Author Topic: Highschool AU Headcanons!!  (Read 402 times)


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Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:32:13 pm »
OKOK Nezumi and Inukashi know each other because they both live in this shady neighborhood, Safu's family would be rich I guess because she's an elite but back to @Vox's idea about Nezumi's date thing. Inukashi and Nezumi are like best friends that act like they hate each other and one day they talk about who could get a date first and Nezumi's like 'I could get anyone I want in [enter time limit]' then Inukashi says: 'oh yeah? how about *scans the place* this guy? *points at Shion*' and s/he turns around to give him a smirk like 'ha bet you thought it'll be a girl' but before s/he can say that Nezumi's like 'you're on!'

Nezumi would tell Shion all about everything that's wrong with society and Shion would feel really guilty and Nezumi will end up trying to convince him to stop from tattooing something about rare plants from wherever all over his butt or something. Ok not that in particular, but he will need to tell him how everything he said about society is not that important because Shion feels really guilty and does crazy things to help.