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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 12:06:12 pm »
@listenforthelove okay so maybe the word I was looking for was "sensible" XD
(I'm a Hufflepuff too so... XD)

Nezumi would definitely like Defense Against The Dark Arts. Probably because he is interested in the Dark Arts themselves. But Shion won't let him try them. Unless it's for a really really good cause. XD

What if Karan is a squib but was lucky enough to have a super-magical son? Like, her parents were both magical but she wasn't and it skipped a generation? And she had planned to marry a muggle and live a normal life but then Shion had magic and so that didn't happen?

Inukashi is definitely muggleborn, in my mind. I could see Safu as coming from a family of magicians, though.

As for Nezumi... you're right, he has to be special somehow. But how? Maybe his particular family had a certain gift which is rare in the wizarding world but potentially either very useful or very dangerous... like Parstletongue, but more useful... of course he keeps it hidden... I mean he could just come from a family of straight-up shapeshifters - that would make sense with his whole nature connection, and his acting/disguise thing... or what if his mother is actually just some kind of nature spirit so he's not even human... idk, I think that one is reaching a bit too much.

I think we should make a post about this on the RC blog and invite more people to join the conversation. Since this is so interesting and all o3o