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That Durarara!! tree parody


(Gonna be bold and start a new topic; feel free to let me know if it should go elsewhere!)


So I'm not much of an artist, but a while ago I redrew the character tree from the first Durarara!! ending with No. 6 characters and I still like it tons despite all of its tiny mistakes. It got posted on tumblr, but I had to cut it up because tumblr doesn't like big images, so here it is in all its glory! (Up for download in full resolution 1275x12441 on DA)

(original size is 215 cm/7 feet long; process post here)

Nezumi with Hamlet, Shion with Tsukiyo, Safu, Karan with Cravat, Inukashi, Rikiga, Lili, Shion (the baby), Getsuyaku, Youmin, Karan (West Block), Rico, Fennec/Mayor, Man in Lab Coat, Elyurias!Safu.

(It's actually really hard to find the original tree instead of a parody, but I eventually tracked it down here.
Actually the ending for the new season of Durarara!! had another tree, but it has 32 characters so I'm noping out there XD)

It's still so amazing! *_*

aaaah its amazing! You did such a great job!

Ahh, thank you both, @Ahiku and @Ghosty!! ^^


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