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Conference Room / Re: [planning post] "Project NezuShi-week"
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:51:56 am »
You forgot to post in the No.6 tag ;A;
The one without the space. That's the most popular No.6 tag on Tumblr OTL

Edit: That also brings into question whether we should present a single event tag or use both versions. I saw Ahiku tagged her post with both No.6 Week and No. 6 Week. It'll likely spread the contributions. I think we should try to stick with one...

Conference Room / Re: Event planning
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:48:41 am »
I actually wanted email notifications for all threads I am following but I am not getting any. I also didn't get any PMs from anyone ;A;

On a side note, I totally want the next NezuShi week to fall in September too! Shion's birthday and it being the day they met would make it fantastically beautiful. And I could follow the pixiv artists and post their arts to corresponding days upon receiving their permission. It would be super active and painfully beautiful ;A; 

Conference Room / Re: [planning post] "Project NezuShi-week"
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:24:53 am »
An official tag would indeed be useful. Something like... I think "No.6 Week" would be just fine. Even if it was used before, after our events, it'll likely be an event specific tag soon enough. We could post our works on all No.6 tags but having them on a specific tag would be more organized and easier to follow.

Maybe we could add something like this;
Event specific tag will be (for example)#No.6 Week. You can post your contributions on all No.6 related tags however in order to see everyone's works together in one place, please use the event specific tag as well!

Also @Ahiku I think you should post it ^^
I'll just reblog it several times on different hours to make sure everyone sees it.

Conference Room / Re: [planning post] "Project NezuShi-week"
« on: May 17, 2014, 10:36:36 am »
Okay... this is the first example. Please feel free to change anything you want. It's open for suggestions and corrections.

NO. 6 WEEK | June 8th - 15th

Pull out your tablets and drawing pens. Revisit your WIP fanfiction folders. Dust off your snow white wigs. Give in to the temptation to make an AMV to the song that has been giving you NezuShi feels for weeks. It's time TO CREATE!

The No.6 fandom is proud to present its first official No.6 Week!
On the second week of June, starting on Sunday, the 8th and ending on Sunday, the 15th all lovers of No.6 are welcome to participate by any way they wish to seven days of themed events in succession. You can draw, you can write, you can edit. You can show off your matching cosplays for the day. Share your songwriting skills. Make everyone cry with your AMVs. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the liveliness and animation of the No.6 Week by sharing and commenting on everyone's contributions!

Here is the schedule!

Sunday - Pre-Reunion Day [Anything that covers the canon timeline!]
Monday - Alternate Universe Day [Highschool AUs, Waiters, Surfers, Soldiers, Space Fighters! Anything your imagination can create!]
Tuesday - Genderbent Day [Boys will be girls and girls will be boys! Time to see those curves!]
Wednesday - Family Day [Let's love everyone but Rashi day!]
Thursday - Relationship Day [A day for those No.6 couples that you want to see in canon!]
Friday - Crackship Day [You can ship whoever you want with whomever you want! The more ridiculous the better!]
Saturday - Post-Reunion Day [To end the week in tears and love because REUNION WILL COME!]

Unleash your creativity. Celebrate your ships. Honor the story that has stolen your heart.
Let's give some love back to the fantastic story of No.6 that has brought us all together!

Conference Room / Re: [planning post] "Project NezuShi-week"
« on: May 17, 2014, 09:42:14 am »
I think the date is alright ^^
Most people I know already are / very soon will be done with their finals too so I don't think that would be a problem. Plus, I think the Nezushi week could be something we do like... every four / five months or something, instead of an annual event. So even if this first one isn't as grand as we hope it would be, the next one would surely be a blast.
I say it's time to post the flyer Ahiku or just instruct someone to do it ^^
Whoever does it should use all the main no.6 tags (No.6, No. 6, Nezushi and maybe even the character tags) and in regards to a description.. I could try to write one? I'll show you guys a template and you can make changes on it if you want and then it'll be good to go?

