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Yeha, we have a gallery forum. :)
I've uploaded some stuff here to test it.


Just giving some feedback here. It popped up with an error code when I clicked the link, said: "You are not allowed to view the Gallery". You might have the settings for who can view the gallery as not allowing people of low ranks.

Is it better now? Normally I've made the gallery available to regular members (no idea why it wasn't beforehand...)

So... I can make it available to guests, but given all the sourcing issues we have, maybe it would be better to limit viewing to registered members? What do you think?

Perfect! Thank you. I figured it was just something that hadn't presented itself as an issue due to you both being administrative ranking. But I can see it just fine now (and yeah.. best not open it to guests). Limited viewing to members sounds perfect. Thank you again.

And, as always, beautiful arts Ahiku~

Thanks ^^

Yes, I also thing that limited viewing would be the best...  although I'm not sure if that many people will post their pictures here...


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