Author Topic: Nezushi sexcanon thread  (Read 3241 times)


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Re: Nezushi sexcanon thread
« Reply #150 on: March 30, 2015, 12:29:55 pm »
OMG, I had a horrible conversation with my grandma today. XD I called her and the first thing she asked was:
"What is fellatio? Do you know that?"
I was like. "o___O Grandma...why? >_< OMG..."
But she was serious...and instead of telling her that this is oral sex, I said: "Uh, that is...when you lick a ****, grandma ^^..."
That was so embarrassing... X'DDD

What do you Nezumi and Shion have a lot of embarrassing conversations? Or maybe with Karan...? X'D Do you think she would ask them if they use condoms... (Are there even condoms in No. 6? XD)