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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #30 on: February 20, 2015, 07:39:47 pm »
DID I HEAR HOGWARTS AU? Pardon me as I pop out of the woodwork.

I like the Shion analysis as a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, but I'm going to have to disagree personally. (SORRY)
I think Shion looks like a Gryffindor, but really is a Ravenclaw.

While Shion does grow into a strong young man who values love and family and has a lot of courage-- I can't see him wanting to be a Gryffindor.

Students are sorted when they're 11. Shion at age 11 is not looking to be a courageous monkey he's looking to expand (or explode) but not to be brave.

He kind of says so himself when describing why exactly he chose to take care of Nezumi; "I was no cold-blooded monster. But I also wasn't teeming in compassion and goodwill enough to extend a hand to anyone who was injured. I was no saint. I hated dealing with hassles and disagreements. But I'd taken this intruder in. "

When Nezumi asks why he of course pulls the 'you look like a little girl' card-- but what he's really thinking is:
"And your eyes were a strange color that I'd never seen before. And they drew me in."
(Yes yes I'm pulling THAT quote)

For Shion, as a young boy, his curiosity and attraction to Nezumi trumps his desire for self-preservation. He's not trying to be brave there, and he doesn't see his action as brave-- he's curious.

He does a noble thing, in saving Nezumi-- Shion is a good person. But he's a curious person before he's a brave person. So I'm smelling Ravenclaw off that.

ALSO, the sorting hat takes personal preference into account. For someone like 11 year old Shion who's kind of burnt out on humanity-- I can't see him wanting to be among the company of Gryffindor-greats. He doesn't see himself as nerve-y-- and I think would potentially think the opposite.

Also also, since the purpose of sorting is to allow growth in students, I can see Shion longing more to grow in knowledge more than grow in bravery. Shion is lacking in cleverness-- I see him as the type of person who really sees the box, but struggles with thinking outside of it due to his upbringing kind of shoving him in there. Ravenclaw while being the 'smart' house also is a house of self-expression and quirkiness (Ex: Luna Lovegood) so he definitely has some room to grow there. He is witty. He's got a sharp tongue in the novels, and thinks on his feet-- he's just rotten at expressing it-- something living in the Ravenclaw house would help him with a lot I think. So it's a really nice fit for him character-growth-wise as well as immediate character-wise.

I do agree with Slytherin Nezumi. I think he'd honestly be better suited for Ravenclaw, but with a tragic backstory (I think muggleborn Nezumi with parents killed by a house fire caused by a wizard, might be interesting to bring some of the No. 6 vs. Shion dynamics in... Though I'm REALLY digging part Veela Nezumi, jeez it's a toss-up) and being AGE 11-- I can see him wanting to keep himself nice and safe and dangerous looking. He's also a sharp guy and Slytherin would definitely help him grow. Though I'm not sure this growth would always be for the better since a lot of Nezumi's cunning and stuff is born from a dark place...but hey, it's what he'd ask for.