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New arts! (for everyone!)

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Want to share your art with everyone but don't want your own thread? Post single works here!

Okay this isn't my art but you guys HAVE to see it.

It's basically a really awesome picture of Inukashi. (Which someone drew for me, but objectively, it's really awesome. Just saying.)
I know it's on our blog but time zones blah blah blah.

Just got online after my internet crapped out for most of the night, but wow, amazing art to come back to! Thanks for sharing it here as well, @Vox, almost missed it and that would have been a horrible shame, because wow. Love the strength that speaks from this piece.

I love it! :D It's really, really great. ^^

Whoosh, going to revive this thread then!

I thought about making my own topic but that seemed a little obnoxious hehe, so here're my No. 6 arts!

(Is it ok to just link it to my tumblr like that? If not I can delete and submit the pics somewhere I guess!)

As you can see about 99% of them were made for my friend who was the one who introduced me to this forum ahah (that's you listenforthelove). I seem to never come up with any good ideas for No. 6 fanart, so feel free to drop requests sometime (talking to everyone here)!


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