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Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by listenforthelove on December 13, 2016, 01:15:27 pm »
@kare_reiko: ah, yeah, I guess we have to settle for early-game when you can move Sorey just right so that he looks like he's hugging Mikleo. Hm-m.
But yeah, I'm holding out for a hug too. They can give us that much at least, right?

Ah yeah, I feel ya re: other stories interfering... it's really hard to get back in the right mindset once you're so out of it. Maybe try rereading some of the story or rereading canon?
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by kare_reiko on December 12, 2016, 02:18:29 pm »

Yeah, I know that Zestiria is first fantasy story and I love it. I just would love if for example in scene Lastonbell they hold at leas for a moment hands or one nice warm hug during the story (well anime has more hugs, but they were supportive hugs not cuddle one XD). If that would be in game I could die happy XD

About YoI and Kubo-sensei, after she done with YoI (first and second season) let's throw money on her and make her do good, at least 24-36 episode remake on NO.6.... This would be the best thing on world T_T.
Uhhh... I have writing block... All this YoI and Zestiria make me so focused on them that I can't gather NO.6 mood to continue "Not Perfect" and without good rethinking and feeling next chapter would end not perfect XD. I think most problem is that last chapter ended before boys went back home. I had to start chapter with scene of them ending their trip and somehow it feels strange. I can't figure out how make good start and how much "in between arcs things I have in my head" write in next chapter. Because after I start the last big arc there will be not coming back and writing them not possible anymore.
Uhhh... I need to somehow unblock myself.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by listenforthelove on December 11, 2016, 08:28:17 am »
Waited till I knew the dog was safe before catching up with Yuri on Ice, although my dash thoroughly spoiled me anyway, haha. What a good show though. I def need to rewatch episode 10 again to make sure that was actually all real, that's just amazing. Really loving the characters.

@Kare_reiko: ah - well, to be honest, Zestiria kind of has a whole lot of fantasy world issues to deal with XD; so as much as I love the relationship between Sorey and Mikleo, it's understandable that it doesn't have the focus all the time. (I ramble a lot below, so spoiler tags ahoy!)
Spoiler (hover to show)
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Weisel on December 08, 2016, 04:58:11 pm »
I was pretty shocked but very happy with YoI ep. 10. Definitely a nice pick-me-up after another ER visit (I'm okay, don't worry). I have to watch the last part of the episode again...
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by kare_reiko on December 08, 2016, 12:44:00 pm »
Well I really love Yuri on ice. I'm very happy with 10th episode. The only thing I'm sad about that such great BL anime came up when I was so happy with Zestiria. Don't get me wrong. YoI is almost perfect, so perfect that Sorey and Mikleo (who's producer/script writer told us that they are 'one an only one for each other")  look weak compare to Yuri and Victor. Way they handle Alishia in anime don't help that fact too.
I would love Zestiria anime to be more like YoI but Ufotable was clearly afraid to go that way...

Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Kai on December 02, 2016, 12:07:45 pm »
Ah, reading all that just made me breathe properly again.

I feel with you Weisel. University is turning into hell right now. I thought I could catch a break after finishing 6month of internship... but yeah. No.

The workload we got right now is slowly turning into a 12 hour study day. And my mother is pressing me to socialise with people I have nothing in common with, so she doesn't have to go alone, even though SHE likes them. But oh joy for me. That's not my company. Every time I make a witty comment no one gets it and they just stare at me and I'm just... sorry that I actually said something intelligent and don't sit here like decoration. But go on, keep complaining about the same thing over and over and over.

And all of you watching YOI: I was so sceptical with that show at first, but I ended up watching it as well and I love it. I love how they made Yuri so perfectly relatable. A true gem. I hope they keep it in the current flow and don't turn over to bland fanservice.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by listenforthelove on November 27, 2016, 08:36:51 am »
@Weisel: ah geesh :/ ugh that really sucks... any chance at all it might be an easy fix? :/

@kare_reiko: Just. 'The Incident'. THIS GAME.
Yeah, either the hair barely looks different or it's - not an improvement, haha. I love playing the first part of the game in school uniform, nerds on a field trip!

Haha yeah the attachments don't always interact as they should - took a lot of effort to have a normin hanging off Mikleo's shoulder and then it just. Stays there. Floating in mid-air. Whenever he slightly moves. Oops XD; At least the one on his head stayed put! It just wobbles A LOT.
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by kare_reiko on November 26, 2016, 09:53:56 am »
Yes, notes about cutting and modeling each other hair isn't very subtle XD.
To tell truth I don't like Sorey and Mikleo's DLC hair. I rather use their basic ones. They look a lot better in swimsuits and with school uniforms in my opinion.
I make sceenshots during acting scene in swimsuits XD

I spend 3 $ just Mikleo and Sorey had each other chibi on themselves just to show their love XD (Sometimes it's problematic because Mikleo's chibi covers someones face or sorey's face XD)

ps. After running around for 40 hours with Sorey in swimsuit I can say that Sorey has nice ass in this trousers. I would draw some parody with it if I didn't have pile of Nezushi works in line.  XD
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by Weisel on November 25, 2016, 09:02:14 pm »
I was going to say that plumbing woes are all fixed (everything was working after Tuesday afternoon) buuuut tonight my shower flooded the basement through the floor drain like before! Also the car I'm supposed to be driving occasionally got a flat today. Whyyyyyyy T_T
Forest Garden / Re: Chat thread :)
« Last post by listenforthelove on November 25, 2016, 04:26:52 pm »

Swimsuits are just an A+ addition to the game. Well that and the school uniforms, if only because it canonically calls Sorey and Mikleo out as giant nerds XD (I'm still laughing over the hair styles. Mikleo helped Sorey pick his so he's a dreamboat now! OKAY GAME THANKS FOR BEING SO SUBTLE ABOUT IT.)
What a great game, honestly. I mean. Maybe don't give Dezel sunglasses and stuff if you want to get the plot the first time but otherwise.

Wow you got the bad ending? Niiiice. Well, not so nice but nice that you got it, haha.

Fingers crossed for the acting scene! They do pull some great faces in the game, I can't wait to see them in more detail in the anime.

It's a good anime series! I just think the pacing choices are a bit odd and well, the last episode kinda  put a damper on it for me. But I definitely agree that the Edna and Eizen introduction is very nice compared to the game (and definitely more painful, OUCH), and it was good to see some more backstory for Alisha. Skipping tickle fights is unforgivable though, they better give those to us in S2.
Considering how quickly they announced it I'm gonna assume S2 is going according to schedule? Like, they just animated and recorded everything in one go? Oh well, we'll see!
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