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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:28:22 pm »
@Vox: haha you are forgiven ;) (Technically I'm a Gryffindor according to Pottermore but sssh) Yeah, 'sensible' is a good word for 'puffs.

@Weisel: The Veela heritage for Nezumi is a great idea, I love it!
(Didn't some wands have hair of Veela in them in France? I'm not sure if that's even relevant but I just remembered, haha.)

@Ahiku: haha yeah now Karan just sounds like Mrs. Weasley, I dig it. Only the other way around; rather than a mother of many children and coming from a big family, she's from a small family with just Shion, but both take in other kids as if they were family just as well. AHh~ Karan as a Squib would be nice too though. Hard to pick, it's not exactly like we can have a middle ground here XD;

Just a random thought, but maybe Inukashi has a connection to werewolves? Like, gets along with them super well or turns out to be related to one or something. Completely random but I suddenly had werewolves on my mind, so there you go.

@Ahiku: Inukashi and Nezumi as animagi would be very neat, though I guess that's for later years huh... super difficult and all. But I like it~ 
(Hm, does that mean that they + Safu and Shion make a new Marauders' group?)

And ohhh what would Shion's and Safu's patronus be? (Rat/mouse for Nezumi and dog for Inukashi seem like a given, haha.) I'm kind of tempted to go with rat/mouse for Shion too, if only because your patronus can change shape and often takes a shape relevant to your significant other (e.g. doe + stag for Lily and James) because they're so often the source of happy memories, so eh.
... That got away from me there a bit, oops.