Author Topic: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion  (Read 1209 times)


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Re: 25+ years-old Nezumi/Shion
« Reply #15 on: March 18, 2015, 07:05:12 am »
Ouch, that headcanon hurts....... and that cancer story. Why did I read it? I know that I can't deal with something like that, and yet I read it... Please, someone has to tell me that I'm not allowed to read stories like that. I just cried for 3 hours. And I teared up in the supermarket today, because I remembered it...

Nezumi and Shion won't die. They'll never die okay! ;_;
They'll just fall asleep when they are like 100 years old... hand in hand and when they wake up they'll be on a warm summer meadow and they can meet their 16-year old selves again and they can love each other forever and a day... >,< They'll be happy together. LET THEM BE HAPPY! I CAN'T BEAR IT ANYMORE!

*coughs* Sorry... XD I calmed myself.
@Ahiku: ohhhh spoilers!! -noms them up because I can't wait for the rest of the fic since I love where you're going with it so far- YOU'RE INCLUDING RENKA?

She does not say anything, but she gets mentioned... o.o In the first chapter. X'D She's working together with Karan, because her bakery expanded. People come many miles just to taste her bread and she needed a helping hand... I thought that would be so nice when they work together.... I could imagine that Lili  wants to take over the bakery one day. I don't think Shion wants to do that... or one of Shion's children... XD (I don't think he'll ever have biological children, unless he and Nezumi decide to have a host mother... for their two children XD, but since he's a teacher for orhans, they are like his own children and even if they don't go to his school anymore, I think they'll always stay in contact with him.)

Or Shion is freaking out and he'll create a child just like in my AU Douji NezuShi's Baby... X'DDDD  For those who don't know it yet:

Aww... I think they'd be great parents. X'D Especially Nezumi... I mean even though he's mentally totally **** up when he's 16, I think he could change until he's older, when he had enough time to deal with his traumata. And he has so much love to give. And he was such a nice boy when he was younger... He really loved Gran and cared for her. I think he'd be a great father, he'd love his child so much. (Especially when it's also Shion's.... ;___;) And when it's a girl...he'd probably kill every boyfriend of his daughter when she's older... LOL Overprotective Nezupapa.

... Ahhh Nezumi's hair. Eh. He can always grow it back out? ^^;;; I feel you though... ugh maybe Nezumi can't pick either and sometimes lets it grow out and sometimes crops it. Maybe depending on roles he plays. THERE happy middle?

Accepted. XD I like both versions...even though I have to say I like long-haired Nezumi. (And normally I don't like long haired guys in anime/manga... but he looks sooo good with long hair. XD And his little ponytail is so cute.
 (Ah...I remember I made a sheet to explain why I like Nezumi's ponytail...)

I could imagine that he'll cut his hair when he's traveling... I think that's just more convenient.