Conference Room / Re: [planning post] "Project NezuShi-week"
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:04:00 am »
I could help with posting and helping it spread. Since it's Ahiku's art it makes sense if she does but if you guys want to reach a wider audience, I might be able to help with that. Just let me know what to post / reblog (since I am having problems with Tumblr thanks to my shitty internet) and I'll be on it like white on rice xD

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:10:28 pm »
@Elanra, Do you also use English words when you're talking in your mother language? Sometimes the English words seem to fit much more to what I want to say so I use it in the middle of a sentence... But I don't really realize it... And then my friends and family usually make fun of me^^

Yes, yes, yes I do. I am guilty. It's either because I legit can't remember the corresponding Turkish word to the English one I am remembering or, like you said, the English word is ten times more fitting than its Turkish translation. Either way, I too get teased by my family a lot about it xD
I don't mind though. Like I said, I've never felt embarrassment about using English whether I make a mistake or not. ^^

Conference Room / Re: "NezuShi-week"
« on: May 14, 2014, 09:32:27 am »
Maybe like the side characters, for example Homing or Rashi, or even the guy who couldn't sell his lettuce in the novel.

AJLdsfkadşlgkadjfalkdfjAŞDFLk 'the guy who couldn't sell his lettuce' I am dead. I am just gone now. Please don't mourn for me. /descends to hell

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 14, 2014, 09:28:04 am »
@Yuneyn, oh god I talk to myself in English when I am alone too! It's so embarrassing to admit that for me! I am so happy I am not the only one xD

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:23 pm »
The first time I’ve read one of your fanfictions I had the feeling you’re a native English speaker.  How did you learn English so well? Did you learn it autodidactically? You’ve written that you love reading a lot, so I guess that helped a lot, since it affords insight into foreign languages and cultures. Or have you ever lived in the States expect for the time you stayed with thesexymaid? ^^

Most of it was autodidactical admittedly. I've always been fascinated in the language ever since I realized what it truly meant to learn a second language in 7th grade (we started learning English in the 6th grade back then, now students start as early as first grade) when I was listening to a song on the radio in my mother's car and I understood the lyrics. I was so blown away by the realization that learning English wasn't just something to help me get a better job in the future, it opened up the entire world to me. I could travel, I could immerse myself in other cultures, I could appreciate the beauty of songs, movies, books in their original language when their intended spirit and meaning was not lost in translation. I started borrowing English short stories and intermediate level novels from the school libraries and tried to read them with a dictionary beside me. I have maybe half a dozen dictionaries nearly falling apart in boxes because I never allowed myself to be too lazy to skip a word I didn't know when reading. I looked up every single one of them and it made me feel so proud if I could remember them later on while writing or speaking to someone. I started watching shows and movies in their original language with Turkish subtitles until I didn't need them anymore. By highschool, I was way ahead of the class in English and my heart was already stolen by creative writing. I had a teacher when I was 18 who was.. almost like a father to me... He was the first person to ever read some of my poems and short stories and he encouraged me so much, I probably wouldn't have been the person I am today if it wasn't for him. He also pushed me to take the British Language and Literature exam for the Cambridge University that my school at the time co-executed with Cambridge and even though I scored high enough to earn a scholarship, I wasn't able to go because of family reasons ;A;

My love for the language only grew in time. It still grows everyday. Every new book I read, every new word I learn, puns, jokes, phrases, slang terms.. they all fascinate me and excite me so much. I was never the kind of person to feel ashamed to ask what something meant nor was I embarrassed at making mistakes. I wanted to be corrected and to be taught new stuff. Forgetting a word really upsets me though and I literally can't sleep at night unless I remember the exact word I am thinking of. That's also why is one of my most used bookmarks xD

Delving in No.6 fanned the feeble flames of my shy attempts at creative writing into an all-out wildfire. I have never written so much in my life nor have I ever been as happy in my writing as I am now. I am still nowhere near half as good as I want to be but the kind of inspiration and nagging need to write; to continue the story No.6 makes me feel was something I've never felt in my life before and it truly changed my life. It's because I got confidence in my writing I dared to apply for a job at an advertisement agency for a position in writing alone; something I'd have never done pre-No.6, and I got the job. ^^

And again, it's thanks to No.6 I found my favorite written piece in the world. I have read so much... so many books ever since I was as young as six... Nearly two years after the anime ended, thesexymaid wrote a fanfiction named The Fall and I've honestly.. never.. read anything as beautiful in my life before. I've probably read it twenty times since it was posted and can recite some lines from it by heart now and even just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. I am absolutely in love with the astonishing mystic and that.. near poetic excellence of her piece and I will likely never get over it. It was perfect... just simply.. perfect. She reminded me one more time just why the English language is so beautiful, why No.6 with its characters is nothing like we have seen before, why I am the kind of person that lives for love and why it's the one thing worth living.. and dying for. Since it was such a personal piece for me...  it'll always be unequally special to me.

