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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2015, 11:29:42 am »
OK I'm writing this while reading so this might look weird and I might say things that were already said. I disagree with things and I really want to see the discussion going in a different direction but I missed the whole thing TT^TT

Houses: yes, I see where you're coming from about Nezumi in Slytherin, but consider this: No. 6 people are 'pure blood' (excuse me I read it in my native language and I'm translating directly from that, so I might be saying the terms incorrectly) and West Block people are not. So that would make it impossible for Nezumi to be in Slytherin. I have to admit I imagine Safu in Slytherin, because she's an elite, and she love perfection. I'd see Shion in Ravenclaw,, because he's curious, and Inukashi at Gryffindor. This leaves Nezumi to Hufflepuff, which I think would work 'cause i don't thinl he'd really care.
It's been a while since I read Harry Potter, but I really can't see Nezumi as a Slytherin. Not all Slytherin people are bad, and I think Safu would make a great Slytherin student. Also- SafuKashi with Inukashi being scared of Safu's parents not approving Safu's relationship with a mudblood while Safu doesn't really care? sign me up on that.
Also snakes eat mice so no Nezumi in Slytherin.

Favorite subjects: Nezumi- nothing (or any class he has with Shion) Shion- something theoretical I'd say. Like a type of history? Whatever class that lets him be creative with magic. Safu- potions (because I imagine Safu as the not-direct-opposite of me and I'm a physics person so Safu is a chemistry person). Inukashi- magical creatures things.

Patronus: Nezumi mouse Inukashi dog Safu wasp Shion deer (no particular reason for that one...)

i'm sorry i kinda skipped and skimmed lots of it cause i wanted to be back on track so I might have missed some important analysis.