusting last night... I woke up at 4am and it was super hot and wet, totally humid. We're not in the tropics here.
(And it smelled disgustingly outside. >_<) Usually I like the smell of summer rain on asphalt, but the rain smelled not very nice yesterday.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 08, 2015, 04:06:23 pm
Well, I do hope as well the rheumathologist will consider and test for it. Even if it is rare, it's not nonexistent. I hope you don't have a sever case of something, rather a thing you can deal with. Massage school isn't the best thing for hypermobile people. (I'm hypermobile too, and kinda question a little if it would be a good thing to work in orthopedics, even if I like it. I have muscle control, but that is exhausting over time and harder to keep up when you're very tired or distracted.)

Yes of course, there are brilliant doctors as well. I know a few. Those who have the guts to ask other people with different education for their opinion since it's not their specialty are some I really appreciate...

And a random other question, are you an active person? Do you do some sports or something to get your body working? That may help kick up your metabolism which is involved in nutrient take-up.

And that is true about last night. The air was just too stuffy for that bit of rain coming down. It didn't manage to wash down everything and made it all sticky.
I do think my patients will be up for more tomorrow, too. I don't even want to imagine how it is to have fever during this head.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 08, 2015, 04:56:07 pm
@Kai Yeah, massage school is... not going so well. This is my third time trying to do some kind of school after high school and I was like "I'm so interested in this and I love it! I can help people!" and my body is just shutting down after less than a year. It's very frustrating! Some people (who don't know about hypermobility issues) are saying I can probably work around my health issues and stay in school, but I just feel sick thinking about finishing all of my requirements for school. Giving 90 minute massages is totally out of the question for me anymore (I COULD do it earlier this year, not anymore) but giving like... about 40 of them is a requirement for me to graduate. Not happening anymore. So yeah, I've been pretty upset about the prospect of dropping out of school a third time because of my health. What the heck am I supposed to do now? ;_;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on July 09, 2015, 12:14:11 am
Well, I'd certainly ask the rheumatologist, what he thinks about your choice of work, if he is going to look into those issues. One possibility to try (depending on the severity of the case) is physical therapy. Have someone help you train your muscles to compensate where the connective tissue doesn't quite stabilise the joints. I can get through massages quite fine (but I'm not doing it nearly as often as you would) but I cheat a lot, like using my elbow for pointed pressure or my knuckles, keep my nails VERY short, so I can curl my fingers a little more to grip a muscle... a triggerpoint wood is on my wishlist as well...
I know someone that went from massage to nutrition counselling, after an operation on her hand that made it impossible to her to continue on the job. But I don't know what you like, staying in the health sector or otherwise. ^^

It sucks to be forced to quit something you like or not get to finish... I changed my major two times to find what I want and one more would have made me feel really awkward.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on July 09, 2015, 03:29:11 am
I've already learned to compensate a lot, but it's getting to the point that even just being on my feet for a while isn't good for me. Like... walking only makes me hurt more. I'll definitely have to ask when my appointment comes around, though it's probably too late by that point with all the school days I'm missing. I'm guessing I'll eventually end up doing physical therapy for my knee since that keeps giving out (it's the scariest on the stairs, I'm really going to fall one of these times), maybe for my wrists, too. Jeez, I feel like an old lady. I don't know, I feel like I can't do anything anymore, at least not professionally.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on August 14, 2015, 12:34:36 pm
God, it's so freaking hot, I can't stand it any longer. X'D *laughs hysterically and drowns in her own sweat*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on August 14, 2015, 08:04:59 pm
at the beginning of summer it was hot here too, but now it just. rains. 24/7.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on August 17, 2015, 03:34:56 am
It's FINALLY cooling a little. *looks north* I think in Germany, too.

That really was some intense heat, I hope the 30+° C are over now...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on August 17, 2015, 12:23:53 pm
Yep, it's raining right now. ^^ And it was nice and cool, I even had to wear a long-sleeved shirt outside. Inside of my apartment it's still pretty warm... it needs quite some time until it cools down a bit.
But it's still so much better than this horrible heat. ^^° I really don't need that again.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on August 19, 2015, 03:46:52 am
Ahhh~ I hope it stays cool for you guys!!
With this never ending heatwave in Japan, I kind of miss winter. ;__; ... and I /hate/ winter.

Though the only upside is that I bought a lot of Nezushi doujins and I've just been laughing manically and crying reading in my bedroom while blasting the AC. XD ... and that's essentially what my summer boils down to. >>;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on August 21, 2015, 02:14:15 am
the heat is probably gone for good by this point, but the fantastic storms don't seem to be relenting any. I'm like Shion when it comes to storms; yesterday I just went outside and stood in the rain and lightning and took in. I've always loved storms. Every time a storm comes out, people run for cover like its a big beast to be afraid of. It even roars like a large beast. however, the most massive, loudest beast have always been the most magnificent and the most amazing.

I better not go back and check that for grammar because if I do I'll just get really embarassed I said that and delete the whole thing

My summer vacation ends Monday and I go back to high school. I'm hanging out with my best friends tomorrow and Saturday though and Sunday I'm going to a theme park, so at least my summer is ending on a good note.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on August 24, 2015, 07:37:50 am
How was your first day back in school, Ghosty? :3

I'll start my new work next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to start it, but somehow I'm already sad that my vacation will be over next week. Although I had 3 weeks,  I still feel exhausted.  x_x I could sleep all day long. And I couldn't do very much, since it was too hot or it rained like 2 days in a row. (Ok, rain is not too bad... but it's not that much fun to be in the city when it's raining.)

Ah, btw. something cool happened today. X'D I went to a shopping mall in the new part of the city and after a while, I saw a little boy... (Ok, not very little, in fact, I just saw him from behind, but he looked exactly like Nezumini... o_o I think even the size was fitting. He wore blue shorts and a red checker shirt which was slightly too large. And his hair was also like Nezumi's (okay, apart from the color, his hair was light brown...) But apart from that it really was a little Nezumi. X'DDD I really had to pull myself together so that I didn't start to follow him in a creepy way or start screaming LOL
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on August 25, 2015, 11:21:20 am
I'm at home, I don't know if I'm happy or not. At last I have normal computer to draw on, but my fiance is again 350 km away :(. Tomorrow first hard day in work after my operation... Maybe I will manage sketch a little while break.

Oh, Meopat, you were in Japan and you brought  Nezushi doujinshi *_*, you are lucky, I bet if I saw any doujin from NO.6 I would run around and throw my money like crazy XD, specially if it would be "Blue House" series.

If you would ever want to translate them I would gladly help with graphic edit.

Ahiku, you saw a mini Nezumi? It must be cute :3 if he walked with little Shion it would be crazy XD like reincarnation.     
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on August 25, 2015, 02:14:06 pm
Meo is still in Japan. :D I think it's not possible to translate the doujins, since we'd need the permission of the artist and I don't think they would like that.

Yeah, too bad Shion was not there as well. :3


Yaay, I finally found a foldable bike. X'D (God, it was really hard to find a shop which sells them. o_o° and after I visited several bike shops I found one with a lot of second hand bikes.)
It's horribly ugly and old, older than me... but also super nostalgic (a GDR model, GDR = German Democratic Republic, former East Germany) ...and I really hope they won't steal it, because they steal so many bikes here. <_< Even ugly ones...
I can get it in two days, the dude in that shop needs some time to overhaul it.
Looks a bit like this one: http://bä
But I'll get a green one. At least I hope that guy will prepare the green one. X'D

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Post by: Ghosty on August 25, 2015, 03:27:21 pm
@Ahiku my first day back at school ... could've been worse I guess. They put me in the wrong history class and gave me psych 2 when I haven't taken psych 1 yet, but my teachers seem alright at least.
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Post by: kare_reiko on August 26, 2015, 10:54:33 am
To bad, I would love to edit some manga/doujinshi, I liked to do that when I was cleaning and editing scans for doujinshi on some old scanlation group looong time ago.

In the end I didn't draw today much, It's hard to draw gay kissing when random people walk around you XD. I done only two, not perv, panels.

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Post by: Meopat on August 27, 2015, 01:30:36 am

@Ghosty: I followed your example and took a walk when the typhoon came too. XD I’m a huge fan of storms. <3

(and school also starts for me tomorrow too… good job, summer vacation. T_T *cues KH theme* )

and Oh no! I’m sorry they messed up your schedule. :C I hope they’ll fix it for you soon?

@Reiko: ACK, I hope you’re feeling better after your operation! <3 *gives you blankets and hot chocolate*

and ohhhh, what’s this about the Blue House series? :D

and yeah. .__. I mean, I’d love to buy all the doujins I can find and scan them and translate them, but I’d rather respect the artists. XD; (a lot of them say: Don’t reprint or share! on the back)
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Post by: kare_reiko on August 27, 2015, 03:12:26 am
Oh, Thank you Meopat!

I'm better now, I could even say I'm fully operational now ^^. Wound from operation healing really good, yesterday I gone to "work" (well at the end of work when we were packing everything, and it's always heavy, I used too much force and operation place hurt me like hell, but beside that I'm already alright.)

About blue home it's series Nezushi doujin that autor called I think on his blog, they are those doujinshi, somehow I just love it's art style:

I found Wonderwall scans but translation is in arabish langue, to bad, japanesse would be better  for me... Anyway I didn't find anyplace to buy it, all books are sold :(.
I wish autors could always make possibility of boy their works in digital copy, specially when printed copies aren't available anymore. It would be beautiful. No problems with paying, no sending costs, autors would be able to earn more and more people could buy their doujinshi and enjoy them...

Still I think scans aren't so bad. I always like to check out title before I buy printed book, if I like story then I'm buying it. Bad thing start if you only read scans and don't buy official copy later.

(looking over her manga collection) I rather don't want to think how much money I spend on my mangas past last 11 years XD. 
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Post by: Ahiku on August 27, 2015, 05:36:12 am
Ah yeah, I also do it like that... when I find a new manga that could be interesting, I check out if there are scanlations. If I like it, I go and buy the manga later.

I bought a lot of manga during the last years, but at the moment I just complete a couple of series, like No. 6 and don't buy that much anymore... unless the manga are really special. Bust most of the yaoi and BL series are just unoriginal and I really started to dislike that typical seme/uke cliché. That stuff was good when I was younger, but now I really need a good story, good characters... good art style. XD
And manga like that are super rare. (And No. 6 is such a gem... but well, unfortunately it's already finished. Even the German translation...just 3 volumes left.)
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Post by: kare_reiko on August 27, 2015, 06:43:24 am
I was wondering how far in publishing NO.6 manga are Germany. We had so many delays that only one volume was published on time. Vol4 just got released few weeks ago. Now in middle of September Vol5 should be out, (I will be surprised if there won't be any delays again)

Well as for myself I'm collecting and like many genres of manga, some shonens (Tsubasa Chronicle, Magi, Kenshin, Pandora hearts... few shoujos Dangeki Daisy, CCS... And others like Deadman Wonderland, Spice and Wolf, kingdom hearts... when I last count my list I had 300+ volumes XD. And there are many I would buy but english manga's are expensive to me.   
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Post by: Ahiku on August 27, 2015, 12:21:07 pm
I bought the 6th volume last week. :3 I wonder if we'll get the rest this year... but I guess they'll rather complete it in January or February next year. Too bad you have so many delays. o_o° I just know that it was super hard to get the second volume back than. No idea why, but it was nearly impossible. XD

Ah, I'm also collecting other genres, but my favorites are still boys love stories. :3 I also have a lot...I'd say at least 500, but I think it's way more. o_o I collected a big part of the Detective Conan manga... but I stopped it and they are in a big carton box now, together with a Conan puppet I made when I was still pretty young. :D
My favorites are Yotsuba! (still collecting...although I'm not sure if they still publish them... oO° I think we didn't get a new volume in years), Border (still collecting these), Finder (also still collecting), No. 6 of course... Noragami is also great...Gravitation...I really loved that when I was younger. And loooots of BL and other manga. A lot of them are not very good, but I guess I liked them when I was younger. ^^°
But I also have some completed series which I still really like, for example Death Note, Summer wars, A lollypop or a bullet (god, this is just sooo, sooo, sooooo good!), Border (really good ^^) and for example "pieces", that one is really interesting. o.o Ah, and one of my favorites is Switch Girl. XDDDD God, this series is sooo stupid and funny and also horrible, I love it. X'D
Ah, I also liked Clamp a lot when I was younger. o.o

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Post by: kare_reiko on August 27, 2015, 02:49:40 pm
The same publisher that release NO.6 will publish Noragami too. They say that first volume will be this month... We will see... NO.6 had really bad luck for now. Anyway I will probably buy Noragami for sure but this time I didn't make preorder, NO.6 situation already got me against preorders. 

I liked Clamp a lot too, I still have more of their titles than others artists. Right now It's Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Tsubasa R Chronicle, Kobato, Wish... I was thinking about buying Clover 4 volumes in 1 ver but it's always about money. Oh, and there are 2 random volumes of RG Veda in japanese somewhere in my home..'
Still about Clamp, maybe it's only I who think this way but I think they don't have ideas anymore. they try to still push forward XXXholic and Tsubasa since Kobato didn't worked and 7 Gate is strange... I think that they remake now Legal Drug but somehow it was my latest liked work of them.

I have Saiyuki too, still after years I think it's more bromance than shounen ai, but well, we have only first 9 volumes here, gaiden and rest will never make it here... To bad I would like to know how it will end.

ASide I had to throw my frustration somewhere. My drawing sucked today. I tried to fix some panels I drawed before and I'm still very, very unhappy with them. Damn. I'm not sure how draw them anymore. I'm trying figure out how to draw boys and more importantly older boys and everything fall apart... after I finish this doujin I need to draw down how I want them to look each age, else I will mess up next doujin too...
(Saw next not looking good panels) T_T I think I need a break from it...   
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Post by: Ghosty on August 27, 2015, 04:48:16 pm
I really like collecting manga, but as a high schooler with no job I can only get them by mooching money off my grandmother or going to the goodwill bookstore. For a poor highschooler though I have a fair amount. The only completed set I have that's more than like 2 volumes is No. 6, but I like to collect a lot more of different series so I have all kinds of genres. I do a lot of "buy only the first of 5000 different series". I actually have a ton of Naruto, even though I'm not a naruto fan at all? don't ask why but I own probably 40 volumes of the manga.

I try to keep away from buying BL since most of the money comes from my parents or grandmother and I'd feel really bad using their money to buy shounen-ai since I'm pretty sure they look at me as the innocent pure one of my sisters (though my dad keeps making fun of me for watching "baseball yaoi" because he always comes home at 1 am to me watching Big Windup).
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Post by: Weisel on August 28, 2015, 12:12:17 am
Totally off topic from what we're talking about but I wanted to say something before I forgot. I'm going to Kumoricon! If anyone else here is going, let me know so I can say hi! I'm 99.9% sure no one reading this thread is even in that part of the world, but I'd rather say something than miss an opportunity!
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Post by: Meopat on August 30, 2015, 06:14:26 am
@Weisel: AHHH I miss conventions. T_T I saw pictures of your Shion cosplay on tumblr too. It looked really good!! XD but.. was that Kirito's sword that you were holding? X3

@Reiko: OH! I'll keep an eye out for this artist next time I'm near Tokyo then! (They generally have more stuff available. :3)
I think the reason why doujin artists don't sell it digitally is because it might crossfire with some copyright infringement online or a buyer could haphazardly share all the pages of the doujin for free without purchase. (I mean, it happens already even when the doujins AREN'T available online. ... some people still go out of their way to scan OTHER people's work without permission.. >>;; even if you paid 500yen for the booklet, it's not fair to the artist, right? T_T)
also. I hate having an art block too. T__T I hope you can recover from it soon. I'm excited to see what your next doujin would look like. :3

ahhhhh... D: I hope those translated editions of No.6 can be released without delay. ;_;
recently, I've been stalking the internet for the limited editions of the No.6 manga and it has NOT been a good idea. my bank account is very unhappy with me.
Ghosty... it's so nice that you're considerate of your family.. XD please don't turn into an irresponsible adult who can't decide between buying manga/doujins or buying dinner. >>;;
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Post by: Weisel on August 30, 2015, 09:47:18 am
@meopat yes that is exactly what the sword is! I went to a cosplay picnic and gave a guy there my extra SnK patch for free so he let me pose with his awesome sword. That this was HEAVY (but thankfully not sharp, I would have hurt myself somehow). I was laughing the whole time because there are absolutely no swords in the entirety of No.6, but I chose to take photos as Shion with a sword anyway. I mean, why not, right?
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Post by: kare_reiko on September 03, 2015, 03:09:56 am
Nothing new from NO.6 past few days... Is everyone preparing for 7th September? XD
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Post by: Meopat on September 03, 2015, 09:23:37 am
I believe so... XD;;

It's the "calm before the storm" (PUN INTENDED ON ALL LEVELS.)
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Post by: Ahiku on September 03, 2015, 11:36:04 am
I've already finished my preparations. XD But I started a new job this week and I'm pretty exhausted, because I have to get used to it. :3

Btw. some **** stole my bike today ^^°
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Post by: Meopat on September 04, 2015, 03:10:43 am
DDDD: !! OH NO. ;___;  *hugs* I'm sorry that happened!! ><
*grabs a chainsaw* >:C WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING.
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Post by: kare_reiko on September 04, 2015, 03:47:13 am
Oh, Ahiku, that's bad. I hope it wasn't very expensive... You probably won't get it back... That's really awful. I hope that at last other things will be good for you.

My preparations for 6th and 7th September are almost done too. Pictures done, even if first one for 6th didn't turned out like I wanted. I really don't know, I love draw and paint with traditional way, it looks beautiful on paper, but after I scan them to computer they look like crap.... At last Photoshop helped me save it, but in the end I could have color it already on computer than playing for two hours with dry pastels... (I would look probably better too, well I'm counting it as experiment XD).
Birthday picture is done... Last thing that I have to done is finishing next chapter of Not Perfect, yesterday I done with first draft, now checking and fixing left.

I can't wait to see what others will make for 7th September ^///^ 

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Post by: Ahiku on September 04, 2015, 10:03:11 am
I don't know. ^^° A stupid butt, probably? X'D *hugs you back* I'll just take the bus now. It's a detour and I need to get up 15 minutes earlier, but it's okay. And I'll just walk to the tram on my back home... and probably take a knife with me when I walk through that weird park. XDD
The bike and I were't very good friends, not after it damaged my knee and nearly lost the saddle 2 while I dashed down a hill. X'D

No, it was just a cheap one.. ^^° The irony is that I bought a super old and cheap bike because I didn't want it to get stolen. That's why I started laughing like an idiot when I saw it was gone. XD And when I called my grandma and told her, she also laughed like a freak. X'DDD

Ah, have you tried to change the settings of your scanning program? It helps sometimes to get better results, but I know this problem. ^^° (Well, I prefer to draw digital stuff anyway...)

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Post by: kare_reiko on September 04, 2015, 10:54:42 am
Knife, you want use Nezumi's style? XD I myself always took gas spray when I was going back from art school/collage/work on late hours, maybe you should buy one if that park isn't save?

Maybe that bike still didn't had enough layer of rust on it XD. It's really funny if they stole it, but well, some people are like that.
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Post by: Ahiku on September 04, 2015, 11:48:54 am
Yeah, that's a good idea. Well, I didn't see people who tried to attack me, but some coworkers told me that other coworkers got assaulted while they walked through the park. I don't know when it happened, but well... If something's gonna happen, you can be sure that there's no one who will hear you. Today, I went another path together with a coworker, but then we missed the train and needed more than one hour to get back, since we went to another tram station than, but we had to change trams several times. Well, at least we could talk a bit, so it wasn't boring. XD She likes anime and manga and cosplay... too bad we won't be in the same team after our training period is over. The other coworkers are older and we don't share very much interests, so I never know how to talk to them. XD
And I have a super shy guy in my team... he's still pretty young and super calm, but he's always smiling like an idiot. haha X'D Sometimes I try and talk to him, he's like a shy puppy...slowly, very slowly opening up a bit... (he ate one of my fries today, omg, and showed me a photo of his dog and then he continued smiling like an idiot. XD)
On tuesday he managed to "lose" his car key. But he didn't really lose it, he left it in his car. o_o° Why do they steal my bike and not his car? XD (Ah, my bike had a lot of rust on it. ;_; And the handlebar was wrapped with tape. XD Who the hell is stealing something like that? X'D You won't even get 30 bucks for this bike. I bet the thief did it out of spite.


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Post by: kare_reiko on September 04, 2015, 01:15:12 pm
Aw, he's so cute. Go get him Ahiku :)!

Yeah that thing that your bike was stolen and they left car... Strange. Maybe thief was so poor that he didn't had money for fuel? XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on September 04, 2015, 02:10:02 pm
Ah no. X'D I feel just sorry for him. He's the only rooster in the yard and always sitting alone in a corner. ^^°

Lol, that could be possible. Or he didn't have a driver's licence. ^^
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Post by: kare_reiko on September 04, 2015, 03:04:24 pm
Lol, that would be funny, he couldn't stole car because he couldn't drive, at last it looks like he can ride a bike XD.

Oh that new art by NO.6 animation director looks so nice, he's really into yaoi suff as far as I saw from his no.6 sketches. Still Shion look like helpless, cute heroine over that one XD, I can't stop laugh at his big scared eyes and that blush, sooo cute XD.   
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Post by: Ahiku on September 05, 2015, 08:52:02 am
Oh I think it's not really new. XD It's from the artbook and I found it when I searched for official art online and cleaned and prepared it a bit for the RC blog. o.o
But yeah, it's funny and cute that he draws something like that and that he ships them so much. (Especially AU shipping lol XD)
He drew a lot of funny stuff, like little mermaid Nezumi and Shion who tried to catch him with a fishing net. So cute. X'D
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Post by: listenforthelove on September 05, 2015, 01:18:04 pm
-arrives 9 pages late with Starbucks-

Didn't Ishino visit a fan event and buy some R-rated Nezushi doujinshi? I seem to recall reading something like that... he definitely ships Nezushi as hard as we do though, that's for sure XD I love those occasional surprises, thanks for posting it on the blog Ahiku!

Sucks they had to go with your bike though... beh. I hope the bus thing works out!

... well I've just drafted chapter 1 and 2 of my crossover for tomorrow. I can't believe I actually finished it in time, whoa. XD;
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Post by: Ahiku on September 05, 2015, 03:48:35 pm
Didn't Ishino visit a fan event and buy some R-rated Nezushi doujinshi? I seem to recall reading something like that... he definitely ships Nezushi as hard as we do though, that's for sure XD I love those occasional surprises, thanks for posting it on the blog Ahiku!

OMG SERIOUSLY? R-rated doujinshi? OMG! X'DDDDDD He's so rad! And Kaji as well! X'D I love it that people involved in the series ship them so hard.
Haha, I'm glad you like it. There's still some stuff in the drafts, so they'll show up every now and then, but I guess we'll run out of new official art next year. o.o Or even earlier. I don't find that much new official stuff anymore on my google raids. ;_;

Well, you already know what you'll see on my blog. ^^ But in case someone else wants to know in advance... it's the first short story for my Childhood Friends AU for tomorrow, and a little 2 pages doujin for Shion's bday. :3
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on September 05, 2015, 06:17:00 pm
... well don't quote me on it as I can't find the source anymore, but apparently the doujin artists were shocked to even see a man at that part of the convention soooo that probably says enough about the material, ahem. (But it's been a while since I read about that XD idk though. Considering what he draws for No. 6 I wouldn't be too surprised...)

Ah yeah, I guess with no new material in any medium you're gonna run out sooner or later... Maybe toi8, Kino and Ishino will do something for Monday?

Ahh I was wondering how you would divide them, haha. GUYS LOOK FORWARD TO IT AHIKU'S CONTRIBUTION IS GREAT.
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Post by: Ahiku on September 06, 2015, 04:28:45 am
Haha X'D Everyone would be shocked in such a situation. But this is a really hilarious story, lol. XD

Yeah, let's check out their twitter profiles tomorrow. :D If you can find something new, just post it on our blog asap. o.o I think I won't be home before 5pm tomorrow, but I'll check it out as soon as I'm home.

Yeah, I drew the doujin for his birthday... ^^ And 2 posts for today. Yay. I think I'll post the first one soon. o.o
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Post by: kare_reiko on September 06, 2015, 05:14:48 am
Didn't Ishino visit a fan event and buy some R-rated Nezushi doujinshi? I seem to recall reading something like that... he definitely ships Nezushi as hard as we do though, that's for sure XD I love those occasional surprises, thanks for posting it on the blog Ahiku!

OMG SERIOUSLY? R-rated doujinshi? OMG! X'DDDDDD He's so rad! And Kaji as well! X'D I love it that people involved in the series ship them so hard.
Haha, I'm glad you like it. There's still some stuff in the drafts, so they'll show up every now and then, but I guess we'll run out of new official art next year. o.o Or even earlier. I don't find that much new official stuff anymore on my google raids. ;_;

Well, you already know what you'll see on my blog. ^^ But in case someone else wants to know in advance... it's the first short story for my Childhood Friends AU for tomorrow, and a little 2 pages doujin for Shion's bday. :3

Well Nezushi can stole everyones hearts, even if you didn't like shounen-ai to much you'll start to ship them XD. I was like that too, my fiance likes NO.6, he cute call me NO.6 maniac XD (Still he only read 4 volumes that we had in our country, I'm waiting with showing him full anime because of all those cuts in story and that last volume of novel didn't even make it into animation).   

OOoooh I can't wait for your work Ahiku, my excitation is very high. I will upload my picture for 6th just after I done making dinner and go to other computer.
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Post by: Ahiku on September 12, 2015, 06:21:59 am
Woah, finally weekend! I was so busy this week, I was super glad that listenforthelove and Meo took care of Shion's birthday posts on Tumblr. :D *hugs and squeezes you two*

Shion's birthday is so important for every No. 6 fan, no matter if we talk about the creators of the series or people like us; it's actually hilarious, since he's "just" a fictional character, lol. X'D Shion's birthday enjoys cult status.

