Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3338 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2015, 05:59:43 pm »
I just remembered! Last spring I was talking to someone about Nezumi's virginity in a post on tumblr. They said:

There seems to be no fanfiction written from the possibility that Nezumi is not actually sexually experienced.

I get why itís such a popular assumption; nothing really suggests that Nezumi is a virgin while we have several suggestions that heís not. But Nezumiís prior sexual experience, or lack thereof, is ambiguous and no one ever seems to explore the other possibility.

Food for thought: Nezumi never confirms that heís had sex with anyone. Heís also incredibly clever and understands the value of sex appeal. Giving the impression that heís sexually experienced works in his favoróitís easier for him to charm people if they think theyíll get something in return. Heís well read and likely far more familiar than most inexperienced people are with sex.

Another interesting point: the kiss with the prostitute is played way up in the anime and the manga. In the novels, Nezumi isnít portrayed like some godly kisser capable of making even a **** blush; I get the feeling that this  (including some of Nezumiís comments to Shion about sex) is one of the main reasons people make the assumption that Nezumiís not a virgin, but keep in mind that Nezumiís also an actor and he has no doubt kissed people on stage before. Heís probably not unfamiliar with that, at least.

I donít know. Iím not trying to say he is or he isnít, just that itís deliberately ambiguous, but everyone seems to assume that heís sexually experienced and ignoring the possibility that he isnít. Personally, I think it would make for a really interesting fic: Shion thinks Nezumiís had prior partners because Nezumi has lead him (and everyone else) to believe that, but Nezumiís actually a virgin and the only things he knows about sex are in theory, not practice.

Personally, I have a hard time reconciling what I know of Nezumiís personality with the idea that he is sexually experienced. I canít see him doing it for his own enjoyment because heís a distrustful misanthrope (not to mention a pragmatist), and I canít see him doing it as a form of prostitution because everything he does in the novels suggests that heís smart enough to find a way around it.

So I went on to say:

Iíve thought about these sorts of things, too, though I think thereís a few more angles to look at this from. Thereís the first assumption that heís not a virgin because of some of the things he says and vague implications. And then looking deeper like you did here, it makes more sense that he would be a virgin based on his true personality and nature. But then thereís even more to consider.

Yes, I think we can all agree itís pretty unlikely heíd turn to prostitution to get by, but thatís only one way of looking at it. Sex can absolutely be used as a tool, and a very persuasive one at that. So while I agree itís a long shot to say heís had sex directly for money, I still think itís more likely that heís not a virgin. I imagine heís been able to get a lot out of winning people over. We all know heís a real charmer, but thereís nothing like sex to really get a person under your thumb.

So what I think is that while heís never had sex out of his own sexual or romantic feelings, heís had sex with others who have those feelings towards him in order to gain something for himself.

I feel like a lot of fans would think ďNo, thatís not how it works! Nezumi would only have sex with someone he loves!Ē because itís common to have the idea that consensual sex is either love or prostitution with nothing in between. I think thatís maybe because the ages of No.6 fans covers an age group that shouldnít really have any experiences to make them think otherwise, which is fine! Donít rush yourselves, guys! Stay the innocent little angels you are! But what I mean to say is that itís hard to see all those grays in between unless youíve been there yourself.

So what Iím saying is that while Nezumi has never had sex based on his own feelings and hasnít opened up at all to another person that way, heís an experienced guy. He knows all the ways to make someone putty in his hands. Heís got that knowledge. Heís worked those grays in between without going all the way to flat out prostitution.

Though I bet heíd be all nervous his first time with Shion because itíd be his first time doing it out of his own desires and thatís a whole other game right there and itís giving me the warm fuzzies.

Thinking about it more now, I'd imagine that Nezumi's perception of sex has been tainted by his life in the West Block. The process of him learning to be more comfortable with sex would probably involve a lot from Shion, mainly really understanding Shion's intent (being closer to Nezumi than before, having the opportunity to make Nezumi feel good, etc...) through Shion's words and actions rather than Nezumi trying to figure it all out himself.

Also I think their first time doing anything beyond kissing would be initiated by Shion, but would be limited to just Nezumi touching. It'd be a matter of still having complete control of a situation that would probably terrify Nezumi otherwise.