Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 4670 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2015, 05:24:04 pm »
Okay, I'll just go with the form Ahiku suggested and answer everything one after another xD

Oral sex: I very much agree with Ahiku here - with Nezumi probably being the first one to bring it into the relationship as a form of giving Shion some attention without expecting anything back and Shion being curious enough to want to try it. But somewhere (and don't ask me where exactly I read a headcanon suggesting that Shion gets really good at oral sex and I just went with it because why not? If he's good at it and Nezumi likes it, they'd include it more often ...

Anal sex: Well, a bit like Ahiku said though it sounds like they have rarely ever anal sex the way you describe it and I'd say not every making out session ends in it but they'd do it occasionally not rarely. (Anyone who wants numbers? I'm a biology student, I always have numbers! Ehm ... ruely one out of three times I'd say xD) Uhm ... Not really sure it's probably a matter of mood again - about being satiesfied yet or wanting to get on another level which would mean to go all the way.

Handjobs: Well, I'd say that's the way they're most sexually active along with oral sex and anything in between (like grinding and such). Yeah, them just touching each other all over in a heap of limbs, okay?

Eve: Again, I agree with Ahiku and I very much enjoy fanfictions in which Eve occasionally spices up the bedroom time. But before that happens, they'd have to establish their relationship to a every deep level so I don't see it happening very soon after Nezumi came back. Maybe a year or two later ...
Because there's still this little headcanon of mine that Nezumi might fear that Shion is just as mesmerized by Eve as everyone else once he met her and that Nezumi himself won't be enough anymore. Of course for Shion, Nezumi is Nezumi, no matter in what disguise or form so there's really not much to worry about and the fantasy of the 'maiden in distress' just gives a special kick.
And yes, sometime, Shion's going to try on that dress and Nezumi is gonan experience what it does to Shion when he himself wears it *harharhar*

I'm sorry for any mistakes in wording or grammar; it's late, I'm going to bed and I'm too lazy to check words I were unsure if they're the right ones to use when I wrote this out ... And my internet is acting up, so bye *waves*