So, yes, thesexymaid has a huge part in improving my English because even though I have always been ridiculously passionate about it, I was never using it THIS actively in the past before. I think, write, even dream in English now and after spending six months with her in the states without speaking a word of Turkish, I feel she has given me a priceless experience that I'll always be grateful for for the rest of my life. I've been to the states before but it was only for two weeks on 2012, it was nothing like what she did for me. She changed my life just as much as No.6 did by making it possible for me to meet her ^^

BTW: Something else… I dreamed of Elanra and thesexymaid last night… A strange guy put some boxes in a transporter and you were hiding in some of them to escape the government for whatever reason. (I just knew you were in some of the boxes, I didn’t see you…) and after a complete change of scene some random people and I searched for Elanra who was lost in labyrinth of bathroom stalls…  ^^ Weird.

Ohmygod! I do want to escape my government but in boxes in a transporter?!? AND GDI THESEXYMAID YOU LEFT ME BEHIND AND I GOT LOST. I hope you found me Ahiku because I am sure she was too busy shooting down or slitting the throats of whoever was chasing us while I was wandering in a bathroom trying to find my way out :/

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:54 am »
My first job was as an intern at a hotel since at that time, I was in a vocational school for Hotel Management and Tourism. It was obligatory as part of the education program so there weren't any interviews. Despite having scored very high on my end-of-year average grade and securing a position at one of the best 5 star hotels in the area, my mother wanted me to pick the school's practice hotel for its proximity to my house. That was a mistake though because that job was (and still is) the worst working experience of my life, so it's a really bad memory for me.
Then I worked for two separate companies as an assistant manager / secretary; answering phones, booking flights and making reservations, greeting clients, making sure my bosses' schedules ran smoothly and such. My ability to speak, understand and write in English to a degree not common where I live, has been kind of an edge in helping me get jobs I really needed. I had interviews for both jobs and although I was nervous both times, I tried to remain calm and collected and not fidget around too much when the bosses were talking to me. The anxiety hits its highest right before you are called in to the office for the interview and I usually try to focus on the things that motivated me to look for a job. I usually promise myself a small treat before interviews on the condition that it goes well, like buying a book I've really wanted to get, or buying myself a piece of clothing or just.. taking my family out for a dinner.
I am working for an advertising agency as a writer right now and my interview for that job was pretty mild and unintimidating. Maybe it's because it was the kind of job I really wanted since it involves writing, so I tried my hardest to be honest without being too humble and insecure about my skills and abilities and I was told to start right away, like, the very next day. I haven't disappointed anyone yet.

It's been over two years since then and now I am working freelance for the agency after a move and am currently looking for a second job. I have actually been getting in and out of several interviews for the past month. You need to be respectful, alert and appear confident. You need to make them feel they need you as much as you need the job. The last two interviews I've been to didn't work out for me because I found out things about the companies that I could not work with so one of my suggestions would be to prepare your questions before you go. Because as they ask you questions, you also should ask them your own. You never know what you might learn regarding what's expected of you, what're the conditions they might not mention on their on volition. You should also read up on the company you are interviewing. Go through their website if they have one or try to get some information through people you know who might have knowledge about them. Because they will ask you things like 'why us?' or 'what about our company attracts you for your pursuit of success?' or 'how did you find out about us?'. And about taming your anxiety, the breathing exercise honestly helps but if it doesn't, maybe take a book with you to the interview and read on your way to the place or while waiting instead of constantly thinking about the interview itself and fueling your anxiety. Be prepared as much as possible but don't obsess over it. That's pretty much it ^^ 

Forest Garden / Re: About you and everyone!
« on: May 12, 2014, 07:46:01 pm »
/casually whispers from a corner

this might actually be my favorite thread on this board so far...
i love reading about all of you guys... you have such diverse, amazing, fascinating stories. Ughitmakesmesohappy.

