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Re: A-Z No. 6 game
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:00:17 pm »
Is anyone actually going to mind if I take literally every other word? Because I will do it. For reals. I am just that bored.
@Ahiku Thank you, although my name is Vox ^^;;
I like yours too! And I'm glad you picked Karan as your word, she deserves to have poetry written about her.
Why did I write so many poems? Because I felt like I was leaving some unknown important word out. So there you go.

L is for love (a poem by Nezumi). Yeuch, cliché! So sue me.

Laugh at the idea that anyone might make you feel it -
Over 10 years ago was the last time you even thought about it -
Vile as the world is, there is surely no room here for it -
Every time you see him, you fall directly towards it, and you can't wake up.

L is for loss (another poem by Nezumi).

Long ago, you learned to make a companion of it,
Offering everything pre-emptively, to avoid the pain that came from it.
So many dear things you simply gave away to it -
So that all you have left is what's worthless anyway.

L is for life (a poem by Shion)

Life is something you take by the hand,
It takes you forward with direction unplanned,
Fulfilling as the sweet taste of water for me;
Even Nezumi will drink when he's thirsty.