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Re: No.6 cosplay
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:48:43 am »
ARGH still no wifi! And I live in a tiny town so it's not an option to mooch wifi from a Starbucks or anything. I'm still pretty sure I can't post pictures from my phone here... I don't think I can just make a tumblr post and put a link here, but I'll try anyway.

But to at least explain some things that I WILL be posting here, I'll be showing how to style Nezumi's hair at a minimal cost and then showing two ways to make Shion's scar relatively cheaply.

As for fabric for Nezumi's scarf, I'd recommend something a little heavier that still has a little bit of drape to it. If I manage to get to a fabric store sometime, I'll pick out a few specific materials that will work well. Also my tip for the actual shape of the scarf is to not cut it into the square shape it is in the anime. It'll be a lot less bulky if you fold the material in half and instead of cutting it into a right triangle, make it an elongated triangle. Then that's less fabric piled up in front of you and it's easier to tie. Sorry, Nezumi. Your design is once again only possible with anime physics.

For wigs, I pretty much always go to eBay. All of my No.6 cosplay wigs are from various sellers on eBay, which includes Shion, Nezumi, Inukashi, and Eve. If you need any help finding what you want on there, I can help with that, too.

So today I'll try to get something figured out for posting, though I can't promise anything... The whole wifi thing is just plain ridiculous by this point. The last time I didn't have any connection here was nearly a year ago.