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:09:52 pm »
Thank you for the new soup, Ahiku-mama *__*
Ohgod you need to take care of yourself! I am so glad you went grocery shopping. Eating rotten food is so bad for you you might think you are alright but it might take you down when you least expect it.
Please be careful ;A;

And yes, new smileys pls.

Thesexymaid has pretty much said everything regarding my opinion on Shion and Safu's relationship. I've also had a friend that greatly reminds me of Shion's relationship with Safu. She was someone I cared about deeply, someone as close as family to me but we only got to meet a few times a month, sometimes even less and maintained most of our relationship over the phone and internet.
Safu thinks in her chapter with Karan in the bakery in the novels that Shion and her were connected to each other by all means the advance technology could provide. She reflects despite having so many means of communication, she is so far away from getting her feelings across to him. So I am pretty sure when they aren't / can't meet, they were keeping in touch via phone calls and internet conversations. The visual chat scene from the anime is not anime specific alone, it also happens in the novels once Shion returns from his chasing Nezumi down the streets of Lost Town after walking Safu to the station.

I also want to point out that once Shion's privileges were removed after sheltering and aiding a VC, he is not allowed to enter Chronos anymore. Nor is his mother as we see in Chapter 2 of Volume 3. She tries to visit Safu at her home in Chronos after she witnesses her being taken away by the Security Bureau. And was stopped at the gate:

We are very sorry. Due to concerns for safety, the area past this point is accessible to Chronos residents only. Thank you for your understanding. Further, anyone who passes the gates without a Entrance Permit for Special Residential Districts issued by the authorities is subject to removal from the premises and punishable by municipal law Article 203 Clause 42. I repeat ― Due to concerns for safety...
-No. 6 Vol 3 Ch 2

So, considering that Safu was still an actively efficient member of society in Chronos and was spending most of her time on her meticulously scheduled education, I doubt she had a lot of chances to meet up with Shion on a whim. And yet, as thesexymaid has pointed out, there are several mentions of them meeting up and spending time together somewhere outside anyway, walking together and talking about all kinds of things both Safu and Shion remember as precious memories. So I am quite positive they met whenever they could and every other time, they maintained their friendship through electronic means. In an era like that and technologically advanced city-state like No.6, I doubt that's remotely unusual. I think it makes complete sense that Safu only visited the bakery once, not only because of her extremely busy schedule as a Gifted Curriculum student but also because of how Shion was constantly monitored. I am not saying they were aware of that at the time, but there was an open opposition from the Security Bureau regarding Safu spending time with Shion; someone with impaired judgement bad enough to aid a criminal. It was clearly frowned upon;

"Your ID cards, the two of you, please." Perhaps he had taken notice of Shion's rebellious attitude. The man wiped the smile clean off his face and demanded their identification cards expressionlessly. Safu passed her silver card to him. Shion silently did the same.
"Your Citizenship Numbers, in order."
The man pulled the cards out of his portable card-reader, and turned to give Safu a slight bow.
"A Gifted Curriculum student like yourself shouldn't be roaming these areas at such a late hour. I advise you to go home."
"I was on my way... I was walking to the station."
"Let me walk you there."
"No thank you. He's going to." Safu clung to Shion's arm.
"I'll take her," said Shion shortly. "That's where we were headed in the first place. Let's go, Safu."
Snatching the cards from the officer's grasp, Shion grabbed Safu's hand, and strode swiftly away. When he turned around some moments later, the man had already disappeared into the bustling crowd.
"That scared me." Safu clutched her chest. "I've never been scolded by the Security Bureau."
- No.6 Vol 1 Ch 2

So, maybe, it was just arranged so she couldn't be spending too much time around in Lost Town. Karan always thinks of Safu as someone very dear to her and a precious friend to Shion despite her not having seen her all but once after they were kicked out of Chronos. That affection has to be rooted to their younger days when Shion and Safu spent every day together and both lived in Chronos, studying for their respective fields.

