Author Topic: A-Z No. 6 game  (Read 1001 times)


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Re: A-Z No. 6 game
« Reply #15 on: May 22, 2015, 09:22:06 am »
AUGH, THESE ARE LOVELY. and the imageries are all so powerful. @_@
*steals S* XD ...Oh, but I can't write poems. ;__; here is a prose, disguised as a poem.

Sitting at the far end of the room, a straight,
firm, and reassured back stared back at me.
Never wavering and always true to yourself,
that was what you were.

“Safu.” I called your name. How sweet it was to say your name.
How easily it rolled off the tongue.
How saying it felt like you were being embraced by a soft, warm blanket.
And, oh, how I’ve missed your embrace.

Slowly, you’d turn and you’d smile.
A rare smile where your eyes crinkle and I could tell that you missed me, too.

“Shion, you’re late,” you’d reprimand and 
“Sorry I kept you waiting.” would be my reply.
And I would sit. And we would sit. And we would talk.
Like old times. Like nothing’s ever changed…