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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 12:43:06 pm »
Ah, I like the Veela idea a lot! :D
Well, that would make him special, indeed!

Ah, okay, I thought about it...
Inukashi is a muggle-born (just thought a family that's like a bunch of dogs is a bit like the Weasley family XD foxes...dogs...whatever), but muggle-born is better. I could imagine that Inukashi is an animagus...and Nezumi as well. Dog and rat.
Safu's background really reminds me of Nevilles... So maybe her parents aren't dead, but hm...almost.

The squib idea is great... but somehow I'd like it when Karan would pretend just to be a squib or a muggle. For whatever reason... because I totally love strong moms and come on, it would be sooo cool when Shion or one of the other 3 is in danger and suddenly, she pulls out her wand and is actually a pretty powerful witch... maybe she just decided that she doesn't want to be a witch anymore.. like listenforthelove said. XD But well, that's just my idea.
"Don't touch my baby, you ****! *kills evil witch" Shion, Nezumi and Co.: O_O MOM!/ MA'AM!

Ahiku, you think we should open a thread for our Panem-AU too xD?
Lol XD Yeah, why not!