Author Topic: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion  (Read 1584 times)


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Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:34:31 pm »
Awww ;_; That's soo sad.... (I hope they can grow old together... it would be so cute when they are little grandpas and they sit in their garden, enjoying a cup of tea and fresh vegetables... I just want them to be happy. ;_;)

Ohhh, I agree a lot with you.
(Tbh a lot of this will appear in my revolution fic... X'D OK I'll spoiler my fanfiction now... Renka is working together with Karan, the girls are helping whenever they can... Lili's little sister is little Shionn's best friend and she's spending a lot of time at Inukashi's, since Inukashi feels a bit guilty because of Getsuyaku's death... Shion will quit his leadership in the Committee, but he'll go to weekly meetings. Nezumi will accompany him, because he accidentally told them that he's the last Mao, so he has to be the representative of them... and mostly because they go and visit Karan afterwards. :D) Shion will have an elementary school... just a little one in a nice old ivy-clad building surrounded by meadows and little woods and a lot of green. Nezumi and SHion will live in the attic of the school building... Most of his students are orphans and he likes to give a lot of his lessons outside. Sometimes, Nezumi comes along when they go hiking together. I imagine them in a very green and cozy environment and a small apartment with lots of books and knick-knacks... with potted flowers and herbs on their window sills... And Inukashi does still own a dog hotel, but the dogs are not there to keep people warm...stressed citizens can rent dogs and go for a walk with them, since everything is very green now.
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