The parts I've italicized are two mentions of physical contact between Safu and Shion. I can find these scattered across the entire novels every time either of them reminisces or spends time together. And how could we forget that painfully devastating moment of Safu running to hug Shion and him reaching for her only to have her run through him.

I think Shion's feelings for Safu, despite Ahiku-mama's opinion, which I respect, is bare and painfully apparent throughout the novels. Even before he finds out about her being taken away, he often thinks about her and after he learns about it, he attempts to leave Nezumi whom he is so attached to to try and save her himself. Shion openly reflects that no one, not even Nezumi could compare to her and that she is his one and only. And the entire chapter with him talking to Safu in the Correctional Facility openly shows just how much Safu means to him and you can't squeeze all of that in his guilt for not returning her feelings or for not cherishing her more as a friend. Shion himself personally blames himself for these because he is the kind of a person to always blame himself for things he can't change but from an outsider's view, Shion was as honest and open with Safu as he could be given the situations. He never talks about Nezumi with anyone, even his mother and I think he is avoiding it out of concern for them as much as his possessiveness of the memory of him. In the Correctional Facility he is devastated and in such agony over the reality before him, he refuses to accept it. He is in denial and he doesn't want to believe that he can't leave that place with Safu beside him. He is so hurt with her loss he accuses the one person that shared his burden with him. That scene is one of the most excruciatingly powerful scenes in the entire series because it shows Safu meant something so irreplaceable to him, her loss is enough to break him and push him far enough to go against his very nature, nearly betraying the trust Nezumi has put in him. It was one of the most human scenes we see of Shion after his breakdown upon killing Rashi.

I think what leaves a sense of dissatisfaction on the viewers' / watchers' hearts regarding Shion and Safu's relationship is the stability of it. It doesn't call for a fanfare of declarations or explorations. It's an already settled relationship between two people that deeply care for each other. Shion's relationship with Nezumi is the fresh impact to the story, the catalyst to the series of events that changes him. He is the person he falls in love with for the first time in his life. So of course he'll be more occupied with his thoughts of him than his feelings for Safu as a friend. She is something stable and permanent in his life, he doesn't have any confusion or isn't restless regarding his relationship with her. She isn't shrouded away in mystery, she isn't the one that uprooted his entire life and opened his eyes to a reality he had never before seen while making an amateur poet out of him. The only thing about Safu that Shion is guilty of.. is that he took her for granted. He took her for granted like we all do with our best friends. We think they will always be there no matter what happens and when they are taken from us or are no longer in our lives, the pain of it hurts more than drifting apart would because it's dipped in guilt and served with regret as a side dish and that's what humanity feels like. That's what real relationships feel like.
Taking someone for granted doesn't mean we don't love them. It means we are disillusioned with their consistency in our lives. It means we fail to calculate any day could be the last day with them and that makes us overlook subtle signs of change and postpone things we want to say, rain-check things we want to do thinking we will always have a tomorrow. Nezumi has never given Shion consistency and that's why he never had the luxury to take him for granted. Shion loved Safu as his one and only friend and for that reason alone, he will never forget her, because seriously, saying Shion quickly moves on from the loss of Safu puts an enormous hole in Shion's entire characterization in the novels and he becomes someone else entirely without his genuine feelings for her. Safu has a big role in the kind of person he is, she always will. He will never move on from that loss. He will never take anyone for granted again.

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 12, 2014, 07:57:14 am »
Ahh, Yuneyn, that wedding already sounds beautiful...
I always wanted to do something involving design.. to be honest. Like interior design or event planning and such, so things like this with involving planning and sticking with themes really get my blood rushing. It's so exciting and meaningful to me.
I really wish you the most amazing and unforgettable day. I hope you'll feel like it's all as beautiful as a dream.

And omg Weisel, that sounds like such an experience you've got coming! Enjoy every second of it, that's truly a story to tell ^^
You and Sshion but should not feel awkward at all. The whole purpose of this forum is to interact with each other, bond over our love for No.6 and get to know one another. Please feel free to be yourselves and say whatever you might have in your mind. 

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