Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3241 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2015, 06:16:58 pm »
Okay, I'm not at all in bed yet but hey! I can write back my very short answer and check again tomorrow morning xD

@Ahiku: The numbers were meant as a joke though xD It's not like they're planning it out but I think I read to much into the "not too often"-part so ... everything clear now ;)

@Weisel: I actually remember that post :D It's somewhere on my blog with your answer and though I thought I'd be really interesting to see Nezumi as a virgin I agreed with your answer more. I just barely can imagine someone having enough sex appeal to stun a grown man speechless when that someone doesn't have any experience ... but maybe that's just me either.

@Aoyokai: I remember that talk ... but I don't remember the conclusion either. Wasn't your problem with Eve too that Nezumi might be conflicted about Shion wanting him or her? Or do I remember that wrong? Because I think we didn't get to a conclusion then if I'm right about this xD

Well, Nezumi would definitely be careful and I like the idea of his idea of sex being "tainted" to quote Weisel here. And yeah, the first advance would probably be from Shion who just can't hold back his feelings anymore (aka my exploding build up sexual tension from before xD) but he would let Nezumi lead.
Because I imagine Shion being very well aware of Nezumi's fears and boundaries when he's older and letting him decide how far they go - and I actually got a little idea written down somewhere on my computer that pretty much says that, during their first real making out session, Shion's too afraid to actually touch Nezumi back in fear of going too far and taking too much control ... Don't know if that was exactly what you meant but I'll just leave this here xD

EDIT: By the way: A confused Nezumi who doesn't know how to deal with his feelings (romantical or sexual) because "Hell, it's the first time I'm feeling like this, what the ****?!" is my life and joy.
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