Okay and now something else. Something weird. o.o
Last night I woke up and spilled my water... The glass stood on a chair next to the head section of my bed. I was too lazy to get up and wipe it away and left it... I mean it's just water, it's gonna dry. ^^° I actually forgot about it, but when I prepared my drying rack just now, I stepped in a water puddle. o_o° But it was not at the head department, it was... Oh god, I don't know how to describe it, so here's a sketch:


Okay, the floor is a bit crooked, so the water could end up there... BUT, I have cardboard boxes under my bed... and they were completely dry. o_o° There's no way the water could run around them. The floor next to the chair was also dry. That was so weird. X'D First I thought there's an animal in my apartment and it left a pee puddle, but it was just water and I guess I'd see an animal that leaves such a big puddle. XD I'm still not sure how this could happen. @_@° Mysterious...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on September 12, 2015, 10:49:43 am
Haha yeah, so many fandoms come up with their own days but No. 6 just has one fixed date that's super important in-story for multiple reasons, so that's really nice! Which gives the creators incentive to do something with it too, but it's so great to see they still do that even years after the anime and manga have ended. (Okay, year-and-a-half in the manga's case, but still.)

@Ahiku: well clearly you have a water ghost in your house. No seriously though, that's weird XD; maybe the floor crooks just so that the water would trail all the way over there without touching the boxes? And the trail dried overnight because - ... eh... wait.
Nope. Water ghost. Definitely water ghost <<

I have nothing new to bring to the conversation other than that I'm doing well reading Haikyuu in Japanese (on volume 13 now, I have up until 16) and I'm currently crying because I had ALMOST memorized all the teams and then OH WAIT FIFTY NEW CHARACTERS YAAAY. At least that's not a problem you have with No. 6 XD;
(I am gonna get on that log book I swear it's right next to me as we speak. I was planning on starting on it yesterday but I got a head ache that only just started to disappear yay <<)
Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on September 13, 2015, 11:07:03 pm
@Ahiku maybe your floor is slightly tilted? so it spilled there but it slipped down to the side of your bed slowly overnight?

My life has been pretty average recently. I got Project Mirai DX, the project diva game, on the day it came out last Tuesday and have pretty much just been playing that nonstop all week. I never saw any advertisement for it, so I get the feeling I'm one of a handful of people who even knew it came out. so much for picking people up on streetpass...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on September 14, 2015, 09:18:33 am
@Ahiku: omfg, your place is haunted. O_O *throws salt at you*

@Miz: I've been staring at the cover of the log book for the longest time pretending it's going to read itself. >>
... and also all the other No.6 books I've collected (sob)

also, gold sticker for memorizing all those names. XD I'm lucky if I remember Hinata or Kageyama's first name.

@ghosty: omg, Project Mirai DX looks SO cute. @_@ I actually haven't heard of it at all and I was stalking the Nintendo eShop like crazy this weekend. I was trying to figure out whether I should buy Tomodachi Life or not,... and I succumbed to my desires. XD Ahiku made it look really fun... except Shion rejected Nezumi's confession and now they're not friends. oops. XD omg, wait, I actually love vocaloid songs. *_* do you have any song recommendations or should I just buy the game >>;;;;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on September 14, 2015, 09:48:49 am

And wellllllll reading fanfic helps a lot. /sweats (no for real, that's how I first found out we actually do know Suga's first name XD;;;; honestly though literally no-one ever calls him Koushi and it's only ever mentioned in the character listings. Does he even remember to respond to it at this point or is even his own family like 'hey Koushi - Koushi - oh for...  HEY SUGA'.)

@Ghosty: omigosh Project Mirai DX looks super cute! Hopefully you can find someone on streetpass then, that'd be nice.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on September 14, 2015, 11:30:38 am
@Ghosty: Yeah, I guess it was like you say... o_o° But nevertheless, it was super strange and I was pretty confused. X'D

@Meo: Yeah, he rejected him one, but then they finally became a couple and married and had a kid. X'DD Haha.
But somehow I stopped playing after Mao was "grown up" and moved in her own apartment. ^^°
Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on September 14, 2015, 11:09:33 pm
@Meopat I prefer a lot of the more classic Vocaloid songs to the newer ones. Mirai DX has been complimented for having a better song listing than the other Project Diva games, which I agree with (though I was sad to see no Rolling Girl or Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku :/). Mirai DX is also a lot easier than the other Project Diva games which I could never beat a hard song on in a million years. They also introduced Gumi for the first time. I personally would absolutely recommend the game. I really love it, and they put in a lot more things to do then just constantly playing the rhythm game part. A lot of other people found the extra parts boring though, so that's just my opinion.

As for recommending songs, Vocaloid is such a broad term since there's so many genres within it. Some of the songs I really enjoy off of Mirai DX are Matryoshka and the Servant/Daughter of Evil songs and Clover Club.

About tomodachi life though, Nezumi and Shion were the first couple I got together in the game, then Makoto and Haru from Free!. after that I accidentally started dating Kageyama and everything went kindof downhill but I'm pretty sure Nezumi and Shion still have the most kids out of any of the couples I have that got together.

and don't worry about failed confessions too much, Hinata's first confession to Kageyama was while I was still dating Kageyama and he got rejected, but not long after Kageyama came around and asked Hinata out, so don't give up! you can do it!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on September 16, 2015, 10:43:58 am
@Miz: I AM BRINGING THE LOG BOOK WITH ME ON MY TRIP TO HK THIS WEEKEND. I have an 8 hour bus ride to Osaka and I doubt I would sleep the whole time SO READING / "STUDYING" IT IS. @_@ Too bad I'm taking the day bus, otherwise, I'd spam Miz about it. owo

@Ahiku: I can see it getting boring. I'm already angry at my islanders and the repetitive gameplay... but I .. can't.. stop..
GIVE ME CHILDREN ALREADY. Link from Legend of Zelda just helped set SHion and Nezumi up as a couple and I'm so happy. gonna pamper the hell out of my island Link XD

@Ghosty: They have Gumi!? :000 !! omg! I will have to check out this game. @_@ (wallet silently screams in background) I'm a fan of the "traditional" Hatsune Miku songs.. so essentially, the ones that were popular back in 2009... XD;; like.. MELT or The World is Mine.. etc. X3;; I guess the super pop-ish, bouncy ones. o_o (Though I think my favorite vocaloid is Luka.. ) Oh, I like the Servant of Evil series! :D I'll check out Matroshyka and Clover Club.. when it's not 12:40am XD; I should technically sleep now .. >> ;;;;;;

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on September 16, 2015, 10:46:59 pm
@meopat my fav are still the traditional ones as well. The World is Mine is one of the first vocaloid songs I remember hearing so it will always hold a special place in my heart, same with Melt.

he absolutely dumped me for hinata the nerd. it was the expected result though. theyre the only couple I've really had trouble getting together because the only time I ever let another two people I didn't want to marry become a couple was me and kageyama. I learned my lesson after that incident
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on September 21, 2015, 07:25:48 pm
So today I got distracted from getting anything done because there was a car accident outside my house. Someone drove up onto a parked car about seven feet from my car and it took two tow trucks to get it off. So... yeah, that was exciting and awful. My car's thankfully unscathed from that, though just the other day a part ripped off my car while I was on the interstate... It is not a good time for cars in my life I guess.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on September 22, 2015, 12:54:03 pm
Oh god o_o°
I hope nobody got injured. >.<  Good to hear that it did not affect your car.
(Omg, please be careful. oO°)

I don't like cars... x,x I don't like driving at all. (At least not in this city, it's awful XD) It would be better to have a car, though. Then I wouldn't need so long to get to work and come back home. ;_;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on September 22, 2015, 05:25:17 pm
City driving is a nightmare for me. I won't even drive to my in town appointments if I can help it, at least not if I have to go anywhere other than the main road that goes through the city. At least that gets me walking regularly, which I'm supposed to do according to my rheumatologist (even though it hurts my knees soooo much), and I live about a mile away from everything downtown. I'm a champ at interstate driving, though.

(But yeah, thankfully no one was hurt, there were no ambulances or anything.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on September 24, 2015, 09:54:31 am
@ghosty: I've got a Miku in TomoLife now thanks to this convo. XD;

@weisel: OMG I'm glad you (and car) are okay. O_O

I like cars... just because where I live.. I can't go anywhere conveniently without one. XD but I do prefer public transport if it can be helped. ;(
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 11, 2015, 01:48:49 pm
Since my first floor still don't any heather and it's getting cold, my work on second computer when I draw is paused, I tried to sit there, but aside from finishing doujinshi I got a cold...

So for today I worked at my little project and good, Nezumi's mother didn't corporate at all. I tried to make her look like he should around 30 years
old but then she didn't look pretty enough in my eyes... so I erased and drew for hours...

After almost making a hole in paper I think I got her right but I'm still not 100% happy... So much problems for only two shoots with her for all whole big project... T_T

(Karan is wonderful woman, she turned amazing, but maybe I shouldn't say it because I still have one picture with her ahead. XD).


Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 11, 2015, 02:58:50 pm
Good luck with drawing Nezumi's mom. :3

I drew a picture for my next Childhood Friends AU short story today. ^^

Ah...I actually wanted to make a homepage for my illustration/writing/voice acting references today, but my internet kept dying (ok, it always comes back after a while, but then it's slow and dies again... no fun at all.)
I als thought about writing another short story, but I need my online dictionary. >_<

I don't know what happened...but I hope those stupid technical problems of my provider will stop as soon as possible, especially since they concern several cities (according to comments of other people who use the same provider...) *sighs* (I don't know how I was able to survive without the internet when I was a kid. XD)

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on October 14, 2015, 09:40:54 pm
Halloween is coming up pretty soon, are you guys doing anything for it? Wait, do you guys even celebrate it? I don't know which countries do and which don't...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 14, 2015, 10:11:45 pm
Well, depending on when I move, I COULD go around as Yato to get a bunch of free candy... (I'm little, no one would know I'm old enough to have kids myself...)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on October 15, 2015, 11:45:55 am
I'm Dutch and Halloween is only barely a thing here (but it was p awesome in Dublin last year)... so I think I'll - idk do closet cosplay because I can? Oh wait, it's a Saturday, there's a chance I might have to work in the book store then. Selling horror books to set the mood then, I hope XD And reading them at home, I've been meaning to reread Carmilla and some others, seems like a good time.


I think it's mostly big in the countries that have English as a first language? Idk. I've grown up with horror books so my perception has always been skewed in favor of WANTING to see Halloween everywhere...

@Weisel: nonsense dressing up and candy is for all ages do iiiiit
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on October 17, 2015, 04:10:50 am
Halloween is super big in America, but it's barely anything here in Japan... XD There's a brief mention of it, but that's it. (The whole month of October is kinda treated like Halloween here.)
BUT. The other assistant teachers and I are having some type of Halloween party and costume contest, so.. we'll see how that goes.

(I'm also gonna go to all my schools wearing a Pikachu costume. :b )

...I also want to draw something for Nezumi, Shion, or Inukashi for Halloween, but I can't think of any good ideas. T_T
I thought of maybe dressing them up as Jack and Sally from NBC, but something just didn't feel right...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 17, 2015, 07:57:05 am
In Germany, there's another tradition on October 31st...
It's called "Reformationstag". (reformation's a holiday)...
The day celebrates that Martin Luther nailed those ninety five theses to the catholic castle church in Wittenberg, or something like that. XD I myself don't celebrate it.

Halloween is not that common here, but I guess some younger people do celebrate it. I think especially those of the older generation believe that Halloween is just some American hype, even though the tradition and celebration itself had its origins in Europe. Well, you can easily find some Halloween decoration in stores at the moment and some bags with candy, but it's actually pretty rare that kids come here and play "trick or treat" (in German: Süßes, sonst gibt's Saures!) I think I experienced it once that two kids came and wanted candy. X'D

I guess some younger people might enjoy a costume party then... and I think it gained popularity within the last years. When I was a kid, it was still pretty uncommon and just something you heard or read about... I remember that I always thought it was an American festival or something. :D

@Meo OMG XDDD You need to show us a photo then. *-* *wants to See Meokachu*

Hmmm... last year I've drawn Vampire!Nezumi... X'D I'm not sure if I'm gonna draw something for this year. Probably not. o.o


Urgh, I had some bad luck today. XD I went grocery shopping and one of my bags tore apart. Luckily still in my shopping cart. X'D In the end I borrowed the cart to bring my stuff home and brought it back later. x_x°
Ah, and earlier today I picked up some papers for an old grandpa... but he was super creepy. XD He thanked me and was like. "Oh, you're so nice..." (But well,  in a very creepy way) and started to follow me. X'D *cries* I was just glad he was so old and slow. I escaped. *phew*

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on October 17, 2015, 11:18:42 am
@Ahiku: oh, huh, I definitely had Luther and Wittenberg at primary school but that's the first time I even know people celebrate the date, haha. Makes sense I guess~

Yeah Halloween is getting a bit bigger in other countries now too, isn't it?

@Meo: OMIGOSH PLEASE SHOW US PICTURES. If you're comfortable with that of course. Regardless that is fantastic XD

@Ahiku: ahhh oh I loved that art! *_* Gonna find it and reblog it for Halloween again, huhu.

But yiiiikes! Glad to hear the grocery bag thing worked out though, and that you could escape the creepy man. Yikes, no fun at all >_<

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 17, 2015, 11:21:19 am

Omg, that's super creepy!

You have wasps and we had snow on Wednesday.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on October 17, 2015, 11:32:09 am
I AM A HERO I GOT DAD TO KILL IT. He first tried to kill it by SMASHING IT WITH A BOOK dang it dad think of the books what if it stains <<
I am still eyeing my laptop with much suspicion. WHAT THE HELL.

holy **** though XD; But I'd definitely prefer surprise snow over surprise wasps...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 17, 2015, 11:59:32 am
OMG! Don't use books to kill wasps, listenforthelove's dad! >,<
Ah, that reminds me of something... a couple of weeks ago we had a big meeting (all teams together, that means like 60 people.) And there was a wasp in the room and since there are mainly women, they were all screaming lol. XD After a while the wasp was gone and the bosses continued talking, but then one of the guys stood in front of the windows and was like. "Go away...go's not that hard <_< Shoo!" And he didn't even notice that it was silent and that 60 people were looking at him. X'D
Then, another guy (a giant one, like a bear) went to the window and was like: "Ah, let me help you!" And then, he smashed the wasp with his bare hand. o___O°  *cries*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 17, 2015, 01:26:09 pm
I used to work at an outdoor summer market selling baked goods, and sometimes the wasps would be like "MMM LET'S EAT ALL THESE TASTY THINGS!" So after a couple years of trying to shoo them away, I got tired of being nice and I started killing them. I used one of the little disposable trays we had for serving baklava and would either smash the wasps or hit them out of the air and step on them. I wouldn't totally kill the first one, just leave it there so it would release its "DANGER!" pheromones to scare off the other wasps. It actually works. I think I did that every day and kept away any other wasps for the rest of the day. I am a wasp fighter.

Also the old man story... That reminded me of today because my knees aren't so good and the one hurts a lot right now so I can only walk at a causal pace. It was raining (snowing earlier, too!) and I was shopping with my mom. She didn't want to be in the rain but I was being slow, so I told her "Go on ahead, I'll catch up." She hurried over to the store we were headed to and I just kept saying stuff like "There could be a landslide we have to run away from and I'd tell you 'go on ahead, I'll catch up'" while I was getting soaked by the rain. (okay, maybe it wasn't that funny but it was funny to me.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on October 19, 2015, 09:59:24 am
Omg. Bug exterminator Weisel. XD That's a rather epic tale.
It sucks that you got drenched in the rain! Where's your umbrella?! ;_; AND OMG IT'S SNOWING WHERE YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY? WHY. IT'S ONLY OCTOBER. STAAAHP.

Ah, but speaking of bug-killing... o.o There was a kamemushi (stink bug) in the special needs classroom today.. and my student was shouting at the Japanese teacher to get rid of it.. XD but it was really high up on the wall, so the teacher had to use a broom to knock it down... and, when it fell, she ducted taped it.. and threw it in the trash. o__o *was cheerleader/screaming on the side*

@Miz, Ahiku: XD When I say Pikachu costume, I only mean a headband and a tail. orz  it's nothing fancy. T__T SO YOU CAN'T BE DISAPPOINTED.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 19, 2015, 11:30:29 am

Here are my Halloween drawings! :3
and this one was for the RC blog. ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 19, 2015, 01:16:53 pm
My fiance gave me idea to draw for hallowen Shion as Snow White and Nezumi with red apple and in witch costume. We don't have this event in our country but drawing for it would be nice if I didn't had so many things already to do.

Good I'm mental exhausted. I'm going on some training and there are so many psychological tests and talks that I feel like my depression returns.
To add my charger input in tablet seems to start break down, I wrote my NO.6 fanfiction things on it... I don't know what I will do if it break fully T_T... to and more again family problems with my father...
So yeah, today is bad day.     

Only nice thing that my order of LN from Pandora Hearts arrived today.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on October 21, 2015, 05:54:14 am
@kare: Nezumi would be the witch... XD
But oh, you don't have Halloween where you live? o.o.... Where do you live anyway? :3

Aw, ;__; I'm sorry to hear there's been a lot of medical exams and stuff. *hug*
I hope things get better. >< Never forget to breathe and relax and take it easy and give yourself "me"-time!

@Ahiku: Okayyy~ XD I'll put up pictures next week-ish then. pfft

Speaking of Halloween, what's everyone's favorite holiday? :D
(well, I guess TECHNICALLY Halloween isn't a holiday, but y'know, whatever, technicalities.) I'm pretty sure Halloween is my favorite.. XD
Just because I can even go out to school in my pajamas and that can be my costume..  :3
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on October 21, 2015, 11:57:50 am
Halloween is definitely my favorite. It's my whole families favorite holiday, we always go all out for it.

My new school has a policy where you can't dress up for Halloween because it's considered a "religious holiday" and because they don't want it to be a distraction.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 21, 2015, 02:11:07 pm
Free candy is my religion.

Anyway, as for favorite holidays, I think New Year's Eve is my favorite now that I'm old enough to celebrate it with friends instead of family. A couple years ago, I went out to dinner with my sister and her friend and his boyfriend, and then we ordered a pie with four forks and ate it all out of the tin, and then we went back to my apartment and got drunk and had our "new year's speeches" which were mostly drunken emotional ramblings about each other. Really though, I think it all depends on who I get to celebrate it with, but New Year's Eve usually lines up well with people's schedules, so I usually get to spend time with whoever I want then.

Also... I don't actually like Christmas anymore. Stepfamily traditions suck and my mom gets mad if I spend Christmas with anyone else, especially if it's my dad. So much stupid drama and I can't afford presents for people and in general I just don't feel like I actually belong in any part of my family. At least my sister's in the same position as me so we can suffer through it together. (And here I am, complaining about Christmas when I'm the one running the Sercret Santa...)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 21, 2015, 02:21:34 pm
We only have in Poland event when there is Hallowen like you go to your relatives graves and light up candles, bring flowers etc.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 27, 2015, 12:05:48 pm
Hm...the last few years I celebrated nothing at all. X'D No birthdays, no Christmas, no New Year's eve... (most of the time I had to work...last time I was sick. ^^° So I could at least stay at home and didn't have to work.)

When my mom and grandpa were still alive, we celebrated Christmas, because they were the ones who really liked it to decorate the apartment and everything. But well, grandma and I are just not the types for stuff like that. ^^° When I was younger, I really enjoyed New Year's Eve...I celebrated together with friends, which was always nice. But most of them live too far away now and have a new circle of friends and I always had to work, so no one is asking me anymore if I'd like to join. (Lol, sounds...somehow depressing OTL XD)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on October 29, 2015, 05:49:27 am
@Ghosty: T__T That's so sad that your school won't let you dress up! .. but I'm glad your family is all in for it.

@Weisel: omg, I feel the same about Christmas. XD It just reminds me that I should learn to budget and I need to figure out how I can send people the love they deserve, (sob)


but I feel like Secret Santa is different y'know? XD since you only have one person to shower with love, hahaha. but omg your New Years Eve celebration sounds fun. XD I'm lucky if I stay up for the countdown.

@Reiko: o.o That ... sounds like Obon. XD Is it anything like Halloween at all? Do you dress up or carve pumpkins? Is there candy? XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on October 29, 2015, 08:46:29 pm
@Meopat I couldn't wear a costume, so instead I dressed up in a nice Halloween-themed outfit every day this week. We have Friday off though so it was only for four days. I did bats monday, skeletons Tuesday, spiders wednesday, and blood today.

I'm actually Jewish, so I don't celebrate christmas
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 29, 2015, 09:12:30 pm
@Ghosty Christmas is honestly so ridiculous anyway. I worked at a seasonal Christmas market selling super overpriced Christmas decorations and holy ****... rich people paid so much money for that stuff (it's mostly stuff from Germany, and rich Americans LOVE to talk about their trips to Germany and try to out-brag each other. I was just behind the register like "mkay that'll be $1000") and that's about it for Christmas. Just... buying crap. Some of the church services can be nice, but they're long and not THAT interesting. The most interesting Christmas tradition I witnessed was in New Mexico. The kids in my sister's elementary school were in a play that retold some Christmas story. There was a kid in a devil costume so it was way more interesting that the original story.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 30, 2015, 06:37:44 am
(Giving Ahiku thousand hugs)
I hope you will find something in this year's Christmas or other holiday that will make you celebrate it again, it's sad T_T... or free time to do it, if that's main problem.

(Hugs again)

I don't know I have mixed feelings about Christmas, but mostly don't like feelings. I never felt warmth inside my family in that day or maybe my standards after American family/christmas movies are to high.
When I remember how I alone sang christian songs few years ago, I start to feel sad... And I know that my fiance is totally atheist (no god at all) so I don't think he will ever sing something with me in future on that day...

Ok. Maybe better don't talk about Christmas... XD 
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on October 30, 2015, 10:46:08 am
*jumps into Meo's arms* >_< *snuggle*

@reiko thanks *hugs you back* Hm... o.o I'm also atheist and I sing a lot of Christmas songs (I sing Xmas songs since last month. X'D Well, maybe not the songs you like to sing, but sometimes I really like to sing old folk songs (not just Christmas song). I even record myself and practice harmonies like that. :D 
(I'm also interested in Japanese and English Folk songs. ^^) Ah, and I also sing just for myself... but I don't feel sad because of it. But I guess it's mainly because I just sing to train and strengthen my vocal chords and not because of religious reasons. :3 I hope you can find someone who will sing with you. Have you ever considered joining a choir? ^^

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 30, 2015, 07:58:55 pm
I just remembered, back in high school I always performed with our makeshift Christmas brass band. We'd freeze our asses off playing outside at the "Christmas in Millheim" festival... I live in Millheim as of today, so I'll be right in the middle of it. I wonder if they still do that band.

Also since I live where holidays are really overdone, I was thinking of making videos just walking around and seeing anything interesting like decorations. Like Las Vegas East, as my grandpa liked to call our old neighbor's house around Christmas. Everything was lights. EVERYTHING.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 31, 2015, 02:24:21 am
Nah, I'm not so much believer to join some kind of choir. I have my own way of thinking about god, because else I would scream around that Nezumi and Shion should root in hell because of their sinful love XD, this even sound stupid.

I just always imagined Christmas as family holiday when everyone laugh, sing and are happy to be together.
At last yesterday I little talked with fiance and he don't mind to sing along with me (even if he don't know many traditional songs he said). He's my light ^^.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 31, 2015, 09:23:10 am
I just remembered a funny Halloween story... So my friend's family one year left out a bowl of candy on the porch with a "take one" sign (as some people do, not everyone can take the time to hand it out but they'll still want to give out candy, not that it's mandatory by any means). As you might expect, some kids are little assholes and take all the candy and leave the empty bowl. Anyway, they had the bowl of candy on a scarecrow's lap in a chair on the front porch. But... The scarecrow was my friend's dad in a really believable costume. He stayed perfectly still for the kids that took only one piece of candy, but jumped up and yelled whenever kids tried to take more. I think he made one kid pee his pants that year. (If I ever have a house myself where I can hand out candy, I'm absolutely doing this.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 02, 2015, 11:49:13 am
God, there are some disturbing blogs on Tumblr. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on December 02, 2015, 12:44:09 pm
^ Ok, this is strange... O_o'
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on December 02, 2015, 12:51:00 pm
^ ... what did I just click.
@Ahiku pls. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 03, 2015, 06:21:00 am
He, I didn't make this blog. X'D I just found it.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on December 03, 2015, 07:41:31 am
... omg xD must follow.


in other news, on twitter, toi8 posted the process ( (from outline to finish) on one of his No.6 pieces. I think it's circulating around tumblr already tho. ... but it's got 4k likes (which is 400% times more than his usual art pieces), so it's good to know people still love No.6!! ;u;
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 03, 2015, 10:20:00 am
ò_Ó *shows Meo a tube of glue* You know what that means, lovely! I'll use it!
*replaces the coffee in your cup with Valerian tea*

Oh my god, yes, I've seen that post! It's amazing. *___*
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: woolookologie on December 04, 2015, 04:24:12 pm
The 8th volume of the manga arrived today and OH MY GEEZ IM SO DONE nOW...
So dramatic, so many feels :'(
I'm actually glad I spoilered myself accidentaly the ending, so I know at least that Nezumi doesn't die. (I would have been so dead if that would be the case)
Let's see, I might read the last one online because I'm not really intrested in waiting until february, but I'll try to resist. ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 05, 2015, 04:48:04 am
Oh, it's already out? o.o *need to get it* But I don't need to hurry, I've already bought the English version. ^^°

Oh, that might be difficult, woolookologie.
The scanlation group was asked by Kodansha to stop their work... so you'll just find chapter 1-22 online. There's just a Chinese version online... and I think some Japanese chapters. o.o
You could still read the last novel, tho. :3

Ah, btw., I recommend you to check out the scanlations, as well, because they didn't put some extra mangas in our release. <_<°
For example here:
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 21, 2015, 11:51:36 am
I think I spoiled things with the cafeteria lady today. X'D They served noodles with tomato sauce and sausages today... and they had just served that last Wednesday. That's why I was like: Huh? That dish is not on the menu today o.o Are that leftovers from last Wednesday?"
She got angry and was like. "No, we have to throw leftovers away! I had to sign for it! >,<"
I just thought: Eh...that's even worse. o_O° Don't throw food away... x.x As long as it's still good, they could sell it really cheap the next day... <,< (if they throw it away, they could also hand it out for free...)

