Author Topic: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion  (Read 1582 times)


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Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:45:25 am »
Okay now I have time to read and reply, sorry for the wall of text in advance XD;

@AoYokai: oh, library would work too! In my mind Nezumi is a bit possessive over his books, but in a library you have to take good care of the books you take out and bring them back, so that could definitely work, haha.

@Weisel: well that was fun to read XD; I'm with @Ahiku in the hopes they can grow old together, and actually I kind of want to see that, because the majority of literature (not just fanfic) focuses on the young and dashing period, but the two of them as old little grandpas kind-of-bickering and knowing each other through and through and everything is just so sweet and I kind of really want that for them after everything?
But I do agree that Shion would die first actually (only preferably like at least half a century than what I got from your message XD; ahem)... He's had less physical exercise and has had periods where he hasn't been able to take care of himself properly (I really don't doubt him getting overly worked up for the committee job and forgetting meals and staying up entire nights sometimes). Might just make enough difference in the long run. And Nezumi would have to deal with losing Shion for good and no wait why.

@Ahiku: ohhhh spoilers!! -noms them up because I can't wait for the rest of the fic since I love where you're going with it so far- YOU'RE INCLUDING RENKA? I love you wow. Aww, Lili's little sister hanging out with Inukashi is sweet!
And I love the idea of Shion and Nezumi having this little warm and cozy apartment like you described. Shion has probably grown up and now continues to live in a pretty sterile environment, white walls and everything if they continue to use the Moon Drop for the committee work (which I don't doubt they will for a good while, if only because it's conveniently there already and there's enough to rebuild without building an entirely new place just to have meetings and stuff). He seems to really love the underground room, so what you describe sounds perfect.
Still 100% living in Inukashi's new hotel by the way. <<

@kare_reiko: ohhh, Communication Breakdown! I think that was actually the first No. 6 fic I read and I still love it, it's definitely part of my headcanon for the post-series.
I'm noting down 'the point of no return' as 'titles I NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR' though XD; wow. But yeah Nezumi and just letting Shion die? No way. Not after everything he did to keep him alive in canon.

@Meopat: oh gosh everyone being after Shion XD yesss. And unless they bluntly ask, he'd hardly ever notice, even when Nezumi is pointing it out.
Got to say I'm with @kare_reiko on Nezumi as a teacher - Shion is more the teacher type than Nezumi, at any rate. But if he's ever asked to demonstrate, I think he'd be good at that.
As for marriage... I have no idea. I don't really think they need the certificate at that point anymore, but maybe for practicalities. And maybe Shion would like the certainty that Nezumi will stay by his side and has made the promise black on white... on the other hand, having Nezumi come back might be enough of a certainty already. I'm still in doubt.
Travelling the world though, yes!!! Nezumi could take Shion to see the scenery he's been through on his journey, and together they can find new places, and get to know different cultures and everything (Shion's defining characteristic is 'curiosity' after all, he'd love to find out about other people and their customs I'm sure).