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Mayor's Office / капли для похудения
« Last post by Mrunitemted on August 19, 2022, 09:38:43 am »
Mayor's Office / Новинский ЗМК
« Last post by Maxexola on August 13, 2021, 09:32:06 am »
Karan's Bakery / Re: Bodacious Nezumi quotes
« Last post by Kai on November 26, 2018, 01:40:00 pm »

Thanks to your glorious title, I now have a mental image of Nezumi as young Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted.

I present you (pseudo) life action dudes: Rikiga, Shion and Nezumi?

I have thankfully never heard the dub and I'm not sure now if I should do so or not...
Karan's Bakery / Re: No.6 cosplay
« Last post by Kai on November 26, 2018, 01:07:48 pm »
It's a double post, but to bring it back after woah, two years!

I like to think that my cosplay game has progressed a little bit. Unfortunately however I no longer have my own hair black. So I will have to look for a wig. I never got around to get proper grey circle lenses... I did try with bright blue ones - that is one of the last pictures with my real hair but the blue is definitely not really Nezumi. And the next one is with a short wig, so it would be book-version... but I like the warmer light and softer angle. (I do have a narrow slightly edgy face...)
Karan's Bakery / Cake recipe
« Last post by shiahlyson on January 07, 2018, 11:04:50 pm »

I have always wondered what kind of cake they use, on the TV programs, that they can stack and carve without splitting apart.

Does someone have a recipe or am I just missing something?
Please help.

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motion graphic animation

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Ghosty on December 26, 2017, 09:34:49 pm »
Hey everyone, it's really nice to come here every once in a while and hear from you all. It sounds like you all are having a lot of ups and downs, but still having the time to update us in your lives is always somethig that helps keep us connected and I certainly appreciate it.

As for myself, I guess two main things have happened within the last month or so. First is that I'm 18 now, so... okay that doesn't actually change much but it makes me feel more confident in myself so there's that. The second thing is that I just got a dog! Her name is Zelda, as in the princess. She's a three year old lab and just the biggest sweetheart. Walking her is officially my new favorite pastime.

All in all, 2017 has been pretty alright for me. Sure, politically it felt like someone shoved a shovel up my ass, my personally I really felt like a lot of stuff in my life I had been afraid of finally fell into place and I'm less scared now.

I hope you all have a fantastic new year, and here's to hoping 2018 kicks 2017's ass.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Kai on November 19, 2017, 09:58:36 am »
Wow, that is a lot that has been going on. But I'm glad to hear that some things are resolved.

Also... how can a PT NOT notice dislocated kneecaps. That's like the second thing you do should make that obvious. But well... there's a lot of PT who think they know what it is or don't question the diagnose and don't recheck... My mum recently got PT as well for her knees (I pressed her for years now, her gait is horrible and I can't be her therapist, because she never listens to me.) And then the one she goes to massages her all 9 sessions and gives her ONE stretching exercise. That's... doing nothing. Not worth the money. I was pretty pissed off.

Hope your boyfriend does well, that's a shitty shoulder injury to have. I've seen a few of those (skiing resorts everywhere), they tend to heal alright though!

I've just been outside with my roommates dog. And... it made me come back here to see what's been going on.
I have never realised how creepy similar my city is to No. 6.
I've walked behind the waste disposal plant and from that angle it looks so much like what's described of the one from the west gate and a touch of correctional facility. We also have a dome on the top of the government building which is in the center of the city and a wall of high mountains on one side in the distance.
However... politics aren't too bad, since this is a near complete democracy.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Weisel on October 21, 2017, 02:49:50 am »
So, its been a while... but hi, everyone! I really miss talking with you guys.

Well, heres my life update:

I was working on cleaning a house for my moms friends parents, who were hoarders, so I had a pretty big job to do. In exchange for my work, I was allowed to live there. Then in June, my moms friend broke our agreement to sell the place to a house flipper. I was supposed to have at least a months notice in advance, but I instead had about two weeks before I had to be completely moved out. I somehow managed to find a decent place to live, get my application accepted, sign the lease, pack up all my stuff, and move in ten days. Im still not sure how I managed to accomplish that...

So I was totally worn out for about a month from those two insanely stressful weeks. Thankfully, my apartment is pretty comfortable. It has a built in air conditioner, which saved me from having a miserable summer. I developed a heat intolerance a few years ago, which really limits what Im able to do. It downright sucks. The house I was cleaning didnt have any air conditioning, so I had to be strategic with fans, shutting curtains, opening windows at night, and putting ice packs on my body where theyd be most effective (the underside of your wrists are good for cooling your blood since the veins are more exposed). If Im not careful, Ill get migraines or black out. So yeah, I love air conditioners a lot.

Ive been working on finding specialized employment that wont interfere with my disabilities, as well as addressing some of my health issues that have been causing me further problems. Now that I think about it, Im not sure Ive mentioned what my disabilities are... I have a fair amount of diagnoses, but the ones that prevent me from working most jobs or completing school are Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a genetic connective tissue disorder basically my body put itself together with rubber bands instead of duct tape), an auditory processing disorder, and of course the heat intolerance. Its often extremely frustrating, but all I can really do is keep moving forward however I can.

I did have some of my more major health issues fixed a while back (which again, I dont remember if I talked about it here or not)! I was having trouble walking because my knees were constantly in pain. After nearly falling down stairs a few times, I got some heavy duty knee braces to prevent myself from falling. I also went to physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles around my knees, which helped my stability but not my pain. And then I started going to a chiropractor. As soon as I told him about my knee issues, he figured out that my kneecaps were dislocated. So Id been going around for over a year with freaking dislocated kneecaps! Im not sure how my physical therapist and other doctors didnt figure that out, but hey, at least someone eventually figured it out! My chiropractor put my kneecaps back into place and taught me how to do it myself as well. I now no longer have any trouble with my knees giving out and I rarely have knee pain! My chiropractor also found that my neck was messed up in seven different ways from when I got a concussion back in elementary school (which was bad enough to knock me out on impact). The position of my vertebrae was actually compressing my windpipe to the size of a boba tea straw, and so after a few adjustments, my airway opened up. It was such an amazing feeling to finally be able to breathe easily after years of feeling like I was being partially strangled all the time. I knew wasnt out of shape and didnt have asthma! Ha! Though again, I had my neck examined by other doctors prior, and they found nothing wrong. Im beginning to think my chiropractor is secretly a wizard...

The next thing happening in my life is that Ill be taking care of my boyfriend for the next few months. Hes getting his shoulder fixed in a couple weeks, so he wont be able to use his arm for a month or so. He was in a car accident about a year ago and got really injured, but hes a quick healer and recovered as much as humanly possible. The remaining problem is that the ligament connecting his collarbone to his shoulder is completely torn, so he needs to get it reattached with surgery. And then once hes recovered enough from that, hes getting another surgery to remove a weird thing on his tailbone... I cant remember what its called but hes had it for years and never addressed it, so of course it got worse and worse, so hes not going to have a fun time recovering from that.

I think that covers most of whats going on in my life... So much has happened in such a short amount of time, and its hard to remember things now.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Kai on September 18, 2017, 02:36:59 am »
I'm also still around! I've been a little preoccipied during spring and summer due to some personal stuff. But I keep checking here every now and then.

I've also been debating with myself if I should start reading the novels again any time soon. (Sometimes it's... less fun to have a memory where I can retain most tiny details of whatever I read...makes me have to wait several months to years before something can become a 'fresh' read again where my mindset is not still stuck in the same analytic cycle from before.)
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