Plus, I'm fairly sure they don't throw that stuff away, because they put leftovers in the soup of the day. X'D
When they sold goulash, you can be pretty sure they'll have goulash soup 2-3 days later. One time, they had an Asian dish and then they threw Asian veggies in the soup. X'D

I just hope...she won't spit on my food now. X'D
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on December 22, 2015, 08:02:36 am
lmao. XD The lunch lady is the worst person to make enemies with, Ahiku!
Make peace with her again!!

They might be under FDA Regulations to not re-use leftovers. :d I know it's that way with Starbucks. Nowadays, any leftover / expired food must be thrown away at the end of the day with no exceptions... even though I used to take them home a lot when I worked there. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 22, 2015, 08:22:49 am
I'd also take this stuff home when they just throw it out. ^^°
(And I'm still sure they put the leftovers in the soups... X'D I mean, I'm not completely stupid and it happened more than one time that the soup was really close to one of the dishes they had served during the week.)

Oh...what exactly throws Starbucks away? Coffee? Do they sell food as well? I've never been in a Starbucks, we don't have one here. XD Just in really huge cities...
But I don't like coffee anyway.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on December 22, 2015, 08:54:22 am
lmao. XD Have you talked about this with other coworkers?! ... though, idk if you'd want to because then the lunch ladies may hear you gossip and they'll REALLY spit in your food then XDDD

oh, it was like sandwiches and pastries. :3 We never have leftover coffee. (after a certain hour, we stop putting beans in the espresso machine. then at closing, we put the beans back into their container and we wash the equipment).

also, omg. @_@ life without a Starbucks nearby?! that's just like rural Japan! (sobs) The closest starbucks to me is two hours from here... besides the random drinks you can find at the convenient store, but they're just not the same.
... I used to be a huge coffee addict... XD; but the coffee I like tends to be White Mochas... :3 sweet and milky, not really "coffee" at all.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 22, 2015, 09:51:05 am
Oh, the other coworkers had the soup, so we talked about it, because they were like: "Yuck.. this is like instant broth with soy sprouts. o_o"  - "Wait...they had an Asian dish yesterday..." 
But when you sit at one of the tables, they can't hear you. :D It's too far away and they are busy with handing out food.

Ah, okay. o.o Sounds legit. XD city is not even small, in fact it's a big city...but there are a lot of things we don't have. o_o° No Starbucks, no Kentucky Fried Chicken... we once had a Pizza Hut, but it's long gone. Burger King is also gone. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on December 22, 2015, 10:17:10 am
KFC is a terrible place btw. Just saying. My sister worked there so she knows how gross and awful it is.

Also as someone who has served cafeteria food, I can tell you it's all kinda gross. It's like "take this frozen thing you trust is meat(?) and then put it in this questionable hot greasy tank and then scoop it out and serve it?"
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on December 22, 2015, 11:19:54 am
Uh, my fanfiction grammar tester is lost in action :/ I hope it's just Christmas thing...

Anyway I hoped to finally move on with new chapter but it's not possible in this way :/...

I should be drawing instead but somehow I'm lost in Xenoblade Chronicle X, everyday tell myself to not play but draw and I end behind wiiu pad :/
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Meopat on December 25, 2015, 02:18:02 am
@reiko: Oh! How is Xenoblade? is it fun? :D
and omg, that sucks. I hope your BETA comes back... :( maybe it's winter holidays?

also, @Weisel: that's horrifying that KFC is disgusting... XD I just had it a few days ago, hahaha!

and wow, @Ahiku, is your city all about mom and pop shops?? o.o do they hate chains?? That's actually kind of refreshing. ... Is there a McDonalds?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 25, 2015, 08:06:42 am
It's really horrifying that KFC is disgusting...I mean they work with chicken... x.x I guess when you work with poultry you have to be even more cautious than when you work with other meat. Yuck. >_<
I just ate there once when I was in Cologne, and I didn't think that it was that good. ^^°

Yeah, we have McDonalds here... XD And Subways and some other chains, but I guess some of them are not internationally famous. (Ditch for can find it in every big city... they sell pizza bread and for example lye pretzel croissants filled with cream cheese or topped with cheese. Or just normal pretzels... Oh, and we have a lot of different bakery chains. Some of them are self-service... they have a lot of pastries (sweet and also hearty) and sandwiches, pretzels, croissants... :3 Oh and "Nordsee", that's a fish restaurant chain.
We also had a bagel shop which was apparently a chain, but they closed it. It's another self-service bakery now. ^^°  We have a loooot of bakeries. They are everywhere.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on December 25, 2015, 09:52:44 am
happy Christmas to you all

it sucks that KFC is that disgusting. my mom likes it so she takes me there a lot but I'm afraid to tell her I find almost all fast food restaurants gross.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on December 25, 2015, 09:53:58 am
Merry Christmas!!

@Ahiku holy **** you have a lot of youtube subscribers! I happened to click to open it in a new tab instead of watching the embedded version... (I have 8 subscribers lolol) Also I think your vocal range is nearly an octave above mine. I'm like... a mezzo alto. I can sing tenor parts to songs.

Also gross KFC things for Christmas (because we all want to know more about how nasty it all is on this lovely day) I think just about everything in frozen beforehand. They take out the chicken from the freezer in giant bags, heat it up, bread it, and deep fry it. I think even the breads are frozen beforehand. Basically they have everything that they can in the freezer so it won't go bad. I think I blocked some of the grossest parts of my sister's stories out of my memories... Just HOW the things are made are gross, I just don't remember all the details.

But... bakeries are great! I worked at a bakery and it was actually not gross (except the dishes always were kinda greasy from years of butter, I got in trouble the one day I was assigned to cleaning because I took way too long on each dish). But everything we made was fresh that day (or was otherwise marked as discounted stuff and that was only up to a few days with pastries and cookies). We only sold at farmers markets, which kind of made it easier to clean and start over. We'd give a bunch of our leftover food to this one family that had a lot of adopted and foster children, which was definitely better than throwing it away.  And then later I was a baker at a coffee shop and that was fun. I felt like Karan making all those tasty cookies and scones.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 25, 2015, 11:13:54 am
Oh yeah... o.o But I don't notice that there are so many, they don't write many comments. Well, my famous Youtube days are long over, haha. X'D I used to be very active in the German fandub scene. But since I also got some professional voice acting jobs this year, I have to retreat a bit from fandubbing. The studios don't like that and I would like to get more jobs in the future. :D I hope I can apply for some studios in my region next year. I hope my vocal pipes are better then. They were horribly inflamed and I still have trouble. ;_; (I was hoarse after singing that stupid Christmas song and the higher notes were hard to catch. I failed so much... but well, I'm just an amateur singer, so it's okay. XDDD)
Btw. my mom worked as a singer in an opera choir. She had an alto voice and could also sing tenor parts. My grandma has a very deep voice as well. X'D They always made fun of me because I have a high voice. (It was much worse when I was younger. I sounded just sooo incredibly like a child... haha XD But now I just use it. I can give my voice to MOE characters like Kate Hoshimiya :D 
(I dunno if this works... ^^°)

Ewww, that doesn't sound pretty good, but I guess it's normal that they freeze everything in chains. ^^° Especially the meat needs to be frozen... o.o It's better than NOT being frozen. XD
And yet, the thought is not very appetizing.

Yeah, bakeries are great. XD But I'd also like to have some other possibilities and not just 3000 different bakeries. There are also a lot of differences. The self-service bakeries are kinda cheap and the stuff you can buy there is not as good as the stuff you can buy in a normal bakery. ^^ Then we also have "bakeries" in super markets. They have the cheapest stuff, but it's also not that great.
Oh, btw. we have sooo many different kinds of breads in Germany. X'D I guess...bread is very important to German people. (That's probably right...I don't eat much bread, but when I was in Japan, I really missed it. o_O° They just had super shitty white bread. And why are the slices so thick? That's horrible. XD Why don't they use grains and seeds ;_;)
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Post by: Weisel on December 25, 2015, 11:43:01 am
@Ahiku Woah! You're pretty dang good at voice acting! Also I remember mentioning that I was learning German back when the forum started (though I've put that on hold since my memory's been bad, maybe I'll pick that up again soon) but I understood some of the dialogue, which makes me feel a little better!

Also I just remembered I was talking to my friend about this the other day, but I was asking if I had a deep voice for a girl and we agreed that my tone is girly but the pitch I speak at is lower. So I'm stuck sounding weirdly girly with a low voice. I don't think that voice fits anyone pffffft.

I think I'm the only one in my family who sang much (everyone else plays instruments only) and I remember when my older sister wanted to try out for the school musical she had me try to coach her on her audition. It was awful, like she could sing the notes but her tone was super nasally and I couldn't seem to get her to sing from further back in her throat, plus she sort of slid to notes like an annoying pop star or something. ...She didn't make it to callbacks. I failed as a teacher lol. I'm not even a good singer, I just knew how to sing properly for choir.

As for bakeries, we have bakeries in grocery stores as well and it's actually pretty rare to have bakeries around like Karan's bakery where it's just breads and pastries. The only ones I've seen around (though I haven't been in cities much) are specialty ones, like cake decorators or gluten free bakeries. The bakery I used to work at shut down a couple years back. Any other bakeries have to have a sort of gimmick like being all organic or whatever. Even our competitor bakery back a few years had to start making fancy pizzas to keep customers coming. Bread isn't a big deal in the United States. Most of it is pretty mediocre. Though now I can't actually eat bread because I figured out I have a gluten intolerance and I do miss bread a bit. Gluten free bread tends to be really dry and crumbly. I don't bake anymore because I either can't eat what I make or it just turns out crappy. (Also I miss beer. A lot. I love beer.)

I have to think back to what breads we had at the bakery, just because we had a nice selection. I'd usually buy one of our mini loaves from the leftover dough and eat it during my shift. I actually had this tactic of eating anything that wasn't selling well so people would want to try it when they passed by. It always worked! We had... white, whole wheat, dill, cranberry orange, apple oat, french (three kinds, white, whole wheat, and herb), challah, st. john's, uh... I might be missing a few. And then we had zucchini cheddar rolls and pesto rolls and english muffins (I could totally live off the pesto rolls and english muffins), and then we had a bunch of cookies and pastries.

...Okay, I think I got a little excited about bread. Apparently I miss it more than I thought.
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Post by: Ahiku on December 25, 2015, 12:37:58 pm
Thanks. :D That's btw the offical German dub of Sekai Seifuku and that little girl is my first lead role.
Oh, but I have more than 7 years of fandub experience. That helps. ^^ Even though you can't really compare fandubbing and real voice acting. It's a bit more difficult. :3
Oh, it's btw. really good that you could understand a bit. I mean they are talking pretty fast. I can imagine it's not really easy to follow them.

So...that means you have a low, but yet girly voice? X'D But it's good to have a unique voice. ^^

Oh, btw... do you think Nezumi is a countertenor?

Aww, no, you didn't fail as a teacher... XD Your sister just didn't want to learn. ^^ My mom also tried to teach me once. She taught singing professionally when she was younger, but somehow she failed to teach me. Neither of us could stay serious and I just ended up laughing and cackling like an idiot as she tried to teach me how to breath properly. Or when I had to do voice exercises... x,x I wish I had learned better back then.

Oh, too bad you have a gluten intolerance ... I can imagine that you miss bread. x.x That's a pretty terrible intolerance. (I understand it a bit - I have a sorbit intolerance. I'm still lucky, since I consider it as the less annoying intolerance, but I still need to be careful with some things... and I have to read ingredient lists carefully... since that stuff is not just proclaimed as sorbit, but also as E whatever... or it's in fruits...when they use certain juices or dried fruits it's also bad. x,x They use apple juice for a lot of things...that sucks. XD)
Toothpaste and mouthwash is also criminal. (Even though you don't swallow it... x.x I just can't use normal stuff or I'm going to react.) Buut, I guess you know stuff like that... o_o (I doubt you have just a gluten intolerance, huh? Most of the time, people tend to have several intolerances at the same time. x_x°) When they tested me, there was also an elderly women and she had almost everything... XD Lactose, fructose, gluten, sorbit... I guess there's not much left she can eat.

Oh, these kinds of bread sound very interesting. ^^ Here, they don't have different flavors like orange or whatever... but we use very different grains and seeds, for example sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds etc.  Pumpkin seeds... all kinds of seeds... multigrain...farmer bread... they are on top of different colored buns, depending on the flour they are using. Wheat or rye etc. Oh we also have potato buns, milk buns...milk buns with raisins, or wheat buns with different toppings (seeds, cheese, sea salt flakes, caraway seeds)... and the buns are soft inside and crispy outside, apart from milk buns, but I hate them, they are soft and disgusting. X'D  Oh, the same with normal bread loaves... they also sell baguettes and pretzel rolls. And different kinds of cakes and pastries. Croissants with and without chocolate...Sponge cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake, cakes with fruits, pastries and deep-fried stuff, cookies... and also some sandwiches. Ah yeah and coffee to go. That's the normal assortment of a bakery. XD They don't need to sell special stuff. Oh, but the assortment is slightly different each day.

I remember that a Japanese friend was kinda traumatized after visiting a bakery because he couldn't decide what he wanted to eat. X'D So he left without food...
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Post by: Weisel on December 25, 2015, 10:00:14 pm
@Ahiku Dang, good job on your first lead! Voice acting seems like a lot of fun, even if it is hard work. I guess that's how any kind performance is though, right?

I'm not really sure how to describe my voice other than "low yet girly" so here's one of my stupid cosplay Christmas videos. (Don't feel like you have to watch much of it, it's just to get a sample of my voice.)

And yes, I think Nezumi would be a countertenor. I had to look up exactly what that was, but yes, that's it exactly. He's definitely got a higher voice in the novels than is portrayed in the anime. Sorry, Hosoya, you can't sound like a woman...

Intolerances and allergies just all suck in general. At least the whole gluten thing is becoming more well known so a lot of things are marked as being gluten free. I'm also lactose intolerant, but it's not bad since cutting out gluten (I can get away with eating lactose without any bad side effects, I think it was just too much for my system to handle after dealing with the gluten thing). I remember when I was really young I'd get horrible stomach cramps every night because my mom made me drink a big glass of milk with dinner every night. My parents thought I was being whiny over nothing until after about four years of this, and then my mom finally took me to the doctor and they figured out really fast that I was lactose intolerant. It's a super easy fix, though. There are pills to help with that. You just eat one right before eating dairy and everything is totally fine. It's too bad there's nothing like that for gluten. I'd totally get pills just to eat a load of soft pretzels.

Also I don't think there are usually breads for sale with fruit in them at grocery store bakeries (aside from cinnamon raisin bread), the bakery I worked at had a lot of original recipes. Apple oat bread makes some amazing french toast, though. I don't think I've seen any breads like those in the grocery store bakeries though, even the more "normal" ones. Like... I think most grocery store bakeries have things like white and wheat loaves of bread, then a bunch of different sandwich rolls, some pastries and cookies, and a fair amount of donuts. At least being gluten intolerant made me stop my bad donut eating habit. They're just so damn good...

Also I totally get overwhelmed at coffee shops when I try to order a drink. There are so many things... Though I don't drink coffee anymore just because the caffeine makes me feel sick. (Jeez, what CAN I eat without feeling bad? Maybe just fruits and veggies... Rice noodles...)
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Post by: Ahiku on December 26, 2015, 09:26:01 am
Thanks :D Oh, maybe I'm lucky next year... today a friend of mine messaged me and told me she's going to work in a dub studio soon and she told me she's in a position where she can make suggestions. She knows my voice pretty well, since we made fandubs together for 7 years. So maybe they have something for me in the future. :3
(But it's also kinda sad...that relationships are so important in this business. Or...well, almost in every creative business. x.x In 2014 I got to illustrate and write an e-book for older kids thanks to another friend who was a fandubber in our group back then. I'm always so thrilled and overly happy when they think of me. ;_;

Oh, that video doesn't want to load. ;_; But I remembered that I've heard your voice before... You have uploaded some audio data on your blog a while ago...something with Nezumi and SHion and driving. But I didn't think that your voice was thaaaat low... ^^ I thought it was quite normal and nice. ^^
(A girl who used to be in our group sounds pretty androgynous... one time we made a group fancover of a song and I was like. O_o° "Who's the young boy singing this part - oh it's Sally, forget it." She really sounds like a 12-year old. XD
(Back then we also had a girl who sounded exactly like the official German VA of Ash Ketchum... X'D We made some Pokemon dubs together...but they all got deleted. x.x° I was Pikachu. (I'm a gooood Pikachu :P Here:    I recorded this years ago for listenforthelove :D)

Yeah, Hosoya doesn't sound like a woman at all. x.x°
I mean, his voice is cool, but the more I think about it, the less he's fitting for Nezumi. Okay, maybe for anime Nezumi, but definitely not for novel Nezumi. Even Kaji would be a better Nezumi. X'D
He's also angry enough.

Btw. I expect Nezumi to be able to to something like that:

XD Ok...I think Nezumi's timbre is different, but his voice range should be very similar to this guy's...
(Lol Imagine a Hipster Nezumi who's uploading these kinds of Youtube videos...and Shion is his biggest fan! XD)

Oh yeah, right...lactose intolerance is still good to handle with lactase pills and lactose free products... There are a lot of them nowadays. Oh, I can't drink milk, not even lactose free milk and don't know why. XD It's a bit weird. (Everything else made with milk is not a problem... even the doctors said it's weird... but I'm in pain right after drinking it, so I leave it be. ^^°)
It's horrible that your parents forced you to drink milk although you were not feeling well afterwards. D:  (Well, I experienced the same... XD  I still could drink it when I was small, though. But especially hot milk make me feel really nauseous. I even threw up because of it ^^°)
Yuck. But gluten intolerance must be really horrible... (and fructose...I guess that's one of the worst, because it also includes sorbit... x.x)
A friend of mine also has a lot of intolerances. Almost everything. Gluten, histamine, lactose, fructose...There are not many things left she can eat. She's super skinny and all people think she's anorexic and has eating disorders... x.x I feel so sorry for her. She's also always sick, because her immune system is super crappy.
It's really horrible...
Oh, I've heard some people are even allergic to water. o_O° I guess you can just kill yourself then.
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Post by: kare_reiko on December 26, 2015, 02:11:25 pm
Meopat: Well i don't know I have really mixed feelings for that game. I rather liked first Xenoblade better. This one is strange. I liked a lott every Xeno game until now but that's one... well I don't know, I only like some part of it but there is not much of them.

Well my beta tester answered, but It's after holidays already I my Christmas arc got delay XD I was going to post it and finish it like month ago XD? Oh well it's not like I'm doing it on time but I didn't planed for those chapters to be write/post in this time, it's like with first ver of Shion's birthday, I didn't planned it to happen in time of our 7th September.

Ahiku, you are good with lactose, I'm allergic to all that have potatoes inside and there is no pills for that. They use that damn thing to thickener almost every thing that now you can buy. It would be faster to say things I can eat instead of list what I can't eat :/ So I know that pain. Such things like McDonalds, KFC even normal yogurt are like taboo for me :/   
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 26, 2015, 02:31:05 pm
Ah, no, it's sorbit. XD Lactose is ok... I just throw up when I drink milk, but that has nothing to do with lactose. :3

Oh god, that sounds horrible. >_< I didn't know that you can be allergic to potatoes. And that they put this stuff in yogurt. o_o° My grandma would kill herself, she even eats potatoes with tomato sauce instead of noodles. Yuck. My mom was allergic to almost everything... nuts, veggies, fruit, animal hair and all kinds of polls and grasses. But at least she could eat most veggies/fruits when they were cooked. I guess that doesn't work with your potato problem... (I mean who eats raw potatoes... x,x)
Intolerances are a bit different... it doesn't matter if the stuff is dried or cooked, you still shouldn't eat it. But yeah, I'm still very lucky with my sorbit problem. XD Even when I eat a package of apples, I just feel pretty sick for a while, but I won't die... x,x but when you're allergic, it can be really could get a shock.

Btw... is anyone here allergic to bees/wasps? o_o I've never been stung, but I react allergic to some mosquito bites (they get least 5-10 centimeters in diameter), that's why I'm kinda afraid of wasps. Don't wanna test it. >_< One of my teachers back in my graphic class was allergic. XD She told me where I can find her emergency set and how I have to give it to her, just in case... Apparently, I looked kinda reliable or something.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on December 27, 2015, 06:25:43 am
@Ahiku I also feel bad from drinking plain milk (I don't even like the taste so I just drink almond milk) but I don't think I've ever thrown up from it. Bleh.

Also I'm not sure if my audio posts from before really sounded quite like my normal voice... I don't remember which one you're talking about (I just remember the one about if Shion and Safu ever dated). But I do know I was laughing a lot in just about every audio thing I've recorded and my voice gets a bit higher when I'm laughing. My giggle is just a high pitched little "heeheehee!" Maybe I'll just record something later and upload it. Not laughing this time.

Nezumi would TOTALLY have a youtube channel for all his cover videos. He'd do covers of annoying pop songs he doesn't like just for the sake of showing up the original singers. He'd be petty like that. And Shion would be his #1 fan and leave lengthy comments about how amazing Nezumi is on every single one of his videos. ...I'm all for this AU.

As for bees, I don't THINK I'm allergic... I've only been stung once (on my toe) by a normal little bee, and that was fifteen years ago. I've thought about being a beekeeper (my dad and my best friend in high school are both beekeepers, that definitely influenced me) but maybe I'd change my mind if I was stung more often. For a long time I wanted to get a honeybee tattooed on the back of my neck, and then I watched No.6... And I want that tattoo even more lol. Everyone I've told that to thinks I'm messed up. (I don't even hate the wasps in No.6, they're magical goddess power wasps and it's not like they knowingly killed people, they just hatched... It was the scientist that was super **** up and put them inside people.) Okay, bees in general are really freaking cool. Not wasps in real life, though. Those things are mean. The No.6 wasps didn't even sting people, they just hatched and flew off. If only real wasps were that passive. Just... not the hatching out of people thing. I don't want real life wasps to do that. I just wish they'd fly off and leave people alone.

I saw the biggest wasps ever in Cuervo, New Mexico. It's a little ghost town outside of Santa Rosa (which is I think sixty miles east of Albuquerque if anyone cares) with several houses that are falling apart, a cemetery, and a well maintained church. I stopped there because my roommate at the time wanted to check it out, and then after a few minutes these enormous black wasps started flying around and I just got right back into my car. My roommate didn't care though, but he was super weird. He didn't get stung at least. Still, I was like "how is it possible for these things to be SO BIG..." (I just googled Cuervo NM to see if there was anything about the wasps or the church and I just found that last year there were some crimes there... It's hard to say if it's a gross prank or actually evidence of sexual offenses. Gross, people are so **** up.)
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Post by: Kai on December 29, 2015, 10:56:09 am
Happy belated Christmas/Holidays everyone!

It's been a while since I've been here. The past few months were pretty, how shall I put it, busy?

But since I've taken to rereading the No. 6 novels while I'm on the train, I remembered this place as well.

Congratulations on the voice acting lead Ahiku! That's awesome, you do have a great voice for that. I wish I could do something like that myself, but I have to admit, I wouldn't really dare trying. The height of anything I've done in the world of entertainment is playing in a handful of school and off school stage plays. I'm also not that confident in my voice, people keep telling me I have a calming voice, but that's about it and that's probably more of a behaviour thing. And once someone told me I'd have a good voice for a sex hotline. (I can't tell if that is a compliment or not?)

To the topic of bees/wasps I can add. I'm not highly allergic, but I probably have the potential to develop an allergy to wasps. The last time I was stung I nearly collapsed and my circulation was off for about two hours, I was really dizzy and unwell. And when I was stung in the foot as a kid... my foot was about twice it's normal size for a week. That's why I tend to try and stay away from wasps if I can. Or you know, just make sure all the 'entrances' in my clothes are shut and just... freeze and ask as calmly as possible that someone please remove the wasp from the room. Or I wait like that in a corner until I see where it is and can attack before it can sting me. (Attacking one is risky though, you've got to be sure to be able to get it, if you just swat at it and miss, you'll make it more aggressive.)
To find out you can ask a doctor for a test though. If there hadn't been any incidents though I'm not sure the insurance pays for it. But it'd probably be a scratch test. Where your skin gets lightly scratched (mostly on your forearm) and some allergens get applied over it and then they check for reactions.

Either way, if you turn out to be allergic it's certainly good to carry an epi pen and some antihistamins during summer. You wouldn't wanna end with an anaphylactic shock.

If you don't want to go for a test, you'll find out once you get stung. If that happens you best look out for how strong the swelling is and in case breathing suddenly gets very hard or you feel a swelling in your throat - that's an immediate emergency. (And it's not panic to make breathing hard it'll be swelling.)

