Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 4905 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« on: January 07, 2015, 06:14:03 am »
@Ghosty: OMG I'M SO SORRY BUT I HAD TO LAUGH...a lot... X'D Even though the imagination is... kinda traumatizing X'D I mean...ow...OUCH! How old were you then?
I've read my first **** yaoi fic when I was 15... tbh I never thought about gay sex that much, or other sex. Never really interested me. ^^ But then I found this fanfiction and they did it... and I was just like. "Eh, there? o_o Is that even possible?" After that I've read everything about anal sex I could find and also started to write... One of my readers was a boy and we chatted pretty often and he was like. "Oh you can ask me whatever you want about gay sex." X'DDD He was really cool. I mean not everyone is so... open? XD

But ok, enough off topic.

I also think Shion is not thaaat clueless. I always like this kind of "I have theoretical knowlegde" running gag. X'D And as for headcanons, it's sure cute when Shion is a bit straightforward and like. "Hey, Nezumi, I want to have sex. You told me you'll teach me. I want your sperm." Stuff like that. ^^ But not in canon, just for jokes. I totally love hilarious stuff, even if it's a bit ooc.

But in canon... Yeah, I agree with Vox. Very much.
(Ah, but he has his moments... Just think about their first kiss. Shion initiated it. I thought it was very brave. X'D And very straightforward. I think I'd never dare to do something like that and I never thought that Shion would just kiss him. Even if it's just a... "Hey goodbye, I like you, you're my friend..." kind of kiss and not a sexual one. It was rather innocent.

Ah, and later, when Shion is older, I also think he would not do anything at all, for the stated reasons. And I also think that he knows Nezumi well enought to know that being in control is important to Nezumi, especially in such a vulnerable situation. So he'll let him be the leader, and Nezumi will top him way more often, but when Nezumi finally understands that there's no danger or something, he'll start to relax and help Shion to lose his virginity at the front side as well X'D

@Weisel: oh yeah XDDD Drunk Shion would probably do something like that. Ah, please someone should write a fanfiction about it. X'D