Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3238 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2015, 03:41:15 am »
Ahh, why did I go to sleep… I missed the whole nice conversation. X’D Stupid time zones.
Well, okay! First the “Nezumi still a virgin thing…”

This is my love, peace and harmony with unicorns headcanon… and I’ve written a crappy fanfiction called Summer Days (it was the first one I’ve ever written in English X’D)… and Nezumi was still a virgin when he came back. And I’m still conflicted about it. I can agree with Weisel’s opinion and 60% of my brain agrees with it that he uses sex as a tool, but he doesn’t feel anything at all. I’ve had long conversations about this topic with Yuneyn. ^^ It was also about Nezumi being raped and sexually abused, because there were conversations and metas about this topic on Tumblr. I personally don’t think that he got raped. (Even though I could imagine that he had to go through dangerous situations, especially with cleaners when he was younger. I mean even Shion had experienced something like that. But even though Nezumi’s grandma abused his mind, she also protected him from something like that. I think he quickly learned to avoid situations like that, and then he grew older and his knife skills are outstanding. In the CF, he’s able to rapidly immobilize grown men, armed soldiers, and several of them at the same time… even Rashi seems to be impressed. And thanks to Gran he’s also very cautious… that’s why I think it didn’t happen to him. But he witnessed situations like that, and it taught him that sex can be useful as a tool…
Well, in my unicorn world, and the 40% of my brain…Nezumi is an extremely talented actor and even though he’s inexperienced, he can seduce grown up men… he knows perfectly well that he’s desirable, since people keep telling him… Even Fura did, although he was in a horrible situation. X’D Nezumi’s acting skills and an outstanding self-confidence and intelligence helped him to appear sexually experienced… and he can still be flirting and charming and seducing… without actually going too far…

Hm…I’m not sure, but I guess sex in the West Block is not really safe. What about STDs…? Can people buy condoms there? It could be a trap… he’d be vulnerable in this very moment, especially when he’s doing it somewhere else, even if he’s extremely cautious… (And I think he’d never do it home…he’d never show anyone where he’s living…) Nezumi wants to survive, he has to survive…  (And when he’s doing it with men it’s even more dangerous. What if the man freaks out while he’s inside of him and fucks him like hell and injures him pretty bad…? There’s not that much he could do about it when it’s someone like Konk. Isn’t it way too risky? >,< Ok, he could try poking them into the eyes, and when it’s a “normal” man…that he could probably do something against it, but there’s still a risk…

But well, even if he had sex… than I agree with the fact that Shion is the first one he really wants to have sex with… ^^ And it would be the first time he actually enjoys it.
Weeell… about dirty talking…I think Shion will embarrass Nezumi a lot. LOL XD I mean, he always did… He’ll tell him really awkward stuff. It’s Shion! But it would be great when he manages to say stuff that’s really shocking Nezumi, once in a while. ^^ Every dog has his day.

Ah, I also think Shion is demisexual. (Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Nezumi is turning him on. XD God, I love this scene. 

Ahhh no, I have to go to work now. >_< Nooooo! Sorry if my English is weird and stuff, I'm a bit in a rush. XD