I'm also really sorry to hear about all of your food allergies. As macabre as it sounds that really makes me appreciate that I have no such issues myself. My cousin is can't eat gluten either and they failed to diagnose her until she was almost 30 or already was 30. She always had digestive problems and her bones degenerated badly enough that one or two of her vertebrae caved in and she needed special surgery.
I've occasionally heard people talk about this as if it's just played up and some health nonesense, I hope you guys never encountered that. Because it can be grave and it's not funny or some funky lifestyle choice.
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Post by: Ahiku on December 31, 2015, 07:55:51 am
Omg o_o Have you ever heard of these Japanese giant hornets?
They are extremely huge! I'd be so scared. ;_;

Thank you :D Ah I'd see that sex hotline remark as a compliment. That means you have a very pleasant and sensual voice. ^^
Ah, btw my normal voice is of course not as high as Kate's voice and it doesn't that shrill. XD It's more... like here:

Oh god, that really sounds as if you're a bit allergic. o_o I hope you won't get stung again.
Apropos attacking... that reminds me of something. One day, there was a wasp in our bureau and some of my coworkers freaked out. X'D There are so many windows and we tried to get it out.
But it apparently rather wanted to stay inside. Well, we had a morning meeting then, and our team leaders explained some stuff, but no one listened to them, because we all looked at one of the guys, who stood in front of the wasp and tried to get it out with a piece of paper. He failed, though... so another guy went to the rescue and was like: "Ah come on, let me do it, loser." Then, he smashed the wasp with his bare hand. o_o°
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Post by: Kai on December 31, 2015, 10:16:39 am
Your voice sounds very innocent and pure, it makes the story sound very beautiful. (It is a very nice story, too.) I think if I would have to read it, it would probably end up a lot darker and creepier.
I don't think I was ever cast for an innocent role either, not even when I was little, I remember I ended up being the witness in our little murder mystery play when we were 9. Scaring the hell out of the audience by yelling (child-safe) obscenities as the opening act.
The most innocent role I had... was propably being the priest during our tiny skit for confirmation at church. The priest made me wear his cloak thingy too, which probably was a sin in itself by the proper standards of the church since I was and still am no actual priest. (I'm not sure anyone else would technically be allowed wearing official robes?)

Let's see... what else have I even done... the crazy woman operating her cousin on the kitchen table while being interviewed (Loriot). Something other Loriot I don't remember which one though. I had it for reading Puck when we read A Midsummernight's Dream in English and weirdly enough I was always assigned to reading Ophelia and the occasional part of Horatio when we read Hamlet.
I actually don't remember which roles I had for that one unknown school play, but a lot of people dropped out of that and I ended up with three roles.
And the one I really wanted to do was Gallileo's daughter in a play about him, but I had to decline because I wasn't in the country for the final show (and we didn't have enough people for having understudies and whatnot.)

But that was all years ago. Ah, great now I start missing this.

And to the wasps... yeah, if you kill/smash them before they get the stinger out it won't hurt. With most animals and insects I'd rather get them out without killing them. Though wasps... there are too many wasps in recent years, thanks to global warming. But it still sounds like the guy was trying to show his cool with that comment before. XD
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Post by: Yuneyn on December 31, 2015, 10:20:55 am
Hi guys^^

So, I've been lurking around this forum like a ghost for the past months, so I thought I should at least wish you all a happy new year !
I've lost interest in No.6 months ago, but I still like to see what you guys are up to, I don't know, it's a nice feeling... Nevermind, I'm weird^^

Anyway, have a great 2016 everyone !
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on December 31, 2015, 05:53:23 pm
Happy New Year! *-*
(Oh least here. o_o To our friends in America: I hope you'll have a great New Year's Eve celebration or at least a nice calm evening if you don't like celebrating that much. :D All the best to everyone for the New Year!)

It's good to see you're still lurking around, even though you're not into No. 6 anymore. o.o *hugs you carefully* :3 That doesn't mean we're not friends your friends anymore, right? You're not weird at all. :3

Thank you X3 But sometimes it's a bit annoying. X'D People at my old job made fun of my voice (but was in a kind way...they teased me a bit when I made some high noises, but I guess they rather thought it was cute... especially one of the coaches always freaked out when I was sneezing ^^°°° and he was always like: Awwww, can you do this again? X'D  Wtf...) and sometimes, customers didn't take me serious, because I sound quite young. x,x
Oh... I thought people would never cast me for a slightly evil role, but Kate is actually some kind of antihero, so it was pretty cool. XD She just screamed too much x.x It was a very difficult role, even the director and some people in the dub studio said that.
I hope I can do more of this stuff this year. :D

Woah, you had so many roles. That's cool. ^^ I don't really like acting... (well, just with my voice, but not on stage)...I prefer staying in the background. I'm not very self-confident and I'm super shy.
When I was in another dub studio a couple of years ago for some minor roles, the director was worried because I seemed so shy and then I'm always mumbling and talking very quietly. X'D (One of my friends just told me about his worries afterwards...) But I managed to convince him, lol. I screamed so loud that the mike over-modulated and he was like: God, not so loud... XD and I: "But my character is dying XD You'd also scream as loud as you can when you are going to die."
Oh, but that studio was cool, because the director couldn't see you. There was no window like in other studios where the cutter and the director can see you through the window.
I like to make stupid faces and to fidget with my arms, especially when a character is panicked or something.

Oh god x_x people are still so loooooud outside. o_o° And it stinks although the windows are closed. Weird. XD

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on December 31, 2015, 05:56:01 pm
Happy New Year everybody! I know I'm not very active in this forum, but I do check it every day. but anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic new year!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on December 31, 2015, 08:07:13 pm
Happy New Year everyone as well!

It's already half three at night here, but people are still trampling around, so I can't sleep. (I probably should not have drunken that captain with coke either...)

Well, I was absent for quite a while and haven't been here very long, but I feel pretty safe saying that you're all still part of the group as long as you'd like to be.

I hear a lot of the voice actors are doing the faces and moving around. It makes the sound more genuine?
Well, sounding young is nothing bad, other people wish they do. Your voice is a pleasant innocent though. This is my personal taste, but I often don't like the very young/childish/innocent ones all that much, they tend to give me the creeps. Or overly squeaky just doesn't please my ears. But yours is still soft and you articulate very well that's also always a plus in my book.

Speaking of roles... it's really not that much and definitely just some tiny village stuff to keep the children/teenager busy. XD
Still I did have fun with that. And honestly I'm not confident at all, I prefer to not see any photos of me or even better don't take any in the first place. This makes cosplaying very akward and hard. Walking on a stage I can just focus on the act and I tend to not think about the fact that the audience would stare at me and instead focus on the character I portray entirely, what they feel and just let those feeling express themselves. The reward though can be from the audience in the form of laughter or reactions to what's happening. But definitely not in a way I as a person look in their eyes.

I'm horrified by anything being replayed to me, even just voice records, worse is video. I'm forced to watch videos of myself treating a patient played by a professional actor to train my communication skills as a therapist. I swear, even though I've done this for two years now. I still have a very, very deep dislike of having to watch myself. If it wasn't compulsory I'd honestly tell them to put the camera away and just give me personal feedback. I mostly just pretend to watch during the replay and suffer through just listening to myself talk. So I can pick out some sentences to be self-reflective which is what they want to hear from you.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on December 31, 2015, 09:28:50 pm
@Kai I totally get it with the cosplay photo thing, I've been cosplaying since I was around 15, but you'll never see a picture of me cosplaying before I was 20 or so. I just couldn't stand looking at them and so they are all long gone... It's hard to keep the ones you aren't happy with!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 01, 2016, 02:22:00 am
I've not even tried a photoshoot yet. The only photos there are, are from cons and most of them make me cringe. I'm trying to get more comfortable and find 'good' angles doing selfies, but that's still not easy. I think these ( two ( are the only one's I'm kinda happy with.
I'm not ashamed of the cosplay I made (I'm actually quite proud of it, a lot of sweat and work), I just can't stand seeing myself in it.

I guess it does come down to body confidence issues. Even if I try not to I do get influenced by the whole idea of beauty standards in today's society. (Standards I will never have a realistic chance to reach, nor do I really want to, to be honest. Not all of them at least. I guess - being brutally honest - the main issue is weight. I'm just not quite happy with it and that's that. It's quite stupid, I even know that. I'm not obese, more on the athletic side, but I get very uncomfortable when there are skinny cosplayer around. That always makes me feel very silly and then in turn silly once more because I've let myself be influenced by stupid ideals.

But that's a very heavy topic, perhaps not the best for a general chat thread. I know these issues are common and make a lot of people uncomfortable.

How has everyone's new year celebration been?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 01, 2016, 07:06:40 am
As for cosplay and weight, I totally get it. I've lost quite a bit of weight in the past several years, but I'm still a little in the "overweight" range. Everyone I've cosplayed with has been thinner than me and it's a bit difficult to feel confident in that situation because I've been curvier than every character I've cosplayed, and that's really apparent when I'm with someone thinner than me. I know it's silly to get caught up with beauty standards like that, but with cosplay, it's hard not to! Personally I use shapewear as a sort of solution. Of course it doesn't make me skinny looking, but it smooths down the curves I have. I actually use a binder, a corset, and some compression shorts (I need longer shorts though). It makes a big difference in my self confidence as a cosplayer just because it draws the attention away from the fact that I've got some serious lady curves and instead makes people focus on all my hard work. I first noticed the bit with the corset when I was cosplaying from attack on titan and I borrowed a corset from a friend. I'd been really self conscious because the tucked in shirt really showed my squishy stomach, but the corset hid that and wasn't too uncomfortable at all! Basically, it doesn't matter how much you weigh and cosplay is for fun, but little tricks like shapewear under costumes or contouring to hide chubby chins (I do that all the time for my squishy baby face) can make cosplay more fun by concealing those things that make you feel insecure and let you actually focus on enjoying the experience.

As for celebrations... I watched some people illegally set off fireworks on the beach, then went to sleep. So exciting.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 01, 2016, 06:46:12 pm
I finally got some time to myself (lots of family things going on, I skipped out on going to a show because I need my peace and quiet) so I made a video of my voice! Now you can hear how low it normally is.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 02, 2016, 06:38:52 am
Oh, I like your voice. :3 It sounds very nice and feminine. I don't think it's thaaat low, to be honest. ^^
In my fandub group, I'd actually put you in the middle group of the girls. :D (Okay maybe low - middle, but definitely not just low.) Most of the girls in the lowest group also voice boys. (Not all of them, of them sounds too female, she always get "mother" roles and hates it X'D Oh and I'd love to voice little boys, but I sound too girly. ;_; *sulks* I guess I could just do really little Shionn when he's still a baby XD Oh I bet I could also do Lili... God, if they ever do an official No.6 dub, I'd almost kill to get a role in there. X'D But I guess even if they bring it here, I don't have a chance... since you never know in which city they are going to work on it. And I don't think they'll dub it here... it's probably not mainstream enough. ^^ *checks out some websites* The anime is definitely not licensed yet.
Oh, and the manga is going to end next month. o.o I finally got volume 8 today. (And I read it and now I'm sad. Safuuuu ;_; Nezumi!!! NOOO!)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on January 02, 2016, 10:34:09 am
Oh, That's nice, 8 volume already, we still have only 6 volumes here and 7th is suppose to come out in February... ==, yeah... I bet that there will be delay again, but still it will be special edition, I can't wait to see that booklet in good quality and in not-japanese.

I'm slowly working on second part of "One day", but I know won't made it until 6th. Oh well in this project quality is more important for me than deadlines. 
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 02, 2016, 02:51:35 pm
I like your voice, Weisel. Nice and calm and I recognise the talking in different voices for different audiences. I tend to change my tone as well when I talk to patients.

And Volume 8 is finally out in German? That means I'm gonna have a trip to the bookstore on Monday, hoping they have it already and not be weeks late as it is with a lot of stuff.

You know what would be really awesome? If part of the dub would be done at a convention. (Which has an even lower chance of happening.) But I would actually go watch that if I can in any way. (With my luck I'll probably have some important **** at school.) Ah, but it would be great.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on January 02, 2016, 03:30:37 pm
I really like your voice Weisel. It's not really deep, but it is very calming. I do the same kind of voice change when I'm talking to people who are older than me or other people I want to respect/ respect me.

I didn't know that not all the volumes were out in Germany. the final volume came out in the states i think over the summer, but of course it took about a month before my local bookstore really got it. I was super impatient waiting for it though, and eventually pulled up the raws on my computer along with a summary on my phone and read them both together.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 02, 2016, 03:47:12 pm
We have a bookstore in our train station, which is not far away from my house. I went there several times, but they never had that volume (or other new volumes of other series x,x) They really suck.
I went to the big bookstore in the city today and they had the volume. Meine Herren! Kann doch nich so schwer sein.
The bookstore in the train station never fails to disappoint me, lol. :D

Oh yeah, I guess it's pretty unlikely that they'd dub it at a convention. :D Do you mean together with the fans? A dub workshop? ^^ My group gives workshops every now and then. But I've never accompanied them because I always had to work then ^^°

Oh yeah... but the last volume will be published next month. ^^
(I already own the English version of the manga, so it's not all too hard to wait for the next volume. :3)

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 03, 2016, 02:21:47 am
I'm not even trying small book shops. *laughs* They usually don't even have any manga at all. No, there's a manga/anime store in Zürich I know of and there's a very big bookstore in Bern that actually has one shelf of mangas. Last time I was up there to check I at least saw they had volume 7 but that was perhaps two weeks ago?
I bought 6 and 7 at the Connichi in September. The thing is the price is a lot and I really mean a LOT cheaper in Germany. I didn't check No.6's price but the new edition of InuYasha for example is I think € 12.90 and last time I looked at the price in Switzerland it was CHF 22.10 (and the currencies are pretty close still).

And yeah, they've had quite successfull dub workshops as far as I remember from the Animagic and Connichi - I've never been to one though, they've always been too full. But if there was a No. 6 workshop... I'd go sit in the line for hours.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 03, 2016, 07:32:51 am
Our train station book shop used to be very large, but now it's pretty small... Nevertheless, they still have 2 big shelves just for manga. They even handed out No. 6 paper bags when the first volume was released.
It always takes a little longer for them to get new volumes, but usually not longer than 2-3 weeks. (I could imagine it was thanks to the holidays...)

Oh woah, that's pretty expensive. o.o°
Yeah, I guess we're still lucky then, even though they got more expensive over the last few years. When I was still in school, we payed 5€ for a volume. Now, the basic price is 6,50-7€...

Right, people really do enjoy the workshops. ^^ But i really doubt they will ever use the No. 6 anime :3 It's usually sponsored by a publisher house and we need their permission to use the anime for that workshop. 
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 08, 2016, 06:05:09 am
I didn't get to the bookstore until today, ah. But at least they had it. Amusing though because there was only a single copy of volume 8 in the shelf and on the display where they usually have the new ones there was still a stack of volume 6. Way to go. And it's still overpriced here CHF 11.90 (which is about €10) as opposed to the €6.50 in Germany.

I gotta make a trip across the border again some time, to go raid the bookstores. (And I know this is doing damage to my own country's economy, but I'm a student I pay more tutition fee than I earn with my few internships, just living here is expensive enough.)

Also, I have an urge to start collecting Naruto, but that is a very, very bad idea for my wallet. I mean, I did look at volume 70... that's quite some money. I also kinda want it in English, which I most likely would have to order. Maybe I should try and forgive amazon for attempting to charge me $399 for shipping that one time I wanted to order a DVD.

The example I made last time was the new Edition of InuYasha, which is a bit more expensive since they take two volumes of the old one into one now. But that's really worth it and the covers are very neat.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 08, 2016, 10:09:30 am
Used copies of No.6 in English are really cheap now (like $5 on Amazon) so I'm really lucky with that. I've been getting all of them used, anyway. So yesterday I was torturing my friend by sending him pictures of Nezumi (I made him watch No.6 and he's still very upset that Nezumi left) and he was like "if you stop right now I'll buy you volume 5" and so now I have volume 5 on the way to my apartment lol (okay, he admitted he would have sent it either way but it was funny). I have three more volumes to get to complete my set and I think so far I've spent under $30 for the first six volumes. Not bad, huh?

(Also don't buy Naruto, you'll be broke forever.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on January 08, 2016, 11:06:33 pm
I've been collecting naruto for a while now, but I don't buy them on retail or I'd kill my wallet. my mom is a goodwill/garage sale junkie, so I find them all there for really cheap. I've gotten about 25 volumes by now, not in order.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 09, 2016, 12:11:59 pm
Oh, yeah! That's a good idea. I didn't think about how popular it was (and therefore how many used copies are floating around). I imagine lots of people are like "eh, I don't read these anymore" and bam, they sell them all for fairly cheap. No.6 isn't like that since it's not popular and used volumes go kinda quick I think.

Speaking of which, I should go check my mail to see if my volume 5 came in... I thankfully live one block away from the post office so I can just put on some boots and a coat and no one would ever know I just rolled out of bed and those are pajamas under that coat. (My pants aren't obvious pajama pants, I can get away with it lol)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 11, 2016, 07:09:15 am
I know I'll be broke forever if I do that, that's the problem. -laughs-

And I did think about going to the bring and buy section at conventions. But that would mean I have to go to conventions and then there's barely a chance for English one's. I might get French around here, but English is rare. Garage sales are practically nonexistant, too. You need a permit for something like that.

I'll probably have to hunt used copies online and go hunt for real whenever I get to the US or UK. Ah... it'll take me ages. Maybe I should just be happy with reading scans online.

Also, our weather is... strange. It's was almost night dark, I heard thunder, then there was a bit of ice-rain and now I can see blue skies again in some places. An hour ago it had been sunny, too. Kinda creepy.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 11, 2016, 10:48:38 am
I didn't realize garage sales and things like that would need a permit anywhere... Here in the US you can just sell your junk right on your driveway, even on the sidewalk if you're not blocking the way. Some Amish people would regularly sell strawberries by the closed down gas station near my old house. I think it's only an issue in some cities... I don't even know then, there are usually a lot of people with little stands or street artists in the really busy sections of cities. It's kinda free game here. The boardwalk in Los Angeles is just packed with little temporary stands since it's not a road for cars and it's impossible to get through there without someone getting in your face about selling you something. (It was definitely like that in Ghana as well, LOTS of people selling stuff on the street.)

Uh... Got s little off topic there, huh? Well, my friend told me to go check my mail today since I didn't get my package on Saturday. Maybe it's finally here? Also the weather yesterday was sort of weird. It was so windy my apartment was creaking and it scared my cat.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 11, 2016, 11:22:48 am
For street sales and all kinds of stalls...even if you just want to sell your strawberries, you need a special permission or even a trade certificate, otherwise you can get into trouble with the police. :D Wel, when they find out that you're not allowed to sell your stuff.

Oh, I hope you'll get your package soon, Weisel. o.o
Someone kept ringing the doorbell earlier... XD I assume it was the parcel deliveryman who wanted me to take packages for my neighbors. x.x But I have to admit, I don't do this anymore...not since some people didn't pick up their stuff... one time I had a super huge and heavy package in my apartment (it was in my old apartment, which was pretty small.)
That was horrible. <,< After 3 days, I went to that certain neighbor and told him that he has a package and he had the nerve to tell me I should bring it to him when I wanna get rid of it. WTF Ò_ó
People usually tell me when they are visiting me and I know when I ordered something, so I just open the door when I'm waiting for someone. ^^°
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 11, 2016, 12:27:22 pm
I'm pretty sure I've hidden while someone's knocked on my door... Very adult of me, right? Also my package is totally here, the slip saying I have a package is in my post office box, and even though the hours posted on the door say the post office should be open... IT'S NOT OPEN! *cracks knuckles* Just gonna bust my way through the gate and get it myself... (Or just check back later when possible lunch hours are over, I think small town post offices have lunch breaks where the desk is closed and they don't post anything saying that.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 11, 2016, 12:47:16 pm
Lol I was right, it was lunch hour. So now I have volume 5! Hallelujah! Only three more to go and I'll officially be complete No.6 trash.

Speaking of street merchants and such, thinking back, one of the markets I went to in Ghana was a little like the market in the West block, though less deadly... I definitely felt like I aged at least a few years there. People were trying to rip me off since I wasn't a local (since it's easy to scam tourists, though I wasn't a tourist and I had the chief's daughter helping me out heheheh...), a drunk guy tried to get me to marry him. He was very persistent and followed me around, and I had a merchant chase after me because I wouldn't buy his overpriced goods (it's all bartering at the markets). I was more than ready to go back to my little house and not talk to anyone.

One more thing I just remembered that made me laugh, they have "ground nuts" instead of peanuts (they grow in the ground but aren't quite the same as peanuts) and they make it into what's basically runny peanut butter, but it's called "ground nut paste." Doesn't quite roll off the tongue so well, huh? The women who made it (men hardly did **** there) would sell it at the markets in these giant bowls, and they'd package it in a plastic bag. It looked kinda gross, but it was tasty!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 12, 2016, 02:24:21 am
Yep, it's as Ahiku said. You need a permit for almost anything here. It's kinda funny, since we are a free country with democracy and all, but at the same time the Swiss are pretty orderly and hate too much interaction most of the time. Probably why all those regulations came to be. There's close to nil haggling options and people get annoyed/uncomfortable and when a stranger talks to them on the streets.
There's not very many beggars either since the social system is rather good with preventing complete homelessness - most beggars actually are organized from outside the country (and sometimes you kinda wonder how someone with clean adidas pants and nike shoes actually tries to get your pity by kneeling (on a warm blanket) and whining - I can't afford those clothes.). Though I have to admit I'm very careful in general with street beggars. I tend to, if I have things to spare drop them off at the emergency shelter or what I did once was go help loading up trucks for free with school supplies (desks and benches ect.) that were to be brought to Rouanda directly to build a new school.

There's a lot of organizations 'helping', but it is known that about 85% of the donations are being used to pay their members and adverts. So where am I helping when my money buys a new poster that depicts a cardboard and says that's what a homeless people in (put in a poor region) sleeps on. - Yes it may actually do that, but if you'd use the damn money for twenty cardboard boxes instead of that poster, that poor person actually might have had four walls instead of one piece of cardbord to sleep on and ninteen others as well. Not the best they could get, sure, but it would still be better than just what you're lamenting about to me.

That's also why I refuse to work these jobs, asking people to sign up for those organisations. I mean I already hate chatting up people in the first place, but it's gross. They make students do that and make it attractive since you generally get paid 30 bucks per hour. (I worked at a gas station shop for 20 an hour - though I got regular fee since I received a key and most of the time was resposible for the shop - I think the other student got 18/hour - also this is Switzerland, don't complare directly about 35% of that goes to the state, a McDonalds hamburger for example costs 6.50 and the rent for my approximately 15 square meter room is 550 a month - that's why minimum wages are around 18/hour).

Ah... anyway. I'm ranting about something I started myself. And I know I have a pretty harsh opinion on this topic. But it's close to what Nezumi once said in the book. What's it gonna help except make YOUR conscience better when your good deed is just grazing the real problem. Either get down and diry and see through that your effort actually reaches the places you want to make a difference or just leave it and accept that you're not willing to step out of your comfort zone.
I'm not saying that giving money is no help at all. We did collect money too for the truck business - knowing very well that fuel is not cheap and they will have to bribe officialls to reach their destination. But that's not something that can't be done with volounteer work entirely. But it really depends where you drop off your charities whatever form they may have.

Okay, I try be done ranting now. -laughs- I think the weather might start having an impact on me.

Happy reading with volume 5, I think that's a good one especially!

Also, 'ground nut' technically is a literal translation of the German word for peanut. Not quite sure about French or Dutch but it very well be connected and that might have actually been the influence on the people in Ghana. Or did the nut itself look different?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 12, 2016, 06:48:19 am
Woah, that really sounds like a real life West Block experience. o,o
What did you do in Ghana?

Feel free to rant as much as you like. :)
We have quite a lot homeless people in my city. (Halle/Saale)
I know at least 5 spots where you can always find beggars... you really can't give money or other stuff to all of them, otherwise you can just sit right next to them and start to beg as well.
Many, many years ago, an acquaintance of my mother (the husband of one of her colleagues) told me that he offered a homeless person 10 Euro... he just wanted them to sweep a path...that guy owned a bowling alley... It was not a long path, not even 50 meters or so. You'd be done in 10 minutes or so. ^^° The homeless person refused to do the work and just wanted the money. Hmm o.o°
I know that there's some kind of support for homeless people in the city, and emergency shelters.

In regard to the ground nuts... o.o I would rather say earth nut when you want to translate "Erdnuss" literally... XD otherwise I'd rather say "Bodennuss". Oh and when we translate peanut literally into German, it's "Erbsennuss" doesn't look like a pea.  Or maybe because it's in this kind of shell like a pea... since peanuts are not nuts but legumes. Hmmm~

I just checked out for fun... o.o
The page says it's British English... (?) Not sure, though...this page uses to fail sometimes. XD I still like it, because you can listen to the pronunciation of almost every word.

Oh, but as you said,'s not really a peanut. this page
says  that a peanut is a type of groundnut and groundnut may refer to peanuts as well as specific kinds of roots and tubers.

Read more: Difference Between Groundnut and Peanut | Difference Between | Groundnut vs Peanut

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 12, 2016, 12:40:03 pm
I think there was just a slight difference in the ground nuts from peanuts we're used to, but not much. They tasted almost exactly the same. Sort of like how they had millet instead of corn, just a slightly different type to fit the dry environment. (I was there during the rainy season and it was DRY!)

I went to Ghana with my dad, stepmom, and sister. My dad had traveled there as a volunteer teacher about ten years before that, and he's kept in contact with the one chief he met. He ended up going back several times to help out with the school there (it's a tiny village and the school won't get government funding until it's been running for so many years) and so he was doing that again. (We did some stuff as well, like fixing the desks in the school, but it was mostly my dad doing stuff with the chief.) I think he basically wanted me and my sister to learn more about the world and stop being the prissy princesses our mom raised us to be. I stayed there for a month and I definitely learned a thing or two (or twenty) about the world... I was sixteen then, still in high school. I definitely had a lot less sympathy for some of my friends when they complained about stuff, like my one "friend" (really didn't like her but she had no idea I guess, we were in the same little group though) was complaining that her parents weren't totally paying for her MacBook Pro... I was just like "grow the **** up, you have the money to get it yourself, you spoiled brat." After seeing people living off of nothing and working their asses off just to have enough to eat, it just boggled me. (Not saying parents helping out financially is bad, just expecting them to cover a luxury when you can get it yourself... I'm completely reliant on my mom right now because of medical stuff, but she isn't responsible for fancy new gadgets...) Bleh, I just have less sympathy for "first world problems" so to speak. (PSH, I've turned into Nezumi...)

