Author Topic: HP/Hogwarts AU  (Read 2180 times)


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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2015, 06:31:51 am »
Yeah, but it's not like they're just gonna send a student in the woods just because they get expelled. They'd rather send them back to their parents xD

Except ... Let's imagine in Shion's fifth year, Rashi shows up as Umbridge, telling the students all things about how magical creatures are lesser than they are, dangerous and murderous, etc. Shion, of course, is gonna try to tell them otherwise without telling them too much about Nezumi, ending in detention and a forced warning from Rou. That's what get's ultimately Nezumi's attention that there's something going on and that Shion might be in danger.
In Shion's sixth year, Rou is suddenly brought to Askaban and the headmaster position given to Fennec. The teaching schedule is drastically changed and Shion can't stand what they learn now and tries again to tell them otherwise, leading to him being expelled from the school and since the minister is now Lab-Coat (aka Voldemort), he gets send into the woods as a warning for all other students who might want to rebel too (with the reasoning - if you're so sure that magical creatures aren't like we're teaching you, see how they treat you once you're within their home). And that's where he meets Nezumi again.

That would also factor in that Rou is in the same building as Safu when Nezumi and Shion get there - Askaban.