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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:52:29 am »
Slytherin house values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness
Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit.
Hufflepuff values values hard work, patience and loyalty.
Gryffindor values bravery, daring and nerve.


Nezumi when it comes to getting rid of No. 6.
Safu when it comes to Shion. But I’d give Nezumi more ambition points. XD

Nezumi gets what he wants. He’s manipulative.
Inukashi is also a bit cunning and knows how to get their information. But again, I think Nezumi is definitely the most cunning character.


Nezumi (for example: mini robots, manipulation, making plans)
Shion (using the dog to bring Shionn to Inukashi, naming mice, and treating wounds in emergency situations) But again…Nezumi is way out in front of him.

My ranking: 1.) Nezumi    2.) Safu, Inukashi, Shion


Safu, Nezumi, Shion. They are all intelligent. According to the diagram in the No. 6 guide, Safu’s intellect is the best:
So Safu is winning! Yay! :D  But Nezumi and Shion are also very intelligent, so they could be Ravenclaws as well.

Again… Safu, Nezumi, Shion. Again, Safu is the best. Nezumi knows a lot, but like Shion said, his knowledge is not very categorized. Shion also knows a lot, but he could learn more. And then we also have Shion’s outstanding memorization ability. But I also think, Safu wins.

Safu and Nezumi. Wouldn’t put Shion here… ^^° Nezumi would also be a good Ravenclaw.

My ranking: 1.) Safu   2.) Nezumi   3.) Shion


Hard work:
Yeah, I’d put Inukashi here. They have several jobs, like a dog hotel, dealing with goods and food, lending dogs… I think Inukashi is working hard all the time!
Followed by Shion… School and part-time job, and then he’s washing dogs. And then of course the Restructural Committee.
Nezumi can work hard, but I think he’d rather be pretty lazy. X’D If there’s no need to work, he wouldn’t work. 
Safu’s learning, but I think she never actually had to work part-time or something. There was no need to do something like that. But I could imagine she’s also a hard worker.

Well, definitely not Nezumi. X’D And not Safu, she said so herself, when Karan asked her to stay and wait for Shion.
I think Shion is the most patient character. He has to wait the whole **** time. And he likes kids, so he HAS to be patient. X’D
I think Inukashi is also patient, when they need to train the dogs. Or when they waited to get new stuff from the CF. I think they need a lot of patience.

Inukashi!  And also Shion.

My ranking: 1.) Inukashi    2.) Shion   


All of them! Nezumi rescued Shion even though it was extremely dangerous, Shion rescued Nezumi, and both of them entered the CF to safe Safu…
Inukashi helped the boys in the CF. They are all very brave.
Hm… Okay, Safu’s intention is rather daring, but she was very brave in the CF.
But I think Shion is the bravest. He rescued Rico, he nearly got killed when the vegetable seller wanted to shoot in the crowd…

I think Shion is the most daring character, but just because he doesn’t know the West Block yet, that’s why he opens the door without any hesitation and he’s unarmed the whole time but he doesn’t care at all. Or… that he told Yamase his opinion concerning the city.
Safu is also daring. She wants to go to the West Block just to search for Shion.
Nezumi is a little bit daring. He’s just daring when there’s no other way to achieve his goal. (For example getting caught during the man hunt to get into the CF…)
But all in all he’s not very daring, because it means endangering his life. Inukashi is the same.

Shion… ^^° Definitely Shion. Letting in a stranger, treating him… he’s able to react in absolute emergency situations (choking Sasori, getting a gun and killing Rashi before he can kill them…), operate on Nezumi while the **** building is going to burn down to the ground and forcing Rikiga to hand him the car keys… forcing them to go into the city together with them while everything is on fire. He sure has some nerves.
And also Nezumi. I mean he was able to remove the pupa from Shion’s neck. He’s stealing cars and stuff like that. X’D

My ranking: 1.) Shion   2.) Safu/Nezumi  3.) Inukashi

According to those characteristics, I’d put Shion in Gryffindor, Safu in Ravenclaw, Nezumi in Slytherin and Inukashi in Hufflepuff, even though all of them have characteristics for at least one of the other houses. ^^