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I don't know what else write that I didn't wrote already under tumblr post, anyway fist of my messy doujin, for now 5 pages out 21.

Tomorrow I hope I will finish drawing my own (story and drawings) doujin for White Day but I don't know if upload it on 14th or wait and upload it after I finish submit "September 7" :/

Oh, I really like your drawing style! You're really good at facial expressions. Even though it's just a sketch, I can tell they're experiencing a lot of emotions just from looking at the pictures. Great job! :3

I saw this post and was really pumped to see a new doujin and then I realized "I know these words" and I'm kind of freaking out.
Seeing everything drawn out is SO COOL I ACTUALLY CAN'T HANDLE HOW COOL THIS IS.
Really really excellent work I can't wait to see the rest I--

This is amazing oh wowowowowowow.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I love draw and I have a lot fun with drawing No.6 comics, only doujin I draw was Kingdom hearts one a any years ago (unfinished) and now I'm at last two pages of my second No.6 doujin.

I was thinking about edit it into "inked" version but it would take me forever, I love making sketches but hate later parts of that job.

Anyway here is second part:

Now I'm running off to clean and to put text into tomorrow pages to upload...   ;)

Omg, this is so great. I love Nezumi's expressions. He's so shocked, poor thing.


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