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Re: Messy works
« on: March 12, 2015, 11:05:06 am »

Almost there. First kiss I drew XD. I've finished today all 8 pages of White Day comic too. I wonder if upload it at once or split it for two days...

And now what to draw next.
I think about few fanfics, not too long for now and no yet smut (but I will draw something with smut for sure to train anatomy but not now yet)

A Long Winter by unicorngirl is one choice,   
Favorite Flavor by  XanimegrrlX - I think that will be next, not to long and cute.

Faded Laughter Against Their Ears - fracturelines  - it will be hard to draw, many details action and its long but it's one I really love and like to draw.

Stolen MomentsBy: Elegant-Chaos - would be nice too.

beautiful - nezumiprefersdanielleovershakespeare - maybe somewhere in future since it's long but it's most beautiful AU fanfic I read and always move me to almost tears.