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Re: HP/Hogwarts AU
« Reply #45 on: February 22, 2015, 10:30:21 am »
@meopet: harry's suggestion was taken into account by the sorting hat because he didnt want to be in slytherin. It wasnt an cample of bravery, but of also wanting to be with his friends, who were also in gryffindor (though that wasnt his main purpose since he said "not slytherin, not slytherin."

Anywho, I believe that this could go something sort of like the Marauder's story instead of the golden trios! Because Inukashi is a werewolf like Lupin, and there are three other main students (Shion, Nezumi and Safu!) and they would go through te process of becoming an animagus for Inukashi so that she doesnt feel left out and secluded from everyone for having her being a werewolf a secret.