Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3241 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #150 on: March 21, 2015, 07:41:43 am »
See, that doujin might not even be No. 6. The only reason I think it is is because that's what somebody before me tagged it. They might have just tagged it as No. 6 because it reminded them of it. And when I go to the OP's blog, the blog is locked so we can't check there. This is why you have to source your art, people =.= I suppose I could look for it on SauceNao but eh. I'd rather imagine that it's Nezushi XD

Anyway, now that I think about it, it's most likely that either: a) the rest of this doujin is only available in some Asian language, or b) This is from a totally different fandom and OP was makin' sh*t up. Although what fandom it might be is mystifying to me. I know there's no dearth of white-haired anime boys out there, but is that really the common hair-length for their black-haired companions?

Ah, but I digress. My main point was: I wish this was a fully translated No. 6 doujin available for me to read online, because dat dialogue also it's a nice style and there are no dicks. *Sigh*

So many doujins are bad. If only people who could draw would actually put their skills towards stuff I want to look at XD
(Ahiku is pretty good at that ;3)