Uh, anyway, so that trip was definitely the biggest adventure of my life. We almost got involved with a war between tribes (the chief asked for my dad's help since he excels in war tactics) and I was totally willing to risk my life if it was going to help save more lives in the long run, but my dad was like "you should value your life more!" I was reminded of that when Nezumi says that to Shion about the blood serum... I think the funniest thing about it all was that my dad was super concerned about any of us getting sick, but he got giardia (I think that's now it's spelled) and an eye injury. I felt a little bad from the heat sometimes and sometimes my digestive system was like "what the heck is this??" but otherwise I was TOTALLY fine, at least until we went to Europe. (I had a really hard time in Europe, not so much in Ghana, which is the opposite of what I'd expected.) My sister had a panic attack when we first got to the little village, which we thought was a heat stroke, but I guess she just was freaking out because we had next to no communication with the rest of the world, no cell phones or anything... I think she's deeply afraid of death and so she was making herself crazy thinking of all the ways she might die there. The only time I was particularly scared was when I woke up a donkey on accident in the middle of the night on my way back from the bathroom. (It was a good thing it was AFTER going to the bathroom, hahaha...) My sister was with me and somehow she wasn't freaked out by the super loud donkey having a panicked fit and I was just trying not to scream. I was laughing about it as soon as it was over though. (Oh yeah, the language in Ghana is English, very little French. It was one of the few countries in the area that England tried to colonize.)

As for homelessness, it's pretty bad in every city in the US. Even in Ithaca where I used to live (it's a pretty small city as it is, closer to a large town) there were homeless people. The big problem is that in the US, once you're in poverty, you're pretty much out of luck. The "credit" system here is a confusing mess (which comes from specific credit card practices, paying bills on time, stuff like that)... You don't even start off with good credit, you have to work up to it. It's insanity. You can't even get a new car without good credit. Some of the really shitty used car places have signs outside them that say "no credit? no problem!" And in a lot of places here, you really need a car to have any kind of decent life. Only really organized cities have good public transportation. Even in Albuquerque, where you NEED a car because it's so spaced out, the public buses don't start running soon enough for some of the jobs the people in poverty actually need to get to. And then to get an apartment anywhere, you have to have documents saying you regularly make 3x the amount of rent... So if you don't have a job, you don't get a house, even if you have the money to start. Like I said, once you're in poverty, it's hard to get out... Even the homeless shelters aren't so great, the Salvation Army won't help Muslims or transgender people, sometimes gay people (not positive on that one but I wouldn't be surprised), and I think they're the biggest group in "helping" the homeless. Like if I didn't have anyone helping me out right now, I'd be living in my car. It's basically impossible to get anywhere without help. And without a college degree or some kind of certification, it's hard to get a decent job. The best one I ever got was $10/hour. And then when I was okay enough health-wise, I was working three jobs and splitting the costs of rent with a friend (I actually didn't know him beforehand, he was getting kicked out of his house for being transgender so I just told him to come live with me) and we weren't living in luxury, that was for sure... And on top of that, health insurance isn't available to everyone or even cheap for that matter, and healthcare basically run as a business. And without insurance, one medical can put you in debt for life if it's bad enough. They'll even sneak expenses for other people's treatments in your bill sometimes. It's super messed up... I'm on my mom's insurance until I'm 26, so I have to start figuring that out *cries* and filing for disability is practically impossible. Basically they deny every application the first time (no exaggeration) and then you have to apply again with a lawyer to argue your case. And without an "acceptable" diagnosis, the case won't stand. But to get a diagnosis, you need medical care. To get medical care, you need insurance. Without insurance, you need a lot of money. To get a lot of money, you need to be able to work a lot. To work s lot, you need to not be disabled. ...You see? No one can win. I'm really hesitant to even start that process because once you file for it, you can't add any other new diagnosis to your file. You could have lupus and file, then halfway through the process you could lose half your leg in an accident, but you wouldn't be able to add that to your file. You'd have to give up and start all over. And it takes YEARS... For me, I have diagnoses that won't be covered by disability. I have hypothyroidism, hypermobility, and fibromyalgia. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it's Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but it's so rare (more like missed by doctors) that the doctors I see who CAN diagnose it aren't willing to look into it. Even my physical therapist thinks it's Ehlers-Danlos, she's worked with people who have it and she's sure, but she can't actually diagnose it. That's probably the once shot I have at getting disability, getting that diagnosis. Makes me cry. ;_; But yeah... I was getting at that medical problems will instantly **** up your life unless someone's helping you out a LOT... So a lot of homeless people are disabled, both mentally and physically. It's really messed up.

Oh man, sorry that got so long... Uh, anyway, I am very thoroughly enjoying my new volumes of No.6 because now I have that kiss scene and the dance scene in print. Now I can cry on them for real.

Okay okay, I gotta stop typing and head to my physical therapy appointment. The weather is getting bad today so I have to drive slower... I think it's going to snow right when I'm getting my groceries and coming back home. (Again, sorry for the long rant, but it's all horribly true.)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 12, 2016, 03:47:21 pm
Okay, point taken, I was thinking of how earth can mean ground as well in literature, less in science. And I admit I was too lazy to actually google it and just go for an (un)educated guess.

But the homeless story sounds so typical. And it sadly sheds bad light on those who would want to do and work. We had a bad case like that with a refugee family in the neighbourood. They would have been allowed to live in a newly renovated farm house and turned it down because they wanted something better. That's just... you're fleeing from a war, you get offered a house that actually has a lot of worth (rustic renovated farmhouses actually are expensive), is warm, cared for and has everything you need, in a counry that is considered very safe. Appreciative much? Other people get temporarily housed in military bases (which is still warm, has a bed and proper meals) and don't complain.

Oh, good thing that friend of yours hasn't told me. I would honestly ask her to explain me why this is so bad, especially if she has a functioning computer already/would get a less expensive one that covers her need for education or enough savings to buy it herself. I'd make her explain it to me and probably drop very snide and sarcastic questions. Behaviour like that... is just... asking for people to lower their respect and expectations.
I get it if someone indulges a little every now and then and complains that they don't have a luxury item or just say they would really like one, we generally are spoiled brats in industrialized regions, but there's a line where it gets ridiculous.
I'm also really glad my parents taught me how to respect value and don't take everything for granted.

Your trip to Ghana though sounds like a lot of valuable experiences. And helping out like that as a teacher, now that is 'charity' I can respect. It's not easy getting yourself to places that don't have a comfortable life. Although it is true what your father said with valuing your own life. You can't help any further once you're dead after all.

Also that's actually even known around here that the US insurance/health system is ****. And that it can ruin people. We don't have the perfect system either, it's ridiculous as hell sometimes, but I'm actually rather happy, compared. I pay way too much for insurance (over 300 a month) but I'm at least certain I can get medical attention when I need it, where I need it and the basic needs are well covered. Also as a citizen here I can always fall back on social help by the government. It may be a pain to prove it that you need help, but to land your rear on the street isn't gonna happen very fast.
It may be not easy to get certified as disabled, but it's not impossible either, you're always allowed to ask for a second opinion from a different doctor and usually the best and most up to date work in university clinics, which are not private and therefore not needed to pay yourself. (That's just if you want some fancy private doctor, then you need a private fancy insurance - it's not like that matters much though in a general hospital, I've dealt with privately insured patients as well, all they get is a more fancy room alone and the chief shakes their hand more often/is present for the doctor's visite. Okay, as a student I'm only allowed to treat them if they agree to have me, so they get asked beforehand and not just put on a student's roster. But that's about it, really.)
So the system might be a pain in the ass still, but I'm grateful to at least have to posibilities when I bother to look for them.

The nordic countries though have worked it out best as far as I know?
I hope though that the things we learn from those countries get adapted here as well, and I especially hope the US gets some change in their healthcare in forseeable future.
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Post by: Weisel on January 12, 2016, 05:18:30 pm
@Kai I'll say now I had very little patience for that "friend"... I ended up reaming her out about a lot of nonsense over the years because I think my patience ran thin early on in my life. And she totally had a working laptop then. She definitely had the "only child" personality... (Lol she didn't invite me to her wedding so maybe it finally got through her head that I don't like her.)

I talked to my substitute physical therapist today, and she said my usual physical therapist might be able to write a letter to my doctors since she thinks I might have EDS. I'm already on my "second opinion" rheumatologist and she's way better than the first, but she's still not as receptive as I need her to be. I'd have to go to another place for that, likely hours away from where I live and it'd take months to get an appointment... And then months of waiting for the appointment. Another hard part is finding a doctor that my insurance will cover. It only covers certain hospitals and care (there's still a copay with everything though, it's far from free). It's all just a major hassle, enough I've considered just moving to a country where I can get some real help. Not the easiest option, but then again, it might be just as easy as getting disability assistance (and sometimes they just drop you from the system because ???? who knows. It just happens to some people). I'd like to just move to Finland where they have their country running well and it's cold all the time. I don't even care, I'd make an igloo if I had to. A big problem in the US is that big businesses keep sticking their hands into government things, and with health insurance and pharmaceuticals being huuuuge businesses, it's hard for anything actually beneficial to the healthcare system to be passed. It's all so freaking crazy. If you want a good look at how messed up it is, just look up stuff about Lyme disease. It's crazy. Doctors can lose their license for not following the treatment protocol, but the protocol rarely cures Lyme disease, and it's because pharmacy companies and insurance companies all have some kind of impact on those treatments. It's all about money to them, people are dying, and the people who suspect it's something created by the government are seen as crazy conspiracists (even though the outbreak began right where they were developing biological weapons... like diseases...). That's actually another possibility for me since Lyme disease can affect so many things and I was bitten by a tick in one of the highly affected states when I was a kid. But Lyme disease tests often show a false negative (or a false positive), so I guess I can't say for sure. It's like a dystopian novel, except less cool because it's real. :(

Jeez, sorry for the crazy tangents, I guess I have a lot of opinions about the medical system here in the US. Hopefully it's interesting to someone haha...
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Post by: Kai on January 13, 2016, 03:46:30 am
Well, I'm certainly interested. I think of perhaps doing some work over there as experience. So it's good to know the frustrations I may meet in patients. I know the system's bad and I'll probably be pissed off myself when I have to work in it, but yeah, exchange might still move small things, get them to know how I learned to work and me some new ideas as well.

But how the.... can you have problems with Lyme? That's one of the first things a doctor looks for when you come after a tick bite and even if a few weeks of antibiotics isn't the greatest thing, but in that case it gets taken seriously. The worry's more FSME here, since it's pretty bleak considering treatment AFTER so the talk is all about the vaccine.
(Lyme is pretty serious but the healing rate is I believe over 90% if you get to it early. And we teach children already to look out for symptoms after a tick bites.)

Stories like yours just astonish me. How can doctors be so disinterested? What happens a lot here instead: if the doctor's not quite sure himself because his specialties lie elswhere he will personally refer you to a specialist of that field.
For example, I had to take a thorax x-ray for traveling to China, making sure about tuberculosis or something (that I'm not infected) and when he noticed I had an anormal heart shape he gave it over to a cardiologist to check me. As in his office organized me an appointment with them directly.
It just boggles me to hear that's not the usual. I mean, there probably are some pricks with too much ego or pride that attempt to try it themselves, but there's no shame in saying 'hey, I don't deal with this very often, but I know a colleague that has some experience, I want him/her to take a look at you, too'.
Even we physical therapists tend to do that if we realise that the conventional method and some creativity we've come up doesn't get anywhere. Then you just call up someone with more experience and either have them give you tips or ask if you can refer the patient to them or you even start talking to someone that has experience after you first diagnosed something or just find trouble you can't quite pinpoint and you're not too familiar with, next to looking it up in the books.
I just feel like that is showing more competence rather than rendering you incompetent. There's so much health trouble out there, who's gonna expect one person to be an expert in everything?

The biggest annoyance we meet here from a professional viewpoint now are insurances as well. They can make a lot of ruckus if they want. If you meet something unconventional and you want to try unconventional methods you have to look into it carefully. Because if the insurance wants to make a claim you have to be able to defend each and every method you've used to treat and they generally only accept evidence based treatments you can back up with studies taken and lots of statistics. Or in other words you practically have to scientifically bullshit your way through it.

Insurances are private businesses here as well, I have to add. But really the worst thing with them actually isn't the getting help but the continuously increase in ridiculously high premiums. It's a strong capitalism and buisnesses are very greedy for money, but at least humanity hasn't quite vanished yet. The way you describe things makes me question the humanity of people.
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Post by: Weisel on January 13, 2016, 12:50:37 pm
Ah, it's sort of a finicky thing with Lyme over here. My sister got is while in Philadelphia, but she caught it right away thanks to having a friendly doctor as her neighbor. He recognized it right away and made her go to the hospital for the proper antibiotics (since he couldn't exactly treat her from his apartment, haha) and she was able to recover. However, chronic Lyme disease is totally overlooked. In the medical world, it doesn't even "exist" regardless of the people who suffer from it. And like you said, you have to bullshit your way through defending unconventional treatments. No matter how much these doctors help people with chronic Lyme disease, insurance companies will get sued millions and have their licenses revoked for going against protocol. That's the kind of greed involved. As for the risk for me, I got bitten by a tick right on the back of my neck. I think I was ten at the time. I felt something weird and itched my neck, then looked at my hand and there was a crushed tick and my blood smeared all over my fingers. I didn't say anything to my dad because I knew nothing about tick bites or Lyme disease and I didn't want to complain because he always got annoyed when I whined about anything.

As for doctors not listening, it's unfortunately very common for women's issues to be overlooked. Women with serious conditions are often told they have fibromyalgia and are simply given a mild antidepressant and that's the best treatment they get. It seems like we're still stuck in the ages when "hysteria" was the go-to diagnosis for women... Last time I went to the ER was a couple years ago. I was sitting in my room typing on my computer when half my body started going numb and at first I was like "whatever, probably not important" but then I thought about how my friend would have reacted if I told her... and I realized she would have dragged me to the ER herself, so I just went ahead and drove to the ER at about 3AM. Once I got there, the doctor told me it was probably just a panic attack. Didn't matter that I was pretty damn calm, he just dismissed it as a panic attack. I insisted I get a CT scan because jeez, I'm not stupid enough to believe that when half my body is suddenly numb for no apparent reason... (And I'd experience a panic attack where my whole face went numb and this was very, very different.) And unless I've been having a "panic attack" for two consecutive years, it's something neurological going on. Thanks, doc. (I've gone to a neurologist and she found nothing, and it's been left as sort of a dead end case. Doesn't matter that I'm still numb... My PT has an idea, but again, she can't diagnose people.) My first rheumatologist totally brushed off my suspicions of EDS because I'm probably just another depressed woman (doesn't matter how well my psych meds are working, I'm just a mildly depressed lady, after all, as all women in pain are apparently). I at least was insistent about not getting antidepressants because I've got my bipolar meds well balanced now and I don't want to mess with that. I never had much luck with various antidepressants, anyway. I only end up with unfortunate digestive issues and no actual relief. And on the topic of respect towards women, I was "****-shamed" so to speak (a very tumblr phrase I never thought I'd have to use in real life) by my nurse a couple years back. I was checking into a hospital for mental stuff a few years back (things were rough) and my (male) nurse was asking me for my meds list. I had to also tell what my relationship status was for things like therapy (so they know if domestic abuse is a risk I guess, not positive) so he already knew I was single. After telling him I was taking birth control, he was like "you don't have a boyfriend? And you're on birth control?" And I just wanted to tell him to go **** himself. Like, what is this, the fifties?! A lot of women (sometimes even girls) are on it for heavy/painful periods, myself included. I wasn't even sexually active. (He later tried to call me an alcoholic during group therapy and annoyed me while I was trying to write. I should've just kicked him in the balls and stayed there for an extra week. Would have been worth it. I still remember his stupid ugly face.)

At least my primary doctor is good in general. While she'll dismiss some things as not likely, she will send be in for a test or to see a specialist if I express enough concern. Some of the stuff is that she doesn't want me to go through unpleasant tests for nothing, like getting spinal taps and uncomfortable/painful tests. Like I told her I think I have celiac disease (which can go hand in hand with thyroid disease sometimes) because gluten makes me really ill. She said it's possible, but I was already off gluten and feeling better, there was no point in getting tested. Either I'd have to be eating gluten again for a month (and feel sick that whole time) or I could get a test where they'd have to stick a thing up my butt to get into my large intestine... So she was like "just stay off gluten if it helps, and a diagnosis won't help anything because there's no other treatment for it anyway." It's nice that she'll explain things if I ask. She'll get stuff done if I say I really want it done, but she'll tell me why she does certain things, too. Plus she really knows how to work the insurance system. She managed to get me in for a breast reduction within only a few months with no trouble, and it's usually near impossible to get that process going at first for some women. (Of course my surgeon wasn't very good when I kept coming back for wounds opening up... I eventually gave up and just let my roommate use that special medical tape that stays on for days at a time. He sort of made this grid over the wounds to keep things in place. I have a ton of scarring on my chest from that and my whole chest is numb. Anyway, I'm basically saying that even with a good doctor, it's hard to get anywhere with disinterested specialists. There's only so much my primary doctor can do on her own. 

Jeez, I've gotten more trouble from the medical system than I thought. Well, I'm glad you're learning something relatively useful from my rambling.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 13, 2016, 03:32:28 pm
That's just sad.

It's the same here though as a physical therapist you're not allowed to make official diagnoses, but in very many places at least everywhere I've interned at so far, the doctor or specialist perscribing the therapy expects updates and reports from us and it isn't uncommon that we have different opinions or find new things and if that happens we're actually expected to call the doctors and tell them or actually just chat them up when you see them/in their office. And they tend to react to what you tell them...

Well alright, I guess the main problem though are insurances. I understand their need for checking a little bit, since there are a lot of idiotic lazy butts that want to cheat their way out of work by feigning illness and some doctors make money that way... But when it turns into a scheme that's just looking more like 'trying to keep the money' instead of looking for cheaters... well...

I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the things for you will start falling in place. You've worked a lot for it that I can read out of your texts, you'd be someone where health care can make a good 'investment'.
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Post by: Weisel on January 13, 2016, 04:13:54 pm
Yeah, I'm hoping, hoping, hoping... I'm hoping PT will be the turnaround point for me.

The issue with insurance is money honestly. It's all run as businesses from medications to seeing a doctor. Just capitalism doing its thing. :(

I think that's the end of my US healthcare rant. Phew, back to our regular agenda...

I'm gonna hopefully make another cosplay video soon, I was hoping today but we'll see if my stomachache goes away. I have to eat a bunch of chicken nuggets for it, which might be difficult if I feel sick. (I got some weird asks for January...)
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Post by: Kai on January 19, 2016, 08:57:54 am
Yeah, capitalism over humanity.

And I hope you're feeling better again. It's probably good you don't make a video with chicken nuggets if you feel bad.

Also... Why the hell do we only have tiny snowboards for women? I know I'm slightly above average, but I'm no giant. I'm currently looking for a new snowboard since my old one started to have dry cracks and well... I'd rather be safe than sorry and not have it break on the slope or in the park, especially in the park.
But so far I have found one, only one board that would be tall enough for me. Everything else for women kinda stops at 154 with an occasional 156 if you're lucky. But I need a 159 at least?
It's a luxury for me and I kept my old one over 10 years (I've kept riding the small one I got as a teen because they're not cheap and I could make do.) so now that I'm gonna buy a new one I'd like a good one (in my price category that is) that I really like, since I'm gonna be using it for another decade most likely. But it's really surprising me that my selection is cut down so badly.
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Post by: Ahiku on January 21, 2016, 02:57:37 pm
159 is slightly above average? o_o°

Aww man, a while ago I told you that I don't sign for packages for neighbors anymore, because I had negative experiences with it in the past...well, somehow I happened to do this yesterday. I didn't really have a choice. But now they don't come and pick it up... <.<
I already wanted to bring it to them, but they are never at home... and I put a note in their mailbox, just in case the postman forgot about it.
Meh x.x I just wanna get rid of it. It's not even small... it's annoying to have it here. Even if I don't want to, I'm involuntary waiting that they come and pick it up... o_o° This is psycho terror for me... this might sound a bit over dramatic, but I really hate waiting x,x Especially when you don't know when someone will arrive or when something is going to happen, you just know that it should happen.
This is like a punishment or something to me. ^^° Reminds me of the horrible on-call duties I had back then in my old job.
Oh, and I don't wanna open the door in my worn out pajamas... but I'm still sick, I wanna wear them. ;_; *throws the stupid package out of the window* Don't order stuff when you're not at home for several days. >.< I'm no post office. I'll seriously freak out when they don't pick it up tomorrow. <,< And I'll never do this again. (I also don't want them to take my packages... One time they gave a package to someone in a completely different apartment complex. o_o° It took me forever to figure this out.)
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Post by: Weisel on January 23, 2016, 06:39:09 pm
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on January 23, 2016, 06:41:13 pm
Though on that note, I should warn people that some things might be "gone" though I'm not sure what all would be missing. (I can't see my icon right now but that could be my own slow connection.)
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Post by: listenforthelove on January 24, 2016, 05:26:00 am
Ah, I thought my laptop was just crapping out again, but the forum was indeed down then? Yikes.

Not much is gone from what I can tell, although this topic got locked for most people? I assume it wasn't intentional so I'm deselecting that checkbox, I hope that works. If it was intentional, please feel free to correct me!

@Weisel: I can see your icon, so either that got fixed too or maybe your connection was indeed slow. I hope everything works for you now!

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Post by: Ahiku on January 24, 2016, 06:22:23 am
Yeah, it's back *_* Finally!
Ah, they said that attached pictures and stuff like that might be gone. And style changes. But the posts and threads should all be alright. As far as I can judge everything seems to be okay. Your icon is also there.

Yeah, it was gone for 2-3 days or so. The operator had apparently legal issues with their host and had to move all of their forums to another one...they had to move several thousand GB. I'm glad they could fix it.
Oh, no, thanks for unlocking. Btw a while ago there was also a locked topic and I dunno why it was locked. o.o That was before the servers were down...but maybe they already had some issues before? As long as it's just a locked topic it's not that tragic, though. :)
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Post by: Kai on January 24, 2016, 08:09:51 am
It's back! I was surpirsed when it was suddenly gone. But I'm glad everything's still here and all. (I don't know if anyone remembers ... I forgot the name, never mind, but some free board service closing down. At least they warned and gave out back ups but there was one board I was on with and it was not so much fun to move EVERYTHING on our own to a different provider. Not much fun. So I suppose it's quite nice of the provider if they actually moved all their data instead of making people do it themselves.)

I hope you were able to deliver that package by now. I assume you don't have a phone number to call? That's what I'd try if they're never home. If they're never home at all, I assume the mail box would be overfilled as well? What I used to do in such cases (when I wanted neighbours knowing something as soon as they come home) is a post it on eye-level on their door. Can't be overlooked, not even if you're tired or drunk when you come home. Or even more extrem over the door lock, so they're forced to take it if they wanna get in.

And yeah, I'm not that giant... The numbers are the snowboard heights, mind you, not mine. ^^ (And I also have big feet, so I'd prefer one on the upper side of normal height and thus be a little wider to give me good leverage.)
Anyways by now I'm just gonna wait and see. Maybe I'll wait another season after all, if I'm lucky I could borrow a board to go for a day or two this winter.
I did see another nice one when I was in Germany on Friday, but again, tallest one was still a tad short.
If I'm very very lucky I might also find something at the very end of sales before they pack all the winter stuff away again.
As said before, in the end, it is a luxury thing to have and not a necessity. (But it's something I enjoy since I live in a mountany country and have the opportinity to make use of it even on a whim - I have several ski resorts within a relatively short amount of travel.)

On a note of winter sports... The snow here is again melting. This winter so far really has been... extremely warm. Though I hear it's not much different in the US at least along the eastcoast.

Does anyone else here enjoy winter/snow sports/activities by the way? (Any kind, not just ski or snowboard!)
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Post by: Ahiku on January 24, 2016, 09:12:16 am
Urgh, good that they didn't do it like that. ^^° That would have sucked a lot. (And they wouldn't have contacted me, they would have contacted Yuneyn, since she created this forum. But she's atm a little bit occupied. :D)
Well, it's great that it's back and I hope this won't happen again. >,<

Ah, I finally got rid of that packaged...yesterday evening. So I had it like 5 days or so. <,< Their mailbox was overcrowded and even though it's a very good idea to put a sticky note on their door or lock, I couldn't do it. They live in the other house...and I didn't want to ring there and ask one of the other neighbors to open up, since I don't know them at all.
Well, they finally picked it up and I won't take another package ever again. x_x°

Ah, I see. XD I have no clue in regard to snowboards and stuff like that. I'm horrible at these kinds of sports. x.x (Everything with ski, boards, and all kinds of skating is nothing for me. >_<) Oh, but when I was a kid, I liked to sledge and to build cool snowmen... :D But I guess almost every kid likes stuff like that.
Yeah, the winter is too warm. We had lots of snow yesterday, but it was very warm and most of is melted away...
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Post by: Ghosty on January 24, 2016, 09:16:07 am
Infortunately, here in Florida winter sports are nonexistent. it's 48 F right now and that's probably the lowest I've seen it get this year. I've never even seen snow.
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Post by: Weisel on January 24, 2016, 10:21:23 am
As for the locked topic, I can't be sure if it was my fault, but there's a possibility it was me. I'm usually on here using my phone, so I'm using a touch screen for zooming and scrolling and sometimes I click the wrong thing by accident. I'm generally careful not to check any of those boxes when I post... So maybe it's not so mysterious, or maybe it IS mysterious. We'll never know!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Yuneyn on January 25, 2016, 03:53:14 am

Just happened to pop by, sorry the board was gone for a time... I didn't get any email or anything warning me of this (I actually wouldn't have know if you hadn't mentioned it here), so it must have been unplanned on their end. If I ever get any notice that they're going to close or something I'll definitely at least forward it to Ahiku so that you can do something about it... (Hopefully they'll give a few days notice, because there will definitely be a few days soon when I may not be quite available) Well let's just hope it doesn't happen anyway !
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Post by: Ahiku on January 25, 2016, 01:44:28 pm
Ah, no need to be sorry that the board was gone, it was not your fault. :) And they didn't even inform the admins who are paying for their forum since it was definitely not planned. I just suppose that IF they inform someone, it would be you, since you made this forum and used your e-mail address for it... but I guess since they copied everything to another server, they don't plan on giving up their forum webpage yet.
(I guess if it happens we can't do that much about it anyway x,x Unfortunately. Unless they really give us the data then...)

