Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3184 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #45 on: January 09, 2015, 02:35:49 am »
Well, I know that one of them dying is horrible for my heart and definitely makes me cry but that's okay ... being with another ... don't know xD

OMG, I agree so much. X'D I know it's horrible to say that, but I rather read that one of them dies and the other one is there for him... But I couldn't stand a love triangle. Tbh I hate love triangles, since they are everywhere in mangas/anime. One of them is always getting hurt and I don't want to read something like that when I love all three characters. I dunno. It's just horrible when I imagine Shion being with Inukashi... and when they started to love each other, but Shion also loves Nezumi and Nezumi comes back and actually wants him but can't have him, because this **** is way too late. >A< Ahh, this is so depressing... in the end there's no one who will be happy. Inukashi isn't stupid. They always knew that there's "something" between Nezumi and Shion. In the end, all three of them are broke and unhappy. That's too much for my heart. (;_;) I always keep thinking and thinking then, and it's depressing...
(Well, in run-of-the-mill storys, the third party will find another love... but that's also horrible...)

@AoYokai OMg the meeting seems to be REALLY boring... >.<

About Safu...
The first time I watched the anime I wasn't really interested in her. (I never hated her, though... well, I usually don't hate characters. ^^ I don't even hate Rashi. I'd rather know... why is he such a ****-head. XD And what would happen if he's actually recruiting Nezumi. ^^ Wel...)
Ah, I started to like Safu, when I read the novels, even though I just feel sorry for her the whole time. She also deserves something better. A dude who actually wants to have sex with her. XD