Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 4994 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« on: January 06, 2015, 02:48:57 pm »
@Weisel Oh no ;_; Get well soon. Doesn't sound good. I hope you're fine.

Oh yes...the novels. Right, Nezumi is the one who initiates body contact. And that's okay for him. When Shion initiates something, he's just feel threatened. Just like when Shion is touching he neck and Nezumi's freaking out.

But yeah, he's stroking his hair quite a lot. XD They're definitely not just friends and there's something between them. I guess Nezumi's aware of it, at least more than Shion. But he's also confused and in denial. It's against his principles.

hehe... XD Yeah, Nezumi... why don't you teach Shion about sex... ah XD And then he doesn't know anything at all, because he never had sex before. ^^ I mean everyone thinks he had sex...or that he even was **** or something, but it could also be that he's still a virgin.

Yeah, also think so. I als imagine that they kiss right away and that it's just a natural thing. They don't think too much about it. I also don't think that they'd do it right away the night he's coming back... or even better right in Shion's office when he climbed through the window.
They need time to get used to each other again, to come closer. And then it just happens one day... when a kiss lasts a bit too long and both get even more hungry for each other and need to feel each other up. And Shion sounds like an animal XD and he'll feel ashamed then, but Nezumi is turned on.