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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 04:24:42 am »
I actually thought of Shion as a Hufflepuff too xD Wasn't there a post on tumblr that once said that Hufflepuff is the house for those who can't really be sorted into one of the others because they have characteristics from all? But if it's not Hufflepuff then definitely Gryffindor ^^
I never thought about placing Nezumi anywhere else than in Slytherin ^^" I think he would still fit, even without his background. He's quite manipulative in canon and I don't think you get this good if it's not in you either way. If I remember right it was said that Slytherins know exactly how to get what they want?
Safu's clearly a Ravenclaw but Inukashi ... on a whim I'd say Gryffindor xD I mean they're really careful around people but like them really fast when they get to know them. That's a bit like the behavior of a dog (I just can't analyze Inukashi without referring to dogs it seems xD). So, imagine little Inukashi trusts new friends very quickly but like all people has to learn that there are false friends - especially with their background; being brought up by dogs and all that. So they're starting to be careful at first but once they're sure about someone, they want to protect them even though they may usually seem coward - with their habit of staying out of trouble at all cost. Isn't that bravery?

On another note: Wasn't there a survey that sorts you into houses? We could take it as different characters to get a better idea about that whole thing ^^
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