Author Topic: A kind of otome game to celebrate Shion's birthday  (Read 363 times)


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A kind of otome game to celebrate Shion's birthday
« on: August 30, 2015, 05:29:23 am »
I was planning to do something to Shion's birthday this year - maybe a drawing, accompanied with a little text - but I began to have too much ideas, mostly to "alternative finals", and in a certain way I convinced me to keep it to the next year. Because that idea will take lots of time and effort.

It's a kind of otome game, at least in terms of operation, with the theme "surprise party". It will have 3 different finals - the normal one, where the party will really be a surprise and a success; the bad one, not that bad, Shion will just discover the secret about the party, but everything will be success too; and the good one, very similar to the normal one, but where after the party Nezumi and Shion will gain a "special scene" together. The end of the game will depend on the choices of dialogue or action of the player. Probably you know how this kind of games work :) The player will interpret Shion. And I consider that I know how to draw well enough, here a little part of a fanart Nezushi I'm doing, not concluded yet, of course:

The question is, considering I want Nezumi to appear, I will need to get around the final the final of the novels. I thought about two options:

In the first one, this birthday is passed one or two years after Shion and Nezumi reunite, where they have around 23 years old. I will need to decide what every character is doing (in terms of job and other things), and draw then older. I will need also to give some information about how the pairing reunited and what happened after, what happened before and imply both return to be closer to each other, in spite of slight changes. Nothing too complex, without many details, I don't want to collide with many headcanons. I have ideas to all of this, but I would like to know yours. A particular question: Nezumi will have longer or shorter hair (relatively to the manga version, not the novel)?

The second option is create a AU, passed in school. The protagonists (Shion, Nezumi, and maybe Safu and Inukashi - in that case Safu will be alive) will have 16 years old as in canon, and will be students. All of them know about the surprise party except Shion, so while Nezumi or Safu were keeping Shion distracted, the other help with the party. This option is cute and far away more simple, but I like the other too, and I'm accepting suggestions.

No, I don't know how to create otome games YET, but it doesn't seem like something hard to learn. The worst part will be the creation of a consistent plot, verify if the answers forward to the respective consequence and illustrate everything. But I am confident of achieving this end in about a year, with help. If not, it takes more. I know it's not a very sensible project, but I wanted to do it ^^ What do you think is the best option, and what do you suggest?

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I think the school version would be really cute. I'd be happy to help with writing (since I have no art or programming skills).


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First of all idea is nice.
But as for game I'm not sure if you would make it in time. Even with Renpy (visual novel programing soft) it will take a while as far as I checked for Dating sim we were going to make here... Still at beginning stage XD.

I think you should better go with School AU universe. Making boys older it's hard and after a lot drawing lately I still didn't figure out how to do that XD, 16 years old Hight school is a lot easier.

Good luck and I'm looking forward your work.