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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2015, 05:56:34 am »
@secretagentfan: never apologize for essays, that was super interesting to read and I think you bring up a lot of very good points! It's very hard to sort someone definitely in one of four houses anyway. I personally always felt a bit opposed against Shion being in Ravenclaw because it's so easy: 'oh he's the smart one, so Ravenclaw'. If there's no motivation beyond that, I get a bit sad (because in that sense, Hermione should have been a Ravenclaw too, but she got sorted into Gryffindor regardless). But you brought up much more than just that, so I'm much tempted to agree despite my initial complaints.

Shion's curiosity is definitely his major characteristic, and also explains why he approaches people the way he does. Though he's more likely to think out of the box than some others in No. 6, he definitely needs help with that - living in the West Block helps there in canon. I'm just wondering in how far he craves knowledge over learning, if you catch my drift, and how far it'd influence Ravenclaw over another house. (I'm not sure if I even put that in the right words, never mind how relevant it is to the discussion, words how do I >_<.)
I am also forever in doubt in how far Shion is a genuinely kind person - because Nezumi is really quick to cut it down, to say he's all nice words and nothing else, but I still feel there's a strength in that. Not in all cases, but still. Considering Shion grew up in Chronos, I'd imagine that compassion and empathy aren't qualities he often got to pull out, but Shion still seems to possess them and showcasts them. Sure, he's curious too, but if it was just his curiosity, his treatment of Nezumi (and others later) might have been more sterile. He doesn't really seem to think he has to be nice to other people (e.g. Safu with her coat, though we just have Safu's judgment to go on that) - he just is? Does any of that make sense?

But you're also very right in bringing up that a house is for the next seven years and that it has to help you grow as a character. Luna Lovegood is an excellent example of someone you'd not immediately suspect in Ravenclaw, but gets sorted there anyway.
Hmmmm. Hm hm hm.

Hmm, can't we have both Veela!Nezumi and his parents being killed by a wizard? I'm not sure how much half-Veela (or quarter-Veela) counts towards being pureblood, so if you go with the 'No. 6 only wants really pure bloods' line, then he'd still have good reason to be so against them.
... Wait that's basically what @Vox said, I seem to have skipped your comment earlier. Uh, yeah, I agree XD; great point, we can do pretty much whatever we want with Veela (I don't think Pottermore pulled out a lot more on them, did it?). I mean, all we know for sure is that 1/8th male Veela is definitely possible (because Fleur and Bill had a son), so earlier in the bloodline should be possible too I'd say. Maybe rare, but that would still tie in nicely.

@lawlya: Rou as Transfiguration teacher is pretty excellent! Wasn't Dumbledore too before he retired as teacher? Somehow I see quite some parallels between the two tbh... With trusting the wrong people to make the right decisions and so on. Not sure how big a case you could make out of Rou trying to use Nezumi to change things the way Dumbledore did with Harry, but...

@Meopat: welcome here and thanks for joining in! Ohhh, I really like Getsuyaku as the caretaker, I dig it. Maybe he can get in trouble for keeping things a secret to mirror canon (but not too closely okay please?).
And thanks to your link, I realized that Veela hair makes a wand 'quite temperamental', hmmm. Interesting... (and assuming Fleur didn't murder her grandmother for her wand, that does seem to disprove that hairpulling thing, but I'm gonna guess most wizards wouldn't know XD)