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Forest Garden / Re: About you and everyone!
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:29:44 pm »
Hello there! I'm not very good at these since there's like nothing interesting about me, but I'll try!

My name is Gen. I'm half-German, but I was born and raised in America. I currently live in Ontario, Canada though.

I recently got into the No.6 fandom and I believe my first post I ever tagged about it on tumblr was with singing scene in episode 9, and how it was super cheesy with all the background music, and that Nezumi wasn't trying out for Glee. XD as you can see, I have a rather interesting sense of humor, and it tends to put people off a lot. I'm also rather blunt and random and have a knack for losing followers because of it. My tumblr is waitformethistime, but it's a hot mess right of every fandom I've ever been a part of (keyword: a lot) and over the summer, I'll have to buy a new laptop and separate it into more blogs. However, feel free to follow at your own risk. I'm pretty sure I follow most, if not all, of you.

I've seen multiple anime, but I still have a long list. I also write fanfictions, but I update sporadically and it takes me forever to write something. Singing, acting, and voice-acting are things I would love to do at some point.

And I can't think of anything else. XD

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