Ah, I see. Haha, I didn't consider that this could happen when you use a smartphone. I don't have one, so I never consider it, haha. XD But it's no problem, we can just open them again...It was just weird, but it's good to know the cause.
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Post by: Weisel on January 25, 2016, 06:43:29 pm
Lol I remember the first time I accidentally locked a topic... I didn't know they could be unlocked so easily so I panicked, but my cat just stuck her little paw on the trackpad on my computer and locked it and I was like "no one is going to believe this." But this time it's probably just my thumbs. I can click everything way too easily on my smartphone.

On that note... I might finally be able to get wifi next month! Hallelujah! If that happens then I'll start doing live streams of No.6. Yaaaay internet party!!
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Post by: kare_reiko on January 26, 2016, 12:06:31 pm
@Weisel, oh livestreams of NO6? When? *_* I would love to join (if it will be on weekend or afternoon europe time)
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Post by: Weisel on January 26, 2016, 02:07:08 pm
@kare_reiko I still have to see about setting up wifi for my house, so I'm not sure when I'd actually be able to do that. Once I have everything set up for sure, I'll see about setting up a schedule that fits most people's schedules. I'm thinking of running each episode twice a week, so that would cover more schedules. Definitely a weekend one in there. I'll open up a thread when I can definitely do it to discuss schedule options further, and we'll probably post something on the RC blog so more people can join!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on January 26, 2016, 10:16:41 pm
I would definitely love to tune in to some No. 6 live streams. Keep us posted!
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Post by: kare_reiko on January 27, 2016, 02:06:35 am
Ok, now I'm in work. I'm keeping my internet post open since I'm sending many documents and graphic projects to my superior. Just few moments ago I noticed new message and checked it. I brusted in laugher as I read new message topic:

"Save the bees"

Well, Shion wouldn't be very happy even with his love for ecology XDD. (Thought those were rather wasps, but bees too always makes me laugh, like one mini comic with Nezumi "Honey, I'm home" XD)
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Post by: Ahiku on January 29, 2016, 09:46:10 am
Haha, I guess Shion is not really afraid of wasps and bees now (even though it's kinda funny)... but he also touched that dead wasp he found when he was outside with Nezumi. He's badass! XD
And he didn't seem to be scared when they met Elyurias... (I would run like hell if I saw a 2 meter big rainbow wasp XD)

Especially as an ecologist, he should know that bees are very, very important...or even essential for the ecosystem. o.o

Ah, but a livestream sounds great. :D Would you stream the Japanese or English version, Weisel?

Btw. my fandub group still works on 2 different No. 6 clips. XD I'm planning one of them, it's the Manhunt clip and I'm Lili and Baby Shionn. ^^ Wanna see a sneak preview? Here:

The takes for Karan are still missing. <.< I guess I have to ask someone else. She's not even answering. She had 4 weeks or so, this is enough time for 2 short sentences and 3 little noises.

I like Nezumi...his voice is a little higher and he sounds younger than the original one. XD The manager sounds too young, but... well, I think he's doing a good job... (I think it's cute XD) and Shion... well, Shion. *sighs* Not quite happy...although I gave him directions (I even recorded directions). But he's new and inexperienced, so it's okay. ^^
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Post by: Weisel on January 29, 2016, 12:01:50 pm
Aaaahhh I really want to listen, but I'm on mobile... Maybe the cafe across the street will leave their wifi on again. I want to hear Nezumi with a fitting voice.

Speaking of which, I'll be streaming the Japanese version because the English version makes me cry. In pain, that is. Nezumi sounds so... I don't know what word to use. And Shion sounds like an annoying eight year old with a cold. And the names... Ri-KEE-guh! Ya-MAH-say! *screams*
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Post by: kare_reiko on January 29, 2016, 12:05:52 pm
Wow Ahiku, I rather always don't like any re-dubs (and after english Xenosaga ep2 I started to hate them) but I think you guys made a lot good job. At first I thought that it's kinda strange when Shion sounds a little more manly than Nezumi XD but at scene when Nezumi shouts I really like it. The worst thing in redubs is when characters don't show enough emotions.

I only see one scene from english NO.6, it was one when Shion kills a man and I didn't like it. Person who dubbed Nezumi don't show enough emotions, I don't remember what I thought about Shion, but I don't think it was good either.     
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Post by: Ahiku on January 29, 2016, 01:11:32 pm
Thanks :)  We always try our best and there were a lot of people in our group who really became voice actors. (And left the team... I guess I also have to leave the team soon... It seems as if I get another bigger role in a series. Recordings will in February. I don't know the details yet, but apparently it's an anime. But when I wanna continue this professionally, even if it's just every now and then, I have to stop fandubbing, because the dub studios have a problem with fandubbers. ^^° I try to keep it secret when they book me, though.)

Well, the dude who voices Shion in my clip was the one who started a No. 6 clip first. (A small part of the first episode...) He even asked me to coach him, but then he didn't really listen to me. o_o° (I wanted him to sound higher and a bit cuter when he's a kid. And maybe also a bit more naive when he's older.)
He still needs a lot of practice...some takes are very wishy-washy, and he just can't express that much with his voice yet. When he's panicked or when he's screaming... it's always as if he tries to scream silently...just as if he's afraid someone might hear him. ^^°  (And that's why he chose the scene in which Shion screams on his balcony. ^^°°°°°)  Ah wait...he uploaded the clip. (Not the final version... the voices are not properly mixed yet and some sound effects are missing...)

I told him he should voice Shion the way he voiced him when Nezumi chokes him... Oh and I chose another girl for Karan... ^^° I told him that this is a miscast, but he won't listen... *siiiiighs* Meo said she doesn't sound as if she loves Shion at all. X'D I think she sounds way too young.

Buuut I like Nezumi. :D (Ok, that dude is a pretty good voice actor. He also sang that little male part of the opening for me when I made a German version of it ^^)

Oh yeah...the English dub was not so cool. X'D I liked Shion sometimes. But especially in the first episode I just wanted to hit him in the face lol. X'D
AH, but Safu and Inukashi are not bad. Lili could have a cuter voice. I don't really remember Karan anymore, but I think she was okay. o.o

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Post by: kare_reiko on January 29, 2016, 01:38:16 pm
You are right, this scream of Shion, it sounds kinda strange, I can't place it but it feel pushed and it should end like Shion ran from breath, it miss this "get out all the pain" feeling. But this person have good moments too, whole talk when Shion is patching up Nezumi is kind good.

Still I can't shake feeling of watching Digimon while hearing German dub XD I watched a lot of anime while being kid and it was mostly Digimon on RTL2 in your langue and now hearing it again in anime feels kida strange XD, not in bad way of course.   
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on January 29, 2016, 01:59:24 pm
Yeah, their conversation is not bad, but some things could be better and it's a bit sad that he won't listen to me... I'm just a **** fan of this series... X'D And I just do fandubs since 2008... so yeah, don't listen to me when I give you tips and directions. <_<°

Oh really, you watched Digimon in German? Do you understand German? A little bit? I dunno if I could watch a series when I don't understand a word.
Ah, I loved Digimon... It's one of my fav childhood series. (Ok, teenager...I was not really a child anymore back then. x.x *is old*)  I liked it more than Pokémon.
Back then they showed so many anime on TV... Now...maybe some private channels, but I don't have any of them, because I don't wanna pay extra (usually I don't have much time to watch TV ^^° I could need it now, though. I watch a bit more atm, since I'm still sick... (next week is gonna be the 4th week x,x))
RTL2 doesn't show anime anymore... they just show horrible TV shows for jobless people. ^^° You just wanna hit your head against a wall when you have to watch this ****.

Back then I watched almost everything... Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Meitantei Conan (my favorite), Digimon, Pokemon, Doremi, Ranma 1/2... And the dubs were never bad. XD
Oh, I didn't watch Sailor Moon and YuGiOh... (just a couple of episodes, since I had a mini role in one of them.)
So yeah, shame on me. I never liked Sailor Moon. X'D I just know some episodes, because my friends loved to make Sailor Moon fandubs.
They made me voice Ami... We even dubbed a 15-minute special episode. o_o° 
*throws another link* actually my lowest & most mature voice. X'D
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Post by: kare_reiko on January 29, 2016, 02:57:27 pm
Well, I remember I got most of plot, not all, maybe like 40% in Digimon, since it had more complex story than Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh, but still I loved it. I remember that half year after I finished it they released Digimon in my Polish TV.

They don't show anime anymore? WOW O_O I'm surprised, it was like anime heaven all those years ago. I remember watching Kamikaze Kaito Jeane, Yu-gi-oh (that one was easy I choose this monster, oh nien! Now I got this card and I will win buahahaha etc. XD)
I had 3 years of German langue in primary school but teacher was old, he didn't teach us much more than saying your name and where you live XD and now after all those years I think I forgot that too XD.

Well, it was hard langue for me, the same with French. Those both are similar in grammar way and needs a lot time to remember all forms of suff around us and I never had any need to learn them better (well Dutch maybe because German mangas turns out cheaper than English ones XD)

I the end I know a lot better Japanese than Deuch or French XD

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on January 30, 2016, 02:28:52 pm
Ah, I really like that little clip and I'm especially impressed at your little Shion noises they're really good.
Admitting, I have long stopped watching dubs, because most of the time I really don't like them. But your fandub has a pretty balanced choice of voices, nothing that would weird me out.
I would love to offer voicing Karan, but I have no experience, no mic and it's been ages since I regularly spoke proper German, which means it would come with a hint of Swiss accent for a while. So I'd end up being too shy on top.

I don't even mind that Nezumi's voice is slightly higher than Shion's. I mean the book does decribe his voice as soft and he's supposed to be capable of sounding like a woman, so the slightly higher voice doesn't make it awkward.

And I do remember that time RTL II used to have whole afternoons of Anime, too. (Mainly because that was what my cousin was watching all the time when he visited. I hardly watched any TV until my late teens, I was too busy running around outside.) I did catch a few episodes of Pokemon with him though and I think I might have seen Yugioh too... Conan became one of my favourits a little later though - I also RPed Kaitou KID for about 5 years. But the series kind of made me loose my interest around episode 600 and something. I still love the old ones.

A friend of mine urged me to watch and read Sailor moon a while ago. As for watching I couldn't really get into it. But I have to admit the manga is much more interesting. That one I read, all of it. The manga is definitely more mature and has a lot more substance.

And I love Ranma! Ranma, InuYasha, I haven't seen Rinne yet, but I read a few chapters and thought it was a nice idea, so generally speaking I like Rumiko's style. (And my first cosplay was InuYasha (, too.)

Right now... or at least about a year ago there was some anime on German VIVA.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 01, 2016, 11:47:34 am
Oh yeah, I guess Digiman was hard to understand then...I mean there's actually a story, unlike the Pokémon plot which is always the same in every episode... XD They come to another place, meet another trainer with a special Pokémon, Team Rocket is going to steal it (+Pikachu) and then they fight and they fly away... Every 200 episodes or so you have some kind of special episode which is different from the rest, like a Pokémon league or something like that. X'D

No, that channel doesn't show any anymore...they stopped it years ago. For a while, they showed anime like DBZ on Sunday morning... (lol, back then they showed it in the evening, because of the blood and the violence... but yeah, everything okay, just show it on Sunday morning when all little kids watch TV. XD)

Ah thanks :D I don't wanna praise myself, but I guess I'm good at voicing babies, lol X'D I also did a psycho baby for a fandub a while ago... X'D That was fun.

Aw, thanks, that's kind of you to say. :) I asked someone else...the only girl with a motherly voice. The timbre is not quite fitting for Karan, but I guess it's still better than giving the role to someone with a high and young voice.

Yep, that's right... Hosoya could never sound like a woman. XD That's just not possible. >.< And he's too old for teenagers, I wonder when the Japanese people will finally learn it. I loved him so much in Death Parade, though... I mean, he's an amazing voice actor. (And it's not his fault...I mean it's not that you come and say: "Yo, I'm going to voice this or that character, because I want to. Period." You have no say when it comes to the cast, unless you're the director of that series or something. ^^°

Yeah, Conan was also one of my favs...I still like it and sometimes I watch a couple of episodes or a movie, but I don't follow everything any longer. When I got internet in my youth...I was in a Conan forum and we met each other very often (fortunately we all lived kinda close to each other XD That was pretty weird...but okay.)
That was so great. Sometimes I still meet one of the guys from back then...he was a **** fan, but even he stopped watching the series last year, because it's like chewing gum. x,x The last time I met him (last year), he ranted...because Gosho Aoyama was pretty sick, but he still doesn't want to finish the series. ^^° It actually sucks. I'm sure he doesn't even know how to finish it.

Oh yeah, I also like Rumiko Takahashi's style...and I loved Ranma 1/2 so much. Oh, but it was so sad...the German voice actor of Ranma died when he was just 22 or so. o.o Did you know that, Kai?
He fainted in the studio and then he was suddenly dead...something was wrong with his lungs.
Really horrible. 

I know that they show anime on Animaxx (?) and Pro7Maxx... but I think both channels are pay TV...well I don't have them. ^^°
You can still watch some German episodes on clipfish... legally... at least some preview episodes. XD


(Ah, I'm apparently going to be one of the girls in this one:
My friend said it's one of the main girls, but the official cast isn't completely done yet and they can't decide between two of them... I think it could be the black-haired or pink-haired one.)
*is really curious now*)

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on February 02, 2016, 03:20:44 am
There's nothing wrong with being proud of something you're good at. ^^

It would in theory be something I'd love to try, but probably better suited as a fun project at a con workshop or something. XD

And no, he sounds just too manly, if he could though that would be one hell of a talent. I do like his voice as well, even though I'm still very amused about him voicing Asahai in Haikyuu - I did NOT recognise his voice from Nezumi. He manages to change the quality of it according to character very well.

Japanese people tend to stick to the same voices all through, even though sometimes it's really awkward. I noticed in Naruto as well. While Naruto has a really childish, high voice that fits him well as young and slightly older teen. I snorted when I watched the last movie where he's really grown up, all buff and angular and... has that same 'chibi' voice. As for Sasuke it's the other way around his voice is a bit too deep for a 12 year old, though later it fits very well. It's not quite as bad as it is for 12 year old Nezumi though. I think that one had me far more puzzled when I watched the Anime.

I mean, I can see where this comes from on one side - wanting to give them personality with the same voice and not leting them sound differently once they mature... but yeah.

That's where I like Conan, they gave him two voice actors, the child one and the older teen/grown up. (Love that voice, Yamaguchi is one of my favourite voice actors - he also speaks KID, Ranma and InuYasha and a whole bunch more, but those we were talking about before.)

Yeah I did hear about the German voice actor of Ranma. Things can happen to everyone, no matter age and job... He also was a pretty good voice actor from what I heard.

Yeah... that's both pay TV, nothing my student budget includes. I don't even have TV anything, I only have an old PC monitor hooked up to watch DVDs.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 08, 2016, 09:53:04 am
Well, you can always try it out. ^^ When you just wanna try it, you can definitely use a cheap microphone and have a bit fun. :)

Oh yeah...I think Asahi is an exception... I mean, didn't they make fun of him because he looks so old or something like that? X'D I thought he fitted him very well. So it really depends.
And it's funny, when you hear Hosoya in audio comments, his voice is not even that deep. And he can also sound friendlier... Buuut well, Japanese people like overacting. ^^° I guess that's why he tends to voice his characters very low and angrily. X'D

Oh yeah, sometimes I really don't get the Japanese cast. X'D Females have horribly high voices... (we always tend to sound not so high in German dubs, because some people really have a problem with shrill voices lol)...
And sometimes they give female voices to males although they absolutely don't look as if they still have such a  teen voice. I think Naruto is great when he's's halfway okay when he's 16, but I guess a male voice would fit him better then. ^^°
Same for Sasuke...give him a younger voice when he's still a kid and an older voice when he's older. x.x
Why should an 11 or 12-year old sound like a 20 year old? ^^°
Same for Nezumini.
Even Kaji is kinda borderline as young Shion, if you ask me. >,< But he tried to sound a bit younger. He's a fabulous voice actor. XD

Yeah, Yamaguchi is the Kaji Yuki of the older generation LOL. X'D Back then he was in almost every series, especially main stream series... Kaito Kid, Shinichi Kudo...L (very great... the German Death Note cast is not bad and the voice actors are all very talented, but I thought some were not really fitting... and no one can beat that crazy laughing of Light in the last episode XD The Japanese dude is just too good.)
Ranma...Inuyasha... (God, I just was about to write. Inukasha X'D Inukasha is the brother of Inukashi XD)
Ryuichi Sakuma... he's absolutely crazy and gorgeous as Sakuma. XD Oh and One Piece. o.o Also really great. Now you can hear Kaji everywhere. XD

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on February 08, 2016, 11:10:50 am
Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think maybe the whole high voices vs. low voices has something to do with the language as well. Like, I speak at a lower pitch when I speak German than when I speak English, and when I'd speak Japanese (which I remember nothing of what I learned lol) it was higher than when I speak English. I don't know if it's the way the sounds are made or if it's a matter of culture (like that's just how people learned). Then again, Inukashi's VA could speak fairly low, but then when she's doing the commentary, her voice is pretty high. Are girls expected to sound young and cute there?? Anyway, I think with German, it's kinda hard to really squeak out all those consonant-heavy words, but with Japanese, there's usually a vowel separating the consonants.

I dunno, I'm not a native speaker of either language...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on February 08, 2016, 03:27:39 pm
Asahi is a giant and he looks mature, having a little beard and all (despite being 17, people always think he's already an adult) but he's very shy and timid and Hosoya actually carries that softness and insecurity in his voice despite not making it high. There his voice fits perfectly.

Honestly, I enjoy the guys with deeper voices, I can accept that when they're 17, too, even if it is a bit of a long shot. But really it would be nice if they switch for flashbacks to childhood at least.

Yamaguchi is just a little bit of a personal hero for me, haha. I admit, I'm old. But I also like the young ones that just started.

I never really noticed that German dubs are less shrill, save a few rare cases. But yeah, it is a Japanese thing as far as I know that high, cute voices for women is what you want. Hence popular characters usually get very 'cute' voices and many girls try to speak higher, too.

But I can't agree with German being a language for a lower voice. I do speak higher when I go for proper German compared to Swiss-German. The latter is more lazy, deeper in the throat by nature, for German I form the sounds more in my mouth to articulate cleaner. My English voice tends to be deeper than German as well. Can't judge it for Chinese, it's been a while and the quality is very much different. I think French is about the same level as German, too. Lots of sounds to refine with your tongue and teeth so it's harder to keep the vocal cords very open.

A big part of it certainly is also confidence and how used you are to a language. If it's new or rarely used you have to more consciously watch the sounds you produce/muscles you move and that automatically causes tension and the tension of the vocal chords makes a voice higher. That's also why confidence lowers the voice and nervousness can make it higher together with the posture.

Ahiku though probably has much better knowledge when it comes to that. ^^
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 13, 2016, 01:24:50 pm
It's finally done! *___*

I'm very pleased with it... there are some mistakes and it's far from perfect, but I think the result is fine. :)
Yay. (And I'm glad I changed the cast for karan... she's great!)

Well, I always have a feeling German casts are less shrill... (especially when it comes to magical girl anime, in which they have really high voices. I guess otherwise they really try to find fitting voices that are close to the original voice (especially in movies, like...Ghibli. But Ghibli movies don't use overly high voices to begin with ^^° They always have very pleasant, natural voices, unless the character is crazy.)

Ah, I also don't think German is a language for a lower voice. o_o° (My voice is kinda high, no matter if I speak German...or try to speak another language. I don't really hear any changes.)
I just know that I sound really young via telephone. X'D Horribly young.

(Oh, but I don't have much knowledge about it.^^° Unfortunately.)

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on February 14, 2016, 11:33:44 am
Geesh you sure picked a nice scene, huh XD ohhh I really like the voices though! And the overall quality is very professional, you could have told me it was the official German dub and I would have totally bought it.

Karan's voice is really nice, and Nezumi with a slightly higher voice is just. So much better, no offense Hosoya I love your voice work but yeah XD; It works fine for teenagers-who-look-much-older-than-they-are, but for Nezumi who should  be able to put on a female sounding voice... nooot so much, maybe. (I still swear his voice as Asahi sounds actually higher than his Nezumi voice, what the heck. And yeah his natural voice sounds a bit higher too...)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on February 14, 2016, 02:40:57 pm
It's piece of good job, it's emotional, lip synchr is good, I don't need anything else form dubs.

And I failed this week, there were suppose to come out new Shakespeare collection, first two books were come out last week. I searched all possible shops that sell newspapaers and things like that and I couldn't get it T_T. They didn't had it on first place or they were sold out. It was nice collection since it had both Polish translation and original in English in one book... I wanted it... Now this week second number of this collection will come out... but maybe I should order pre-orders for whole collection by net... I'm not sure now. Nezumi, what have you done to me?

Oh and my experiment that I done on tumblr turned out like I think it would and it break my heart.
I have worked hard for 1,5 month on second part of "One day in Summer", well it didn't get much attention, and then I made some parody out manga that took me 1 hour (with searching for pages to download) and it already has more attention than work that I put so much heart in. (sobbing in the dark corridor of her room)
I don't get world....   

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 22, 2016, 04:15:35 pm
Yeah, Joy, who voiced Karan, complained because of the scene and was like: "Wtf I don't get it, why would you choose this scene?" ^^°

I really wonder why Hosoya gave him such a **** deep voice, even though he's perfectly well able to speak a bit higher and less aggressive. X'D Jesus...

Yeah, that's the stupid thing about tumblr. I know that very well... ^^° Sometimes you think: Wow, I worked so hard... I bet people will like it, but nothing happens, and then you post a shitty sketch you have made in 2 minutes and people freak out. I seriously don't get it sometimes. Tumblr tends to be very frustrating.

BTW. the other No.6 clip is done. o.o I don't know why he choose such a high & young voice for karan, it's not fitting at all. Meo said, she sounds as if she doesn't love Shion at all. ^^°
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 23, 2016, 11:40:57 am
Woah god, save the bees! O-O

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on February 23, 2016, 02:28:51 pm
@Ahiku: Forever frustrated over some of the director choices for the No. 6 voice acting, to be honest. I mean, Hosoya and Kaji were surprised themselves when they had to voice the younger versions of the characters, so maybe it was also a director choice to have Hosoya use a lower voice than his usual voice?

Hmm, yeah, in the new clip Karan sounds more like Shion's slightly cranky babysitter than his mother XD; Daww.
Gosh, I forgot how much of a general dork 12 year old Shion is. SCREAM HARDER CHILD.

OKAY YES SAVE THE BEES. As long as they don't hatch in your neck that is.
Screw wasps though << they can leave.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on February 23, 2016, 03:23:53 pm
Yeah...I dunno who decides this stuff in Japan. (Here it's mainly the publisher... the dub studios make for example a casting, or if not they still send some voice samples to the publisher and they decide which voices they want. I guess also in cooperation with the Japanese publishers etc.)
I could imagine it's similar in Japan, although well...their seiyuus are like stars, so it's probably a little different. I could imagine they just want some seiyuus because they are trendy or something and they know that their **** fans will buy the anime. XD Or whatever.

But whoever made the choice for Nezumi's voice... and Shion and Nezumi's young voices, failed a lot.
Hosoya didn't even voice young Nezumi differently... Kaji tried, at least. X'D


Yeah, he just didn't want to listen. 2 people told him that that voice is not fitting for Karan...even a girl who had nothing to do with that clip and who doesn't even know the series... she just checked out the scene and agreed with me. ^^° He asked me for feedback and than he didn't change anything... he even said that he thinks his screams are better than the original screams. X'D Because of some weird reasons. I explained why Shion screamed, even copied a part of the novel to explain the background. It's frustrating when people want your opinion and then they are like: "Naw, I don't think so." o_O° When you just want me to agree with you and praise you, then don't ask me... <,< Really.


Yeah... XD no. 6 destroyed the image of bees,  even though the wasps are on guilt. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on March 09, 2016, 11:01:45 am
o.o Are you guys still alive?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on March 09, 2016, 01:41:54 pm
Yes, I'm  just half zombie after I came back from the work. I'm spending all minutes that I somehow don't fall on the ground/bed to do Nezushi stuff.

In last week I got finally my NO6 7th volume, I love that story from the booklet it's so cute. And yesterday I got myself normal version of this volume. I know it's stupid to buy whole manga to only a different cover but I couldn't help myself when I saw it in the shop.

I only don't get this part that was quote on tumblr so many times... I'm talking about Shion narration after Nezumi stops crying. In manga he says that he  feel for Nezumi in that moment not friendship... not love but a AFFECTION, that he could give his life for Nezumi.

I was used to version from novel translation when Shion ends with that he felt PURE LOVE.
I loved that one, it made Shion love clear and canon. Now I wonder if it's over translation by fans in from novel or manga handled this part a little different...
I feel sad about that part. In booklet it's so clear how Shion looks at Nezumi with so much love, but vol 7 in one moment both boys feelings scream: love, in other one they are so far away and everything falls apart T_T and it keeps going until the end. Last thing that little annoyed me is preview of 8th volume.

