Author Topic: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion  (Read 1582 times)


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Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:34:09 pm »
@listenforthelove Ooo I see. Thanks!! I thought it had been previously discussed, haha. I definitely support the headcanon of them reuniting at twenty. (Sob)

@Weisel, omg that is sad. It reminds me of a fic I read where they reunite but Shion was distant from Nezumi because he was in the terminal stages of an incurable cancer.... And everything is painful. This ship needs more fluff. T_T

@Ahiku, I'm excited for the rest of your fic!! I love the idea of Inukashi using dog therapy for people at his hotel. it sounds like such a peaceful life for the cast. orz

Can you imagine Nezumi as a music teacher? Or a drama teacher? XD
And also, Shion's students asking him if he has a girlfriend  HAHAHA
Do you think they'd get married? Or that they'd have a lot of pets? 

Then when they're older, would they travel the world together?