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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 10:51:15 am »
@Vox: oi, passive? Tonks was a Hufflepuff! :D but yeah, Gryffindor makes sense for Shion. And whoa, @Ahiku, super extensive analysis! So great!

Shion would love herbology of course, haha.
Safu... hm. Transfiguration, maybe? That's canonically some of the most difficult magic, right? I can't really think of an equivalent for cognitive studies in the wizarding world...Care of Magical Creatures of course for Inukashi, what else. Nezumi, I wonder. Defense Against the Dark Arts? Potions?

As for backgrounds - hmmm. I guess Nezumi's parents/family were probably special in the wizarding world, to keep with canon. Not entirely sure in what sense though... But definitely a reason to make him a threat for the government. Maybe also something with a prophecy?

Inukashi - muggle-born, or parents unknown so thus magical heritage unknown? The HP universe equivalent of No. 6 would probably keep talented tiny witches and wizards in Chronos to groom their talents, but I don't know how much that should say about their heritage. In canon, the government doesn't particularly seem to care about that as long as your kid is smart (Karan was a single mother and all - but then again, they probably knew everything of Shion's background/father anyway), so I wonder if they'd care a lot if the kids were pureblood. (Otherwise Shion would probably never make it into Chronos to begin with, unless Karan could somehow prove Shion's father was pureblood.) I'm kind of tempted to make Karan a Muggle actually, but hmm. Or maybe a witch who decided she preferred life as a Muggle better, I don't know - she seemed really happy to have to work hard to make her living rather than live off the luxury provided for her in Chronos. Whatever the case, she'd run her bakery without witchcraft and no-one would believe that because everything takes so good, haha.

Safu: I only just saw @Ahiku's reply (hence the above not really relating to what you said, sorry!), but I think Muggle born would go well with her indeed. Although her whole background is kind of similar to Neville's... For as far as we know it, anyway. We never do find out what happened to her parents or when they died.

I'm just throwing stuff at the wall here to see what sticks. It'd be great if we could work out some big AU together though! Team work and all~