"Two friends gets to the Safu..."


They are friends... (flipping the table)

Alright, I finally threw it out from my heart. Sorry.
I had not very well day at work. As always I worked like ant, making new graphic for Library, business cards for some social group they had there, I'm running around  recording and making movie for 70 anniversary of our Library, and today I heard that they will not probably hire me when my practice ends in the may because they don't have graphic maker in plans. It's like "we love your work and now library looks amazing, but sorry we don't have funds to hire you."
When I finally feel like I found place for myself and I was happy with doing great work, again it didn't worked out...
Well nothing is 100% sure, but right now it's more for 'no' than 'yes'.

Well, I could at last have more time for doing Nezushi stuff after I end working for them...   


Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on March 09, 2016, 01:45:41 pm
true the chat has been very dead or a while... :/ I just got a job recently and while it's only part time so it's not like it takes up much time it has certainly shifted my schedule

@reiko I feel you on that part in volume 7. I don't think it was intentional trying to deter from a romantic relationship, but I'm not quite sure why they decided to do that. especially in the English version where Shion says "I didn't think of our affection or feelings for each other.. I just though it was sweet" or something like that

aaa I'm really sorry your job didn't work out.  Especially with how much effort you put into it :/
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on March 12, 2016, 07:17:42 pm
I'm here and alive! Surprisingly!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on March 14, 2016, 01:01:52 pm
o.o Is something wrong, Weisel?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on March 15, 2016, 06:54:40 pm
Lol not really, a lot has just happened and I'm surprised I'm alive. It's all good now, no worries!

So my highlight of the day was that I met a cat and within five minutes I had it purring in my arms. I am the cat whisperer.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on March 16, 2016, 01:49:57 pm
^ Oh, Weisel, you're like Nezumi in my new AU fanfiction ^^
Cats are amazing ^^ I hope now you two (you and cat) will live happy and ever after.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on March 17, 2016, 07:21:51 am
Is Nezumi in your new AU also surprised that he's alive? ^^°

Okay, I'm glad to hear you're alive and all good now and a cat whisperer :3

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on March 17, 2016, 08:11:49 am
@Ahiku: No, Nezumi had found a cat just like Weisel ;p.
There was once talk about AU with Nezumi finding a cat and Shion as a vet doctor. No one wrote it in the end, it turned out into big story in my head for last year and I finally wrote down first chapter. Now it lay in the grammar correction line to be checked. 

I'm cat crazy person so a lot information of taking care of animals, mostly cats will be in this one. XD
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on April 06, 2016, 10:06:12 pm
This question is pretty random, but I was wondering if any of you guys played Miitomo? I thought it might be fun to add you guys on it... do other people even play this game...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on April 07, 2016, 06:41:04 am
I don't play this game o.o For which console is Miitomo? XD I played Tomodachi friends and liked this one similar?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on April 07, 2016, 01:33:23 pm
it's like tomodachi life for your phone. you create your mii and dress them how you want and answer questions for people you friend on the app to see and comment on.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 07, 2016, 10:23:55 pm
I saw that app and was thinking about downloading it, but then I thought "I have no friends who'd play this..." BUT NOW I DO! I'm downloading it right now. :D
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on April 08, 2016, 09:33:49 am
Ah, I see o.o Sounds funny. XD But I don't have a smart phone. :D
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 10, 2016, 11:36:20 am
I got a Miitomo thing! Hopefully sharing my QR code works on here...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on April 10, 2016, 08:31:01 pm
I tried to find a way to add people using qr codes but I didn't see it... I don't think you can :/

do any of you guys have a Twitter? we could add each other that way...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 11, 2016, 01:02:18 am
Oh dang, I thought you could... Seems like that would have been a good feature, huh? Anyway, my twitter is @mandathena
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on April 11, 2016, 07:12:33 pm
I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. more than likely they'll add it later. My Twitter is @kenmanekozume
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 13, 2016, 08:17:32 pm
So I just finished 'Carry On' today... and now I have to cosplay Baz lol
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on April 13, 2016, 10:18:24 pm
omg I love Carry On! If you do cosplay Baz definitely post pictures
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 16, 2016, 10:55:35 am
All I have to do for the hair is redye my hair black... I have his hairstyle lol. And gray(ish) eyes. And super pale skin. Easiest cosplay ever honestly. Though it's hard to figure out what to wear without reference pics...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on April 18, 2016, 07:51:18 am
Posh clothes :D Suits... or his casual wear - snug jeans and nice sweaters. Maybe a stylish shirt under the sweater? ^^
I guess you have to grow a bit too...he's really tall, but you could still do a younger Baz version.

Or some kind of Watford uniform... I think they wear grey trousers and green blazers in their last year.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on April 18, 2016, 12:47:48 pm
(Hopefully this doesn't post twice, I'm having technical difficulties...)

I think I can manage the sweater look! Thank you for the suggestion :3 There is no way I can afford most of the clothes that little twerp wears... Also I just can't take any photos that show how short I am. I'd need to be a foot taller to be accurate ^^; Or photos that show off how my hips don't lie... Lol the cosplay struggle is real.

Also I bought letter magnets just for this:
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on May 03, 2016, 03:43:48 am
Moving is a pain in the ass.

I've had so much to do. I live in a shared flat and we were 3 people, the one with the main contract now moves in with her boyfriend and ended the subcontracts for the other two of us. So I was busy trying to find a new flat with my roommate (since we know we get along smoothly we decided to look for a place together).
Finally found one, moved all the **** and got everything out of my storage (because I had my own flat for a year and had it put away).

It was a pain, but it was so worth it. The new flat is so nice, blood and sweat doing it all by ourselves. (The downside though: I have no money left to invest in cosplay or go to a convention.)

How have you all been?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on May 03, 2016, 07:55:29 am
8th volume of NO.6 arrived to my house yesterday. Maybe It's just me but with each next volume I'm more sad. Everything is going wrong, boys are more and more broken and booklet for that volume killed me. That damn wondering bard, putting idiotic things into Nezumi's brain T_T. That talk about freeing from Shion, what if he would be free like wind? In Beyond even if Nezumi is free and alone, but I don't see him happy. He was only happy and laughing with Shion.

Kill that damn bard T_T and make Nezumi back to Shion.

Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 03, 2016, 09:32:07 am
@kai I used to only keep as much stuff as I could fit in my car, but now that I live alone I have sooooo much stuff and I'm almost terrified to move again. Why does moving have to be so complicated?? Glad you're all done with it, though. It's so exhausting...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on May 03, 2016, 11:43:22 am
@Kai I'm glad you got such an awesome place to live. My sister is dealing with moving issues right now and she's always had a really difficult time finding an appartment she was happy with, so I'm glad all you're effort was worth it. Too bad you don't have any more cosplay money though :/

@kare_reiko I feel your pain. It felt to me like Nezumi had spent so much of his life insisting he wasn't meant to stay anywhere that he never even considered the thought, nor did he ever consider that Shion was made to stay with a person, not with a place.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 04, 2016, 01:03:47 pm
@ghosty I must have been talking **** about someone...
Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on May 06, 2016, 12:28:11 pm
@Weisel what do you mean Nezumi hasn't come back yet!?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on May 25, 2016, 07:00:37 am
hello everyone~ I had a no. 6 reunion dream last night so I thought it was a sign to check on how you guys are doing :) what's up?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on May 25, 2016, 12:07:22 pm
I have pretty busy days at the work in this week. I'm so tired and everything in my body is hurting T_T. I'm trying to draw or write each day but I don't have strength left. At last I have tomorrow free before over crazy Friday, so I plan to write next chapter of Not Perfect, I hope my plans will work out.

I bought today a 5 volumes of Love Stage XD. My first BL smut manga I ever bought. I feel little dirty, but happy at the same time. It's a good comedy, characters are very cute, great thing after a day of hard work to laugh a little :).

Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on May 28, 2016, 03:58:52 pm
@kare_reiko don't over exert yourself or in the end you'll be too exausted to get anything done. I hope you made it through your crazy Friday :/

Also, did you guys see that nezumiprefersdanielleovershakespeare deleted all of their works off of AO3 and tumblr and won't be writing fanfiction anymore? I'm so sad, I really liked their works a lot
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on May 29, 2016, 11:50:40 am
I'm back from the beach and ready to sleep for a week! Almost half the time I was struggling with heat exhaustion, but it was still tons of fun being in a big beach house with nine other friends. So much partying lol. Anyway, I do feel refreshed mentally and I'm ready to get back to work on all my projects. I was feeling really worn down from keeping up with health appointments (with no helpful results) and tons of legal stuff... At least there are good results from that part. I was accepted by the government financial aid programs, so that's pretty good for me. And no future dog-sitting scheduled for the parents, which really throws off my schedule (because I have to wake up a few times every night to let them out, which messes with my precious limited sleep).

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty great (aside from the heat, it's supposed to be super hot and humid all week here BLEH) and I'll be able to get back to work on my personal projects. Hooray!

Also today I get to give my sister a trumpet lesson. That should be pretty funny considering it's her worst instrument, but she ended up with a trumpet student for fall semester at her teaching job, so now she needs some help. I gave her my spare trumpet a while back as a Christmas gift, and now it's coming in handy. I knew it would!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on July 15, 2016, 12:04:45 am
The con I go to every year, Metrocon, is officially a week away! I'm really excited partly because I started my first full-time job this year so now I have actual money to buy merchandise with this year. Hopefully I'll be able to find some No. 6 stuff, last year I bought a print from one of my favorite artists, so we'll see if I can find anything this year. I'm especially excited because I'm doing my first actual cosplay there. I'm cosplaying as Kenma from Haikyuu!! and hopefully it will be a lot of fun. He, Oikawa and Iwaizumi are my favorites from the show. I can't wait to see how everything goes!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on July 18, 2016, 01:57:48 pm
-carefully shuffles back in after a very long month-

@Ghosty: ahhh, that's so great! Fingers crossed for No. 6 merch~ Going in cosplay sounds like a lot of fun indeed, and bonus points for a Kenma cosplay ;) Have a great time!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on August 18, 2016, 07:27:44 pm
Buhhhh I feel awful for being so behind on everything and generally inactive. More and more stuff keeps coming up in my life and the summer heat is making so many things impossible on top of that. Still, I'm here and somehow alive lol! Mimi says hello (and trying to steal my dinner as well)! I've been volunteering at a cat rescue shelter and they're all so adorable <3 Also unrelated, but I've designed a knitting pattern that looks like honeycomb... which I am overly excited about. I'll post a picture when I have a good sample of it.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on August 19, 2016, 08:26:42 am
Oh, you have hot summer? You have no idea how I envy you. Whole summer here was almost only rain and cold. I didn't even had a chance to go on some lake to swim (water was probably freezing because of such weather. I didn't had chance to reload my batteries (need around 30 degrees of hot around me for my body to work right.) and everyday at work is hard and tiring.

Every picture of cat it's always nice to see ^^.   
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ahiku on August 21, 2016, 08:32:43 am
I totally get you... I also don't function when it's too hot outside. XD
Urgh...I was glad that the summer is not that hot, but some hot days are about to come soon...we also had some short heat waves this year, but it was bearable thanks to the cold weather weeks in between.
I didn't have vacation yet... (I have the week after next week, but that just counts for my part-time job, I still need to work for the dub studio then. o.o Very tight dead line for scripts this time, it's kinda destroying me at the moment. >_< (I have a free afternoon today... I can't give myself an entire day off at the moment... but I don't wanna work all the time when I have vacation so I still try to find a good solution. ^^° I would be very pleased about not very hot weather then, because I really do have problems with heat and sun (I have a slight sun allergy and I get circulation problems when it's too hot... so it's the last thing I need when I'm extremely busy. XD) You can have my share of hot weather.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on August 24, 2016, 11:35:38 pm
I hope you manage to get some free time soon... don't let yourself crash from the workload!

Somehow, my summer wasn't hot at all. Usually my state is known for its horrible Summers but this year we were fine while the rest of the country was swarmed in heat waves. weather is weird :/

School started again this week, and we got our first English assignment. I did it on No. 6... just goes to show you how deeply into this story I am.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on August 30, 2016, 01:39:03 am
So... I'm in the ER right now. Very exciting. I have an infection from a cat bite (long story short, my cat was extremely scared and bit me really badly when I tried to pick her up), and it turns out that if I hadn't come in to get it treated, I might've had to get my whole finger amputated! Crafter's nightmare! ;_; If the antibiotics work well, I won't need surgery, which would be awful but I'd at least get to keep my finger.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on August 30, 2016, 01:30:39 pm
@Weisel: yikes, that's quite the scare! O_o luckily you were in time to prevent a worse outcome then. Hopefully you'll recover quickly and safely and won't be needing that surgery!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on August 30, 2016, 01:34:13 pm
@Weisel, Holy god, I hope you will be alright. Bad kitty, bad. I will pray that those antibiotic would work and wouldn't lost your finger :(
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on August 30, 2016, 08:44:26 pm
@Weisel Scary! I hope you get better soon.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on September 05, 2016, 05:13:50 am
I got out of the hospital on Thursday, but now I'm dropping weight fast... I mean, sure, I could lose several pound at my size, but this isn't healthy. Anyway, I can't do cosplay stuff in time for Shion's birthday since my hands won't be healed enough by then. However, I have an alternative plan for birthday photos! I'll get them done ASAP.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on September 05, 2016, 02:11:14 pm
Don't worry about that! What's important is your health. I hope you finger is alright and you didn't lost it.
I think most of us (from forum) won't make anything for 7th September :(

I got art block and write block called Tales of Zestiria that friend of mine bought for me. Beside that the only thing I can think of to make on 7th September is tender moment of Nezushi shower...

==', why my pictures/ideas for Shion's birthday always ends up perverted?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on September 05, 2016, 02:21:30 pm
@Weisel: glad you got out of the hospital at least, but take care! I hope you'll feel better soon and that the sudden weight loss will stop. Take care of yourself first!

@kare_reiko: I'm sorry but your comment made me laugh so hard - high five, 10000% same XD; I have a lot of trouble focusing on No. 6 these days due to Zestiria, oops. (Like I might... be planning a Zestiria AU... but........ plot ran away from me so I can't finish that in two days.)

But yeah, I'm guessing this September 7 will be rather quiet... maybe next year will explode? Actual year of reunion and all?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on September 05, 2016, 05:09:51 pm
It's a bother that my hands have to be in good shape for putting on cosplay... <_< I can't imagine getting a binder on right now. Or a wig. Or properly holding makeup tools. Gosh dang it.

I'm really excited about some other cosplay stuff I'm working on, so I just had a thought. I don't think we have a thread for just general cosplay stuff (rather than specifically No.6 cosplay) so maybe that would be fun for all of us cosplayers on the forum to share our work! I'll check through our topic list just to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on September 06, 2016, 01:29:47 am

Oh, Zestiria Au with Nezushi... Hmm, if Nezumi had be chosen as Shepherd (Shion seraphim) world would be doomed. In the other way with Shion, well, world would had a chance, but Nezumi seem in my eyes as very ass seraphim XD

Still, I would love to read what you made and your idea for such au, listenforthelove.

Hm, maybe I will end drawing that shower sketch for tomorrow, if Zestiria wouldn't suck me up once I get to home from work (or I don't get heart attack because my chest hurt like hell today, but this is normal for me when I'm tired XD)
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: listenforthelove on September 06, 2016, 11:58:43 am
@Weisel: yikes, yeah I can imagine how frustrating that must be... hopefully your hands will make a full recovery very soon!
Really liking your topic idea~ I'm not much of a cosplayer myself (closet cosplay is as close as I can get), but it's so great to see others having fun with characters they love. I hope there'll be a lot of responses!

@kare_reiko: Don't get me started, I already have a bunch of notes on this XD (It'd take a while to actually write it, I would basically be rewriting the whole No. 6 plot... Brevity what is that. Though uh Nezumi as a shepherd would be a nope XD I was thinking wind seraph for him actually. Still on the fence about Shion being a shepherd, but definitely a human with enough resonance to see them and probably pure enough to be a shepherd anyway.)
Yikes, take care though! O_o get the rest you need!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on September 06, 2016, 01:10:34 pm
Look what Nezushi nice work I have found!!

Do you think we can promote this vid and person through our RC blog? As person who was working once on 3D I say it's kinda good job (well they could remove Nezumi's scarf and Shion his jacket, but still it's nice to see that someone put so much effort into Nezushi suff when fandom get so quiet.)
And it's nice finding for 7th September ^^
Title: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on September 06, 2016, 01:32:20 pm
Shion's birthday really crept up on me this year... I might try drawing something small but we'll see.

@Weisel that sounds like a really good idea! I'm pretty new to cosplaying, but being able to get your guys' opinions on cosplay things would be really nice since you guys are people I trust. I also wish you luck with healing fast!
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on September 28, 2016, 10:16:50 am
Alright, so there is a thing that scares me out.
First of all, last week I found 3 wasps in my room. One alive and two dead. Alright, it might be caused by having window open for a while and they flew into warm place. But yesterday I found one new and live bee. Today I was thinking that if I find next one I will freak out and... I found one, alive, well and walking on inside site of my window.
I have place in my wall to fix with a hole and I hope those insects stop attacking my room once it will be fixed, else... I don't know where they come from.
It's NO6 curse? Or my country will be first to wipe out by Elyurias? O_O
Is it punishment for having a little fun with checking out SorMik instead being fully focused on working with Nezushi works?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on October 01, 2016, 02:00:06 pm
They're looking for a place for the winter. While I wouldn't be worried about the bees, please make sure there's no wasp nest being built anywhere in the house, those can be really dangerous...

And I haven't been here for ages. I've been kept too busy at the hospital (internship! I'm all good!).

How are you all doing?
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 02, 2016, 04:13:17 am
I've been cleaning a house I'll probably be living in soon (long story short, a family friend needs someone in a house so it's taken care of and not empty). It's a really good deal for everyone involved, so I'm excited to finalize this whole thing. My health is still a mess and there's a possibility of basal cell skin cancer, but that's not exactly urgent (worst case scenario I get an ugly patch of skin on my arm). I'm hopefully going to see a doc about Lyme disease, which is a possibility for what's behind all this health nonsense. I've been really tired and sleeping a lot... I overdid it last Saturday and I couldn't even drive the next day, which meant missing out on a little local convention. I was really bummed out, but that's life.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 02, 2016, 02:11:41 pm
Uh, Weisel that really sounds awful, I will pray for you to recover, and I really hope it wouldn't be a skin cancer. From what I heard it's really hard to cure. You really should rest a lot. And eat a lot of fruits... Uh, why all good people around me have cancer? :(

It turns out they are wasps. They made their hive under roof and I'm not 100% but maybe partially inside my new room's wall. We are fighting with them for last 3-4 days. They made me move out from my room but to thank them I killed more than 20 of them today. I'm not moving inside that room without fly-killer or ruler. Sometimes I think that once I enter that room I would find big wasp queen, of the size around half meter and I will fight her like the main boss fight XD. Too much of rpgs in my life...

But in the end I'm really tired of this situation. Things at work are awful too... I don't want to complain about it, but I think my previous depression came back. I gave all my heart into that work for last year and now I don't want to go there anymore. If I had any other choice I would change my current job. ****. Working and Graphic designer, movie maker, camera operator, administration (with writing an rapports every month) event organizer and computer scientist and getting around 250 $ per month would let you down, especially when President of our library hired a guy who does nothing, he act like he's working for 2-3 hours per day then he goes to home and he gets at last 3 times more money than me... It's really get you down. Me and my Superior were furious about this situation.

I hate my country. Last government destroyed everything. No normal job until you know someone.
And now those damn wasps...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on October 03, 2016, 10:24:32 am
That doesn't sound all that splendid for either of you.

I hope you're finally able to go see that doctor about Limes, you've been fighting for that for so long now.

In our country you can actually call a service or firefighters to take down wasps because taking down a hive is hightly dangerous without proper safety. And if it's in the house the one renting out the house has to pay and organise... since they're no one's fault.

Doesn't sound too great. Perhaps winter will be cold enough to kill them off.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 03, 2016, 11:51:53 pm
Well, I have GREAT news for once! I HAVE WIFI!! I just got it working today and it is just heavenly~

And that means... We can finally do a No.6 streaming event! I'll figure out the technical details soon. I'll be ready to do it by November, which is when I'll officially be living in the house I'm taking care of instead of going back and forth to my apartment all the time.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: kare_reiko on October 04, 2016, 02:04:14 pm
I love to take part in it Weisel. I hope my timezone would let me to join in watching no6 (I wanted to do it anyway but I didn't have time lately)

In November I would be probably unemployed. (Because they wouldn't probably hire me normally and I not going to be slave and let things keep going like this, to tell truth I would quit right now if I could. It was awful day. I keep crying for hour now and I'm not sure how I manage to calm down before tomorrow. All years of study, whole killing myself for last year and I can't get normal job.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on October 04, 2016, 04:06:21 pm
I would love to see a No. 6 live stream! Please keep us updated with the details!

It sounds like none of you are having a very good time right now... I'm really sorry about what you guys are going through, I hope you all feel better soon. I'm I guess what one would call a pacifist, and feel it wrong to kill any life, but I do wish you luck with removing the wasps from your house, @kare_reiko
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on October 08, 2016, 05:50:55 pm
If that stream is going to be on the weekend I might try joining in as well!

I'm glad to hear you've got some good things happening, Weisel.

And I wish you the best of luck for finding a new job, kare-reiko. That sounds aweful and you shouldn't be exposed to that any longer. Can't be healthy.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Weisel on October 26, 2016, 06:08:56 pm
Hiiii... I just wanted to say that I miss you all and I hope everyone's troubles are getting better ;u;

And I just thought of something... December is coming! Secret Santa!! I'm willing to moderate it again, especially since I have gosh dang reliable wifi. No more going to the gas station ten miles away to get wifi lol... plus I have back up with my phone now.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Ghosty on October 30, 2016, 05:59:21 pm
I miss you guys too... l hope we can do something for the holidays this year... and that you guys are all doing well...
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on November 09, 2016, 02:34:24 pm
This is totally off toppic and not really relevant, but I just read some texts from last night and I really had to laugh at these:

[ text ]: I have a knack for carnage and poetic language

[ text ]: you got into a really intense argument about protecting bees. it was weirdly arousing.

[ text ]: I have never heard someone not give a **** so poetically in my life. I feel like you should be leading men into battle with a speech like that.

[ text ]: I can tell right now that knowing you will either be really fun or ruin my life

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Post by: Weisel on November 10, 2016, 03:40:45 am
Oh gosh, I needed that... ^u^
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Post by: Ahiku on November 13, 2016, 12:13:03 pm
Sounds like stuff for the incorrectquotes block on Tumblr. :D
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Post by: Ghosty on November 17, 2016, 11:30:23 am
have any of you guys been watching Yuri on Ice...  the new episode last night was sure something...
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Post by: Ahiku on November 17, 2016, 02:10:55 pm
Not yet, but I plan on starting to watch this show. >-<
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Post by: Weisel on November 22, 2016, 03:31:47 am
I watched YOI last week when I couldn't sleep. I laughed and scoffed while watching it more than any other show I've seen. That show is a strange blessing bestowed upon us in this dark time.

So, fun plumbing chat time (because I have to keep laughing about it or else I'll cry lol)... The house I'm cleaning and watching isn't the greatest, and the big problem that has come up is that things are literally coming up... waste water from the sewer line, that is! That has basically been one of my nightmares I've had for decades... Things coming back up from drains... So I'm just laughing and cleaning to keep myself from screaming I guess.

So I worked with the plumber to figure out what's going on, and we think it's a blockage out in the pipeline off the house property, but then also the pipeline on the property itself is probably broken in some spots because it's an old ceramic pipe near big trees... and tree roots will do what they want, like go through old pipes. Yaaaay. So as a part of getting the township's sewer company to look at what's blocking things on their side, I have to install access pipes right at the edge of the property, which I'm doing in a few hours. Exciting! It will be a chilly morning of digging down to the sewers, which is my favorite thing to do... Okay, it's not that bad at all since the plumber will be doing most of the work and I have proper winter gear. (Oh, it snowed here!) And then when that's done and the blockage issue is resolved, we'll determine if the sewer pipeline on the property needs to be replaced. I hope it won't, but I'm betting it will. I'll have to dismantle the back porch steps either way, because the people who built the house buried the access pipes about half a yard/meter underground. Why!?!? T_T If this house is ever going to be sold, those need to be extended above ground.

In the meantime, I'm going over to my mom's house to shower and do laundry. The rate water drains from the house is too slow to do those things here, which is how I discovered the issue in the first place. My cat misses licking water from the shower every night lol.

Anyway... yeah, it's a literal mess here and I'm ready to bleach the basement. Also, there was nearly an electrical fire! A lamp plug started smoking while I was cleaning in a room. I yanked it out right away because I was thankfully paying attention... So yeah, that could have been far worse than gross plumbing problems! Silver linings, right...?

Okay, I feel better getting all of my fussing out. It's just a lot to take on when I was only supposed to be cleaning and organizing a house, not repairing it. Yikes!

I feel like I had a funny story to add, but now I can't remember at all... Maybe it'll come back to me later. Anyway, so if anyone else is having a stressful time, just remember that I'm screaming along with you miles and miles away. May our screams join our hearts in a special bond.
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Post by: kare_reiko on November 22, 2016, 06:46:16 am
Since it was mentioned here on forum, I watched yuri on ice (instead of sleeping in night, again XD) and wow, if they keep both characters together, if they end up as happy boyfriends I would be very happy. But knowing anime they will say farewell to each other at the end "to find a way to make their dreams/aspirations to come true"...

 I hope not and that would be first happy BL couple outside yaoi/shounen ai shows.

 (In the end Nezumi and Shion still didn't reunite and for Mikleo and Sorey I afraid for second season of anime. Ufotable messed up game canon in their pairing and important story part with last two episodes of first season so much that I afraid of the future now. Still I'm going to wait for January to see second season and hope that it won't mess up other important moments from game...)

