Author Topic: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion  (Read 1582 times)


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Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
« on: March 16, 2015, 05:21:54 am »
I have terribly depressing headcanons I could write here...

you say that and now I'm really curious LOL

I've always, always wanted to draw them older. Most fanart is based on the times when they're 16 and in West Block, but I want to imagine them together in the future, growing old and still loving each other as much as they did in the past. ;__;

SO if they reunited at around 20, and now they're 25...
I would imagine Shion's either still working in the Restructural Committee or he's quit and started working as a teacher. (CAN YOU IMAGINE SHION WITH KINDERGARTENERS) and Shion would probably be godfather to Shionn and watch him grow up? ;__; and Shionn has his first love and Shion is just like "WHO IS IT (✿ʘ‿ʘ)" and maybe Lili develops a crush on Shion and Nezumi has to fight off a love rival half his age. how old is Lili anyway

and Nezumi... might be working at the theater? I get the feeling he can do anything really. but also that he has PTSD

also, where did you guys discuss about Nezumi + Shion being 20? :d I would like to read and catch up on all the years I've been ignorant and not loving the dynamics between these two.