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Re: A-Z No. 6 game
« on: June 05, 2014, 05:09:28 am »
It's 6am and I should be asleep but I woke up and had the strangest urge to write. O.O So here I am again. It doesn't sound pretentious at all, Vox. Lawlya you can hop in whenever you'd like~ It is really inspiring. And I believe we could Ahiku ^ ^
Alright. So I. . . I've got two words for this one. Innocence and Ignorance :3

Sometimes I wonder
Which you wear
Innocence or Ignorance
I think both would be fair

Innocence drapes about you
Lingering and sweeping the floor
While ignorance veils your vision
And makes me doubt that you can even see anymore

Sometimes it's frustrating
Day in and day out
Trying to differ and decide
Under which; exactly, you choose to hide

Both come together
I think I should know
But I still can't decide
Between. . .

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