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Post by: listenforthelove on November 22, 2016, 12:28:48 pm
I feel like I am morally obliged at this point to watch YOI, at least four people are more or less nudging me to do so by now, pff.
(I was gonna check it out anyway but after the series ends, dunno now. Maybe after the next episode I'll pick it up...)

Gosh, I'm so tired. And I really want to finish this one fic... it's been in progress for 7+ years and it's close to a quarter million words can I JUST BE DONE WITH THIS.

@kare_reiko: yeah, I share your unhappiness with the S1 ending of Zestiria - but I do feel Sorey and Mikleo's relationship is too important for the plot and their characters to take out. Though I do think they're under-representing their relationship in favor of Alisha (I love Alisha! I do! But there's a reason she gets a side story, since the main story isn't as much about her as S1 likes to pretend. I have a 20+ slide PowerPoint about this actually. I was slightly salty after the season ending...). They did change some things plot wise, but to take out Sorey and Mikleo's relationship would mean more than just a little plot twist.
Knock on wood since I'm not Ufotable and you never know, but I honestly doubt they're gonna take them away from us in S2. The manga also changed some things (and I'm sure the novels did too but I haven't gotten to those yet), but never these two and their bond. And hey, in the end, it was Ufotable who gave us the cut-scenes in the game to begin with.
... that being said, I WILL start an uprising if we don't get the Lastonbell scene in some manner or form, that stuff was GOLD.

@Weisel: oh geesh, you can't catch a break can you ._. I hope the plumber stuff works out...
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Post by: kare_reiko on November 22, 2016, 05:17:29 pm
Oh, finally someone to talke about Zestiria ^^.

You mean Lastonbell scene before final battle? I'm worried about that part too. In game it was perfect, beautiful and well done, so I'm really afraid what they do to it in next season. Well, maybe I wouldn't mind if they put more drama in Mikleo about Sorey decision to go sleep 'no one knows hows long'.
Well I liked Alisha and I didn't mind that they put her more into anime, but they wasted first half of ep 11 and then that 'Sorey falling into darkness for no reason' at end of 12. Not mention that Dezel wasn't some kind of pervert, it was Zaveid's role XD. What really made me mad at the end of that season that they cut out whole scene when Sorey's resonance was cut off.
It was powerful scene and I loved it. When we get later skit that Mikleo cried for Sorey because it was first time when they couldn't see each other, Sorey was almost killed and rest of party couldn't help him. I wanted to see this scene even more powerful. It made more clear why Mikleo worked hard to get Rose into their team too later. So someone could protect Sorey when Mikleo would be not able to.

It makes me worried about Dezel end, since he entered the story in last episode. And what I fear the most is what they would do with part of Sorey's and Mikleo's past and born of Heldalf... I just pray that Unfotable don't ruin this part. I wonder if there will be still scene of lie about Sorey and Rose marriage to get into Lastonbell for the first time, it was so funny I always almost cry when I see it.

We wont probably get the "other promise" of Mikleo and Sorey in Elysia, since 12 episodes is small for story that was left to told. I really think that if they keep current pace then there should be 3 seasons to cover history nicely.

As I'm afraid of next season, I'm looking forward for that school AU ova that going to be added to Zestiria Bluray edition. At least I think I read it good and there will be such 30 minutes ova. And I hope someone going to upload that because price for it is like my 3 months whole payment XD
Thare were some random sketches too, but I'm not sure if they are for that ova or those would be only colored pictures. I would love small animation of Sorey and Mikleo eating icecream that Mikleo made :)     
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Post by: listenforthelove on November 23, 2016, 01:10:00 pm
-cough- ahem belated Zestiria spoiler warnings oops XD;

(oh hey spoiler thingies work! Nice, now it's cut for length because I can't shut up ever.)

Spoiler (hover to show)
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Post by: kare_reiko on November 24, 2016, 02:39:23 pm
Hehe I equiped for current gameplay swimsuits too XD. I just finished Dezel (bye) scenes so I yet to repeat balcony scene. Anyway seeing story with characters in swimsuit it's really fun, I'm making bunch of scenshots while playing XD. For next play I'm going to make them all wear school clothes XD and again make bunch of photos XD

Funny thing that I got today bad ending but I still can't beat my shadows to get my equipment from previous play XD.

Well. Acting scene is funny, they may keep it just like one when Sorey hold his breath in order for ALisha to hear Lailah's voice. Good scene to start new season.

Well. it's not like I don't like anime. I really like episode with Edna and Eizen introduction. This part may be better than in game, the same with Alisha's entrance into Izuchi. Mikleo sidequest was cute too :), but I would love to see Sorey and Mikleo's tickle fight XD, too bad that they cut it out0 (please let them put it into next season ending! ).
Well, now what's left is to sit down and wait for end of January. I hope second season wouldn't get delayed.
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Post by: listenforthelove on November 25, 2016, 04:26:52 pm

Swimsuits are just an A+ addition to the game. Well that and the school uniforms, if only because it canonically calls Sorey and Mikleo out as giant nerds XD (I'm still laughing over the hair styles. Mikleo helped Sorey pick his so he's a dreamboat now! OKAY GAME THANKS FOR BEING SO SUBTLE ABOUT IT.)
What a great game, honestly. I mean. Maybe don't give Dezel sunglasses and stuff if you want to get the plot the first time but otherwise.

Wow you got the bad ending? Niiiice. Well, not so nice but nice that you got it, haha.

Fingers crossed for the acting scene! They do pull some great faces in the game, I can't wait to see them in more detail in the anime.

It's a good anime series! I just think the pacing choices are a bit odd and well, the last episode kinda  put a damper on it for me. But I definitely agree that the Edna and Eizen introduction is very nice compared to the game (and definitely more painful, OUCH), and it was good to see some more backstory for Alisha. Skipping tickle fights is unforgivable though, they better give those to us in S2.
Considering how quickly they announced it I'm gonna assume S2 is going according to schedule? Like, they just animated and recorded everything in one go? Oh well, we'll see!
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Post by: Weisel on November 25, 2016, 09:02:14 pm
I was going to say that plumbing woes are all fixed (everything was working after Tuesday afternoon) buuuut tonight my shower flooded the basement through the floor drain like before! Also the car I'm supposed to be driving occasionally got a flat today. Whyyyyyyy T_T
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Post by: kare_reiko on November 26, 2016, 09:53:56 am
Yes, notes about cutting and modeling each other hair isn't very subtle XD.
To tell truth I don't like Sorey and Mikleo's DLC hair. I rather use their basic ones. They look a lot better in swimsuits and with school uniforms in my opinion.
I make sceenshots during acting scene in swimsuits XD

I spend 3 $ just Mikleo and Sorey had each other chibi on themselves just to show their love XD (Sometimes it's problematic because Mikleo's chibi covers someones face or sorey's face XD)

ps. After running around for 40 hours with Sorey in swimsuit I can say that Sorey has nice ass in this trousers. I would draw some parody with it if I didn't have pile of Nezushi works in line.  XD
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Post by: listenforthelove on November 27, 2016, 08:36:51 am
@Weisel: ah geesh :/ ugh that really sucks... any chance at all it might be an easy fix? :/

@kare_reiko: Just. 'The Incident'. THIS GAME.
Yeah, either the hair barely looks different or it's - not an improvement, haha. I love playing the first part of the game in school uniform, nerds on a field trip!

Haha yeah the attachments don't always interact as they should - took a lot of effort to have a normin hanging off Mikleo's shoulder and then it just. Stays there. Floating in mid-air. Whenever he slightly moves. Oops XD; At least the one on his head stayed put! It just wobbles A LOT.
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Post by: Kai on December 02, 2016, 12:07:45 pm
Ah, reading all that just made me breathe properly again.

I feel with you Weisel. University is turning into hell right now. I thought I could catch a break after finishing 6month of internship... but yeah. No.

The workload we got right now is slowly turning into a 12 hour study day. And my mother is pressing me to socialise with people I have nothing in common with, so she doesn't have to go alone, even though SHE likes them. But oh joy for me. That's not my company. Every time I make a witty comment no one gets it and they just stare at me and I'm just... sorry that I actually said something intelligent and don't sit here like decoration. But go on, keep complaining about the same thing over and over and over.

And all of you watching YOI: I was so sceptical with that show at first, but I ended up watching it as well and I love it. I love how they made Yuri so perfectly relatable. A true gem. I hope they keep it in the current flow and don't turn over to bland fanservice.
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Post by: kare_reiko on December 08, 2016, 12:44:00 pm
Well I really love Yuri on ice. I'm very happy with 10th episode. The only thing I'm sad about that such great BL anime came up when I was so happy with Zestiria. Don't get me wrong. YoI is almost perfect, so perfect that Sorey and Mikleo (who's producer/script writer told us that they are 'one an only one for each other")  look weak compare to Yuri and Victor. Way they handle Alishia in anime don't help that fact too.
I would love Zestiria anime to be more like YoI but Ufotable was clearly afraid to go that way...

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Post by: Weisel on December 08, 2016, 04:58:11 pm
I was pretty shocked but very happy with YoI ep. 10. Definitely a nice pick-me-up after another ER visit (I'm okay, don't worry). I have to watch the last part of the episode again...
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Post by: listenforthelove on December 11, 2016, 08:28:17 am
Waited till I knew the dog was safe before catching up with Yuri on Ice, although my dash thoroughly spoiled me anyway, haha. What a good show though. I def need to rewatch episode 10 again to make sure that was actually all real, that's just amazing. Really loving the characters.

@Kare_reiko: ah - well, to be honest, Zestiria kind of has a whole lot of fantasy world issues to deal with XD; so as much as I love the relationship between Sorey and Mikleo, it's understandable that it doesn't have the focus all the time. (I ramble a lot below, so spoiler tags ahoy!)
Spoiler (hover to show)
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Post by: kare_reiko on December 12, 2016, 02:18:29 pm

Yeah, I know that Zestiria is first fantasy story and I love it. I just would love if for example in scene Lastonbell they hold at leas for a moment hands or one nice warm hug during the story (well anime has more hugs, but they were supportive hugs not cuddle one XD). If that would be in game I could die happy XD

About YoI and Kubo-sensei, after she done with YoI (first and second season) let's throw money on her and make her do good, at least 24-36 episode remake on NO.6.... This would be the best thing on world T_T.
Uhhh... I have writing block... All this YoI and Zestiria make me so focused on them that I can't gather NO.6 mood to continue "Not Perfect" and without good rethinking and feeling next chapter would end not perfect XD. I think most problem is that last chapter ended before boys went back home. I had to start chapter with scene of them ending their trip and somehow it feels strange. I can't figure out how make good start and how much "in between arcs things I have in my head" write in next chapter. Because after I start the last big arc there will be not coming back and writing them not possible anymore.
Uhhh... I need to somehow unblock myself.
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Post by: listenforthelove on December 13, 2016, 01:15:27 pm
@kare_reiko: ah, yeah, I guess we have to settle for early-game when you can move Sorey just right so that he looks like he's hugging Mikleo. Hm-m.
But yeah, I'm holding out for a hug too. They can give us that much at least, right?

Ah yeah, I feel ya re: other stories interfering... it's really hard to get back in the right mindset once you're so out of it. Maybe try rereading some of the story or rereading canon?
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Post by: Weisel on December 14, 2016, 03:37:12 am
Unrelated, but a friend of mine crashed his car yesterday and broke his neck and some ribs. He's not paralyzed, but he can't use his right arm for now and he's basically stuck lying in bed for the next month or so. Does anyone have some ideas of things I can do for him to help out and cheer him up? So far I've gotten him a lap desk and dry shampoo, and I've made a loop scarf that he can pull over his head with one hand as well as a puppy print blanket. Any suggestions are very appreciated <3
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Post by: Kai on December 29, 2016, 04:24:38 pm
Books or Movies, anything entertaining unless his head can't take it. But it will be boring to wait for it to heal.

Also my friend and me had fun today. And I don't consider it proper cosplay, we just had fun. So I'm sharing it here.

I also laughed my butt off when I tried her Shion wig. I definitely don't look like Shion.
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Post by: Weisel on March 05, 2017, 03:42:32 am
Just dropping in since it's been a while and I can't get to sleep at the moment.

Things have been a little crazy for the past few months. I have my hands pretty full with cleaning up the house I'm in (and the plumbing keeps giving me issues– the main pipe is clay and decades old so the tree roots around are breaking through it over and over), helping out my friend– now boyfriend– who was in the car accident, and trying to join any activist efforts I can now that the US is in such an insane state. I participated in the Women's March in Washington D.C., and soon I'll be making an appointment to meet with a state representative alongside my mom. I never thought I'd end up living through this kind of thing before. I used to never watch the news, but now I'm watching several different news networks almost daily. It seems like something scary crops up every single day and I might miss something important if I blink.

So with everything going on, I haven't had a chance to cosplay or even make anything for future cosplays, save for the tiny convention I attended in January for one day. I wore a cosplay I'd finished last year and only takes a few minutes to put on, so it was pretty minimal effort. Still, I got lots of photos taken, which felt pretty nice after how much work I put into making that cosplay.

Whenever I do take breaks from working on things, I just sit and knit. I've been super exhausted for the past week and haven't been able to do much of anything... I tried to clean for maybe half an hour the other day and got a migraine, and I slept through the time I was supposed to volunteer at the cat shelter. Plus, I've lost about ten pounds without trying to, which isn't something that normally happens to me. I usually stay the same weight or slowly pack on a few extra pounds until I really try dieting to get rid of it, so I'm a bit worried.

I suppose overall I'm doing well mentally and emotionally. Having a companion to talk to every day is good for me and Mimi keeps me company most of the time. I took her to the vet and she's in excellent health aside from some gingivitis. She'll be turning thirteen next month, and yet she plays like a kitten. The only problem I've had with her is that she cries and cries whenever I'm working in the basement (which is blocked off until it's ready for cats), so then I have to stop every ten minutes to hold her until she calms down again.

The weather here has been super weird. I wore shorts last week and was still sweating, and just yesterday it snowed. I don't understand!

Anyway, I hope things are going well for all of you, or that at least things are calmer. I miss hearing from you all.
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Post by: Ghosty on March 29, 2017, 11:35:05 am
I miss hearing from you all as well, and I'm glad to see you're doing well. I've been a bit more active politically as well since the U.S. currents state of affairs happened, though I missed the women's march due to a lack of a ride. I have participated in some other protests, though. I'm glad to hear you've found a passion in standing up for this country, it really needs people like that right now.

I haven't really changed much in the past few months. I'm still 17, so life is still mostly just school and work.

I went to California for a week recently for spring break. I've never traveled that far from home before, especially without my family. I enjoyed the experience a lot, and it helped me realize that the world is more than the state of Florida and i'm not as tied here as it seems. Plus, there were no oak trees there, therefore no pollen, so i could actually breath for a week :P

The biggest change for me recently is actually that I've been trying different medications. I finally convinced my mom to start giving me ADHD medication. Since then, I've begun to feel tremendously better in class. I used to feel as if there was a wall between my teacher and me preventing any of their lectures from teaching me, like it was actually impossible for any new information to enter my brain because it was already full. I finally feel that I am understanding what i'm being taught, and I'm very thankful. I've also just begun to take prozac for my social anxiety, but that only started today, so the effects have yet to be seen.

As for yet to happen events, I am actually going to Israel this summer for two or three weeks. I am jewish, but only culturally rather than spiritually. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to observe my culture in full force.

I hope to continue to hear from you guys. I check here every once in a while, but usually am too afraid to post. Even if I don't hear anything, I hope you're all still doing well. :)
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Post by: scorrando on June 02, 2017, 09:13:58 am
hey guys, its been more than 3 years since ive been active here... thats a lot of time.. Glad you guys are doing well! I was cleaning up my email and saw notifications on this website and for nostalgic reasons i came to check the activity! its not entire active anymore but theres still some life! Im just glad its still here :)

Ah about my life... ive been doing good lately, just university is all. Exams are coming up and im not ready... Yea, i dont have much going on with my life atm but thats cool too!

Hope ur all doing well where ever u guys are!!
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Post by: Meopat on June 04, 2017, 02:44:54 am
:waves: @_@ it's been forever since I've been back too!! *blows off dust*

Good luck with your exams @scorrando!! >< ... tho hopefully you'd be done with them by the time you see this again ;)

@Ghosty and @Weisei, we need more people like you in America to be more politically active.......... auuuuuuugh.... but the No.6 forums /probably/ isn't the most ideal place to discuss politics.... >> (or is it? XD where're Nezumi and Shion to overthrow this disaster nut job?)

I'm glad you got to come to California, @Ghosty! and that you're getting the medical help you need!! <3 and that's so exciting that you're going to Israel this summer! :O I've never been, but pictures always look beautiful... it sounds like a culturally enriching experience, have fun and stay safe!! ^^

as for me... personally... I've started coding (or learning how to)... Trying one of those bootcamp things and it's taking a while... because I'm slow and I just stocked up on a bunch of No.6 doujins last week because I'm weak and I'm currently putting sticky notes on ones that I want to scan & translate before Sept 7th, 2017. I want to share them here first... or at least somewhere that I can control availability 'cause even though the fandom, both American and Japanese, have moved on, I still want to respect artists and not ~freely~ redistribute their work... ^^ but I also want to share privately with friends... so what do. :S
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Post by: Ghosty on June 04, 2017, 10:13:13 am
@Meopat if your doing doujin scans, i would definitely love to see them. It's a bit ridiculous how not at all moved on from No. 6 I am. I brought it on dvd to my school this week to try to attempt my marine teacher to let us watch it since we have two days of school left and aren't doing anything. This story is forever ingrained in me T_T
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Post by: kare_reiko on July 14, 2017, 06:29:49 am
Well, I don't think everyone who once feel in love with NO.6 could move on fully. See here. I thought this forum would be dead, I clicked it at work (we have less to do at summer time, September will leave me breathless for a change) and what, there are posts here, and not so outdated. It's heartwarming. Compare to fandom I lately checked out, this place was so peaceful and loving. I wish every fandom was like this.
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Post by: Weisel on July 19, 2017, 06:31:51 pm
Now that I'm in a different place in my life, I'm hoping to do things for the fandom soon. Things have been crazy and I'm still recovering from the stress (I had seventeen days to find a new place to live and completely move out of my last home), but I'm no longer working on cleaning that house and will have more time to do the things I want once I'm settled in and have a few things taken care of. I love doing things for the fandom like the secret Santa event and would love to do more than just one project a year if possible. I'd also like to get back to writing, scanning the No.6 toi8 art book, improving my cosplays, and working on the No.6 audiobook project I had to abandon. I definitely miss being here with all you wonderful No.6 people!
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Post by: kare_reiko on July 25, 2017, 01:41:44 am
I hope everything from now on going to be good and less stressful Weisel.

Are we (RC blog) interested in celebrating 7th September in this year?
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Post by: Weisel on August 07, 2017, 10:12:43 pm
I'd be up for a celebration event! Any ideas on what we should do?
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Post by: kare_reiko on August 24, 2017, 01:19:57 am
Gosh, I had such nightmare at work that I didn't have any strength left to think about 7th september, but what about some reminding on RC blog and just telling people that if they want they can make fanart, fanfiction, cosplay photos etc. and give it tag #7september2017NO6 or something like this to celebrate. What you, remained souls from this forum, think about this idea?

I might edit something (announcement) quickly on weekend with some manga panel.
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Post by: nezushisushi on September 03, 2017, 03:16:07 pm
kare_reiko, I hope you're okay!
It's three days until Shion's birthday and I'm hyped!!!! Might do a closet cosplay of Nezumi, actually.
Anyways, how are you all? I've been gone for two years (but hey, even the rat has to return, hm?) in the Homestuck fandom, but now I'm like 90% back to crying over No.6

(unrelated, but does anyone have a saved copy of "rootings"?)
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Post by: Kai on September 18, 2017, 02:36:59 am
I'm also still around! I've been a little preoccipied during spring and summer due to some personal stuff. But I keep checking here every now and then.

I've also been debating with myself if I should start reading the novels again any time soon. (Sometimes it's... less fun to have a memory where I can retain most tiny details of whatever I read...makes me have to wait several months to years before something can become a 'fresh' read again where my mindset is not still stuck in the same analytic cycle from before.)
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Post by: Weisel on October 21, 2017, 02:49:50 am
So, it’s been a while... but hi, everyone! I really miss talking with you guys.

Well, here’s my life update:

I was working on cleaning a house for my mom’s friend’s parents, who were hoarders, so I had a pretty big job to do. In exchange for my work, I was allowed to live there. Then in June, my mom’s friend broke our agreement to sell the place to a house flipper. I was supposed to have at least a month’s notice in advance, but I instead had about two weeks before I had to be completely moved out. I somehow managed to find a decent place to live, get my application accepted, sign the lease, pack up all my stuff, and move in ten days. I’m still not sure how I managed to accomplish that...

So I was totally worn out for about a month from those two insanely stressful weeks. Thankfully, my apartment is pretty comfortable. It has a built in air conditioner, which saved me from having a miserable summer. I developed a heat intolerance a few years ago, which really limits what I’m able to do. It downright sucks. The house I was cleaning didn’t have any air conditioning, so I had to be strategic with fans, shutting curtains, opening windows at night, and putting ice packs on my body where they’d be most effective (the underside of your wrists are good for cooling your blood since the veins are more exposed). If I’m not careful, I’ll get migraines or black out. So yeah, I love air conditioners a lot.

I’ve been working on finding specialized employment that won’t interfere with my disabilities, as well as addressing some of my health issues that have been causing me further problems. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned what my disabilities are... I have a fair amount of diagnoses, but the ones that prevent me from working most jobs or completing school are Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a genetic connective tissue disorder– basically my body put itself together with rubber bands instead of duct tape), an auditory processing disorder, and of course the heat intolerance. It’s often extremely frustrating, but all I can really do is keep moving forward however I can.

I did have some of my more major health issues fixed a while back (which again, I don’t remember if I talked about it here or not)! I was having trouble walking because my knees were constantly in pain. After nearly falling down stairs a few times, I got some heavy duty knee braces to prevent myself from falling. I also went to physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles around my knees, which helped my stability but not my pain. And then I started going to a chiropractor. As soon as I told him about my knee issues, he figured out that my kneecaps were dislocated. So I’d been going around for over a year with freaking dislocated kneecaps! I’m not sure how my physical therapist and other doctors didn’t figure that out, but hey, at least someone eventually figured it out! My chiropractor put my kneecaps back into place and taught me how to do it myself as well. I now no longer have any trouble with my knees giving out and I rarely have knee pain! My chiropractor also found that my neck was messed up in seven different ways from when I got a concussion back in elementary school (which was bad enough to knock me out on impact). The position of my vertebrae was actually compressing my windpipe to the size of a boba tea straw, and so after a few adjustments, my airway opened up. It was such an amazing feeling to finally be able to breathe easily after years of feeling like I was being partially strangled all the time. I knew wasn’t out of shape and didn’t have asthma! Ha! Though again, I had my neck examined by other doctors prior, and they found nothing wrong. I’m beginning to think my chiropractor is secretly a wizard...

The next thing happening in my life is that I’ll be taking care of my boyfriend for the next few months. He’s getting his shoulder fixed in a couple weeks, so he won’t be able to use his arm for a month or so. He was in a car accident about a year ago and got really injured, but he’s a quick healer and recovered as much as humanly possible. The remaining problem is that the ligament connecting his collarbone to his shoulder is completely torn, so he needs to get it reattached with surgery. And then once he’s recovered enough from that, he’s getting another surgery to remove a weird thing on his tailbone... I can’t remember what it’s called but he’s had it for years and never addressed it, so of course it got worse and worse, so he’s not going to have a fun time recovering from that.

I think that covers most of what’s going on in my life... So much has happened in such a short amount of time, and it’s hard to remember things now.
Title: Re: Chat thread :)
Post by: Kai on November 19, 2017, 09:58:36 am
Wow, that is a lot that has been going on. But I'm glad to hear that some things are resolved.

Also... how can a PT NOT notice dislocated kneecaps. That's like the second thing you do should make that obvious. But well... there's a lot of PT who think they know what it is or don't question the diagnose and don't recheck... My mum recently got PT as well for her knees (I pressed her for years now, her gait is horrible and I can't be her therapist, because she never listens to me.) And then the one she goes to massages her all 9 sessions and gives her ONE stretching exercise. That's... doing nothing. Not worth the money. I was pretty pissed off.

Hope your boyfriend does well, that's a shitty shoulder injury to have. I've seen a few of those (skiing resorts everywhere), they tend to heal alright though!

I've just been outside with my roommates dog. And... it made me come back here to see what's been going on.
I have never realised how creepy similar my city is to No. 6.
I've walked behind the waste disposal plant and from that angle it looks so much like what's described of the one from the west gate and a touch of correctional facility. We also have a dome on the top of the government building which is in the center of the city and a wall of high mountains on one side in the distance.
However... politics aren't too bad, since this is a near complete democracy.
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Post by: Ghosty on December 26, 2017, 09:34:49 pm
Hey everyone, it's really nice to come here every once in a while and hear from you all. It sounds like you all are having a lot of ups and downs, but still having the time to update us in your lives is always somethig that helps keep us connected and I certainly appreciate it.

As for myself, I guess two main things have happened within the last month or so. First is that I'm 18 now, so... okay that doesn't actually change much but it makes me feel more confident in myself so there's that. The second thing is that I just got a dog! Her name is Zelda, as in the princess. She's a three year old lab and just the biggest sweetheart. Walking her is officially my new favorite pastime.

All in all, 2017 has been pretty alright for me. Sure, politically it felt like someone shoved a shovel up my ass, my personally I really felt like a lot of stuff in my life I had been afraid of finally fell into place and I'm less scared now.

I hope you all have a fantastic new year, and here's to hoping 2018 kicks 2017's ass.