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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2015, 06:10:47 am »
Ahh, I want to share another headcanon:
Imagine Safu and Shion are both Ravenclaws (according to No. 6’s elite class) and Nezumi and Inukashi are lepers, since they are not 100% human. They live in the forbidden forest.
In that article we also learn that Veela's "have power and ability over storms" and that "They often appear as beautiful women, but are known to morph into swans, snakes, horses, or wolves."
(Here we have the snake again…)
As for Inukashi, I could imagine that whatever… A werewolf **** a witch (or they had an affair) and that witch was Inukashi’s mother, but got scared about the consequences and brought the baby into the forest to leave it there. It was raised by other wolves or dogs or some other creatures in the forest, but their magical blood is strong, and Inukashi can’t ignore that they are a half-blood.
As for Nezumi, I think his parents were a wizard and a Veela and like someone mentioned earlier, they were killed by wizards (maybe even “Voldemort-lab-coat-man”). They wanted Nezumi, to experiment with him, since he’s the first male half Veela. But maybe another old Veela helped him and they fled into the forest… where the old Veela taught him that he’s not allowed to trust wizards, that his Veela blood is stronger, that his mother was a fool to get involved with wizards and that her death was the price she had to pay. But that it’s not Nezumi’s fault, since he’s just a child, that’s why she can’t hate him. But she died when he’s 10 and he has to live alone, and the other creatures call him Nezumi, since his hair and eyes are grey and he’s acting like a little mouse to survive in the forest. (At least until he is old enough to fight.) He and Inukashi know each other… and maybe they also give each other jobs…
One day, he tries to control a storm, but it got out of his control and disturbed some…freakish dangerous creature that injures him and tries to get rid of him. He’s able to flee… and meets Shion in Hagrid’s hut outside of Hogwarts castle. Shion sneaked out to test his invisibility cloak and whatever…our No. 6 Hagrid is gone… ^^° Since the storm was really horrible, he decided to stay in the hut and let Nezumi in, treated him, cooked him a little bathtub full of tea and stuff like that. Nezumi uses magic without knowing it, something like…cooling his tea with help of magic, without knowing it… And Shion tells him: “Yo, Nezumi, you’re a wizard! O.o”
Well, then they separate again and when they are 16, Shion gets in danger (I mean it’s Hogwarts, so there are enough reasons…) and Nezumi helps him. Or Shion wants to meet him and runs into the forest where Nezumi has to save him, because everything in ther wants to kill Shion.
(After a short period of denial, Nezumi started to learn magic by himself… maybe he even sneaked into Hogwarts to learn, and since Rou is the headmaster, he knows it, but he let Nezumi do as he likes, since he’s the headmaster and knows everything and whatever. X’D I mean Rou likes Nezumi. Maybe he even…gives him a wand, like leaving one next to Nezumi’s hideout. And Nezumi can defend himself better with magic. While students just learn DADA, he actually has to fight against evil creatures.)
Nezumi could enter the school through pipes… maybe there are pipes from the lake and he can get in there as a snake, since Veelas can morph into snakes. And he should live close to the sea, since Veelas like bodies of water.
When we follow the story of No. 6, Shion has to leave Hogwarts… and then he’ll meet Inukashi in the forest… and Safu comes to search for Shion, but gets captured…for whatever reason and throw her into Askaban… XD And they have to rescue her (and this time she’s not going to die!).
(And when Shion and Nezumi are in the prison… their patronus start to change.)

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